Will be interesting to see how long I will keep my Reddit Account

Will be interesting to see how long I will keep my Reddit Account


39min since you posted it here...I guess youre already banned there.




Yeah I was banned for less than that, mods there are worse than actual users though.


i literally commented “square” on a post and 5 mins later i was perma banned


Try commenting "circle" xD


i got perma banned tho


Wait so you dont have 5 other accounts?


no… im not a conservative bro


Dont need to be conservative.. you will get banned everywhere for non-socialist ideology. Hell soon you will get banned on r/libertarian for being a capitalist lul


You should have claimed you were referring to the tanks as the heroes.


The guys in the tanks eventually joined the protest, and the gov hired another army to murder everyone


Wait, is this real?


Mostly yes (but maybe not those guys in those tanks). Both on the ground soldiers and officers resisted slaughtering innocent students. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Liberation_Army_at_the_1989_Tiananmen_Square_protests Of course there were good people both high and low in the PLA that supported, or refused to kill, protestors. They were also purged. The chinese people aren't evil. The chinese government is. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insubordination_in_the_PLA_during_the_1989_Tiananmen_Square_protests


Damn. Based.


The chinese wetmarket butchers who boil animals alive, and the lab scientists who torture animals in labs and cause pandemics are evil too


They muted me instantly


Took 2 minutes, lmao I posted it here too


Surprised you weren't banned the second you hit submit.


Why was it banned? What's the deal with r/sino?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_Tiananmen_Square_protests https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank_Man CCP wants to cover up the massacre of thousands of peaceful protesters. These were students, mind you. r/sino is pro-CCP and actively scrub their subreddit of anything that makes the CCP look bad. CCP are currently committing genocide and other crimes that violate the NAP which is a big no-no for Ancaps.


Communism is inherently authoritarian and inherently violates the NAP. Don't need to go further than that to know the CCP is awful.


I've often said that communism is the economic equivalent of young earth creationism. Free markets are the equivalent of natural evolution, but it takes place on such a small time scale that we can actually see the spontaneous order appear before our very eyes. Anyone who supports central market control should be taken as seriously as young earth creationists. God COULD make communism work because he's omniscient, but I'd argue that God wouldn't try because it violates free will and the NAP.


I get your analogy but I think it’s a bit unfair considering that Creationism is a belief that doesn’t violate the NAP while communism in nature does. Edit: changed you’re to your


+1. The purpose and value of religion is grossly underestimated and misunderstood by the majority of people attacking it.


That wasn't meant as an attack on religion. It was more an attack on the idea that central planning can work without an omniscient being at the center.


Not even the worst thing the CCP has done. They commit terrible acts on their people and the world.


Sino is essentially the CCP's subreddit. Whether modded by actual party members or dedicated amateurs is kind of irrelevant. They simp the CCP 24/7.


It's an understatement. I used to think that people were exaggerating and that they were only slightly pro-ccp and debunking myths. Nope, none of this. This subreddit is literally full of propaganda, with no dissent allowed (wtf why is no post/comment ever downvoted) and they don't hesitate to use the ban hammer for petty reasons. Yes, they are sometimes accidentally right on some points with their whataboutism (america is bad too in terms of freedom, which is true), but that pretty much end there.


Reddit has banned subreddits for far less than posting propaganda that defends genocide. But these socialists call themselves Communists instead of Nazis, so they get a pass from the admins. Plus Tencent owns at least 5% of Reddit and their share will probably continue to climb as the CCP slowly purchases every western social media outlet.


They told me the incident is justified due to the growth of the (corrupt authoritarian) country since then. These people are fucking psychopaths.


Just went over there to leave a nice comment about architecture [here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/nxcm66/the_best_of_china_part_1/h1f2qhq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


Don’t mention the 3 “T” words Tiananmen Taiwan Tibet


If you're posting something, don't post that since it auto detects the image.


That’s when you know it’s bad… they face so much deserved scrutiny that they had to get bots to auto detect one of their biggest atrocities


Thank you solider


I have noticed that if I mention a certain 3 letter asian agency, my account tends to get permanently banned from the whole site shortly after. I am pretty sure their paid shills will report your account and if you've even remotely broken any of the sitewide marxist rules with any comment, you're gone.




Let's go like this so it trends XD


the worse way to make your reputation good is to put up propaganda and don't let people comment freely, it just shows that you want to control the narrative. But this is internet baby, you can't hide the truth from us


If they had a big balls award I would give it to you. So.... CONGRATS ON HAVING THE BIGGEST OF BIG BALLS!


Crazy to consider that bing accidentally blocked all searches for this picture on the anniversary.


To be honest, the main thing that keeps me up at night is we’ll never know who he is: if he’s still alive he’s faded into the crowds, where he either doesn’t know of his fame or is keeping it on the low end to avoid dying. If he really was executed by a firing squad—we’ll obviously never get any document about him. It really restores my faith in humanity that someone would risk there life for practically no benefit just to buy some extra time.


I got banned in 30 minutes posting this. Surprised it took so long


Just tell them you meant the tanks.


HAHAHAH bro salute


Stay gold, pony boy, stay gold.


i alr got banned there long ago for criticizing tankies, i get alot of hate from them because im a, what i call, "ancap with socialist caracteristics" (anarcho capitalism with some small socialist stuff like welfare and cooperatives, for a example), and they hate me cuz of that.






I asked where Jack ma is and they banned me. It is a billion not one of those jokes. Also posted that in genzhedong and they downvoted to 30


Wait where is Jack?


He went missing


Damn… You would think they could pick up images of that big head from space.


I did something similar a while back, only I posted the full image with the shitload of tanks behind those few shown and my account was permabanned within 10 seconds.


Is the guy standing in front of the tanks really a hero? It's not like his actions had any effect, or like the guy driving the tank was responsible for the crackdown. In my opinion, the guy's just a dick. Just move out of the way and let the poor tank driver do his job - he doesn't like this any more than you do.


Heroism is not necessarily making a difference. It's standing up for what's right, even when there's no chance for success.


Please do not say the poor tank driver!! It was his choice to drive that tank and to be in the military. He was the one deciding to pull the trigger (maybe he didn’t). Yes it was his job, but the SS-Officer in “Auschwitz” was just doing his job either. Killing thousands of jews is not okay because you got a command to do so.


>It was his choice to drive that tank and to be in the military. Totalitarian regimes do not employ all-volunteer armed forces.


That is Right, although pulling the trigger is something you do, not the regime!


This can be taken many ways


Can I get a fuck the CCP?


Fuck the CCP