[OC] I created one of my D&D characters in Blender: Vell, a demon in an eel in a fishbowl in a robot.

[OC] I created one of my D&D characters in Blender: Vell, a demon in an eel in a fishbowl in a robot.


1st DND character: Human fighter. 101st DND character: Demon eel in fishbowl with legs


Eventually you get back to human fighter, just with a better backstory than the first time.


> just with a better backstory than the first time. So, only orphan of **one** parent?


My Rogue actually has a good relationship with his mother and sister, and both are healthy and not targeted by anyone (as far as anyone knows). For that matter, he's not even all that edgy, he's essentially just a whirling dervish with a penchant for stealing hats (and he hasn't even stolen any in a while, his current favorite was made for him out of green dragonhide).


I think the edgiest character I played (that is, besides the first warrior I played as a 9 years old boy, called Conan) was my Brujah girl, who was the lead singer in a Punk Rock band, and whose stage persona was "y'all, I'm a vampire, I only go out at night!" Basically every other character I played was a normally functional being, with a normal family. One or two might have lost a parent, but it was always with a simple story behind, and no vendetta/grief/whatever on their shoulders.


I feel this. Hell, I've got a Tiefling Warlock planned who's a college student with both parents alive. Girl studies archaeology, and the edgiest she gets is grumbling about her archnemesis, a High Elf in one of her classes who is absolutely the epitome of kindness and grace. Curiosity is convinced she's sleeping with at least one professor (she is not).


Demon in an eel in a fishbowl in a robot reincarnated into a human fighter?


1000th character: sentient apple


1002nd character: loaf of bread that can cast mage hand


1001st character : chaotic neutral pinecone


Old female blacksmith that dotes on her grandkids.


10,000th character: MØTH


1,000,000th character: a character without a tragic backstory


And 50th character: lycanthropic squirrel half elf abyssal template dragon disciple. With nipple rings.


It's the nipple rings that really sets the character apart from the rest.


It's really the deep engaging gameplay that you can only get from nipple-based character development that keeps you coming back for more.


Let's see, ah yes, 3.5 Book of Vile Darkness, will the squirrel swap out for the Nipple Clamp of Exquisite Pain? Then after exploring the evil side, there's a nipple redemption arc.


The Book of Vile Darkness had some great stuff, but for the best nipple ring role-playing accessories you needed to get the Book of Erotic Fantasy.


Oh we got that one and stuck the pages together many sessions past


unironically had some really good content in it


Excuse me, im a half wood elf with “squirrel” for my lycanthropy affliction creature type. I identify as “woodsquirlf”, pronoun: it.


Oh, excuse me, one can get taxonomy confused once the templates start piling on. I figured it was werewolf lycanthropy on a half-elf/half-squirrel.


I understand the confusion, but seriously, in 3.5 you could apply lycanthropy using any mammal capable of biting and inflicting it, so naturally i made the obvious choice and played a wereporpoise. Turned out to be an exceedingly good choice because porpoises had low hd to penalize the build, and fantastic dexterity, not to mention blindsight in water!


It's really just minmaxing for more magic ring slots


51st PC: awakened octopus wizard. With nipple rings.


The real wizard magic is finding the nipples on an octopus.




In my experience that progression is completely backwards lol.


I completely agree. My first few characters were insane creations outside the rules of dnd, and the more and more i play, I find that playing characters with more grounded concepts allows for more interesting and impactful roleplay. Sometimes playing a character with such an outlandish idea can take the place of an interesting personality, goals, and backstory. Not to say it cannot be done well, but there is a reason the fantasy genre has been so human centric as of late.


"What happened to my spawn, Summer?"


God bless DnD and it's endless well of creativity!


What if the familiar and the character switch places?


I find it usually goes Tiefling Warlock->Demon Fishbowl Eel->Human Cleric.


Demon in an eel


I currently cannot believe that this is a rendered model without evidence


[Here's](https://pasteall.org/blend/7a9250fb177f47a8a98914b14ece34d8) a link to the blend file which I think should work, shout if it doesn't (or if you want more evidence). But I won't lie, I'm flattered :).


The grass really sells it as a photo. The rest is amazing, but feels like a miniature, but if the grass even looked a pixel off it wouldn’t work. Great job.


Thanks, I was really quite happy with the grass though it's not really got too many nodes. Feel free to take the particle system and material from the file and use it for any projects of your own, if you want.


Oh I wish I knew how to use blender, I'd swap the eel out with a goldfish. My last campaign ended with someone freeing my soul from its binding to a devil and turning that devil into a fish. As an artificer built around having tons of mechanical minions doing my bidding, my plan for the next campaign was literally to bind him to me and can summon him with a summon construct spell to do my bidding. You don't mind if I try to mess around with this blend file for my own campaign, do you?


That sounds fantastic, and absolutely go ahead and use this. I'd really recommend learning blender, but if not it shouldn't be too difficult to delete the eel object and download a goldfish model from somewhere, or even just use an image without too much effort. Edit: though if you post your version elsewhere or something then I'd appreciate credit


I don't plan to share it, but if I do I'll be sure to credit you 😊👍


Great, thanks :)


Oh, by the way, I've just realised that you'll be missing some texture painting for edge wear. Download [these](https://imgur.com/a/GwAXZ4D) and then go into the shading workspace (one of the tabs up at the top). The base (below the bowl), leg panels, central back box, and side boxes all have specific materials to give them slightly shiny, worn edges (which is more realistic). Go onto just one of each of the things mentioned there and link it up to the appropriate image - I'm afraid that I can't find a way to label properly so you'll just have to test the different images on each one and find which gives the worn edges. I hope [this](https://imgur.com/a/WXJGqwv) helps a little bit. Note that you'll also need to do this for the "not a fish!" flag. If you need more of a hand, just shout.


If you're really interested in learning blender, this guy has an excellent beginner tutorial series. Went through it recently, and he explains how the systems work, not just what buttons to push. After picking a few things up, you could easily start altering this into a goldfish! [Blender Guru](https://youtube.com/user/AndrewPPrice)


Holy shit wow. How much time did you put into this? I love how the wires look like the strings on ornaments, really sells that miniature look


Thanks a lot! It probably took me around 2/3 days for the modelling and 1/2 days for creating materials and texture painting (I don't tend to use premade image textures though). I didn't really keep track of how many hours per day, but I know that I wasn't really doing much else on those days. Edit: also there was quite a long time of tweaking lighting, render settings, background, camera settings etc


Far in the depths of the Abyss, Thevellesiazorion (or Vell, if you don't have much time) and a group of his demonic allies decided that their power could best be extended by taking control of the material plane. they elected/bribed Vell into being the chosen "astronaut" of sorts, to go up to acquire influence. He would masquerade as a member of the dominant species in the material plane (eels, obviously) and try to gain power, retaining some of demonic powers through maintaining a connection with his allies in the lower planes. Despite a few hurdles in the beginning ("humans? they're the important ones?"), his plans seem to be going well...


It's not really a Blender related question, but how did you build your character stat wise? I don't recall seeing any eel in mechasuits races in D&D. Also, what class did you use? I am assuming warlock, but I am genuinely curious.


>I don't recall seeing any eel in mechasuits races in D&D Lmao yeah well you're certainly not wrong. In the end I went for warforged stats because that seemed most appropriate, and you're right in thinking warlock (his demon buddies down in the abyss are effectively his patrons).


I never thought of doing warforged like that, it's really creative. Also good job on your render! I wouldn't be able to make something like that even on a good day


So a bit like a goa'uld in a replicator 🤩


Jaffa, Kree!


is it the queen?


The hoc-replica


the To'Kra must learn more


Or the skedder in Perfect Dark. If anyone remembers that old game


Kinda crazy how blender can look so realistic


...in a a log in the hole in the bottom of the sea?


Then it turns out the Xanathar was just a decoy for the real boss of D&D mafia, Zilgar the fish. Your combat will be epic !


Pretty sure thats the last boss of Okami, though in that its a demon fish in a bowl in a robot


hey its megamind's sidekick




Made me think of poor Rielev. Release, yes! Master I no longer wish to come back!


Nope, I'm loading up Dungeon-B-Gone and thanking Blue for saving me from killing my 1921561th goblin when I could be slaying Liches...


“So...?” “So, this demon cult was performing a summoning ritual by the beach and the heroes rock up just as the portal opens. I think “haha! Too late!” But then they kill my host and I was like “ah, frick!” And then I sensed another worthy host and immediately took it. Turns out the criteria for ‘worthy’ is either really vague or this eel has done some messed up shit over the years. Anyway, surviving cultist “rescues”me, sticks me in a fish tank and we start trying to figure out away to transfer me to something more intimidating when that same band of heroes roll up and destroy the place! Next think I know the gnome artificer of the group has adopted me as a pet and built this stupid get up for me so I can ‘go walkies’ with her.”


so a Goa'uld?


This is so cool! Awesome job :)


Reminds me of my warforged that was ran off of a demon trapped inside it and was constructed to be it's eternal prison.


Stellaris Necroids have invaded D&D! Better make sure you have a Neutron Sweeper ready in case they're running Reanimated Armies!


First, super cool. Second, my current char is Velo, called Vel and now I can't stop imagining a world in which Vell and Vel meet and create glorious havoc together. 🖤


I’ll be honest, looks like a rather large sperm in a jar


This isn’t a photo of a model!? Wow great job!


You set a new baseline for my next character. My dm curses you 🤣


This actually helped me as the DM. My one player kept asking if he could play a fish in a fish bowl and I had no idea how that was going to work.


My dm is just collecting gifs to refuse weird plans right now 😂


does anyone actually play DnD? Or do they just make the most godawful special one of a kind OCs


Looks like Petey the fetus spider, really cool!


How does Vell fight? Is he Psionic or something?


1. He's a warlock so he's got a bit of range already 2. He sort of has various attachments which can pop out at relevant times, and that's not just for combat but anything requiring hands. For example, the other day when climbing a rope, a little ascender attachment popped out and he scaled up. This would then also apply to weapons.


I see. So he is a Mad Scientist as much as he is a Demon Eel Mecha Spider.


Kinda looks like a fish


The character setup alone is amazing and the Blender work is great. Any fun stories from your adventures?


I mean so far we're only on the first session so not too much yet, though it seems like a defining trait of things will be offering people dubious forms to sign in their blood. Wonder what those will do...


Love it


I...I think you just made Yami from Okami HD




Reminds me of the DRagon ball oracle fish




This is freakin cool! I love the concept and the rendering is amazing! Keep it up


Saving this not for the art, but the idea!


But... eels ARE fish.


"You did it. You crazy son of a bitch you did it."


That's almost identical to the parody character I made for a one shot, except it was a goldfish in a rolling bowl. Supreme Master Chips.


Gotta make do with who you can possess you know


Nice. It feels like it could be a villain in the Hellboy comics.


I just wanna know how you made it 😂😂😂


A demon in an eel in a fishbowl in a robot in a blender.