Heard crying upstairs and found him trapped

Heard crying upstairs and found him trapped

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At first I thought his back legs were caught between cushions or something. Nope. Just overthinking it


It’s scary with stuff like this when your hind legs are basically rocket engines. He is probably afraid that if he jumps down he may shoot himself into the wall. Honestly, it’s a very rational concern for greyhounds.


He should try rolling


Or spinning. That’s a good trick




I am this dog 😂


The fact that he's so long makes it really funny


Yeah at first I though this was /r/donthelpjustfilm material but it turns out it does in fact belong on this sub.


Yes; he is like: "Help! I need to go out but don't want to leave couch!" *THINKING INTENSIFIES*


If anyone ever asks what it’s like to own a greyhound, just show them this video.


Do they have joint problems that would make this sort of behavior more reasonable?


Not usually. They’re sweet dogs, mine is wonderful with kids, but they’re not particularly bright and have ZERO spatial orientation skills. They’re bred to chase a lure in a circle. Mine can get lost walking around a coffee table.


>can get lost walking around a coffee table TIL I'm part Greyhound.




Yeah, me too. I get lost by walking down a straight street.


I don't even know where I am right now.


They sound great. I always liked how they looked as well - so lanky!


> They sound great. I always liked how they looked as well - so lanky! I've never owned one, but I know many of them well. They really are great dogs. Super sweet and low energy (except in manageable spurts). They are probably the ideal beginner dog.


I was reading up on them (and whippets - like a smaller greyhound). They sound like great pets and many to rescue!


I have a whippet. They're wonderful, darling creatures, and just as silly and amusing as their big cousins. Like all sighthounds, they shouldn't be off leash outside unless under certain conditions, because no matter how well trained they are, they're hard-wired to chase teh small fluffy things. But otherwise, they're perfect pets.


How do they do at dog parks? Do they chase other pups or will they try to actually catch and bite?


Depends on the dog, my pooch Bennet loves to play chase but has zero prey drive once he is up to something we have 2 cats and 2 small dogs and he is great with them. He absolutely LOVES being chased tho! His favorite thing in the world,


I don't have a lot of experience at dog parks yet, so this is based on three visits and a lot of neighborhood walks where we have encountered other dogs. My retired racer has a moderate prey drive (she managed to grab hold of my parrot and nearly killed her but didn't chomp hard enough to break bones) and she will chase squirrels in the yard but shows very little interest in other dogs at dog parks unless they want to run. My abandoned pup that's estimated to be less than a year and half old wants to play, play, play, and she's the one I'm more worried about in this regard. Yesterday, a little terrier of some sort, maybe 8 pounds, rushed across the street from its yard and right up to the faces of my dogs, barking and making a fuss. My dogs rushed to it and I had to pull back on their leashes while I'm yelling for the dog's owner to come get it. By the time he finally did, my dogs and his had relaxed a lot, but I don't know what would've happened if they'd been off-leash. It was pretty scary to think about. When we were checking out potential dogs to adopt, they brought one to my home that was entirely fixated on my bird - so much so that it completely ignored the training treats and goodies I tried to use to distract it. I'd never ever consider turning that one loose in a dog park with small pups.


I've personally never seen a whippet bite other dogs or become aggressive; they're extremely tolerable, relaxed, and amiable. Mine doesn't bite when playing either, though I haven't seen other people's whippets play; I only meet them during walks (most whippets stand passively by their owners, even when an excited dog is nearby, but mine just wants to sniff and play with everyone). I knew greyhounds that bit when I was young, and needed to be face-guarded, but they (the biters) were all racing dogs. The purely pet kinds weren't a problem. My whippy's more sociable than most. At the dog park, they're either really chilled and just sorta romp around and/or stand or explore near their owners, or (if they're unusually excitable like mine), they'll run over to greet other dogs, drop their chest down with their butt in the air to entice the other dog to play, and run happily with them side by side, or stand wagging, silly big smile. Mine has thrown himself to the ground at other dogs' feet lol. He tried to chase down a small child on the beach once, when he was a young pup and I let him off leash (ftr it's an off-leash beach), but recalled and grabbed him before he reached them, as I didn't want him jumping on the kid and knocking them over. Regular silly puppy behaviour, but after that, I always leashed him when there's kids or small dogs about, even now that he's more relaxed. He ignores children for the most part now, or if he gets excited by one, prances on the spot near me. They chill out as they mature. Most whippets will walk by their owners and ignore everyone, and calmly greet other dogs that run over to them with some interest, then ignore them too, or have a little run together. As a pup, my boy got snapped in the snout on three occasions in the same week by small ill-behaved dogs, during our beach walks, and a few weeks later, a fourth tried to have a go at him, snapping and snarling at his face -- that time, he pulled his lips back, gave a loud warning bark "no!", puffed his chest out, looking down at the dog patiently while it bit his face until that dog's ignorant ass owner got her dog off him. The lips back was enough for me to chill out on the beach walks for a while, because it is a sign of aggression, but he's been cool since, even with badly behaved dogs. He runs happily with both large and small dogs. A neighbour's terrier once ran at us barking and bit the back of my leg, during a walk. Sol barked once and snapped in its direction, and body blocked it with some force away from me, but didn't engage. I quickly walked him away and said, "Leave it," and he obeyed. They don't bark for no reason either, though if someone or another dog was teasing or over-exciting them intentionally, they might bark excitedly in response on a rare occasion. A neighbour's large dog over the back constantly barks, jumps at the fence, and amps Sol up, but he either ignores it, or runs silently back and forth along the fence without a sound lol. He loves our cat too, they often cuddle together, and every morning, she waits for him at the back door to do the rounds of the fence together, stopping to chew grass and smile at each other. If she's in a cheeky mood, she stands on a low table, lures him in with her tail flicking, and puts claws into his face or slaps him. He always gets startled and quickly walks away. He's never hurt or threatened her, even when she's being a little shit. She's tiny, because she's a runt. He could easily overpower her. They're like best friends. She learned not to run around or past him, because he chases and pins her down with his foot and stands smiling down at her until she claws or tells him off; it's pure instinct for them to chase when the fluff runs. Solomon went through a single season of puppy training and had fairly regular socialising with other dogs growing up, by leash walking him past other leashed dogs. I only let him greet dogs sometimes, for about three seconds, then move on -- except if he makes a friend and I allow them to play (such as in the dog park). They don't even need to engage with the other dogs to learn to treat other animals with respect and not as exciting chew toys. Just being normalised around them is enough.


We've got a rescue greyhound and he's the first dog I've ever had in my life and I couldn't have asked for a better beginner dog. They're so gentle and calm, and any issues we've had have been easily manageable. You have to remember they've had weird upbringings compared to other dogs so every day objects are something alien to them, but I find that's part of the charm, I'll never forget the first time mine saw us turn the TV on or saw his reflection for the first time. And like you say there are loads and loads at rescue centers unfortunately because of them being bred for racing.


They are so cute looking - the fact they aren't used to normal household objects in some cases sounds like they'd be more endearing! I'm sure an ex racing greyhound would make a great pet - one thing that is quite cool is the fact they are apparently couch potatoes when they aren't exercising.


Oh yeah, they're absolutely cough potatos, can't believe how lazy something can be.


I have a grey! I got him back in October. Grew up with goldens and labs and there’s quite a few differences. AMA ☺️


What are the major differences? I also grew up with labs.


You might like r/longboyes, then


> Mine can get lost walking around a coffee table. You just need to add a lure to the coffee table. Problem solved.


The start of a race is the most exciting part, right? Why not make a Grand Prix de Coffee Table, where the whole race is the start?


The lack of spatial awareness is hilarious. The amount of times my noodle has walked into walls is really something.


Some of them can't back up. So if they go into narrow dead end, they are stuck and can't figure out how to move backwards. My parents had a greyhound but he fortunately was installed with a reverse gear. My aunt has had a few that just can't figure it out though.


Good idea to check if it happens all the time, but sometimes it's just the dog brain and the mood they're in. One day climbing stairs or hopping onto a bed is this immensely tall obstacle they're not quite sure how to even approach, and the next day it's just a quick hop without a second thought. Sometimes a treat can make the difficulty of the obstacle change drastically in a second.


Meanwhile my rott loved jumped down the stairs from 6 steps high and over 3ft gates from just standing there without a run up. Because apparently she though she was a fucking bird or something.


Rotts were originally bred for raccoon hunting iirc. They can basically run straight up a tree at a full sprint and it's terrifying because a rott puppy is more muscle than me and a better climber.


Yeah my first was like 100 lbs and a lil chonky. The second was the "athletic" one. Her mom was fucking gigantic, super tall and prolly like 130lbs. We expected her to get huge. Instead she capped out at like 75lbs of pure muscle and she could fucking move. Would easily jump over gates and was fast as hell. Both of them though were the sweetest animals ever and just wanted to be friends with everyone.


Rottweilers were also bred to hunt bears, ive seen pics- its crazy to see a dog climb a tree! Mine were Josie (85lbs) and Samson (136lbs) RIP 🧡 I miss them greatly, sorry for my rottie tangent!! Id love to get a greyhound, personality is so important in pet ownership, and they look pretty chill


Very true. I have a staffy who just randomly forgets how to walk up inclines. She gets real low to the ground and moves diagonally very slowly. But if you whip out a treat she miraculously learns to run full speed again lol.


I need a video of this, it sounds hilarious.


This is so true, my whippet will forget his default state of concern and throw himself into literally any piece of furniture if he thinks there's a treat in that direction.


My good boy can jump onto the couch and jump off the couch, but literally cannot just climb on or off calmly. He also gets stuck halfway up or down with his back feet peddling.


They get adopted from race tracks and don't recognize stairs. Also their legs make some movements way harder for them than other dogs. They can't sit easily, for instance.


They also don’t do well on wood floors which may explain this fellas predicament. Ours starts to tremble when he walks on wood floors for the first time, but once he gets used to it he calms down a ton.


At the tracks they are kept in stacked cages for very long lengths of time, so this behavior is probably more anxiety/fear based. It seems like he’s unsure of the ground and if it’s safe to step on.


I thought mine was the only weird one.


I used to have two, and one did this on a regular basis. Some days she could get herself off the couch just fine. Other days, she just couldn’t figure it out. She also had serious problems with stairs.


Mine hates the stairs. Even worse now that he's almost 13. Always has been the world's fastest couch potato.


I've heard greyhounds just have bursts of energy but otherwise they are pretty lazy is it true


Absolutely true. Mine sleeps for 18 hours a day easily, goes absolutely mental for like 5 minutes and he's knackered again. If you take him on a really long walk or don't let him sleep through the day, the next day he's so dramatic you'd think he's been through something traumatic and won't leave his bed.


This is true. Mine is a mix, but he's pretty chill when we're not outside


Ours slept for 16h+ per day. So ye they can be.


If you cross a cat with a deer, you get a greyhound.


Ours sleep all day (bar a couple of walks) and then are excited to hear you say “ok guys, is it bedtime?”


Mine hates stairs too. She always has to take them at a full run, 3 at a time. She’ll line up up like she’s in starting blocks I’ll cheer her on and my hubby will sing “Eye of the Tiger”. It’s our evening ritual.


In exchange for a video of this, can I offer you an upvote on it? I can't be the only person who wants to see this!


I’ll see what I can do tonight


Usually there is a few more attempts, but tonight she was ready for bed. [Sabrina vs the Stairs](https://theteacup.tumblr.com/post/653206345815818240)


I wish I could get mine over the fear of stairs but you can't even get him to go near them. He's also scared of sofas and beds. And random sections of floor or anything that's laying on the floor. Anything that's not flat floor basically is not his bag. Any tips on getting him to use stairs or get on the sofa or bed (we want snuggles and have to get on his bed with him every night lol).


No dude, Greyhounds are just really calm crackheads lmao


i think every animal is weird in their own way, just like people. everything and everyone is weird in one way or another.


And I can show the photos my brother sent me after his got cut... by a plant. It was fucking bloodbath because it was on his tail and he wouldn't stop wagging.


Reminds me a bit of [this](http://imgur.com/a/t5mNoZc) doggo, who got himself a different tail injury


Oh, yes, Limber Tail. We thought he was sad or injured or in pain. Vet diagnosed him in two minutes. Also a lab.


ope, we've had that happen too. split open the end if his tail due to aggressive and you best call in the crime scene cleaners.


Sounds like my parents dog. He had brain damage and they found him half-frozen in a box so BJ wasn’t the brightest. Apparently when I was little, he bit his tail and wagged it around and blood was everywhere. When they came home it looked like a crime scene.


I friggin love greyhounds. I’ve only met one once in person, but he was a cool little dude.


*Little?* You sure it wasn't a Whippet or Italian Grey? Greyhounds are nearly 2.5 ft tall and flirt 80 lbs when regularly fed. (75 cm tall, 36 kilos heavy). Hardly a small, or even medium sized Dog.


Mine is a runt, about 40-45lbs and well fed. Not super uncommon! People ask all the time if he’s a whippet


Nah, you're totally right. The stats I gave only represented the big ones. He's not even tall though? Greyhounds are convenient breeds for a host of reasons but I still assume they cost $60-80 a month to feed.


Mine is a little shorter than average, though definitely not whippet sized. I’d say I spend about $40-60 a month on food including treats. I’ve never had a dog that will ignore food like he does though! He will look at the bowl, look at me, look at the bowl, and whine because there is no treat lol


My boy is 75 lbs and still people ask if he's a whippet.


Same for their little cousins, whippets. My boy went through this same scenario when my son pushed his lounge too close to ours. I told him to back up and he was so concerned lmao.


I dog sit a greyhound and she has this issue too. She will not get off the bed/couch unless there is carpet/towel/rug. Her owners think it’s because she slides around on hardwood and is permanently scared Edit: left out a word and wanted to add she’s a retired racer :)


My brother has two retired racers that hate his hardwood floors for this same reason. Plus side: he now has lots of really cool rugs everywhere.


We were staying on the 12th floor of a hotel with our 120lb American Bulldog. Max does not like slipper floors. At all. We almost got him on the elevator once. A friendly gentleman on the elevator took off his jacket and put it down on the marble to try and give Max some traction, but he was only able to get in 2/3 of the way. So it was up and down the stairs a lot. Good exercise. Except for the 2nd floor where there was a marble section between the stairs. Max got stuck. He tried valiantly to get past it, but he just couldn’t make it. A maid was nearby and I borrowed a few towels to give him safe passage across the marble lava. I tried to explain to Max that it was no longer lava, it had hardened millions of years ago, but he wouldn’t believe me.


12 floors! You are some kind of a saint!


A saint? I doubt that Max feels that way. I tried to get him onto the deadly elevator at least three times, and then I made him go up and down the stairs every time he needed a bathroom break. Torture! Look at what happened here. He tried to walk across the lava but his legs just went splat right out from under him. He was stuck there for at least 5 minutes until I could get him some traction aids, aka towels. https://i.imgur.com/WPMKV5s.jpg


He needs boots


There is a thing - dr something... - they are little grippers that slide over their claws. Makes hardwood and tile much easier for them Just google “dog gripper paws” or something like that.


Thank you for the heads up, my little dog isn't scared of the hardwoods, but it's not helping his knee issues and we can't get carpet everywhere. Hopefully he'll be okay with them and not want to pull them off, but it's worth a try anyway.


Wait, hard floors are not good for little dogs? I'm going to check this out.


No, my dog actually injured his knee on a jump we think, it was not due to the floors. But are consulting with a physiotherapist who recommends carpet wherever we can to help with the issue. You can see how hard it can be on them when they go too fast around corners though, they lose traction, but it all totally depends on how much your dogs are active and straining their legs in whether it may contribute to issues. I would think most dogs shouldnt have problems if they don't run and jump on them, and you can of course put rugs in places they're likely to do so.


Hardwood can be hard on any dogs hips if they aren't able to figure out how to navigate without sliding around. Little dogs *usually* don't have quite as much trouble since they're light, but bigger dogs can be rough because sometimes their back legs can slip out and twist their hips unexpectedly. I used to have a big girl that was a boxer-chow-mutt mix and she sprained her hip that way trying to run around a corner on a hardwood/tile floored area.


[https://toegrips.com/](https://toegrips.com/) I hadn’t heard of these, they’ll be perfect for my dude, imma try them.


Full disclosure I have never tried them but I’ve heard good things about them.


Greyhounds have long skinny legs that are prone to breaking, especially as they age. It’s probably a built in instinct.


Oh man, memories... I have two rescue dogs. One day I was at work and had my living room (dog spy) camera up on my monitor and could hear my little girl crying from out of frame. I determined she was at or near the top of the stairs so I monitored it for a few minutes and the crying remained just as intense and distressed. Told my boss I had to run home because one of my dogs was in trouble. Hauled ass home, opened the door and found her on the step below the upstairs landing, stuck. Not physically stuck, mind you, just mentally blocked from going either up or down (something she'd done multiple times a day every day for almost 2 years at that point). I walked part way up the stairs and she suddenly remembered how to climb down the stairs to meet me. Sigh. Little dumbass. Thank god she's cute.


I have laminate floors throughout my entire house, that my Labrador has never learned how to properly navigate. She has a few spots around the house, mostly at thresholds, where she gets herself stuck and starts whining. I have to look at her and say the words “You’re not stuck” before she snaps out of it and gets unstuck. Also there is one spot in the middle of the living room that she has a history of slipping on, so she has decided that the way to cross it is to turn around when she gets there and walk across it backwards. Bumps into stuff all the time doing this.


We're gradually replacing our slippery laminate flooring for this reason. Our poor pup gets stuck in the living room because he's scared of turning the corner to the dining room. He has slipped there a few times when zooming about, so now he just stands there until we're nearby, then he just walks through normally.


How is he trapped? Mentally?


The pink toy must have been throwing him off his game today


My Australian shep/ Lab won't walk by feathers


My Aussie gets extra anxious when she pees, so she sort of squat-waddles in a circle as she does it to monitor all 360 degrees of her surroundings. Can’t be too careful in the backyard you hang out in every day, I guess.


Well, I mean, Australia...


Fair point


My border collie mix has never been able to just stay in one place and pee! It's worse now she has arthritis, take her for a walk and its like peeing for 3 metres


We used to have an old yellow lab that we joked was born 12y/o. She was famous for the shuffle shit. Half squat during our walk but kept going, leaving a trail of wee turds.


I swear, most whippets are fairly intelligent but just derp out on a regular basis at the weirdest things... or at least that’s what I tell mine lol Edit: ah he’s a grey, my mistake - looks smaller than 97lbs!


Most animals follow the engineering mantra of: "The smoother it runs while it works, the more spectacularly it will break when it doesn't"


100% true for most Volkswagens.


Except with a VW you've got to take the whole thing apart just to change the one thing that needs replacing, that only takes 3 minutes to change after you spend 6 hours getting access to it.


> Except with a VW you've got to take the whole thing apart just to change the one thing that needs replacing, that only takes 3 minutes to change after you spend 6 hours getting access to it. That is SO not exclusive to any one automobile brand. There are horror stories like that for almost all brands, like Dodge making you disassemble part of the front end of the car to replace the 12V battery on some models. Even Tesla has serious issues like that, requiring the frunk to be partially disassembled to get to the 12V battery.


My little girl was only 65 lbs! They are absolutely wonderful and graceful - most of the time lol


I've got a really tall lad, but he's got like, 0 muscles, so he's only 74 pounds. I think the heavy weight comes from the racing dogs that are all bulked up.


I disagree, everyone I know on whippets are morons. There's so many better ways to get high


I got into them pretty bad at one point. I had the creme machine that would take 3 cartridges at time. I was buying cases all the time and had a bunch of empty cartridges in my master bathroom that my middle grandson found. I told him it was for a pellet gun. Wrong answer because he got upset when I wouldn't let him shoot the imaginary gun. That was the day I hit rock bottom.


Sighthounds. They’re either worrying something trivial will kill them, or they’re chasing a squirrel into oncoming traffic.


We had a sighthound who would shriek bloody murder if he stepped in a hole the wrong way but once he clipped his pads on the sidewalk while running and didn't make a sound. We didn't notice until we were back inside and he was bleeding on his dog bed


My guess is that his feet slip on the hardwood floor and he was scared to get off the couch because of it. Try putting a rug or towel down on the floor in front of the couch if this happens again.


Also have his hips, knees, back, etc checked. He may be having trouble supporting his back end on one leg. Does he bunny hop up stairs with both hind feet together?


I'm guessing he's a retired racing greyhound and depending on how long he's been in a home he may be pretty unfamiliar with sofas and how to get up and down them lol


Yep. Newly retired greys have to be taught how to walk on stairs, etc. because they've spent 23 hours of every day in a crate. :-(


Basically this breed is a total knob. I once watched one stick it's nose in hot coals.


In a glass cage of emotion.


the floor is lava, obviously. He just has invisible fireproof boots on his front paws.


Is it like a visual cliff phenomenon? Something to do with the pattern making him think there’s a drop? Or am I now overthinking it?! 🤣


I don't know why this made me laugh so much XD


I think his brain is telling him the floor is actually tiny weird stairs


Yep, my dog does this. He gets "stuck" a lot.


> Yep, my dog does this. He gets "stuck" a lot. It's like The Sims but in real life.


Haha. Yeah, sometimes he'll get spooked and will literally freeze where he is. He gets spooked easily. You know, if you walk by him or something. I have to pick him up and move him to "reset" him. He's so weird but I love the fuck out of him.


This is the most greyhound thing ever. We joke that ours is a Sim. If there is a shoebox on the floor of the hallway, he cannot figure out how to get around it.


So happy to read this. I have a whippet mix and I thought it was just him. Cute snowflake.


Choo wagga choo choo!


Oh silly hound.... those back legs are difficult to use when you don't read the full manual.


A rare variation of floor is lava.


Floor is lava but only for your hind legs


So when you say trapped you mean "trapped"


Lanky, neurotic and hopelessly incapable... very relatable


Sounds like my dating profile


Title of my sex tape


Oh greyhounds. Never change, you sweet derps. ❤️


He too L O N G


Overwhelmed by L O N G T H


L|O|N|G|T|H| -|-|-|-|-|-| O|O| | | | | N| |N| | | | G| | |G| | | T| | | |T| | H| | | | |H|


One of my German Shepherds is like this. She has a very specific sequence of events for crossing a certain section of the vinyl flooring. It involves twists, turns, and a specific path. If anything blocks that, like a toy, then she panics and doesn't know how to get through, then locks her legs and spreads her claws and falls over. Which is all her own doing. She thinks that by her little dance, it is the only way to avoid falling, but is fine with the rest of the vinyl flooring.


omg..please help him


He may have been stuck there for eternity if I hadn't. Boys 97lbs so I needed 2 hand so I couldn't record the saving


He's so adorable.


Fuckin cackled




This is like something majorly existential playing out in real life.


What makes you think that posting this video without sound is a good idea


When a "Floor is Lava" game is on, it's on. No half assing it


Awww, haha what a glorious moron 😍


Poor baby, he looks so stressed 🥺


That poor idiot. My dog has cried with frustration in the past because he couldn't find a good position to squat in to take a dump. Some dogs are just helpless.


Don't you know that THE FLOOR IS LAVA!?!?!??!


Your “border lines” on the Carpet are freaking me out man!!!! What Hooman does this??!!!!! 😜


How do I get sound on this? I don't have a little speaker.


The stripes in the floor read like stairs, and he tries to walk down them, but they do not descend- and he can’t understand what’s wrong and backs up. Watch it again and you can clearly see him stepping past the stripes as if they are stair treads, that don’t seem to work right..


His back legs haven't received the 'we're not playing the floor is lava game anymore.' message.


hate to be a party pooper but he might have pain in the back legs or feet


He might being a retired racing dog but I'm not to worried cus he just got a bill of good health last week from the vet and is like this often with anything. A belt on the floor is often an impossible to traverse object. He is a giant lovable snowflake


This. As my hounds have aged, they have needed rugs on the hardwoods and help getting up or down from the sofa.


I redid my bedroom, lower bed frame and carpet, with my ageing dog in mind. He’ll wake me up at night if he needs down, to barf, get water or go out, but I feared him trying to jump down if he couldn’t wake me. I also have a soft light on the floor so he can see. I ended up with more carpeting in my house as my dog got older.


I just moved and put off getting a bed frame until I found a really low one. My old girl loved the mattress on the floor height! Some days she still needs a boost with our new frame but it's way better than our old one.


“Ermm… hmmm… why isn’t hooman halping me?” -probably ur dog


It’s like someone described to him “the floor is lava” but he already had his front feet down?


Sighthounds are so dumb. I love them.


Good thing you arrived. I've had Sims pee themselves and die in similar situations. You are a hero!


I am that screaming Aaron Paul meme right now. RESCUE HIM


Just wanna tell you, his hips, or knees, or something in his rear end may be hurting him if he's suddenly unwilling to get off the couch. You should get him checked out before assuming it's just a funny quirk. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your friend's health.


Thanks for the concern, but he has this quirk often and just last Tuesday the vet gave him a good bill of health. He probably has some arthritis from being a racing dog, and is back on the couch as I type this lol


Yeah greyhounds and hard floors, they weren’t made to go together.


It's the floor. Get a big rug.






the floor is lava


Not too bright, is he?


That’s exactly how snare traps work. Help that guy and duck tape that gap




Where are her back legs and why aren’t they following her to the floor! Oh…there they are


The floor is lava! (But only for the back legs...)


Mommy, I camt get out of the coumch


nice Long Beagle, man...


my greyhound has arthritis in her hips and she can’t really extend her legs behind her very far. she has to jump off of couches because of the lack of flexibility. I wonder if this pup has a similar fear that it will hurt?


Cute little weirdo 🤣


I love it watching whippets and greyhounds shake themselves because they can’t keep their legs on the floor and they end up as part of the shake. Never seen that happen with another dog and I’m a dog walker so I see lots of dogs. My aim is to catch it on camera


Greyhounds need to be trained to go up and down the stairs or steps because they aren’t bred to adapt to them easily. They’re race dogs, yeah? I learned this from The Imbestigators (a TV show about kid detectives) lol


Well help him


Why did you decide to film him instead of helping him?


Please help this poor dog :c xd


Free him Free this poor boy from his chains!


I have a Grey that does similar. It turns out if your Greyhound came from a race track, this is somewhat common because they've never used stairs in their lives. Stairs, slides, and other uneven surfaces can be intimidating to race dogs.


Greyhounds seem to just be short haired Afghan Hounds... And in my experience, should be equally rated on the intelligence scale. People say its just because they are too independent to obey humans... But no... Its also because of stuff like this.


Standard greyhound behaviour!


Job: Do you want to come in? Me Working remotely




My tripod does this but shes afraid of her nub hitting the hard ground.


Help the long boi




I’m confused. What is actually going on here?