Statment from the Baku City Circuit, promotor of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Statment from the Baku City Circuit, promotor of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Well done Baku


Medium rare Baku


Raw baku


Wild but in natural habitat Baku


Fetus Baku


Two wild but in natural habitat Bakus


Sperm Baku




Free range, Baku!


Rawe Ceek


Rawe Ceek


This Baku is fucking RAW!




who's RAW?




well done indeed, corruption all the way to the top, bribery to host and a country with mass poverty who could surely have a better use for that investissement. but hey, the have an f1 track so all is good!


Oh nice, a accurate description of many countries across the globe


An accurate description of many countries on the F1 agenda, sadly. Also, whataboutism doesn't solve human rights issues. Or any other issue, really.


what is your logic? F1 did not accept bribes and gave an F1 track to many countries across the globe but they did it for baku grand prix.


*Rubs asphalt vigorously*


Get the contract out, put it on the table, let them sign it. Let them put whatever numbers they want to put on there given what they have done now since they have come in and let them sign the contract. Baku's at the wheel. They're doing it, they're doing their thing. **BAK**chester **U**nited IS BACK!!


r/soccer is leaking again


*slaps apex* *"This bad boy can fit so many ^I ^am ^stupids in it"*


What are you doing step-pothole?


They spelled "We're Baku" wrong


We’re Backu


[Yes we are Backu](https://imgur.com/a/CSMJ3eY)


Huge missed opportunity, disappointing. Would have also accepted a "RAWE CEEK"


Man. Take this upvote. And eat asphalt for dinner.


U back? Bak U


Baku welcomed all of us!


Didn’t welcome Mkhitaryan in 2019....


Well, you see, he's Armenian, so that's different of course! (/s for safety)


All of us (who are not Armenian)


Armenians are welcome too, just gotta make sure they arent breathing.


A lot of Armenians came to Baku in different sport competitions. Armenian team was represented in Baku 2015 european games


Some of us*, thanks covid


Read in Jeremy Clarkson's voice.


Same. I always loved that line at the beginning of a new Top Gear season.


Micheal Jordan likes this


"And that's when I took it personal" - 2022 WDC, Michael Jordan


Fuck I’d love to see Phil Jackson moving becoming a team principal because a prophecy told him to. Jordan’s teammate would be Scotty Pippin who gets fined for telling Mazepin to “spin it you fucking midget” on team radio.


This may be the wrong place to ask, but what's the difference in cost between running a NASCAR team and an F1 team? Could we see him break in hypothetically? (MJ is a billionaire at least on paper)


Tens of millions of dollars


Make that hundreds.


Presumably MJ would be able to bring sponsorship that would reduce that number into the tens of millions, but yes, it's probably more towards the hundreds.


€200m just to enter your team on the grid.. before you actually hire staff, drivers, R&D, build the car and any other related costs


I really like that €200m entry fee rule. It may sound much but if you're putting that much money you're basically committing to the sport. which is good because we don't want to see another mew teams like in 2010 which disappered after like 4 or 5 years plus it adds a value to existing teams.


Those teams disappeared because of little incentive to stay when youre losing


They joined because they were promised a budget cap that never materialized.


I don't know, I think I'd rather have a short lived team than no new teams at all. The $200MM is a pretty big barrier even for a well funded new team that is willing to commit a lot to the sport.


Those teams were committed to the sport, they were promised a budget cap that was taken away at the last minute. Manor-Marussia kept going for six years until the money finally ran out, and would have stayed if it hadn't been for Felipe Nasr getting a free tire change at Brazil 2016 to secure a point.


I really don’t like it. Like a new team would be investing hundreds of millions into headquarters, buying an engine, making a brand new F1 car from scratch, hiring engineers, mechanics, drivers, managers and figuring out the logistics of the F1 circus. Adding what is basically 200 mill euro fine on top of it and setting up a new team is prohibitally expensive. I think a test where a new team has to show their F1 car is fast enough to keep up with the rest is a much more useful test because a team who is committed to F1 has already sunk a ton of cost into it, no need to make an already expensive sport even more expensive for newcomers.


I quite like this idea.. I imagine something like you have a certain window from administratively entering the sport to when you have to demonstrate the ability to be within a particular delta of the pole time at that circuit in like conditions. Maybe 107% rule or something... You have to meet this obligation before you can take part in a race. Perhaps you have less limitations on your testing before you take the 'test' so that a big budget team can spend time and money refining their car and come in with a bang. But once you've completed the test you're formally bound by the same testing rules as everyone else. If anything, I can see this making the sport more appealing to manufacturers and privateers because it gives them an opportunity to come into the sport on a more level playing field. I could see a VW group brand being much more interested in joining the sport if they knew they could spend a year doing testing at early 2000s Ferrari scale and come into the sport within striking range of the top teams rather than having to fork over 200 million with no short term benefit AND having limited opportunity to actually shake the car and team down before the first race.


Is there actually a limit on testing for new teams? I mean, if I wanted to build a car in my shed and drive it around the track every week for a year than surly the FIA can't say a word about it. If I then choose to enter F1 the next year taking my existing knowledge with me in that venture, that would be well within the rules as well, no?


Got it. So conceivably, but not likely. Thank you! Got into F1 because of the Netflix series so just trying to relate it to things I'm slightly more aware of


NASCAR is much more of a spec racing series than F1. That contributes a lot to the disparity.


Cost of entry is what keep new teams out of F1


A recent rule already give you 200 Million Dollars/145 Million pounds hurdle. 200 Million that goes to the current 10 teams instead of investment to build your team.


This is a fee split amongst the other teams on the grid? So akin to Expansion Fees in US Sports? Got it.


It used to be lower, but instead they would only pay out to the top 10 teams. This reared its ugly head in 2016 when Sauber's 2 points ended up bankrupting Manor, who only got 1 point. Now everyone gets a split, but the entry fee is higher because the teams are getting a smaller prize


Wasn't there someone who was in Sauber and signed with Manor, but ended up losing his seat due to getting 1 point for Sauber? Or was it story with 2 different teams?


That was Nasr. He was gonna lose his Sauber seat because Nasr lost his sponsor and Sauber needed 2 pay drivers (Gutierrez and Ericsson, *shudders*) Nasr scored 2 points in Brazil 2016, putting Sauber in 10th place and into the prize money, making Manor lose their prize money. The only hope Nasr had for an F1 seat was Manor, but since Manor didn't win any money, they couldn't make the grid for 2017. EDIT: So I misremembered. Gutierrez wasn't at Sauber in 2017. Point still stands about Nasr losing his sponsor, though.


Important to note that new teams now get price money, this 200 million "hurdle" is actually far lower than it was before this rule change if you sum up everything.


My understanding is a NASCAR cup team’s annual budget is a few million dollars a year while a back marker team in F1 is tens of millions a year + the late start up cost mentioned by other posters.


Probably a product of using a stock car vs building one from scratch. Amazing


MJ is a billionaire, but he's not an "F1 team owner" billionaire Sorta like the difference between a yacht and a superyacht


Gene Haas's net worth is $300 mil according to google.


And all he does is buy a Dallara chassis and put Ferrari parts in it, with just enough in-house development to make it eligible for the WCC.


Dallara fabricates to Haas' specs though. We know this because Dallara can build a decent chassis and...well...look at the Haas.


Haas probably farms out the design work too. It's very American to not hire your own workers wherever possible.


They do, to Dallara. Dallara builds Haas' Ferrari parts, and also develops (and builds) Haas' "listed parts". Dieter Rencken of RaceFans put it best when he said a few years ago that Haas' assets amount to a few filing cabinets. Arguably, nowadays Haas' most valuable asset is its entry, effectively worth about $200 million due to the new team fee.


Fun fact: Michael Jordan is after Rodger Penske the most richest owner of a NASCAR cup team.


More like a rowboat to a supertanker. F1 is an exclusive club.


Got it. Multiple billions instead of "just" one or a little more than one.


Bro don't give MJ any ideas. MJ can barely get the Charlotte Hornets to the playoffs as an owner. And don't forget the bobcat years. MJ would make Haas look like an elite team


Bugs Bunny 2022 WDC tho


He also owns an nba team. Depends how much cash assets he has in hand, but his net worth is in the billions for sure so likely has enough to buy a Motorsport team with the funds provided from Jordan. That would be a dream


It's bizarre seeing the stark difference in tone when the Baku race is discussed compared to the Saudi race.


Basically: The better the race, the less important the human rights


Why's Sochi on the calendar then?


People do argue about sochi thou. People only complain about saudi arabia a lot more. rn cuz it's new.


Yeah, fair. I guess I was talking about it more from a "FOM" perspective than a reddit one.


$$$$ > a murderous dictator


Give it 2 years for the tone to shift if Saudi Arabia hosts a half decent race. The Azerbaijan Armenia war "exhibit" they have is nothing short of disgraceful.


I don't know, on the other hand Saudi Arabia is way more (in)famous than Azerbaijan and thus its attacks on human rights are also well-known and publicized. I'm willing to bet like 75% of F1 fans couldn't place Azerbaijan on a map before we got a race there, and a good fat chunk of % probably still wouldn't be able to


Just done some reading to see how accurate this 75% guess might be. Only 15% of Americans could place EITHER Afghanistan or Iraq on a map during 2002, and 69% of English could not locate the Pacific Ocean. 17% of Americans cannot locate their own country on a map. It might be a fair estimate that 90+%, of fans not located in the general area, cannot locate Azerbaijan. Anyway, I would advise anyone to use the website seterra to learn maps, I learned where all states and all countries on earth are on a map, within a week. And I am not smart.


> 17% of Americans cannot locate their own country on a map. Well, not if you're using one of those weird world maps where the USA isn't in the middle and Asia isn't cut in two halves. /s And I'd like to advise anyone to use the website hrw.org, knowing what's going on in a country is more important than being able to point it out on a map.


Yeah but Baku has meme's and two good races, so r/formula1 can forgive them for that




I mean they are still absolutely awful. Have you seen the war trophy exhibit/museum they've set up? Absolutely disgusting display for a modern nation.


*British museum has left the chat*


I went to the museum of Japanese atrocities in war crimes in China and that was pretty brutal. Huge museum.


Yea, ask the family of the murdered Armenian soldier who'se murderer got a fuckin' parade thrown for him when they got him back into the country under the guise of having him serve his sentence. Fuck. Azerbaijan.


The Azerbijanis are trying to culturally and ethnically cleanse the Armenians, I dont see how that's less bad than what the Saudies are doing. If you are against a race in Saudia-Arabia you should be against a race here as well.


Thank you for this. I don't understand how F1 could even continue racing in these countries when they sit here and promote equality and people living as one. No to mention Alain Prost is also half Armenian. You would think he would speak up about Azerbaijan and Turkey.


He is half Armenian. You learn something new everyday.


Getting good and “fair” coverage of the conflict, aren’t you? The regions which were occupied got literally cleaned from Azerbaijanis to the zero. Killed, murdered, burned alive. Don’t talk about something, of which you know so little.


Americans lock small kids in immigration camps, guess we shouldnt hold two GPs there either


While the immigrant detention centers are horrible and need attention for sure, they're a far cry from literal genocide.


The uncomfortable truth is that, if we use a history of genocide as a barrier to entry, F1 would have to close up shop entirely.


It's less "history of genocide" and more "actively in the process of committing one."


On the other what if we use "supporting active genocide" or "refusing to acknowledge history of genocide" ? Suddenly F1 doesn't have to close up shop entirely at all


Maybe Austria/Hungry unless we count them out for their work leading up to WW1? Mexico? Not too sure how they treated their native population (as Mexico, not back in the Spanish days..) South Korea may be doable if the track is cleaned up a bit. Monaco couldn't be all that bad (aside for the race itself) Maybe bring back the luxembourg grand prix on a technicality?


> South Korea may be doable if the track is cleaned up a bit. Uh....Forgot about the Korean war?


> they're a far cry from literal genocide. Actually, they are not. It’s been reported that the ICE centers have been performing forced hysterectomy. Forcing people to not be able to have kids, is literal genocide. https://www.aclu.org/news/immigrants-rights/immigration-detention-and-coerced-sterilization-history-tragically-repeats-itself/


The hysterectomies were though.


Yeah, not like Americans haven't killed enough in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and all over the world with their shenanigans


Americans have. As have the British, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Russians, the Germans, the Spanish, the Japanese... I mean, the only geopolitical entity hosting an F1 race that I think is relatively safe from condemnation would be Monaco because they are too damn small to have done anything of note.


Bit of a difference between "three generations ago" and "the previous administration".


They basically have a huge part in Israel as well


Dude how about all the democracies that US intelligence agencies toppled? How many people died because of the following civil wars? How many people were displaced? No one nation has quite done global damage on a massive scale for as long as good ol' Uncle Sam.


They gave women hysterectomies, many people charge our racist 'justice' system with genocide, there are multiple warnings and reports for black and Asian tourists to be careful when they travel here, and so on, to say nothing of our murdering a generation of Iraqis.


How about bombing and killing millions in the middle east? Is that also a far cry or are we getting closer?


As an American, I would love it if we got called out like this more. Plenty of people happily ignore the issues we have here.


I know a lot of countries called out the US' recent actions when the LA Olympics got confirmed. Unfortunately the US doesn't really have to care about what other countries think and it's asking a lot from the athletes, who trained their whole lives, to boycott it.


This is the issue with the upcoming world cup in Qatar. For many players, they might get one or two chances to play in a world cup, so boycotting the whole damn thing is a really tough decision.


They’re worse than both Turkey and Russia IMO their Armenian war exhibition is disgusting. They even showed drone strikes on those streets on TV screens.


Being better than Saudi isn’t much of an achievement…


Wait, do you actually think people are actually going to boycott any race?


Please brozzer use its real name out of respect: Saudi Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Race al Saud


Baku is backu


It’s Rawe Ceek!!!


How am I supposed to pronounce this when I read it? Raw seek? Raweh keek?


I pronounce it like rawe ceek


Yeah same


That's so weird. I've always pronounced it like, rawe ceek


Me too, thought I was the only one!


No, it's pronounced Nikolaj


I saw raw seek, probably not right but that’s how it sounds in my brain


I mean why would there be a right way to pronounce it. Its a meme because of Ferrari badly formatting race week as opposed to being actual words in a language. But also raw seek sounds best.


While seek sounds best, keek sounds funnier. And since it's a meme I pronounce it as keek.




> How am I supposed to pronounce this when I read it? Whatever way you want it If it's not spelled correctly, why bother with pronounciation?


Say rave seek.


I say “raw keek” in my head.


Rave Creek


I say Rowe (as in the painful "ow" sound) Seek


Rah-vey chic


Don’t believe what others are saying. It’s pronounced as rawe ceek and not rawe ceek


I say it like "Raywee Seek"


The simplest statements are sometimes the best. Love it.


Didn't know Ryu, Chun-li and Blanka lived in Baku


The more you know


Why does this feel like a "How do you do, fellow kids?" statement, a race sponsored by an authoritarian regime trying to act like they're cool and hip and is thought fondly of...


Maybe Saudi Arabia should make memey posts too, then everyone will love the Jeddah GP. And someone tell Qatar too, then the world cup will be all good. 👍🏽


Azerbaijan is another disgraceful country for F1 to be promoting... The Azeris have stolen land from Armenia with the support of Turkey and have destroyed sacred temples, places of worship and killed many citizens. F1 should be ashamed 🇦🇲🇦🇲


Maybe F1 shouldn't race in Silverstone then, considering England's history and how they're currently aiding the Saudi 'intervention'


Obviously the only solution is to have an Azerbaijan/Armenia double header with a street circuit in Yerevan.


In principle, yes, but it's not a street circuit, rather a mountain road and it's not in Yerevan, but in Moscow. Other than that this is true.


That's it, none of the locations are suitable! It's time to have a full calendar that takes place in Antarctica.


I can't count on one hand how many war crimes those penguins have committed


So... more than five?


Depending on his counting abilities it might be less than 5


What was the old saying? The sun never sets on the British genocide machine? Fan-favorite Spa is super duper canceled as well because of that nasty business in the Congo. Suzuka is right out. Ask the Koreans and the Chinese about that one. No more Albert Park, the atrocities committed against the Aboriginal people are very much still in living memory. Mexico is a country founded on genocide by the Spanish, so that's two more races off the calendar. Canadians were about as active in their genocide of First Nations peoples as their American counterparts, no more Canadian GP. French colonialism with no kinder or gentler than British colonialism, but I don't think any of us would miss Paul Ricard. Russia... I mean, come on. Even disregarding the atrocities the Soviet Union committed against its own people, there are a lot of folks running around Germany today with Russian grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Like, a lot. Speaking of the Germans... There are whole populations today still victimized by the actions of countries hosting most of the races on the F1 calendar. I don't have an answer for it and I'm not being an apologist for any country. It's just all...rad. Fuckin' rad. Cool and good.


Don't forget the dutch were instrumental in the intercontinental slave trade. So that's Zandvoort out of the window


That's a stupid thing to say and you know it. Every country has done bad things in the past, just point on any piece of land and at one point, a bad person was in charge of that land. The point is KSA, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, China, USA and Bahrain are still heavily influenced by it and are in charge of evil people still, and still do those crimes against humanity.


You go back far enough and every country has done something awful. If you look at the current time, all countries do great things as well as horrifc things too. The Saudis/Azers don't seem to be doing much other than finding new ways to make money Bottom line is it's complicated


Difference being the Azer's did this literally LAST FUCKING YEAR


Stop bullshitting and playing victim card. The fact that Armenia stole the land “for safety of the occupied zones” and cleansed tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis from the region to create a buffer zone is well known to those who can think and open history books and not Wikipedia. “Stole land from Armenia”...man are you joking...


Per Ferrari, “WE’BA RECK”


Why does everyone want to go back to Baku?!?


Because the country doesn't matter if the race and track is good apparently.


Yeah, whatever. I don't forget the Armenians. Good races, bad country.


Thank you. Agreed


I remember a time when this sub shit shitcanned Baku when it was announced and the track map was released. Then a race happened.....


Hopefully this year race will not disapoint fans.


Name a year where Baku has disappointed us






Coming from a Checo stan, I disagree.


Is Baku the MJ of F1 circuits? 🤔


What's the 'MJ'?


When Michael Jordan came back to the NBA after his first retirement, he sent out a press release that merely said "I'm back."


Rumors has it that the first draft of this message was "We're back, motherfuckers."


The original NBA copy pasta


They’re back in Armenia too unfortunately


Are we sure this isn't from the Texas Longhorns?


all gas no brakes intensifies


So does this mean that Baku isn’t back after all?


Is the promoter's name Michael Jordan by any chance?


"Come with me if you want to race"


Street Fighters? Will M. Bison be there?


Baku streets back alright




Someone been watching Last Dance.


Please do your research before shitting out a comment. You guys are saying Azerbaijan bad because they had a war last year. War for what? For an occupied land. If you are telling that this land was not occupied by Armenians please do your research again, it is recognised as Azerbaijans territory. The war exhibition is a normal thing after a war, yes you may find it disturbing but this is what everyone does after a war. It was nothing to do with Armenian genocide or ethnic cleansing, just taking back the territory which was theirs. There are Armenians in Azerbaijan, there is literally an Armenian church in the center of Baku. If there would be an ethnic cleansing, Azerbaijan would start from there. Muslims, christians (both followers of Armenian Apostolic Church and Russian Orthodox church), jews etc. are all citizens of Azerbaijan. If they wanted to erase armenians from the world, they would start from Baku.


Hooray, another murderous kleptocratic dictatorship is embraced by F1.


We only murder Who open fire to us.


You guys are all a joke supporting racing in Baku. If this was 1939, you same group of people will be like saying oh let's go to Berlin for the F1 race, who cares there just nazis...the race is all that matters to us. Woho! And if your asking oh why? Then that's the problem, choosing to be ignorant for a damn race.


Baku is back, Baku is back!




Azerbaijan is a totalitarian dictatorship and Turkey's similarly authoritarian little brother. They have a state-sponsored hatred of surrounding peoples (namely Armenia). I don't support this state getting a Formula1 race. Just months ago I watched countless online videos/ and footage of Azeris sending drone strikes and other military projectiles in disproportionate acts of military aggression. Mostly against Armenians standing around with little to no air defense, using advanced military tech, Turkish assistance, and even hired Syrian mercenaries to hit both military and civilian targets (destroying many thousand year old churches and landmarks in the process). The economic and military disparity between a small, poor, landlocked, post-soviet nation of only a few million people like Armenia (just getting democracy in 2018) compared to the economic power-combo of Turkey + Azerbaijan together can't be understated. Was like watching a 20th century army trying to fight a 21st century battle. I disturbingly saw a few videos posted of shameful Azeri behavior, even for war...like beheadings, cutting off other body parts, etc. Messed up. I don't support authoritarian governments that don't give their people freedom of speech and freedom of politics. Love Formula1, but I won't watch this one out of principle. Gonna' try to do the same about the World Cup in Qatar, but it'll be tough to resist for sure. Hope it's a great race though.


Well, armenians shouldn't have occupy internationally recognized lands of Azerbaijan and create 700k azeri refugees in 90's. We got what belongs to us, stop eating propaganda and do your research before talking about complex matters. Just to add, Azerbaijani Military tribunal gave punishment to these soldiers, while Armenia did nothing.


>online HD videos of Azeris sending drone strike after drone strike in acts of deadly military aggression Not weighing in on the politics here but those were attacks against military assets. Drones are actually pretty good at minimizing civilian collaterals. I wouldn't really blame azeri for taking out military assets during a war, it did highlight the importance of air superiority though. With that being said, AA defense aside, armenian soldiers were very poorly trained to deal with airstrikes, almost every video coming out all troops were bunched together, which is the first thing they teach you not to do in the military. And the fact that they continued to bunch up for weeks while getting slaughtered tells me the armenian military failed to inform the soldiers of just how dire the air situation was.


Now give us a race in 🇦🇲!


# Well Done Baku.


Well done Baku We’re back




My fave race of the year. Can’t wait!