Beautiful moment: Max congratulates Seb on his podium, but Seb wants to know if Max is okay after his big crash!

Beautiful moment: Max congratulates Seb on his podium, but Seb wants to know if Max is okay after his big crash!


Vettel is the biggest dad figure on the grid, i love him.


I like how he's gone from being Justin Beiber finger boy winning every Sunday to becoming F1s dad whom everyone likes and respects.


>Justin Beiber finger boy Are we not doing phrasing anymore?




Paddock Dad ...Daddock


When Verstappen was interviewed by Sky Germany and asked about any after effects from the crash he said there is some damage in the head but thats there for quite a while (jokingly)


*Haha, jk. Unless.....*




"Max, son, I better see purple on the timing sheets, or the purple will be on you. You decide."


Oof, that's dark


And also accurate unfortunately. Jos is in every possible capacity, a shit human being.


Agree. Also quite suprised how those two are quite on a good term now considering Jos treatment on Max during his karting days, at least on Western parenting standard, idk.


In a doc about Max they show some of this story and Max basically saying it was hard, but it made him who he is today; not afraid of a challenge, never backing down (or something like that). Still , wouldn't do it myself like that.


That's all on Max though. Parenting like that rarely turns out well... He's one of the exceptions, and I highly doubt it's Jos's fault


Well, Jos might not have been a good father by your standards and probably not by my standards either, but we only know what we know from the media.So it wouldn't hurt us to be a little less judgemental.


I mean he beat the shit out of at least one woman right?


And the known shit he did to Max was Judgment worthy


I absolutely love this dude. Honestly i would love to see him fight for WDC again


That would make for a nice comeback story.


That wouldn't just make for a *good* comeback story, in my mind, it would be the best (comeback) story F1 has ever seen. Sign me up


Arguably Lauda would keep that spot.


I don’t think it’s even that arguable. It would still be Lauda. And I’d put Massa ahead of Vettel too, even though he never had the same level of success again after he came back. Coming back after serious, life-threatening injuries is a better story than “lost form for a few seasons, moved to another team because he was still in demand, and then got better again.” The last sentence might sound too dismissive, it would be a good story. I just personally don’t think it’s close to the others.


I might offer another suggestion for the greatest comeback. In 1952 the reigning champion, Fangio is without a drive and misses the first race. He agrees to enter two non-championship races on consecutive days at Dundrod (Northern Ireland) and Monza. However his flight requires him to drive from Lyon to Monza, which in 1952 is an ordeal of a drive and arrives exhausted 30 minutes before race start. He starts last and races anyway, instantly crashes and breaks his neck, and doesn't race for a year. In 1953 he is hampered by unreliability but wins the final race of the season and finishes second behind the dominant Ascari. From 1954 to 1957 he then wins 4 championships in a row, although his broken neck caused him pain for the rest of his life.


Everyone would love that


I would say his chances could be worse. He is in a team that can win races and is funded by a billionaire who needs the team to win races to promote his car brand. Seb can help built the 2022 car and go from there, I am expecting AMR to be a WDC contender in a few years. But let’s see!


Half the grid came to vettel congratulating him. Had goosebumps.


Man has been going through a rough patch. I'm sure the other drivers could relate in some way, so they were happy to see him smiling again and getting good points.


Another 2 races of Seb being this Seb and they’re gonna start worrying about next year.


*Lawrence Stroll has entered the McDuck vault.*


Have my angry upvote hahahaha


Everyone in 7 years time, when Seb is about to win his 9th world championship: *Pakistani soccer coach meme*


>Pakistani soccer coach meme Just a heads up, believe you're referring to the Pakistani *fan* during the *Cricket* match




Hey, at least he got the country right LOL


[This? He was a spectator in a cricket match](https://i.imgur.com/lZdiMwl.jpg)


I can't emphasize this enough: Vettel winning another title would not be the strangest thing to happen in F1. By a long shot.


Agreed, however it *would* be the record for most number of seasons between championships, passing I believe (if I did my math right) ~~Graham Hill who won in 1962, and then 1968~~. So not exceedingly strange, but still unprecedented. Edit: Turns out I did NOT do my math right, it's Lauda in 1977 and 1984. I appreciate the correction! Still, assuming Seb wins it next year or later, he *would* take the record from Niki.


Ah lovely: good spot. Very interesting and I am happy to stand corrected!


> passing I believe (if I did my math right) Graham Hill who won in 1962, and then 1968. I think Lauda holds that record at the moment.


Man I love this sportsmanship hope Vettel keeps this up man deserves this win


And Checo, the Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin people all congratulating each other. F1 is a beautiful sport when Merc has a bad weekend.


u think they all have a sense of comradery in trying to dethrone the one dominant team?


They've all collectively been in an abusive relationship since 2014


Great analogy Especially Vettel can relate how Max feels rn.


I've always assumed so. It really seems like it.


The Fellowship of the Getting Mercedes Off the Podium.


Wouldn’t be surprised


I think my favourite was Leclerc coming to congratulate him - it would've been nice if they'd shared the podium together, but at the same time Gasly definitely deserved it.


Apparently he congratulated Charles for Pole and asked to keep an eye out for him in the mirrors. So when Charles came to congratulate him, Seb said - See, I told you. They have a great relationship.


When Sebastian Vettel tells somebody he’s coming through, believe him. Abu Dhabi 2012 and Baku here, when he’s feeling it he knows he’s up there. I’m so happy man lmao.


Man, Sebastian can do magic like no one else can when he's feeling confident in the car. This is just his 6th race mind you so I'd really wanna bet my ass there's a hell of a lot more to come!


I'm really starting to believe that Ferrari wasn't helping him at all. It's so weird. He's been fast at Monaco/Azerbaijan, two of the hardest tracks, if not the hardest. O never doubted, he still has it. But Jesus, what happened those last two years at Ferrari? Can morale impact performance that much? I mean, I'm sure it can, but THAT much?


When the margins are extremes, sure it can!


Regarding your last point, see bottas right now. He's having a horrible time this year.


From my perspective (TV), it looks like he gave up. He was trying hard and doing his best to beat Lewis since he joined Mercedes, but this season he looks like a ghost. (We did good at Monaco, tho).


From my own experience of doing sport at a very high level, yes, morale and confidence will affect your performance WAAAY more than most expect. If you don't believe in yourself or your car, you won't be placing it on the top step no matter how fast it is.


I think that radio from Leclerc asking what the plan was is very telling. Vettel spent the last few years not only trying to drive a car in difficult circumstances but also having to constantly second guess a team who don't know how to manage drivers or a race.


Yup, and it's sad to see. I remember back then, when I was still a kid, Ross Brawn, Msc, Todt were flawless in their strategies. I don't understand how the shift/decline happened.


Well, I would assume as Brawn, MSC and Todt were no longer with Ferrari.


I'd put a big part of the blame on the fact that Ferrari decided to go for an engineer as team principal. Toto said it himself on DtS, he knows nothing about engineering, how to design an aerodynamic plane, anything like that, his job is to know the people that know how to do these things. Binotto will be much more about the numbers than anything else, which isn't exactly what you want from a principal.


I really hope Ferrari doesn’t waste Leclerc’s talent. Unlike other drivers that came before him, Leclerc doesn’t yet have a WDC and it would be even more important for him to leave a mark at Ferrari for his future career then previous drivers have. I can’t help but feel that Seb was hinting at that as well last year when he told Leclerc that he was the most talented driver he’s seen in his 15-year career, and asked him not to waste it.


It's kind of crazy how Vettel can nail strategy inside of the car, pulling fighter pilot G-Forces when the guys sitting on a stool with all the data in front of them consistently got it wrong and gave him that BS "Head down" whenever Vettel used the radio button. Honestly, Ferrari is a damn joke and Vettel exposed them on a grand scale by being more competent than them. His morale was in the dumps and his pace suffered, and I always thought he still had the magic (in fact I thought a return to RB would have been something sweet).


He is one probably the most sensitive in terms of being able to perform, about being confident. But when he is, he's unbeatable. Polar opposite of many of the greats, like Alonso, who performs well in whatever you give him 9 times out of 10


Alonso proved in 2014 he can hustle some results out of any shitbox the team provided, that F14T was fucking ridiculous to drive just from watching his onboard footage


I personally feel the lack of adaptability is hugely overblown but yes, Fernando was more adaptable it seems.


Alonso was amazing aswell considering their relationship never was that great


Was it not? I know Nando and Seb had a few championship battles in 2010 and 2012 but ive not really seen bad blood between them?


Seb once said in an interview that he doesn't really know/understand why Fernando doesn't like him while Nando said later on he don't understand why Vettel feels this way as he has nothing against him in particular. There for sure isn't bad blood but they never were big friends either. For example Vettel has a better bond to Hamilton than to Alonso.


Could be that Alonso said in 2012 that he was fighting Newey and not Vettel for the WDC? There are a lot of comments from Alonso that point in the direction that he doesn’t rate Vettel that highly.


During Vettels time at RB he wasn't that popular around the grid. He seemed arrogant since he won so much and was very confident about himself. Even Hamilton wasn't a Fan of Vettel! But after he joined Ferrari people realised that he is actually a nice guy.


That’s very true I think also among fans the same happened (at least for me 100%)


I think it's more the fact that he didn't win as much races as he used to.


The media had overblown the whole drama around f1 for a long time, and back then it was more uncommon for people to just discuss it online like now (the media has it harder now to fabricate stories). Fernando says that redbull has the best car = media turns it into seb hate story. That doesn't mean that Fernando was all jolly with Seb in that era, because they were fighting for the title, but the media depicted all of it like they are hating each other to the bone.


I know some of the bad blood probably stems from in those days, Fernando would always talk down about Seb by saying he wasn't competing against Seb, but instead competing against Adrian Newey, implying Seb was not much of a driver but instead was just lucky to drive amazing cars.


Honestly so happy to see him back in the groove again...


I don't know if I'm just imagining it it but it's almost as if the Pandemic has brought them all closer. Like all the internet streaming stuff that happened just has made them all realise they can be closer off the track they they were previously. Or the younger ones being tight and looking out for each other has had a knock on affect to the older ones.


> it's almost as if the Pandemic has brought them all closer Or Merc losing badly /s


Half the grid is there because Seb is their hero


Fernando gave him an hug! An hug!


I know, right! I felt the same...what a testament of the man's character!


All of them have watched or even raced with him when he was dominating in the Red Bulls. They know what he's capable of, I'm sure they're all pretty happy for him. He's so well liked among the paddock and rightfully so.


I love Vettel. Always fun interviews and you can just see he loves the sport.


I love in that quiz where he had to name F1 teams and Vettel was always trying to name the most obscure teams that nobody remembers.


But then he missed R lol!


Well if a 4-time WDC says there are no teams that start with R, I choose to believe him.


Team starting with M? Lewis: *takes solid 5 seconds* Lewis: McLaren?


That certainly was the best part.


I personally think Seb missing Red Bull was better just because of the knowledge he showed of other teams


Vettel: "oh no!"


He literally looked and sounded proud of himself when he named Vanwall (the only driver to do so).


It was crazy in the post race press conference how much he knew was going on while he was driving. Like he knew Max and Lance had done ~30 laps on their tires and all this other stuff, pretty nuts how aware he is in the cockpit


To be honest I'm sure he asked his engineer about the tyre age because he might have been worried himself.


If you watch it he actually had all these different thoughts that went in his head, like he even looked at the barrier where Lance struck to see if maybe he clipped it rather than debris/failure. It's just ridiculous how much he was paying attention because most drivers seem to only realize what's going on with themselves (which makes perfect sense)


What quiz?


[this one](https://youtu.be/dNZMjWMkzF4) from the f1 YouTube page I think


[this one ](https://youtu.be/dNZMjWMkzF4)


I love how you get the vibe Seb was dying to chat to Max after the race, he was out of that interview immediately and focused on Max. He obviously knows a thing or two about title fights with Lewis Hamilton and the highs and lows that entails. You can really tell how seriously he takes his role as one of the elder statesmen of the drivers and I appreciate that a lot.


We think of interviews as super fun and we sometimes cant wait to see our favorite drivers reactions. But, you gotta put yourself in the drivers shoes. They have to do 20 interviews every time something happens, so I bet they dont really give a fuck about a random interview


Also, there is a massive amount of mutual respect and admiration between most of the drivers, so I bet they far more enjoy talking to each other than the press.


This - it's increased considerably recently. It's always been there, but it's gone up more. The Hubert crash and Grosjean's crash reminded them that they're all in the same boat for safety, and it's really up to them to watch out for each other. Plus, everyone wants to see a title fight again.


I do get a feeling that all of the teams are happy to see Mercedes getting pushed. Even Hamilton seems to have extra pep in his step, I bet as a competitor he probably enjoys having to actually work for the championship.


I’m sure Lewis also wants to know he is winning because of his skills/talent/team leadership. It’s way more fun to win against others at the top of their game - whomever wins the WDC this year can be very proud with such tough competition.


Not to mention every single one of those 20 interviews will all ask the same fucking questions, it would drive me insane


You end up understanding why some drivers have very pre-programmed and trained responses


Bwoah... I got second place, what more to say


>We think of interviews as super fun Do we, really?


Vettel is also on the GPDA so he's likely quite interested in how Max is doing from that perspective and also the Perelli nonsense. Edit: And the delay in the safety car deployment on two occasions


It's a great sight. You could excuse Max hanging around after just to support his team with Perez winning, but surprising Vettel like that is awesome.


When I started following F1 again, I didn't liked Seb that much. Now some years later I find him such a treasure of a person. The day he leaves the grid will be sad as fuck.


Most of my favorite athletes across various sports have been like this. Initially I disliked them for some reason or other, then boom I like them again. Idk what it is.


I kinda know why it happened. When I re-started following F1, for some reason I ended up liking Mercedes more, and at the time, Seb was giving Lewis a fight for the title. So he was the "enemy". With time, I started to like pretty much every team and driver and stopped having someone in particular I was cheering for, I just like racing as a whole, as long as I can have a good show, I'm happy. Appart from that, Seb does have great character which helped changing my mind. At the moment there are only 2 individuals I cannot stand, Horner and Mazepin, just can't stand their guts. Everyone else is ok with me.


>At the moment there are only 2 individuals I cannot stand, Horner and Mazepin, just can't stand their guts. Everyone else is ok with me. Haha. I like Horner. He's smug, which makes for great TV.


Horner is hugely entertaining, but I can’t work out if he’s doing it to be entertaining or to be a dickhead 😂




Verstappen came back, waited with the rest of the team in Parc Ferme and later celebrated with Checo. Any other driver after such a dissapointing crash would have understandably took sometime off. Also Checo repeated a number of times that it what happened to Max was tragic too. Just good team vibes allround.


If that was Kimi he would have went to the airport lmao


Max seems to have matured after last year. Its beautiful to see


Not only matured but also mentally thats a tougher way to deal with things. Anger, accept, keep aside. Max just compartmentalizes stuff very well.


I think it also matters that max went from thinking he was down 14, then down 21, then back up 4 points in the WDC over a period of 8 seconds. That probably softened his mood a lot, even if he still would have loved the win.


Stroll did as well and Leclerc did it last race in Monaco too, it's really nice to see!


Things you love to see


Interesting to see them talk English. Usually Max speaks German with all the German drivers


Maybe they both were a bit in interview mode where they mostly talk english? So one starts in english and the other just rolls with it? Would be my guess.


Does he really? I haven’t seen that anywhere. I know for a fact he sometimes spoke Dutch with Hülk?


Hulk was the only of the German drivers who actually spoke Dutch. But I think even Nico and Max switched between German and Dutch. And often I saw Max speaking German with the German drivers. His German is very good


i somehow forgot, that dutch people tend to speak german so i was confused af seeing him giving the interview in fluent german basically, hes indeed very good at that


Naw, most Dutch people don't speak German at the same level as Max. Most can just speak enough to get by in a sort of broken half Dutch/half German. People near the border usually have a better grasp of it, and Limburg (where his father is from) is one of the areas where most people do have good German language skills.


> Where his father is from Also where Max himself mainly grew up. Our dialect shares some grammar and sentence structure with German, which makes it easier to pick up on the things that are usually harder to learn, as they just inherently make sense when you are used to speaking Limbourgish.


Dutch sounds to me as a German always like the slightly cute/drunk version of german. You guys call speedbumps "droempels" and if that is not Onomatopoeia I don't know what is.


Dutch is drunk German, Afrikaans is drunk Dutch


*angry dutch. Source : am Afrikaans.


Is it not a generational difference? From my experience a lot of 50+ Dutch people speak very good German but with younger people the percentage drops significantly (understandably so in many ways I guess.)


No, more geographically. Max grew up close to the German border. People there are very used to shopping and drinking across the border. And many Germans do the same. So you hear the language spoken a lot. The generational divide is more around 70+. Working professionals before the iron curtain fell and people that had to learn German in the war.




yeah i diddnt want to imply that everyone is at max' level, but like 90% of dutch people i met at least could understand german, which was helpful because i sure as shit cant understand fast spoken dutch. even if slowed down, i get some word here and there but am far away from understanding


No we don’t. We just speak drunk Dutch with a German accent and think it’s the same 😂


Well, you're not wrong. Works both ways Drunk Dutch with German accent = Basically German Drunk German with Dutch accent = Basically Dutch


I live 10km from the German border and that's how I get by


Drinking? Well, that's how many folks get by.


I would think so. On German tv interviews he always talks in German and his German is pretty well like a lot of Dutch people. So pretty surprising to see him speak English with Vettel here.


Maybe he just thought it'd be the polite thing to do, since vettel was talking to the english press on camera


Yes, with Helmut as well


Previous race he spoke german with helmut


How can you possibly dislike this man, he is a gem.


I didn’t follow f1 when Vettel won his wdc’s so I don’t know what he got up to at the time but it seems impossible to dislike this dude.


Well during those Multi 21 days he was looked as the villian, but Seb never spared an inch. And plently were tired of him winning everything... But Seb always had a good sense of humour and was disarming in terms of how he interacted with others and the media.


The biggest problem of seb back then and the most likely reason of him being disliked was winning a shit ton. But really it was how he won, getting a massive lead within 3-4 laps and coasting on it without ever giving the slightest hint of anything going poorly. Not quite mercedes and hamilton like since lewis tends to keep incrementaly increasing his leads every lap for the whole race, seb used to get 10 second leads in the time when the rest of the grid was still at 0.5 seconds of each other and coast the rest of the way. Back then if you didn't get in front of him within the first 2 or 3 corners the race was legitimately over.


I started watching F1 when Seb was already in Ferrari, so I didn’t witness how dominant he was in Red Bull except to read about it. Until Sochi 2019 came along, and Seb took the lead from Charles and banged out 20 fastest laps in a row that I understood what he was like back then. It was pretty astonishing to watch honestly.


Like everyone in a fight for the WDC, he was ruthless.


I’m a fairly new fan of F1, and one of the most refreshing things to me about this sport, being an American, is the sportsmanship between the drivers and how the drivers who don’t win often seem very genuine in their congratulation and celebration of the drivers that do. I think it makes the sport just that much better.


F1 is a very small world so these drivers have known eachother for pretty much their whole life. For example half the personnel at Toro Rosso remember Max running through the factory when his dad was with the team from their Minardi days. There are dozens of pictures of the young drivers chilling together after kart races aswel and they all know how hard it all is so they respect eachother a lot.


Other than Rosberg and Hamilton, I wonder if there are other racers who can't stand each other.


Everyone and Mazepin


I believe Gasly and Ocon had some sort of falling out during their junior careers in France. Although, they’re probably not on “can’t stand each other” terms now that they’re older.


Take some happy Seb, and inject that shit straight into my veins.




Max is one of the best sportsmen on the grid, always giving respect when it's due. Really like their exchange here.


Yeah, I've really started to warm up to him after not liking him *at all* for his first few years. He's shaping up to not just be a good driver, but a good guy as well.


As a Dutch person, I think it’s part maturity, part getting a lot better speaking English. Communicating your point is one thing, the tiny nuances of a language are definitely something that takes time.


This is something I never really considered until your post... How many times have people been called an asshole because they don't understand the minute differences between "It was a bad drive" and "he's a bad driver", or something similar. I still think there's been an insane improvement of on track maturity from Max, going from extremely aggressive cut offs and dangerous moves in the braking zone to a far more well rounded driver with aggressive overtakes and defenses, but not dangerous ones. There's no doubt he's an absolute top tier talent, and he's really living up to it this year.


I think this every time people give Yuki crap for poor word choice. Many East Asian languages use additional words to change meaning. (Declination and conjugation don’t really exist. So you have to say “two apple” instead of apples. Or “I go to the store yesterday” instead of “I went to the store.”) And if you’re amped adrenaline, it’s even harder to find the right words.


And he is just 21 years old. I mean, if I did hyper competetive racing in East Asia with limited language skills at 21, I would have a hard time to manage my image to vibe with the Italian/English yellow press! Fuck.


As a Canadian who has lived in a few different countries, including the Netherlands, I don't envy the job the Dutch have to do of learning English-speaking politeness norms. One of the things I really appreciated about the Dutch are how direct they tend to be and I suspected that Max may have suffered from this learning curve. I'm not Dutch though, so I suppose I couldn't really say, just speculation based on what I experienced.


Might be because everybody is a bit of an insufferable cunt between the ages of 17 and 20. We are literally seeing him growing up year over year


Yeah, absolutely. He's definitely matured quite a lot over the last few years.


He's started racing more cleanly too. In the beginning he used to move a lot under breaking which made overtaking him very dangerous and he was super aggressive too which obviously you have to be if you wanna be a WDC but it also comes off as assholeish. He's stopped doing that now and races a lot more cleanly respecting other drivers and giving them space. Also the years he spent at RBR with Danny Ric chilled him out a lot. He used to be really serious all the time in the beginning then with Danny Ric he started to lighten up and laugh and joke a lot which made him more likeable.


He may not be the smile for the camera guy, but he seems to legitimately respect his competitors and the sport.


He has grown up a lot


Yeah well I think most people do during that part of their life. I think max has always been very mature for his age though... I mean when he first came into f1 maybe he was a bit immature, but he was far more mature then myself snd most people I know at 17.


That i agree on. Still good to see how he developed


Yesterday he talked about wanting to extend/maintain the gap in the championship, but not this way ( as in hamilton just going off with a lock up ) , or in monaco where he said leclerc shouldnt get a penalty for the redflag and he does not want to get pole that way, he wants to win fairly


I think he has a short temper in the moment, but once the smoke clears he's very respectable. I think he's just extremely competitive.




Seb is like the Keanu Reeves of formula 1. So wholesome


Happy Seb is not the driver we deserve, but the driver we need.


I could listen to happy Seb interviews for hours. He really is a very pleasant guy. I think he's probably the most intelligent driver on the grid.


Seb seems like the F1 driver you would most want to be friends with.


Nice to see. I think max and seb have had a rocky relationship at times but both of them don’t seem the type to hold grudges off track.


> I think max and seb have had a rocky relationship at times Seb has certainly been pissed at Max at times (China 2018), but I think they've always had a pretty decent relationship.


A little off-topic but we all know there's a daddy-owned teams right now being AMR and Haas. But is it just me or has anyone else noticed the different dynamics between the two. Haas always feels like they're giving us that vibe that they're favoring Mazepin and would give him a free pass for anything and that Mick is probably just an accessory to Mazepin. Just look at the shit Mazepin pulled on the weekend at the final lap on Mick. Whereas I never get that kind of outright favortism vibe from AMR towards Lance Stroll.


Well yeah. Stroll's a midfielder and is actually quite good on the rain. He's not a moving chicane. Regardless of the chaos, you cannot take the opportunity for podium if you don't have the pace.


until his tyre blow dude was giving an excellent race, scoring big points. Yes his dad owns aston martin, but when you recruit Vettel you gotta be on point, ain't no favor. And he is quite a good lad tho


If someone other than him had caused a SC (which is a good bet in baku) his strategy would've really payed off, moving from p19 to probably p6-p7


And stroll has went from strength to strength so far in his f1 career. I feel a lot more fans these days are respecting him as a driver. It’s not his fault if he has a rich dad that will make it easier to get into f1, but since coming into f1 I think he’s shown he deserves to stay here. Even if his dad were to ever pull out of f1 I’m sure at this point he could stand on his own two feet and still get a drive. Tbh though I don’t really see any favouritism towards Mazepin. Maybe you could say he should be punished for what he did to mick but those matters are usually kept private anyway so we wouldn’t necessarily know.


Stroll is one of the cleanest drivers out there, he doesn't give the team reason to give him a free pass.


Stroll is a good driver and you can't favour him for the 4 time WDC. Haas has two rookies who're gonna do shit rookies do. Though it did feel at Ferrari during seb's final years there they were favouring Charles to Seb whom they had given up on.


> Just look at the shit Mazepin pulled on the weekend at the final lap on Mick. What do you want them to do? Air their grievances about what Mazepin did on live tv? They have the race debrief to go through everything they did right and wrong. And I don't see any favoritism toward Lance over Seb at all other than Lawrence probably.


Lance can actually drive.


I imagine seb as the wholesome dad of the grid, like if they were to sit down on a Sunday arvo he’d be at the barbecue flipping some sausages or something with one hand all the while drinking a nice cold beer with the other


After hearing how frustrated he was for being knocked out of qualifying by a small fraction of a second and seeing how hard he worked in the race. Couldn't be much happier for Seb. Well deserved.


Vettel is such a genuinely good guy. Love him.


Inspector seb inspecting big Dutch guy🤩


Are you ok while I put you in this Vulcan nerve pinch?


Class act. I'm happy to see Max has grown up quite a bit over the past few seasons.


[Everybody liked that]


the world does not deserve Seb. So nice to see him happy


Seb is the real deal


Seb will be the grandpa everyone likes when Kimi retires, bit different personality but still.. :D


The worst part about Seb not being a competitive car is seeing less of him. He's the best personality in F1


Seb is literally the goat