[tjcope] Anil Murthy (Valencia president) on raising ticket price: "Free tickets make the event less valuable, which makes less people come, so the price rises"

[tjcope] Anil Murthy (Valencia president) on raising ticket price: "Free tickets make the event less valuable, which makes less people come, so the price rises"


"my genius sometimes it's frightening"


no valencia fans like this guy, he's an absolute clown. also not sure if anyone here knows but the Valencia leadership are so fragile they haven't allowed replies to any club tweets for months, claiming it's a protest against racism. in reality it just started when they were getting more and more abuse for their shitty decisions.


Using the Diakhaby incident to do this. What a disgrace.


This is what happens when someone who has no idea what they're doing ends up in charge of a big club. I want to express my full support to the Valencia fans, and hope their entire board is gone ASAP


what is the name of the team from your name? the logo looks really beuatiful


That's the **Unión Deportiva Salamanca**, a football team (that according to wiki even had an Athletic division). It was a classic team during the 90s, always in Primera. Sadly, the economic crisis fucked them up and ended up dissapearing. If I'm not mistaken, from it were born two teams. Unionistas de Salamanca and CF Salmantino (which have the OG logos). ​ Salamanca is also a young city with an university scene and an 'classic' city, full of spanish history. I hope they're back to Primera soon.


Yeah, CF Salmantino are called Salamanca CF UDS nowadays, they just got demoted to 4th tier, meanwhile Unionistas are in 3rd tier. As for getting to Primera again, I think it will still take a long time, the step between the non professional (as in below Segunda) and the professional clubs is way too big, if one of the two clubs got a huge investment I could see it but not otherwise


Still remember when Salamanca hired João Alves as manager and he took a small army of Portuguese guys with him, including Pauleta (plus Taira, Tulipa... a bunch of former Belenses players). Salamanca even bought Farense around that time. It was owned by Juan Hidalgo. How did the situation get so bad the club disappeared - Hidalgo should be able to save it. Did he sell to someone and then just lost interest?


It was all a big clusterfuck and I was too young to understand it all but basically the club got into a ton of debt and no one wanted to pay for it so they disappeared, as for Hidalgo he was one of the people who let the club die, guess his love for money pulled more than his love for football


If I had 20 PS5s, 10 were for $800 and the other 10 were for $0, everyone would line up to the $800 ones. This is how it is.


He's right in a way, it just doesn't apply to football tickets imo


There are some goods where you could argue that the price is what creates the demand. That ridiculous “supreme” brand springs to mind. But these cases are the exception to the rule, and to claim that’s the case for tickets to see a soccer game, particularly this Valencia team, feels delusional to me.


Also known as luxury goods or in some very specific cases, Giffen goods. None of those include tickets for football matches, though.


It's funny since Perez complain about this generation is not interest in football, use it as excuse for super league, then this guy come out and say this. lol


I'll take 20 for $1600




The joke is that people will line up for free PS5s not $800 PS5s mr. economist


The attitude of the rich...if it isn't expensive it isn't worth it. Must be nice not to live in the real world.


What kind of fucked up understanding of supply and demand is this lmao


Luxury items do work like that in economics. Though it generally refers to low supply goods that act as status symbols such as Ferraris, Rolexs etc. Not fucking Valencia tickets thats for sure


Maybe they've reached the point that their tickets have become Giffen goods? Fans going to the game through loyalty, so the good is an incredibly inferior good, and there are no close substitutes because you can't exactly start turning up to Villareal games as a lifelong Valencia fan, so the substitute effect is fuck all. However, fans are only deciding to pay and go to the high priced games because they think their team might give a shit against Real Madrid and then dodging the low priced games that they know the team will bin it against Huesca and Cadiz.


But it's why Barcelona rarely sell out their stadium


If Barcelona tickets were considered luxury goods they would sell out for every single game. lol If anything, Barças management set a price for tickets that would maximize their profit. Selling out tickets won't always directly translate to higher revenue, since it really depends on the price elasticity of the tickets. I mean, it's basic economics.


Veblen goods


Seems more like a Giffen good to be honest.


yeah, Veblen goods do behave like that. I hardly think we can place football tickets in the same category as yachts and diamonds, but still


I could understand if you talking about Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and PSG ticket. But not Valencia, lol


Tickets for Valencia games are not luxury goods lol


It's even worse. I'm currently on the phone, please give me one hour more or less and I'll write more on the computer. Ive been thinking for a while that Murthy is to provoke anger on every valencia fan. EDIT: Hello again! Allow me to paraphrase this guy. He also said that the world of football is full with not smart people. He said this after remarking twice that he was an engineer. He then said that fotball professionals could learn something from people from other induestries and that they (the engineers, for instance) are here to improve it. Then he said that in VCF someone told him to low ticket prices or even have a free game, that it should be done after a bad season and it would make people come back to the stadium. Murthy then proceeded to vomit a speech about how that was a bad decision, and how it was based in emotions. He DEMANDED the data, "show me the data" to back that decision. Then, immediately after this, proceeded to vomit an emotional speech without giving any data whatsoever about how doing that would make your team look less valuable. How the wise decision was to rise the price 20% and how he was right because he had full stadiums (ignoring that Marcelino was 4th and won the 'Copa del Rey' despite a bad beginning). He said that rising the price was what made the people think that it was something good. More pricey, more quality. He said that he will rise it 20% more again. No data backing up this statements was showed. He also said that he knew that most people dislikes him and that shows how he's right and on the good track. I'm sure he's saying those things to provoke VCF fans, to make them storm or said something hateful so they (Peter Lim and his business) can call "See? they are racists!" again. The moderators during this online chat were banning 'detractors' like crazy because there was honest VCF fans making questions that Anil didn't want to answer. Pathetic. Some local radio stations has said that, during a sponsonrs event that night, he ended up being drunk (again).


Wouldn't free tickets obviously mean more people though? 😂


Very much so, noone would complain about free football tickets.


I had free tickets to watch college football in Heinz field, first 2 games I couldn't wait to go, for the third one i had too much to do, so then on i passed my ticket. I paid 50 $ for hockey matches and wouldn't dare to miss it for anything, screw homework Its not about complaining alone


What a used condom.


This is some next level mental gymnastics here


We want people to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment


This is what scientist warned us if we use 100% capacity of our brains.




Wow, this is like the football equivalent of "pride & accomplishment" comment from that EA reddit account. Well done, this level of shitheadedness is very hard to achieve.


Reposted because I had a typo in the title of the previous post


Valencia fans should boycott the club in every way possible starting from not buying tickets


Thats why 50+1 is a great rule


Yo fuck this guy. This is gross greed incarnate. Doesn’t even make sense in terms of supply and demand (unless we’re counting Valencia tickets as luxury goods which, recently, it’s pretty hard to make an argument for thanks to Lim and his clowns). My sincerest condolences to the fans of Valencia.


Someone please save us from this moron...!


Free tickets to a livestream of me masturbating make the event less valuable, which means less people come, so the price rises


Sure man. I suggest you sell your tickets 1 billions each to make your games the most valuable ever and have the stadium full. You're a genius !


economics 1.01


The comments are hilarious. He's just giving the dumbest answer possible to divert attention


I will celebrate the day Valencia is free of those blood-sucking scums with a big pot of tea. It is unbelievable how such an amazing club ended up at the hands of a bunch of idiots who have audacity to mock people openly.


Makes sense if you read between the lines. Free tickets benefit the sorts of people who football has traditionally been associated with. These sorts of people are quite vocal about their support of their club and how it's being run. When you're a clown in a suit these people will tell you exactly how they feel. On the other hand, prawn sandwich types and influencers who are interested in events as indicators of status would happily pay higher ticket prices for the privilege. They tend to be significantly less invested in the club's overall health and will clap and cheer at what they see in front of them but anything else is not their concern.


Imagine being that stupid


"Soccer professionals are not the most intelligent, I think it is good that professionals from other areas come to improve the way it is managed," Says the twat destroying a great club


My economics GCSE disagrees with this statement.


It’s like Valencia’s ownership and management are taking cues from bad guys in 80s movies


Did he skip mathematics class in school?


He definitely missed his whole schooling period


How to make your fans hate you






The only plausible explanation is that someone is trying to destroy this club from the inside imo.


How valuable would the event be if fans stop giving your club money, oh wise one?


God i know this bullshit all to well with the Blackhawks (NHL) and bill wirtz. Such utter shit


Not your shite football make people not come


Someone help my dude out with the idea of price elasticity of demand, please


It is theirr club they can do what they want with it