[Henry Winter] Jose Mourinho: "I believe England can win the Euros and so should you."

[Henry Winter] Jose Mourinho: "I believe England can win the Euros and so should you."


Jose mourinho : It should come home


Instructions unclear. Portugal are now winners of Euro 2020(21)


Fine. If you insist...


Also praises “intelligent" Mount, "mature, calm" Rice and "complete player" Kane. Hails Dean Henderson as "a kid with incredible self-confidence - and he's ready".


I can see Rice being Kane's successor as England captain


My armchair analysis based on 2 sit down interviews which is, like, 10-15 minutes of time spent listening to him speak, I think he's too bubbly to be a national team captain. Generally, it will be someone more stoic if it isn't the team's best player - which I don't think he will be.


I mean he's captained West Ham to their best finish in 35 years at the age of 21/22


Do West Ham have a club captain/on field captain scenario these days? I’m assuming Noble isn’t playing as regularly but still club captain a la Fernandinho?


Well obviously he's captain, but we have plenty experienced and vocal players who could also captain us - Ogbonna, Cresswell, Fabianski. Rice is there barking orders at them all.


He’s their vice captain


Henderson should be our captain right now anyway.


Captain needs to be a guaranteed starter, Hendo isn't for me.


We're both talking about Jordan Henderson here, right?


Lol at the idea we're debating Dean Henderson for England captain


hahahaha, had to be sure!


Think Mount is a safer bet. He will certainly be Chelsea captain after Azpilicueta and if Southgate is still manager he will choose Mount.


I don’t see Southgate getting passed this euros tbh. He is a terrible manager and will get done when England play a good team


So long as we don't get wrecked in the groups he will get to the world cup next year. After that who knows


Mount won't even definitely be starting


I can't see it being anyone other than Rashford providing he gets back to starting form


Rashford isn’t captain material though + he’s not even England’s best player like Kane to be in contention


Just because he’s a winger doesn’t mean he’s not captain material


Nah, Mount. England captain is always sort of a glamour role too and Mount is a more media-friendly option.


Aside from Beckham I can’t really figure out who else fits into your statement. Rooney is really neither a glamorous player nor exceptionally media friendly, Shearer wasn’t glamorous, Gerrard and his twang wasn’t exactly media darling material, Adams certainly wasn’t either of those things, and John Terry was a big old racist. I think you’d have to go back about as far as Glenn Hoddle to find someone other than Beckham who fits that mould.


Mourinho: Scotland have a non-zero chance of winning the Euros


Zero, no contacts, not even a target, impossible. No chance.


As an Englishman, no I shouldnt


i believe we can but i don't think we will. this team has some doubts, a questionable manager and there are others more likely.




If we play shit and win every game 1-0, I'd be ok with that.


Pretty much every team has looked dire in these friendlies.


Have you seen France?


Not really fair to judge France after playing against 10 men all game. They will still be favourites, though.


They're favourites but they haven't looked amazing recently


Most teams have looked shite in their first friendlies tbf


Oh no not a friendly..


You’re not even English


What? I’m from Manchester mate, how would you know


They wouldn't, which makes their claim *really* stupid


Does he want the job after Southgate or something?


The current group seems like a squad he’ll like tbh, all committed and consistent players who have great work rate and always want to win. Not like a Tottenham situation where half the team can’t be arsed


And in NT it's easier to just drop out a player that doesn't give his all, especially with the amount of English talent available very few players are irreplaceable. But he'll never get the job unless he invents an alter ego James Morton from Birmingham.


Imagine he just drops Luke Shaw for the lols


God no please no


Shaw was United POTY under Mourinho too.


Think it was the season Mou got sacked…


I'd be down to see Jose take a national team, I think his approach and us vs the world mentality would work wonders in the context of short tournaments in the international stage. It'd probably be Portugal tho.


So everyone is moaning how gareth plays negative football with a negative formation yet you wish to see Mourinho become the next manager?


Negative football + trophies = positive football.


Sadly it’s not 2012 anymore, so with Mourinho we’d just get the negative football


I mean he won a Europa League and League Cup with United. Got to the EFL Cup Final with Spurs. Sure it’s not a Champions League but considering the squads he had, it’s not bad at all.


He had the best, most expensive squad with the highest wage bill in the Europa League. They were favourites in every game, so it’s not a crazy achievement with an underdog squad


So does Pep and people are applauding him for winning the league and he doesn’t win the champions league.


> He had the best, most expensive squad with the highest wage bill in the Europa League. They were favourites in every game, so it’s not a crazy achievement with an underdog squad So what is Ole's excuse?


Not sure what that’s got to do with Mourinho


But it is a decent achievement. Atleast goes to show that he is not complete shit lile some people make it out to be and deliver reasonably with the squad at hand.


Mou would do a great job with a decent international squad. Today's type of player tire of him - and him of them - in a few months but the on off nature of internationals would keep things fresh...Mou for England.


Decent achievement but when people (like the person I was replying to) say ‘considering the squad he had’, it makes it sound like he was taking a bunch of nobodies and beating the best in the world. When instead they had a squad assembled for hundred of millions of pounds and a series of very favourable fixtures which they scraped through


So just like 2021 England then?


The cycle is restarting i see


I think it’s every other day for Mourinho revisionism


That Europa league win is the biggest Mickey Mouse run to a European cup I’ve ever seen. People say the same thing every time Mou gets sacked and he always ends up failing


There's negative football which aims to score from your opponent's mistakes, and then there's playing 7 defenders for which the aim seems to be to have neither team score at all


I mean Mourinho has won like 30 trophies playing negative football. I like Southgate but he’s hardly got winning pedigree which makes it more difficult to tolerate


I'm not english, I don't give a shit about England, who your next manager might be or what type of football you play. In fact, my post doesn't address England at all. I merely said I would like to see Mourinho in the international stage.


"Three lions on the shirt, the rest of the teams, zero. Respect."


Nah, these quotes are all just from his column with The S*N. Apparently its a-ok on r/soccer for each one to be split up a million times to be posted to sound as controversial as possible though (I.e. the Bale comment)


please please please


What about Jose's recent record makes you think he'd be a success at England?


So should you


"I believe that England can win the Euros" - Jose Mourinho - Henry Winter - Michael Scott


Whoever said it won’t stop it from coming home though 😎😎


It’s coming home lads


No it’s not


Final is at Wembley, so technically....


Euro 96 levels of disappointment incoming, I’m afraid


I feel England are the 4th or 5th best team in the tournament. Definitely has a chance


it's interesting that the market has france as favourite, with england just behind them it didn't sound quite right to me, but then i think they're pricing in the group of death that france (and the rest of their group) has to get through. whereas england's qualification should be relatively comfortable


Really? Because I think we're the 2nd/3rd only behind France and maybe Portugal. Germany and Spain are not what they used to be.


No mention of Belgium.


It's preposterous, we're 3rd favourites if you look at odds.


i think netherlands are going to be a dark horse. wouldn't say their entire squad is quality but they have some world class players, and a relatively easy group


Their manager is Frank de Boer. They drew against a second string Scottish team. They’ll be doing well to get to the quarters.


I would 100% agree if it wasn’t for De Boer, they’ve got a really good squad imo I just don’t believe in him as a manager. If Koeman was still there they’d have a good chance at it


Frank de boer


Definí not for me. Bad core. Without a good core you can’t win a tournament


Why do you say that it's a bad core? Sure the goalkeeper spot is a bit ropey but we have - Shaw - arguably best left back in the league last season - Maguire and Stones - two of the best central defenders in the league last season - Trippier/Walker/James - regular starters for teams that won major trophies last season - Rice - key player for a team that overachieved and reached 6th in the league - Mount - most important player for the team that won the UCL - Grealish - one of the top 2 or 3 creative attacking players in the league while playing for a midtable team - Kane - probably the best striker in the world behind Lewandowski - Sancho - again one of the absolute best creative attacking players in his league And that's not to mention e.g. Sterling who though coming off a very mediocre season has shown incredibly high levels in the past


England's issue is the manager and the media. No country sabotages its own team like England.


Not even mentioned Foden.


You keep saying "in the league" but the other top nations also are mostly composed by players who are the top players in their positions in the league.


England have 6 players who started the Champions League final alone.


You can't win a major final with the likes of stones at the back, especially without a world class leader next to him.


If we start playing Mings we'll have trouble again the better teams


agreed. my point is that you need the triangle at the back, keeper plus centerhalves, to be rock solid if you're going to win major international tourneys.


Didn't City just walk the prem with him at the back?


Dias was the rock at the back. He doesn't play for England. Stones lost out to Havertz when city gave away the winning goal in the champions' league final. France, Portugal, Spain ... you win big tournaments by being very solid at the back and taking opportunities as they come. Pepe, Varane, Kante, etc. were key to their teams' victories.


Unless I'm missing your point, Havertz scored that goal by running into the space between Dias and Zinchenko.


Will Southgate play Sancho?


Alot of the squad just came back from UCL and Europa League finals. They've mostly been inform for the season so yes, we do expect them to do good. I think a semi final would be a good result unless we face France ( only team im scared of) earlier if that's possible.


Not so great with CMs and CBS. Just never feel strong about a side that isn’t really solid down the middle.


Player for player Germany have a better squad. Even teams like Croatia and Italy are better. Maybe not on paper but as a team theyre brilliant. Patriotism can sometimes blind people of the facts, England aren't a good footballing national team, haven't been since '66.


Still good enough to walk past England though


"Walk" 😂😂😂


Have you seen their midfield? It's levels above England's and usually, the walking by an opponent happens when a midfield completely dominates the other so as for them to just walk by their midfield and attack.


Nah it's alright we'll just overcome the vast gap in technical ability through hard work and determination! That's basically the English version of the American dream, if we play those teams we need to hope our attack can make the most of the few chances we get because our midfield we get torn apart


Germany and Spain are not "walking" past England, don't be daft. France are better, Portugal maybe and Belgium to a lesser extent (out of form Hazard and injured De Bruyne) but i still think we're the 2nd/3rd best team in the Euros.


I'm not saying they are, I'm saying they can. Their midfield is still Busquets+Koke+Rodri+Thiago+Fabian and Goretzka+Gundogan+Kroos+Kimmich. England have Rice+Henderson+Phollips+Bellingham+Mount. Is it just me or is there levels of difference between the quality here? Only thing England have over these two is their attack.


tbf if spain start all five of those midfielders at once they aren’t winning


Obviously, but the point is better quality and better depth.


Mount may be that level - we simply don't know yet. Otherwise agreed although Germany and Spain have other deficiencies that make these squads about equal imo. Problem England have is they can't play all full backs and attackers


Also the fact that both countries have had recent success on the big stage and have players who've been a part of it all. Spain have Busquets and Luis Enrique a treble winning proper football coach, Germany have World Cup winning Low and a few players from their world cup win.


Germany certainly have a long history of success and the current squad has a fair bit of experience at winning. For Spain I doubt 2012 or 2010 will have much impact on today. Indeed, 2010 has a large asterix attached given the alleged doping going on at the time.


The old squad won't but Luis Enrique will.


People underestimating Germany. Forwards Gnabry who has been great for Bayern, Havertz scored in UCL final, Muller always a threat, Sane the speedster. Midfield Gundogan, Kroos, Kimmich. Defense Rudiger amazing season, Hummels, Sule.


>Sane the speedster. Got benchd by Sterling for a reason at City. He is tactically weak. >Muller always a threat, Yes, a real GOAT when it comes to assists. In Kane, England have the PLs best assister and topscorer. >Gnabry who has been great for Bayern, Foden has been great for city, dint see much of a gulf between the two this season. >Midfield Gundogan, Kroos, Kimmich. Germany definitely edges it here, although mount was better than Gundogan overall. >Defense Rudiger amazing season, Hummels, Sule Stones had an amazing season too. Sule isn't really the same after his ACL, that is the reason for him being benched so often at Bayern. Hummers still has some of it but his best days are in the past - wouldn't place him ahead of Maguire on current form tbh. You forgot to mention Neuer, who needs no introduction of course.


Sane didn’t get benched. He was injured most of 19/20. We (Man City) profited off of Sane transfer to Bayern as he was sold more than what we paid for him. If he was on the bench like Di Maria for Man Utd then we would be selling at a loss. Sterling himself is on the bench behind Mahrez and Foden and is possibly set to leave. Kane has yet to do anything notable outside of domestic league. In PL referees overwhelmingly favor English players. Just see Pickford’s tackle on Van Dijk. Not even a foul LMAO. Muller is a world cup, UCL winner. Kane done nothing on world stage. Foden is a baller. Maguire lol the guy who conceded 3 goals against RB Leipzig, and couldn’t defend against Turkish relegation candidate team Istanbul Baseksehir. Meanwhile Hummels Dortmund didn’t get eliminated in group stage of UCL and actually went to QF. Maguire The most overhyped of overhyped English player.


>Kane has yet to do anything notable outside of domestic league. Kane done nothing on world stage. > He won the golden boot in the last world cup. Regardless of how he got it, seems very notable to me.


5 goals against Panama and Tunisia in the group stages and one penalty in the knock out rounds for context


>Sane didn’t get benched. He was injured most of 19/20 I was talking before the injury - The lineup for important games would at full strength be Bernardo and Sterling either side of Aguero/Jesus.


Origi scored in a UCL final, doesn’t make him a great player. Same with Havertz. Agree with the rest of your points though


Havertz isn’t a great player now? Wow easily the best forward player between the two squads that game.


Ok mate origi was the best forward player in the CL semi final in two stacked Liverpool and Barca squads, doesn’t make him any better does it?


Origi was a great clutch player for Liverpool, comparing him to havertz is daft he’s levels below Kai. Stat merchants never fail to impress on r/soccer.


Yeah you’re right. Origi is levels above Havertz. What was I thinking, glad we could reach a conclusion


Nice edit lmao


You're forgetting or underestimating Italy and Belgium. You're probably overrating Portugal though, they don't look much better than Germany or Spain. England has a talented squad, decent all-round, but lacking in some places. For one it lacks influential leader on the pitch, a winner. Kane's clearly not it, if anything he's the exact opposite, he's an embodiment of Tottenham's losing spirit in human form, always seems to go missing in important games. Also there are some other issues; like goalkeepers who are probably below average for the tournament and the central back pairing isn't really confidence inspiring either...


Germany has been terrible in the run up to this


What? Only France I’d say have a better squad.


I've seen people suggesting Spain and Belgium are better than our squads. I feel like their golden generations are fading out. Spain are having to play Morata and Belgium have no good defenders at all.


Belgium I can see. Spain lmao


Portugal have much better starting squad imo.


I’d say it’s debatable.


Their defence are definitely much better than your NT squad.


Yeah they have a better XI


He has started working for Talksport for the Euros so of course he is going to say this.


When you realise the lyric "30 years of hurt" from 'Three Lions' by the Lightning Seeds/Skinner/Baddiel is now 55 years.


Group stage exit imminent, it's written in the stars


but I don't


If England wins the Euros I won't be surprised if Mourinho calls a press conference in Rome just to take credit for developing Kane into such a "confident, world-class" player. The press conference would probably go something like (In Italian, of course): Mourinho: Good evening. I have called you here today to discuss Roma transfer policy. Truthfully, and I am a truthful man, Roma's transfer policy can't buy the best players. The Ronaldo's and the Messi's, we cannot get. The English lads we cannot get. European champion Harry Kane, who I had the great pleasure of developing into a confident beast, a world class talent, at Tottenham, we cannot get. So I have just called this press conference to make sure the media manages their expectations about our transfers. Thank you and good bye.


Some people don't miss a chance to ridicule him. Even if they have to invent scenarios...


Kane was a world class player long before Mourinho arrived and he even said it in his first months at the club lol


Not a chance. Southvest will find a way to lose


Trust me mate it’s coming home even Jose said it


4D chess by José to give half of this sub hope only to see it destroyed in the quarter finals.


The squads have usually been capable on paper, they won't perform though.


In my books they are the 3rd best team on the tournament behind france and portugal . Italy is the dark horse of this tournament and i havent seen many ppl consider them a favorite to win .


I'm Irish, so no chance.




I won't. Whachugonado


No, I don't think I will


I believe it, honestly. They won't get a better chance than this.


What, ever?


I don't think so. So many countries are in down periods right now while we have a really great group of players. Yes, France exist but France aren't going to win 3 tournaments in a row and we have to be ready to capitalise in the years they don't.


Isn't your squad the second youngest out of all the Euros' ones ? With players like Foden, Sancho, Mount, Bellingham and Rice being under 21 yo ? I don't see why it would be the only chance. If anything, your window is just opening.


The best English players other than Kane are all u23


So what? Many top nations are at their weakest right now so despite our best players being young, we still have a better squad than anyone except France. Our players will improve yes, but so will others nations players and the gap wont be as big as it is now.


I think England have a better chance next year, solely because England will face one of Portugal, France and Germany in R16 here already. They need an easy shot like in 2018.


Excuse me Portugal are the current holders.


And they stumbled to that victory. If it wasn't for the ridiculous 3rd place can get out of groups they wouldn't have that victory. If anything, the fact a country like Portugal can win like that shows why England need to capitalise with their current crop. Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Spain are all very weak compared to what they have been in the past and what they will be in the future. The only traditionally big clubs that are on ups are France and Italy (compared to recent years, they're heading upwards).


My point was, you said France won 2 trophies in a row, I was just stating that's not true. And a win is a win, that's like saying Denmark shouldn't have won in 92. Going through as third was part of the rules.


Portugal are the second best team in europe tho lol. They're better than Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium


No they aren't. A very average Uruguay team knocked them out at the WC and they struggled qualifying from a pretty easy group.


Italy didn't qualify for the WC, Germany ko'd in the GS, England lost to a mediocre Croatia, Spain by Russia. Maybe Belgium is better, but other than them or France they have more talent than the rest of them. They just play ugly football because of Santos


> Yes, France exist but France aren't going to win 3 tournaments in a row *Cue card over black screen* France win their 2nd consecutive tournament


They do...... But with a better manager.....


England have a chance, obviously. The thing that is holding them back most at this point is Southgate. He did well to restore some pride following the disastrous Euro 2016 with a Semi Final in 2018. However they had a relatively easy run to it all things considered. If I were english I would worry about a potential 2nd round game vs 2nd place from the group of death (Portugal?). I expect Southgates limitations will be found out against the bigger teams this tournament. You would also have to worry about Henderson and Maguire being liabilities if they end up playing, will they be sharp? In Maguires case it looks like he won't make it until maybe the 3rd group game, which would be an awful time to throw him in. You want your CB pairing solidified before the tournament, not chopping it up half way through. Although maybe they play 5 atb, though even that sacrifices one of the quality players further up the pitch, such as Grealish. Maybe I'll be wrong and they'll go all the way, I just think their most likely exit point is in that 2nd round game.


England have always had the talent to win a major trophy. There's just always a laundry list of reasons why they won't. This summer, it's down to a horrible coach and questionable spine with Henderson and Maguire both in a questionable state.


Maguire? Did you see the state of United’s defence when he was injured? He’s one of the best centre backs in the league. This sub just likes to banter him because he runs like he just got out of the shower with a towel wrapped round his waist. Seriously though, because he’s slow his positioning has to be impeccable and it usually is. Put Maguire next to a mobile CB and he’s brilliant and a natural leader.


He's injured. This the questionable state. 🙄


Ah fair enough mate. That sounds questionable to be fair. 😂


Apparently when asked by an Everton player what to do Ancelotti replied "just play". ​ Such insights are beyond the realm of the earthbound likes of us but Mou and Carlo have wisdom. Just play and England might win the competition. Of such things millions are made.


Of course they can they have so many good players


Just another BS from this troll mouth..😂😂😂


Let's be real, England is going to win the group and then crash out of the first round against France/Portugal/Germany


Nah, it's better than that, group stage


A fully fit English squad can achieve a major trophy, they don't have the manager to achieve it though.


Not a chance in hell


Trying to farm the PL fanbase


No one in England actually thinks we're winning this


Not with Gareth Southgate they won't.


*I believe I can fly*


Never in doubt, Jose


Yes, I should also win the Euros


Maybe with mourinho in charge, we may stand a chance to grind out a win in unlikely circumstances.


I think he said the same thing about us.


Jose pushing Deano prop? I like him again


The thing with England is, yes they have a good squad. But they will most likely face France/Portugal/Germany in 1/8 and will be underdogs.


The things I would do to see Jose manage England and lead us to winning the World Cup


I’ll do what I want pal


Yeah you also believed Spurs' squad was good enough to win titles until you actually worked with them lol.




Tbf to Mou, England do have players in really good form going into Euros. Kane , Mount, Foden, Shaw, Reece, Rice, Henderson (both). Think they have a shout imo.


its coming home lads


I hope not.