We’re not the good guys: Osaka shows up problems of press conferences

We’re not the good guys: Osaka shows up problems of press conferences


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This sums everything up nicely : > And so the modern press conference is no longer a meaningful exchange but really a lowest‑common‑denominator transaction: a cynical and often predatory game in which the object is to mine as much content from the subject as possible. Gossip: good. Anger: good. Feuds: good. Tears: good. Personal tragedy: good. Meanwhile the young athlete, often still caught up in the emotions of victory or defeat, is expected to answer the most intimate questions in the least intimate setting, in front of an array of strangers and backed by a piece of sponsored cardboard.>


Watch even 5 minutes of an after-match press conference. you will get douche chills listening to the incredibly rude and personal questions. like who the fuck are you to ask that? you're not their therapist or friend. and you're only gonna use the answer to sell more newspapers or ad space, not to help them. Crying about losing? Great, that'll create a nice headline! I don't have any problem in athletes boycotting press conferences until the press corps learns some dignity, empathy and respect towards the players.


This is why I like to watch the Federer/Djokovic press conferences. Both are no-nonsense professionals who will literally tell of journalists for asking lazy or provocative questions.


She'd be called an ungrateful petulant child diva if she did that. Hell, she didn't do that and she's still being called that. Avoiding the press altogether is a wise move.


Would be? Have you seen some of the threads talking about this? Your words are kind by comparison.




You need content to feed the beast


While that is true, maybe the beast needs a new diet. I remember watching a press conference after the Dallas Stars lost the finals last year, and just felt it was unnecessary to put them through that after losing. Tearing down celebrities, (that don't make a living tearing down other people) is a worthless endeavor. That's when I cut off the program, like I did with the post press conference. I only hope she gets treated better in future interviews though.


NFL post game press conferences are the worst. It just devolves into robot quarterback speak or coach speak. You dont get actual breakdown of what went wrong or what went right. You dont get real insight until a few days after or even that off season.


Exactly, all they’re getting is canned responses. This isn’t exactly exciting content.


The champions league final just finished. Chelsea won. Reporter asks on live TV to the game winning goal scorer . “You’re Chelsea’s most expensive signing, how does that blah blah” Typical dumb fuck questions right after a match. Player responds: “honestly I don’t give a fuck, we just won the fucking champions league man.” Glorious. Absolutely glorious.


["you want to play good, you hope you play good, I think we played pretty good tonight"](https://youtu.be/6b5IpCpeb0M)


I swear every time it's some version of, "We just gotta get out there, get the ball, and score more points than they do." Brilliant, really. But even if they don't talk about getting the ball and getting more points than the other team, they *always* say they've got to "get out there." So that's it? That's what I should be thinking about if I want to be a good athlete? Success really is 95% showing up, I guess.


What I quoted is actually from the 2000 Brendan Fraser film bedazzled where he hits [all of the cliches](https://youtu.be/6b5IpCpeb0M) which goes to show how useless these interviews are when they were making fun of the nothingness 20 years ago


...and what a marvelous actor Brenden Frasier is.


Our plan for today was to football more footballs and get the most points


Looking in from the outside of all of this (I barely follow any sport that isn't Pro Wrestling, if you call it a sport) that sounds to me like a defense mechanism that is totally acceptable. I'd train to have a canned emotionally distance response if I was gonna have to be mentally abused by people looking to make me cry, or scream or suffer for their financial gain. Like, not to say all sports press conferences are like that or anything? But yah, I can only image you would -have- to be paying me NFL levels of cash to put myself through that. My only take away so far is "Good for her" for this lady saying "Nah, I'm not gonna do that." and screw everyone who is making her the bad guy for choosing her own mental health>someone else's desire for her to suffer for their monetary benefit. Again, might be way more to it then that, but since this just ended up on my front page, that's my take away so far.


I can kinda see why in the NFL. First off a lot of times it takes time to figure out what went wrong or right in an NFL game. Secondly, even if you have it figured out do you really wanna be telling the media what your thoughts are which will give your opponents a leg up? Like if I was a head coach I wouldn't want to be talking about how I can think next game I'm going change this players position on a roster, or how I think I need to run more slants, or play action etc. But I bet right after a game I wouldn't even be entirely sure of what I should or shouldn't be doing until I get some time to sit down and review tape.


"But the other team played gooder" Coach: "that's on me, I didn't plan right"


I watching a lot of English Premier league. I can count on one hand The amount of times I’ve actually sat and watched post game interviews. I might watch the post game show and maybe catch a snippet of an interview but the thought of sitting there watching reporters ask the most ridiculous questions has never interested me.


At the end of the day football is a game of two halves and you have to keep going for the 90 minutes and the most important thing is that we got the three points.


Modern Journalists should be ashamed where their craft is at.


> We are not the good guys here. We are no longer the power. And one of the world’s best athletes would literally rather quit a grand slam tournament than have to talk to the press. Rather than scrutinising what that says about her, it might be worth asking what that says about us. Really well written article.


Jonathan Liew is a really, really good writer.


His football articles can be a bit off at times but mostly he’s a good writer




Irony = Grand Slam organizers refused to take questions from the press.


I prefer the words 'hypocrisy' or 'cowardice'.


Sports press conferences are absolute snooze feats that rarely produce anything interesting. Across all sports you get the same tired questions asked that produce the same canned answers. If there was never a post game press conference that happened in sports I wouldn’t notice.


“How did you feel when _____ happened?” “What is your mind set going forward?” Seriously every question is a derivative of feeling and thoughts.


The best response I’ve ever seen was [this one.](https://youtu.be/atr60tR7Emo) They ask a stupid question, make them feel stupid.


YES I've been hoping to see that clip these past few days. I love his response so much and he ends it perfectly by just looking away for the next question. An absolute masterclass in not giving a fuck.


The dude asking the question sounds like such a huge cunt, that was a great response lol.


So they got more of those than we did. Dead LOL


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjxETUCxYGg This from MS Dhoni who was asked about retiring is far better


Or [this one](https://youtu.be/SB_LjL0lUJ4), where we learn just how to behave in a press conference.


Reporter didn’t even know his name.


That's amazing. He must have graduated from the Bill Belichick school of communications. Reporter asks if there's any scenario where Tom Brady won't start after his suspension. BB: "Jesus Christ..." https://youtu.be/T4chLklQdek After Gronk hurt his knee in a game against I think Denver some reporter asked how Belichick felt. He gave that moron a death stare and asked "Well what do you think?" And then there's of course "we're on to Cincinnati" https://youtu.be/8yRQnZWbl6k


There’s no one on the planet who puts up with dumb questions less than Bill Belichick.


I'd argue coach pop back in the day. BB is more about trying not to give out info that could be used against him with the occasional gem where he destroys idiot reports. Pop was about showing you how stupid you sound in front of everyone out of irritation. https://youtu.be/AcegYF_Ti78 Both are equally hilarious in how little fucks they give when answering stupid questions.


You know all the press conferences in the past year when top doctors and epidemiologists kept getting the same questions about basic hygiene, and with a tired expression they looked for easier and easier ways to explain washing your hands? This has the same tired but smug energy. Maybe instead of sports press conferences, we should have the players go out and explain skin care routines, or the importance of a full night's rest.


When UVA (Virginia) lost to UMBC in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament. You have these kids on UVA with tears in their eyes getting asked these just stupid and ridiculous questions. The one that stood out was some asshat asked, "Did you know this is the first time a #1 seed has lost to a #16 seed in NCAAT history?" Every D1 NCAA bball player and fan know this fact, it's brought up every year ad nauseum. The player struggled to answer it without pointing out how stupid of a question it was. Post game pressers of athletes (especially young ones) aren't needed.


> Post game pressers of athletes (especially young ones) aren't needed. Seriously. From the media's perspective, the worse case scenario is the athlete gives perfect yet forgettable answers while best case scenario is that the young athlete loses his shit or somehow creates a scene.


This is comedic gold. Thank you for posting this.


Thank you so much for sharing this. Greg popovich vibes lmao I laughed so hard


I never stop laughing about some forgotten comedian summing up sports news conferences as, "Well, we sportsed pretty hard. Of course, our/my opponent/s is/are very good at sportsing. We went out and sportsed as hard as we could, and so did they, and I guess I/we sportsed better today..."


My favourite “sports interview” is from Brendan Fraser in the movie Bedazzled. Always makes me laugh. https://youtu.be/6b5IpCpeb0M


All that sweat!!!


A seriously under-rated movie that one, I mean, it's no Citizen Kane, but devilishly funny, pun intended!


Sounds like a Brian Regan bit.


I think that may be a Mitchell and Webb sketch.


But then you wouldn’t get gem interviews from Jim Mora “Playoffs!?! We’re lucky to win a game!”, Herm Edwards “You play to win the game!” Or Allen Iverson’s “we’re talking about practice….”


They are who we thought they were!


I'm just here so I don't get fined.


Thanks for asking I appreciate it.


Doped up Aaron Rodgers with "My leEG!" Rudy Gobert touching all the mics and getting the NBA shut down "They don't think it be how it it is, but it do" All these moments lost like tears in the rain (NB: I couldn't care less if they never did a postgame press conference again. There's zero value added from watching a 50 something sweaty coach in khakis ramble on about nothing until the reporters get bored. Give Bill Belichick a podcast.)


People get paid a lot of money to instruct coaches and athletes to makes sure those interviews dont happen again.


Think about that. In the last thirty years there have been tens of thousands of sports press conferences and we can quote maybe ten of them. If sports writers were a sports team their record would be 10-1,000,000. How embarrassing.


Either snoozefests, or there's the one or two jokers who want to "spice things up", and ask some of the most pedantic things, just to stir the pot, and get that soundbite that makes the person go bonkers.


Long time ago they were probably interesting, but sports have grown into this massive entertainment industry with way too many financial dependencies, sponsors, etc. Players became celebrities and media attention is rather losing them focus etc, especially if they accidentally say or do something stupid. It can cost them sponsors, money, motivation, their whole career even. So they get "trained" to talk to media, which teaches them how to talk without saying shit (kinda like politicians) so they won't be disturbed by negative attention and can focus on their sport. Long story short, money kills fun.


“Why have you had so many crashes?” “I don’t know and as I said I’m getting tired of all the questions. I think if I get more I’ll headbutt someone” Only good parts of press conferences is when they just tell the reporters to fuck off


Always count on Verstappen to give his honest thoughts about the Grand Piri.


Former sports journalist here! This was part of how I became a former journalist… The cliches just got to be too much. The athletes don’t want to be there; they just got done doing their job. They just want to shower and go home like most of us do at the end of the day at our jobs.


Sports news and media is just trash. It's almost as bad as video games joirnalism. Here's one of my favorite segments where Mark Cuban and Skip Bayless go at it: https://youtu.be/xRaO1mN5EEM


She should've just done a Marshawn Lynch.


The people that run the media don’t really care about the questions or answers at a press conference. They care about the sponsors logos being in the background.


The media don't care about the sponsorship logos either. The owners and Organizations do. The media access monetarily benefits the organization and its players. If it didn't then it would have went away a long time ago. Maybe they should re-think on the what when where and how of that access.


So your down by 14 going into the half. What are you going to focus on next half? Uh we gotta get out there and score some more points. Stop them from scoring so many points.


The best I've seen is Marshawn Lynch. If you're not familiar, he got fined for ducking press events, so he showed up and just answered every question, "I'm here so I won't get fined" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmABbHSOTqQ


However for someone as introverted as she says she is, the most mundane questions probably have her screaming to run internally.


And any press conferences that are memorable because of answers given, the athletes / coaches usually gets fined (Looking at NBA).


I remember one (not who, and I barely remember which sport) where a reporter asked a refreshingly technical question that the athlete was happy to answer. American-style football, maybe?


It was when Deshaun Watson (oof) got asked a bland question and then he broke down the intricacies of a cover 4 defense and then did the same thing a week later with a cover 3. He didn’t even get asked a good question it was the same plain “why didn’t you guys do this” but he gave an actual good answer that shocked everyone because you never hear actual X’s and O’s being broken down.


The quote where a reporter called her “uppity” had my jaw drop to the floor. I am flabbergasted.


If someone means arrogant, they'll say arrogant. "Uppity" connotates an individual not *knowing their place - acting beyond their social status / class. As such, there's zero reason for anyone to be saying such a thing.


Her father is Black, so I'm assuming they know exactly what they're saying with their choice of words here. Let's face it, between this crap, the IOC and how they operate, the FIFA scandals, etc., a huge part of the international pro sports world is just imperialism and crass racism with a new hat.


The NFL taking a knee thing got disgusting. Litterally "fans" saying effectively "I don't care what you think or who's suffering you're trying to make me aware of. Shut up, go back out there, and put your body on the line for my entertainment." Disgusting.


My favorite is the picture of a Jets fan wearing some braindead "I DON'T KNEEL, I RESPECT MY FLAG" t-shirt while sitting on a crumpled up American flag.


~~Okay, you’re gonna have to provide a source for that.~~ [Wait, nevermind. Found it.](https://www.snopes.com/tachyon/2017/10/Deadspin-full-flag-sitting-guy_fb.jpg?fit=1200,628)


If someone called me uppity to my face it would take all my self control not to slap the shit out of them.


You’re being uppity


I may just need your address....for reasons.


That happened to me too! I think there’s more than a hint of misogyny in those words, like how can this young girl stand up against the towering might of our almighty press conference! Like where’s the respect for the fact that this person has enough skill in her little finger to completely eclipse that journalist?


Also, very racist.


This..Naomis father is Haitian..she’s as much Black as she is Asian. Calling her “uppity” just stinks on so many levels.




I think people missed this. I think uppity, directed at a black person, implies a black person trying to act “above their station.”


thats exactly what it means




I remember when they interviewed Osaka after and it was super dull. Then they went to Serena, "WOW! I can't believe you just had a baby and competed like that! How great you are!" If I had turned on the TV at that very moment, I would have assumed Serena won.


> I remember when they interviewed Osaka after and it was super dull. IIRC Osaka basically apologized to the crowd for winning. It was awful.


I just rewatched it and cried again. It is heartbreaking to see how uncomfortable she was and I wanted her to just run, so that she could stop feeling that feeling. To be fair to the announcer, he asked her if her dreams matched the reality and she said she’d rather defer, apologised for winning and just thanked people for having watched the games and said she was happy she got to play Serena and thanked her. I haven’t watched her play too much, but she strikes me as an incredibly humble athlete with a wonderful disposition. Anything I’ve seen from her has been impressive and humble.


I rewatched that series last night to see what it was like, and also her playing Coco which I guess was hyped up a lot. Naomi dominated, and she was dominating Serena, it did not seem like Serena had a chance - I think part of why serena was so frustrated and lashed out at the umpire, it feels bad when the other player is imposing their will on you. She also seems to be incredibly Sportsmanlike and very considerate, and you can tell she is not in it for the spotlight I’m also pretty sure that after Serena got penalized a game for mouthing off at the umpire, that Naomi threw the following game in an attempt to ease the situation. But I think Serena was so tunnel visioned on her rage she didn’t even realize what Naomi had done. I think that was the only game in the match Naomi didn’t take a point off Serena or get a decent shot back?


You’re correct, she’s a beautiful soul. When she came down for the Australian open, they kept using a moment in the middle of a match where a butterfly landed on her, and she gently takes it off court


Tbh I wonder if there’s such a thing as being too humble. While I want to be sensitive to any cultural factors, She strikes me as quite internalizing and shame-driven, and there isn’t really depression without shame (shame being ‘I am bad’ while guilt being ‘I did something bad’). Being arrogant isn’t good, but I think there’s such a thing as a healthy ego. I think she can be humble while also healthily self-affirming.


It’s possible, but she’s educating the audience to a different way and that’s just as important. Serena in the US open final created a pantomime of booing with her on court misconduct. Serena played into the boos and the condemnation from the crowd until she saw how negatively it was affecting Osaka on the podium and asked the crowd to stop. Osaka is tasked with being a great athlete and she has, and is proving that capability. Her on court demeanor isn’t deferent. She is aggressive and powerful. Her off-court disposition is a lot milder and considered as she doesn’t need it to be any different to play well or to create the buzz around her abilities. (See McGregor vs. Mayweather). It’s also possible that she would have learned some of these things in that moment of her first US major but wasn’t given the opportunity. I’m just spewing thoughts at this point. Ha


I’m with you on that. Here in Japan, that thing happens pretty often. I’m not saying I’ve never seen such thing in the US but I think we take it to the next level, and I feel like we need more of healthy arrogance or something like that (which I feel like I do lack sometimes). It does have upside though, as in everybody weighing more on the peace over selfishness does make things go, well, peacefully. Can’t ask her to go stick middle finger in the air against whomever that deserves it though. And she broke my stereotype that selfless person is not for competition and that is super cool and inspiring. edit: English


I actually did turn on the TV after the match was over and I \*did\* think that Serena won based on their body language. Osaka looked so down and sad while they were being interviewed.


Max Verstappen will be in the same situation if he wins the F1 WDC this year. Even though Serena doesn't even compete in F1


She still needs to work on waiving flags though.


Poor flags didn't know that they could become free agents. Hope they have an agent.


I was hilariously surprised at how someone so good at tennis could be so bad at waving a flag..


She tried to stop after 3 cars crossed the line, you could see someone pointing to her to keep "waiving" it, if that's what you call waiving the flag.


I've seen this reference a few times now and I'm wildly out of the loop (I know next to nothing about F1). Could you eli5 what's going on with Verstappen and how is it similar in this context?


At the Monoco GP, Serena was the honorary flag person at the end (where she waved the flag very weirdly as well.) Verstappen won, and was being interviewed after the race. In the middle of it the interviewer waved Serena over and started interviewing her instead of Max, including asking what advice she would have for him and other weird questions.


To be fair, Serena seemed pretty uncomfortable being included in that situation and it was mostly forced by the interviewer to ask her some questions.


I’m not blaming her at all for that situation. That was super awkward from the interviewer.


Post race was a total shit show. There was more footage of Serena than Max & Prince Albert (ruler of Monaco & host of F1 race that weekend). To be fair, its likely that since its a North American feed it might have been skewed but still.


The Monaco race has its own television director that isn’t used for any other round. This is why the coverage was so crap.


Now let's cut to this clip of Stroll going over a curb for the seventeenth time, just ignore that the *only* on-track overtake of the entire race happened during the fourteenth such playing of this Stroll clip we swear this is the best thing to be watching right now. Or something, I don't entirely remember. Such a shitshow.


Best part is that when they finally start to show a replay of it they cut the replay at the same moment to show I think Perez during his pit stop. I never actually saw the most exciting moment from the race until a few hours after when it got posted to Reddit.


That was the world feed. Had nothing to do with North America.


In Monaco GP post race interviews Max Verstappen got a little interrupted by David Coulthard (interviewer) by calling in Serena Williams into the interview.


Based on how unprepared both Coulthard and Max were for it, I dont think it was his idea.


Wait, seriously? Why in the fuck would they be asking Serena anything in a post-*race* interview? Like, did they ask Max about tennis after that?


To promote the French Open.


I don't know how true this is, but I had heard that Osaka loved Serena and she was one of her heroes. Imagine that you finally get to have your dream scenario (taking on your hero who you were always trying to emulate), and then watching this person whom you thought was so amazing behave like a giant overgrown toddler and scream and shout when things aren't going their way. Then after the match where you have just become world champion AT AGE 20, people pretty much boo you and focus entirely on your opponent, the one who lost. What's the phrase? "Don't ever meet your heroes"?


Yup, during her coronation, the interviewer walked everybody through her story, how she used to watch the US Open from the cheap seats, how her dream was to win it, and someday to play her childhood idol, serena in the finals. He asked her "how does the reality compare to the dream"? And she wouldn't even answer she was so crushed. She politely declined and talked about how sorry she was things ended up the way they did, and serena had EVERY chance to comfort her, apologize to her, do the right thing. Her getting a warning is one thing, her breaking her racket and calling the umpire a thief (how she got her 2nd and 3rd penalty) wasn't controversial at all, that's on you. Her screaming at the official she's incapable of lying or cheating because she has a daughter was sooooo over the top you'd think it was a bad TV movie. She was getting her ass kicked, and the penalties made no difference. Naomi busted her ass her entire life and achieved her dream at 20. And that's how she got treated when her dreams came true. Fucking heartbreaking. Never meet your heroes indeed.


Kinda makes it worse that Serena is now coming out in support of Osaka saying she "understands what it's like to battle with mental issues" or something. Bitch you are one of the huge reasons she's battling.


I can't find the original Harper's Bazaar full letter, unless it's really as short as a different website reported, but if you Google her apology all she does is talk about herself and why she blew up the way she did. Claims that if it was a man they wouldn't have been punished (which I dunno, may be true), but you tossing and turning all night with the thought of "how could they take a game away from me in a final? Is it because I'm a women"? And on and on about HER treatment. Like, you should be losing sleep over guilt. 3 sentences about naomi, yadda, yadda, media harold's her for continuing to be brave, world keeps spinning. Except for Naomi. Me at 21, getting that half assed apology, I'd be taking a flamethrower. But Naomi is insanely poised for someone that young and accomplished, and I hope that she gets back soon. Oh shoot, I forgot to mention THIS ARTICLE WITH THE APOLOGY CAME 15 MONTHS AFTER THE FINAL


I've seen other threads here explaining how the umpire that penalized Serena has also done the same thing to high profile players on the men's side. Not to mention that she was so over the top with her complaining that even if that wasn't the case, she should definitely have been held accountable for her immature and unsportsmanlike behavior.


Given the content I think it's perfectly okay if not outright required to automatically put quotes around the word "apology".


That definitely makes it worse. Usually having a legend of the game publicly support you on something controversial like this is great because it puts a little pressure on people to be more understanding of the situation. But because of Serena's history with Osaka it just feels like she's trying to wiggle her way in there to soak up some of the attention


Empathy. Serena lacks empathy. Nobody has ever told her she's not the most important thing in the world. If you want to see losing with grace, take a note from Timo Boll, former wr #1 table tennis player. [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xv5hOR-9So) he is at age 35 losing to a 14 year-old boy from Japan in the finals of an ITTF men's open tourney. See that racket toss and him screaming at the official? No you didn't because he's a decent, empathetic human being.


And yet it seemed like everyone was defending Serena when it all went down. It got turned into some bullshit feminist argument about double standards in sports. I remember wondering whether I was truly living on the same plane of reality as some of these people. Billy Jean King's take on the whole situation was extremely disappointing


What really killed me about that is that it's one thing to behave like that DURING PLAY. These people are competitors. Competition drives them and they're emotionally jacked every second of every match. But once it's over, even the biggest diva athletes typically will cool off and acknowledge the victory and praise the other competitor. To stand there after and let Osaka get booed like that with absolutely no interference from Serena was beyond childish and unsportsmanlike. But on the flip side - when teams win in an opposing arena, they get booed. That's sports, and Osaka won in an arena that was overwhelmingly supportive of Williams. I understand her mental health being important, but certain aspects of competition come with the territory. While she shouldn't have to put up with the BS from the press and the deliberate attacking of her to force a reaction, she'll need to overcome that fear of the crowd reaction to stay on top. The better you are the more polarized fans become toward you. I genuinely hope she can do that, because she's a fucking hell of a talent. She is absolutely dominant for how young she is and she can inspire further generations like Williams inspired her.


Kind of unrelated look at ufc fighters. Most will talk shit leading up to the fight and sometimes even have bad blood, but after the fight they shake hands and move on. Once the competition ends it’s time to turn the anger off.


It's really weird: it's arguably easier to do that in combat sports than it is in non-combat sports. Anecdotal, but I Boxed in college, and there's this incredibly strange sense of camaraderie you feel with people you have literally just been fighting with that you just don't feel when you are playing someone in Baseball or Tennis or Basketball or whatever. I always thought it was weird that Boxers and UFC fighters would often hug each other after fights, but then when I started Boxing you do feel this strange kinship with your opponent. I dunno, maybe it's some sort of primal thing.


It's shared trauma. You might not like to think this way, but you were traumatizing yourself and the other guy in every fight. You now have completely different thought patterns than the masses. You "survived" attacks and trauma, and even trained to deal with them. That kinship is "real" in that you both suffered the same.


I just wanted a picture! You can't disappoint a picture!!


Like When Troy met LeVar Burton, but worse.






Oooooh that episode is so hard to watch. I think I turned it off or started doing something else while it was on in the background the first time.


Oh ya, when Geordi made a holographic fuck doll out of her and then she found it. Suuuuper awkward


It's cool; he told her that he never banged it. Then they all laughed about it later.


Everyone I’ve talked who watches Tennis likes Osaka even more and hates Serena with a passion after that match.


I didn’t watch the match why did people boo Osaka? Just because they wanted Serena to win?


I commented on this yesterday, but nobody was booing Osaka. They were booing the umpire who made some calls against Serena. Serena was angry and disagreed with the calls and they argued. A lot. People have said they blame the umpire, and others have said they blame Serena. The crowd at the moment was angry at the umpire, and continued to boo him. Then during the ceremony afterward, they began to boo when any official began to speak, and cheer when the players were speaking or were referenced. Unfortunately, Osaka was a victim in all of it because, despite the fact that no one was technically booing her, her victory was tainted with a super angry crowd and ruined a huge moment for her. Serena can be seen somewhat trying to console her in the videos of the ceremony and even asked that the crowd stop. But you can see that Naomi was generally humiliated.




I was just reading the comments and I got the idea of some nuanced "they ruined her victory" but this was grotesque! How on earth were they conducting this ceremony? You can skip to any point in the video and they are talking about Serena. At some point they talk to the winner and they ask her about Serena???


What the actual fuck.


Still breaks my heart :'(


This situation should open the dialogue as to why the current interview format is a necessity, and if there are ways to improve on the current process. Instead, it has become a pearl-clutching “Osaka v the Media” event, with two sides planting their feet. Like the author says, the format is pretty outdated. Osaka can share her talking points in a matter of seconds to the tennis world via Twitter before the journalist finishes their article. If it’s about the sponsorships and promoting brands, it’s hard the believe post-game interview backdrops are the money maker for these companies. Get creative and find alternative solutions.


If the athletes used the interviews just for brand promotion, the problem would come into focus much better. Press: How did you feel in the sixth game when you faulted? Osaka: Thanks for the question, at that moment I was really thankful for Hyperice and how much it helps my performance, not to mention the quick look I took at my Tag Heuer to center myself and I couldn't help but think about my Louis Vuitton bag and how great it looked with my Nikes inside that I had paid for with a Mastercard after flying on All Nippon Airways etc.


That's basically what she did. She did a post game interview with her Japanese sponsor and then withdrew from the tournament when the GS org said they were going to push back.


All of the media/corporate sponsor apologists throughout the various threads yesterday sure thought they were the good guys. Some of the comments were straight cringe. A lot of envious people whinging about "job responsibilities" with a dash of contractual obligations and legal expertise from *not-an-attorney-but-sat-in-a-waiting-room-once* types. Also per this article: > Two hours after Osaka’s announcement, [Gilles] Moretton, [the French Tennis Federation (FFT) presiden] conducted a press conference in which he read out a statement in French and English, calling Osaka’s withdrawal “unfortunate” and wishing her “the quickest possible recovery.” **He left without fielding any questions from the press.** LOL




A lot of people are salty about being treated like servants for some narcissist manager and an unfeeling soulless organization. They will lash out at anyone that protests this condition. It’s strange to watch. Corporate bootlickers, man. They expect you to be happy about being owned.


I think it’s a similar mentality as people who don’t like seeing people thriving in areas where they themselves struggle. The same folks who question your achievements rather than celebrate them. It’s sadism. They want to see you deal with their problems, not overcome them. They project their own limiting expectations that they have on themselves unto you, and when you reach for a better standard, they feel belittled, because that improvement may feel out of reach in their own lives. “Oooh look at YOU trying to solve a problem that I’VE accepted as a standard in my life. You think you’re better than me?” I’ve known too many people like this in my life. It’s vindicating to grow in my career by challenging poor management, while I see them stagnate because of their own spiteful complacency. The only thing Osaka did was remind us all that we don’t have to accept the conditions in our lives as absolute. It’s only absolute if you don’t take action.


I've never understood how post game interviews are popular or necessary. The only memorable post game interviews are ones like Marshawn Lynch's "I'm just here so I don't get fined" or ones where the coach or player goes off on a reporter for asking something stupid.


It's just practice too


Practice? PRACTICE?!


Not a game!


Wait, what are we talking about?


We’re talking about practice


Marshawn hated press conferences every bit as much as Osaka. As I recall, the "I'm just here so I don't get fined" came immediately after he had been fined for skipping press conferences. So we might have that to look forward to whenever Osaka comes back.


There is a locker room interview with Marshawn where he literally answers "yea" to every question. There is also [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PH35C7Fhq0) from Sherman. Sherman had some really good interviews but he has a communications degree from Stamford so that probably set him up well.


Personally, I’m partial to his “thanks for asking” post game


Here's [the interview](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fXQ8JyxGC8) God damn I love this more than I thought I would. He was getting into it more and more as it went on. Plus I love the plug for his foundation dinner.


God damn, can't stand that shit. "How important was it for you to (do the thing that wins games)?" Really cracking open his mind there


The issue is there generally isn't a lot to say about an event after it's over. The answers are always trite and repetitive. And even if you did have some insight you figured out during the game, why would you tell the press about it? Then the opponent knows what you figured out as well and can change it up the next time you play each other. It does make me wonder how sports "journalism" has perpetuated itself all these decades when they literally say nothing of substance most of the time. Analysis articles? Okay. But anything related to interviews never has anything insightful or worth reading.


Marshawn didn't have a problem with press conferences until media started twisting his words to say things that he wasn't saying. That is when he started skipping them. Then the fine from the NFL for skipping, then the notorious "I'm just here so I don't get fine" conference and the same answer to every question. It is kind of the same situation. The sports leagues should start cracking down on new outlets that just try to start shit..vs reporting. Deny access to press conference rooms for a couple shitty reporters. It will self correct.


Lol where else would that quote have come from


For football (soccer) there’s some pretty legendary post match interviews but not that many are insightful. Most of the memorable ones I can remember are just memes like “if I speak I am in trouble”


[Joe Kinnear](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_NQqnc_ue0) first press conference at Newcastle was interesting (nsfw)


Big Sam's "we've out tacticed him" lives rent free in my head


Another shout is Big Sam’s “all this tippy tappy stuff is bollocks” but I can’t remember if that was from a post match conference, or where I even heard it originally for that matter.


Trashcan for a heart


Marshawn Lynch's wasn't a post game interview, it was media day for the Super Bowl.


Post game press conferences give coaches a chance to explain why they did what they did (e.g. Pete Carroll explaining why he decided to pass it instead of handing it to Marshawn Lynch.) Can you think of a better method/forum to ask questions like that or do you think questions like that should be asked?


Eh, it’s more time for product placement, advertising/commercial breaks, and opportunities to get clips that get replayed on other shows. Most sports make the vast majority of their money through ads, so cutting out press conferences which serve to create more TV time would greatly reduce their revenue.


The press is just mad because she can just tweet her post game statements and they’re all jobless, then she can live without the media bashing that constantly happens to athletes. In history the media was always the middle person, now it’s trying to cling on because it’s obsolete, and her stand shows it.


Theyre not jobless. They could, you know, actually write about the sporting event and the flow of the match/game/whatever. ESPN suffers from this crap too. An gour long sportscaster will have like 10 minutes of clips, 30 minutes of talking heads and 20 minutes of commercials. This author of the article gets it. Now journalists cant fill an article with quotes and list the result of the match. They might actually have to pay attention.


Lol ESPN is on in rhe break room right now. Believe it or not they have 4 people discussing Aaron Rodgers


Don’t forget the 30 other people they had discussing the exact same talking points on the various ESPN platforms/channels, prior to what you saw. Its ridiculous.


u/LoveRBS has just coined the word "gour". A "gour" is an hour in time but feels more like 2-4 hours because the activity done is boring and overly verbose. Britney's wedding took 2 gours after both of the moms had to make speeches.


I think most people will just think I can't spell gourd.


Gour: a painful hour of time more a kin to being gored by a wild bull.


This is why more and more athletes are getting into twitch and YouTube. They get to speak to their fans directly.


100% truth here. More importantly, the athletes don't have to worry about their message being warped by some journo trying to make their bones with clickbait.


Definitely agree, and I think this article put the light on that. I enjoyed when the author said around the world the free press is under attack, This is not that. Set a very good tone for the article. The press is important, but this way of doing it is hard of these often young athletes


Watching old news clips of the way reporters questioned Britney Spears in her younger years was not only disrespectful and totally inappropriate, I believe the press contributed to her declining mental health. Osaka was brave to stand up for herself.


Right, like that idiot who asked her if she was still a virgin. Britney was only 17 at the time. SMH.


Osaka needs to Marshawn Lynch the press.


I'm just commenting so I don't get fined.


Osaka has already done what she needed to do


I'm embarrassed to admit this, but this ordeal revealed a prejudice within me. As I read this, and other articles about this incident I found myself sympathizing with this young female athlete. Yet as I thought more, I remembered reading about male athletes complaining about press conferences and thinking they should just do the conference and shut up about it, you get paid enough to sit there and answer questions! Shame on me!


Men getting shamed, ridiculed, and ignored for mental health issues is huge problem in our society. Good on you for realizing your bias!


Show up and tell them, “I’m just here so I won’t be fined.”….


I’m only here so I don’t get fined


"I am just here so I won't get fined" -Beast Mode


Whenever someone talks about sports and press, I always think of Marshawn Lynch. The guy would just show up, sit there and never answer any questions. They only words out of his mouth were “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” More athletes should take note of this and do the same thing. There’s no “rule” about saying that you have to talk to the press, you just have to show up and sit there.


It's amazing that there is even discussion beyond "I hope she takes care of herself." Mental health is so below the threshold of concern for so many people. Disgusting.


Exactly, she must be feeling extremely low to take such a stand. People all want to seem like they support the importance of mental health... right up to the point that they might actually have to do something other than provide hollow lip service


Very complicated issue, women fought for press coverage in tennis for years. I can get her perspective, but there are other perspectives. If the press didn’t cover Serena and Venus Williams would we have cared as much about them. Would women’s tennis (or tennis at all in the US) be what it is today without us getting to know them. Would this even be a story, because would women’s tennis get the respect it rightly deserves by the press. It’s easy to point out the bad apples and say the whole lot is rotten, but would it be better for them to be starved of coverage. Modern social media allows athletes to circumvent the traditional media communication channels, so maybe it’s not necessary. But is it better that someone like Deshaun Watson (if what’s alleged is true) could just return to football without facing any questioning by the media. It’s a leap, from the Osaka situation, but the conversation is on media and athletes. I’m just pointing out this is not black and white. It’s complicated.


>...one of the world’s best athletes would literally rather quit a grand slam tournament than have to talk to the press. Rather than scrutinising what that says about her, it might be worth asking what that says about us. I'm a sore loser. Always have been, probably always will be. It was so bad when I was a kid, my therapist literally told my mom to approach the local youth baseball organization and ask that I get picked last, so I get stuck on the worst team. And she did it. I still vividly remember my team getting murdered 30-2 and the fit I threw afterwards. I'm in my 30s now, and I still avoid playing competitive multiplayer games with my friends, because while I've never had a problem with the whole "humble in victory" part, I'm still very bad at the "gracious in defeat" part of sportsmanship. Now, take that person and put them in a press conference not 10 minutes after he got his ass kicked. Does he want to be there? No. He knows this, but more importantly, the press knows this. They know that making angry/upset people uncomfortable makes for great television, to the point where they're basically doing it unconsciously. They want something, *anything*, and if that means dragging a 20-year girl into a press conference after she got humiliated during what was supposed to be her ultimate triumph? Who cares? Gotta get our live reactions! The media in general, and sports media in particular, needs to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask themselves: "Are we the bad guys?"


Are we the baddies?


Press conferences and sideline interviews are very dated and boring. Maybe it's time to come up with some more interesting ideas.