Straight men of Reddit, how straight are you really on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the "straightest"?

Straight men of Reddit, how straight are you really on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the "straightest"?


So would 1 be gay?


I was thinking 10 - I like women, that's it 9 - I like women but men can be attractive 8 - I like women but there are a few men who make me go DAAAYMN he fine but that's it 7 - I like women but I might want to explore the other side 6 - I like women but I have experimented with guys in the past 5 - I like women and men 4 - I like men and women but lean closer to being attracted to men 3 - I like men but have fooled around with women in the past 2 - I like men but live with my wife and 3 children in denial 1 - I'm Elton John.


Ah yes, the Kamina_Crayman scale. Clearly distinguishing men’s straightness since 2021.


100% accurate with a 90% margin of error


10% of the time, it works every time.




Yup and they all would answer 11/10 for this question to show how "extra not gay" they are.






Lindsey Graham


Forgive me but creating this sort of stuff (forms, questionnaires) is sort my of jam. A good rule of thumb would be if 8 is "I like women but there are a few men who make me go DAAAYMN he fine but that's it" then 3 (it's inverse in this rating system) should be "I like men but there are a few women who make me go DAAAYMN she fine but that's it". Obviously does not matter here at all but I'm just a nerd who can't not jump in when I see the chance. I'd also argue for Liberace to be 1 but now we're just splitting hairs!


Oooh I like it, how would you have done the list though I'm curious now? also would you go into finer detail like adding in .5's?


So I'm tired as hell but I don't know how to say no to shit so here we go with a very long answer: A few caveats on top of that: firstly, I love this stuff but it's not my day job nor am I properly trained, just like to geek out on it so if you're someone credentialed and you say I'm an idiot, you're probably right. If you're not credentialed/have no professional experience and you think I'm an idiot, congratulations, you're also probably right. If you want a true midpoint (I'm equally attracted to both) make sure you have the same amount of numbers above that line as below. eg. in this case 0-10 scale. Also, there will be gaps so depending on what you're looking to dive into you might change your fields. (eg. you might want to change some of the fields so you can specify acting on an sexual attraction...or rather willingness to act on a certain sexual attraction). Personally I'd probably combine 9 and 10 to be one field and add something else but I wanted to write Ron Swanson so here we are. Finally - there are a million things this particular topic leaves out & doesn't fully account for: asexual people, not accounting for a range of interpretations by participants as to what men and women mean (eg. answers have the potential to change depending on whether they are distinguishing the difference by gender, biological sex assigned at birth, current biological sex, people that are intersex) and I'm sure a whole slew more. (And to preempt any argument here - sure, you might be convinced your interpretation is right *but* we can all agree that someone's going to disagree with you, which is what we need to be aware of). 10 - I'm the exact opposite of Liberace (so, uh, Ron Swanson?) 9 - I like women but find some men attractive even though I'm not sexually attracted to them 8 - I am sexually attracted to women and can imagine the possibility of being sexually attracted to a man 7 - I am sexually attracted to men and can occasionally find myself attracted to women 6 - I am sexually atttracted to men and women but prefer women. 5 - I am sexually attracted to women and men equally 4 - I am sexually attracted to men and women but prefer men 3 - I am sexually attracted to men and can occasionally find myself attracted to women 2 - I am sexually attracted to men and can imagine the possibility of being sexually attracted to a woman 1 - I like men but find some women attractive though I am not sexually attracted to them 0 - I'm Liberace (I don't care if you're under 35 and don't know who he is - the man is still the GOAT)


Your 7 needs editing but great list dude :)


Haha, thanks. I swear it was a copy and penis mistake, not a Freudian slip!


I'm always saying one thing and meaning your mother :D


Elton John has had sexual relationships with women (was even married to one for four years) and identified as bisexual before coming out as gay. He'd probably actually be a 3 on that scale.


When I made the comment this morning I thought it was a fun little throwaway comment that wouldn't make much traction and I was thinking "who is a nice a gay icon" and immediately thought of Elton john.... I did not put that much thought into my scale of gay


Honestly, I don't know. I'm wondering the same thing and I guess that's why I'm opening these set of questions to widen my own view. Maybe someone reading this has a more coherent answer.


If you’re interested in this you should look up the Kinsey scale - made by an actual sex researcher. In that one, 0 is totally straight and 6 is totally gay, but 1-5 have well-defined meanings also. It was one of the first well-known academic framinga to acknowledge the idea that sexuality is a spectrum and not a binary switch. Kinsey did tons of interesting research on men’s and women’s sexual behavior, worth reading up on


IIRC the Kinsey scale isn’t the best system we have anymore and shows it’s age (maybe a bit to simplistic/linear/etc). But for me it was a good way to start framing things and I think is as good a starting point as any for someone who wants to start learning more.


The Kinsey Scale introduces the concept of sexual orientation being a spectrum. everything else is just details. the idea of scales also applies to gender identity, monogamy-vs-non-monogamy and so many other things about humans


I'm gonna say, 9.5/10. An honest skeptic always leaves room for doubt.


.5 for Chris Hemsworth


My .5 is for Ryan Reynolds. I had a joke with a girl I dated that I would leave her for Ryan Reynolds if he ever asked me out.


So, did he ever ask you out?


He used "dated" as in past tense so we can only assume he either married her or took his shot with Ryan Reynolds.


fun fact, i found out i was bisexual because i watched thor.


Literally same. Thor was the start and then a crush on a boy in my German class made me realize I didn’t want to be Thor, I wanted Thor to be on top of me.


Lmao you are a true poet


Bruh you're like the 100th guy I've seen with this opinion. Are we all low-key gay for Chris Hemsworth 😂


$20 is $20 am I right? Edit: legit first award thankies


Man’s gotta eat


You're prostituting yourself off for cheeseburgers again, aren't you?


Frigg off Barb


9/10 I know cause I've sucked a dick just to test. Not my thing.


If that's a 9, WTF is a 1???


If you try Brussel sprouts and then never want to eat them again, does that mean you love Brussel sprouts? I sucked a dick, wasn't into it and now for sure know I am 9/10 straight.


That must of been an awkward exchange


Not really. "Hey wanna try sucking dick?" "Hhmmm, sure" sucked dick for a minute and realized I wasn't having a good time. "This isn't my sorta thing" "oh, okay" and we both went our separate ways.


Well alright. I have to hype myself up for 30minites to just make a phone call.


I hate phone calls. Makes me feel anxious I can't see facial expressions.


Well there you have it. Can't really see any facial expressions while sucking dick either!


I think we've figured it out. That's some 3000 iq shit.


Id almost rather suck a dick imo


Well, if you're offering.....


(Quietly unzips)


Hang on a minute. Genuinely curious question if you don't mind me asking. Were you emotionally into the person with the dick? Because I fell like just as being straight doesn't mean you're into sucking any clit, then being gay doesn't mean you want every dick. Know what I mean? There's an emotional content and preferences involved wirh even fleeting encounters, right? Could be you just haven't sucked the right dick.


I meant to respond to this right away, sorry. And no, not really emotionally invested. My philosophy is that there is no 0% chance. So I really can't say there is no dick on planet earth that might make me change that feeling. Like maybe I end up with a girlfriend that I love with all of my heart and she decides to transition. Maybe that'd do it. But chances are very very low. But never 0.


This is actually really interesting to me. I am a heterosexual woman and have 0 interest in kissing (let alone doing anything else) with a woman. Like I have thought about it and was like “nope, not my thing at all”. But I totally get how other people could be into it if that is who they are attracted to. But ever since I was young I knew I would be into stuff with a guy. I didn’t even have to try it to know if that makes sense. It is just a visceral automatic reaction that I am attracted to men. It is interesting that it seems like some people don’t have that and need to try to find out.




It's just trying something. I'm a gay dude, but I intend to do some sexual things with a woman at some point just to have done them.


If a 10 is all the way straight, then a 1 is obviously all the way gay, and a 5 is “could go either way, I guess”. A 9 for giving it a college try and then knowing it’s not for you seems fair


A 9.5 usually. A 2 when I'm with my buddy I was in the Marines with.


I feel like the people replying to this comment don't understand how gay marines are.


It's funny you say that because my mom told me for the first time that when her father was in the Marines (a desk job in the 1950s), he once got tested to see if he was gay when he was stationed in Florida. He dismissed it. But every time I hear those kinds of stories I have no doubt that whoever volunteered to do the testing HAD to be a little gay.


What the hell did that test consist of?


I don't know the specifics other than some guy just "came on to him," but I've seen portrayals of it on television and it was apparently common in that time period (military or civilian). In a certain TV show, this guy went to a public men's restroom at night, and an undercover cop came out of a stall and touched hands with the guy and gave him "the look." Apparently that's all that was needed for the guy to kiss him and try to undo his pants, then the undercover cop blew the whistle and guy got arrested. 🤷‍♀️


Even after he blew his whistle?! Talk about having your gay and eating it.


Fun fact: Courts have ruled that undercover cops can have sex with prostitutes in order to gather the evidence needed to convict them of prostitution.


How con*ven*ient.


> > In a certain TV show, this guy went to a public men's restroom at night, and an undercover cop came out of a stall and touched hands with the guy and gave him "the look." Apparently that's all that was needed for the guy to kiss him and try to undo his pants, then the undercover cop blew the whistle and guy got arrested. 🤷‍♀️ There's a video game about that, cruising in the 50s-70s - The Tearoom by Robert Yang. (A [Tearoom](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cottaging) is also a term for a public restroom where gay men have sex) Gameplay is exchanging knowing glances with other men in the restroom and figuring out who is gay, who is straight, and who's an undercover cop. And because Yang's previous game got banned from Twitch for having too sexual of imagery, in The Tearoom when it's time to get down to business, your partner whips out their flesh colored assault rifle and you help them "unload" as clearly Twitch can't object to good ol' fashioned guns. I am making none of that up. (At this point, I think all of Mr. Yang's games have a ban on Twitch)


Gay history nerd here lol. The test differed based on which government agency was doing the testing but it usually involved... Lifestyle questions to prove you are a man, "Did you play with toy soldiers as a kid? Or were you more into dressing up?" Questions about your romantic history, "Do you like plowing vaginas?" Questions to see if you know gay slang, "Do you ever just let your hair down?" Observing a young guy for feminine mannerisms And checking for.... physical evidence of bottoming.


Ummm are you going to elaborate on that


So he’s averaging a 4.8 on the gay meter. So I also want the story


Well depending on his class attendance, we could bump up him up to 5 so that he at least makes the passing grade


Whered you get 4.8 from lol


Actual gay dudes would lose at gay chicken to Marines.


This right here. Some of my friends I will not play gay chicken with, it escalates to the point the actually gay dudes are telling us to straighten up. Others I know I can out gay chicken, and they know it too. Male bonding is a weird place with a weirder ruleset and no explanations.


I am that person. I am very comfortable with my sexuality (straight) and find it difficult to care what others think. Currently undefeated at gay chicken cause i dont have enough fucks to give and enjoy seeing friends weirded out by how far i will go to win.


what’s a gay chicken


You know how people (in old movies) used to play chicken by racing cars towards a cliff? Whoever braked first (chickened out) lost. This is the same thing. Escalating homoerotic acts until one guy chickens out or we wake up sticky with sore asses. But No homo. Chicken. Ba-BAWK!


The joke ends after 60 years, 55 of which had a successful marriage and raised a family, then one of them dies and the other at the funeral with a tear on his face says "I think I win"


Do progressively gayer stuff to the other person until one of you gets too uncomfortable to continue, alternating back and forth. So for example, one dude puts his hand on the other dude's inner thigh, then dude 2 escalates by grabbing dude 1's junk over the clothes, then dude 1 escalates by.... etc etc until it's too far for the receiver to allow it or it's your turn to escalate and you won't.


Man I'd only ever gone as far as flirting jokinglybut increasingly aggressively (verbal only) and I thought that was gay chicken. Guess I was just playing checkers while the Marines are playing 6d chess.


Progressively escalates to moving in together and buying a condo with a couple of pets


Well it’s the marines


Kinda sounds like he told us everything we need to know.


Semper fi. Dry Hump Greetings and miming blowjobs just hit different when you're with your boys, yknow?




I was in the closet, I had to take half measures or I would've enjoyed it too much


The Marines are the most homoerotic organization this side of the Village People


I request a back story too


a brokeback story


I’m a Marine. About once a week when someone walks into the shop someone will shout “do you like boys?” Then everyone grabs someone else and starts humping each other through the uniform while hooting and hollering for a bit then everyone just goes back to work like nothing happened. I joined as a good straight Christian boy. I was shocked the first time it happened. Now i don’t know what i am lol but let the good times roll


The key word here, gentlemen, is "heteroflexible".


Yes, indeed it is. But for me, it's to very limited extent, in that I wouldn't ever actually have a relationship with a guy, but I do feel that attraction sometimes.


Yeah most guys that identify as heteroflexible (or whatever the proper name is) are just interested in occasional sexual experimentation with guys, but are interested in women most of the time.


TIL: I'm closeted heteroflexible.


Mmm, maybe 8 or 9. I'll admit I'll bend for some guys mentally, but have no desire to actually go do it.


9.75 I can admit if a man is attractive. But I don’t get a boner thinking about it. Or maybe I’m just comfortable with who I am.


This is how I am. If I see a good looking dude, I can appreciate how he looks, but it’s more of a “Damn, I wish I looked like that” kinda thing rather than a “Damn, I’d hit that” kinda thing.


I feel ya, like “ Damn, I need to get back on my ab game, I’m slippin!”


You mean rollin?


Hey! Leave my love handles out of this!


Dont let others put you down, keep your chin up! And the other one!


So, you are a 10 then? There’s nothing gay about appreciating a person’s appearance.


Right, I can think a dog or a waterfall or a painting are beautiful too, doesn't mean I have any interest in whispering sweet nothings their ears.


I just can't believe why many men can't differentiate between finding another dude attractive without questioning their heterosexuality. Women don't have a problem acknowleding other women beauty but for men is just black or white.


If you aren't comfortable with calling other guys good looking. I am very happy to tell my buddies they look good. Anyone who doesn't raise the homies self esteem by telling them they look bangin is slackin


Straight male here, I agree with you 100% I learned a couple of years back to recognize this. I never thought I was gay or anything nor questioned my sexuality just realized that I can find people of my sex also attractive too but my preference is just women and their beautiful feminine energy and that makes me feel more masculine in a way


EXACTLY!!! I'm finding a few answers saying I'm a 9.7 because I don't mind hugging my friends? How does hugging your friends make you gay?? There is so much detoxifying to be done.


Japanese high school boys are always sitting on their male friend’s laps. I can’t imagine ever doing that when I was in school in the US without some kind of negative comment. Here it’s totally normal, and never given a second thought. It’s hard to understand how much cultural programming you have until experience living in other cultures. This ones not related to sexuality but gender programming. I’ve had many experiences with adult males in Japan crying their eyes out drunk when they have to move away for business, or one of their friends is moving away. I’m fortunate to have a good group of friends, but it was definitely strange for me to see grown men bawling their eyes out over being transferred to another city. I was raised in a culture where men don’t express their emotions in that way. Now, I don’t know what to say about toxic masculinity. Anyway, most of my Japanese friends have spit roasted women together.


I was going to say this makes someone an 8 or 9 but then I saw the other dude who said he was an 8 who had sucked a dick so maybe 9.75 is appropriate. 😬


That doesn’t take away from being straight.


Negative 2? I don't know anything about scales, I'm not a fisherman or whatever.


you are a 10 on the dad jokes, my friend


I don't think that counts as a dad joke, because I don't have any children. Wait, I have a cat, does that count?


Absolutely. If you had a dog, you would be DogFather


"You come to me, at the time to take me out for walkies, to ask me who's a good boy?"


I have never been interested in a man that way before, but how would I know? What if one day someone walks in and sweeps me of my feet? Life is full of surprises.


I LOVE people who are just open. Like some people arguing in this thread see the concept of Late Bloomers...


I think life just makes more sense if you drop the notion of a permanent self.


I wouldn’t believe a damned thing this monkey tells ya


I was upset when I read this comment, then read his name. Killing it.


Dude, I just read about that this week in a book about Buddhism! Their spiritual theory goes that the self does basically not exist, it's just thought and what we make it to be.


It's a lot less stressful too.


9 unless it’s Chris Hemsworth


Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale and Henry Cavill


all y’all hetero’s really sleeping on Tom Hardy like that? just like that?


Gotta work your way up to the big guys.


Yea. We gotta start with someone small, like Chris Hemsworth. He's basically a twink


For you.


Ryan Reynolds...


Ryan Gosling for me


Probably 8. I find certain masculine traits in women really sexy, and sometimes I can give off "gay vibes". I've been accused of being gay because I never made a move on certain women in my past (I used to be cripplingly socially awkward, now I'm just slightly socially awkward). But I'm not about to undress or flirt with any man. Showering in basic training was probably the gayest moment of my life and I hated it. Edit: Holy shit I never expected to see this blow up 1k points overnight, must be a common sentiment.


Hahaha there is nothing sexual about showering in basic, even if you’re gay. Everyone smells like shit and the bays smell like axe body spray and farts


Vet here and I will confirm this statement


I got an erection in high school P.E once. The teacher had to take me aside and explain sexuality to me, and why boys can like boys sometimes. I was straight as fuck even then, had some lady jizz mags hidden in a forest and everything. I pretended I was just confused until I moved to Scotland three months later. Everyone thought I was gay. Everyone. I enjoyed it. All the girls felt super chill talking to me, and the boys gave me crazy sympathy and didn't bully me like they had been since forever. Then I got to Scotland and just got the shit kicked out of me for having an English accent. Anyway, I enjoyed my gay vacation, so even thought I'm 10 on the scale, for super straight, I have nothing but mad respect for gay people. Love is love, you're all my bros.


I was driving through Big Sur at night with a woman as kind of a date, when I hit a rock and got a flat tire. Didn’t have air in the donut. No cell service. We were pulled over at a breakfast place but lights were off, couldn’t find anyone. So we had to cuddle up in the back seat. This was a convertible so everything about this was cramped. But it started raining and making relaxing sounds against the canvas roof. I was very attracted to this woman, but I didn’t make a move. I thought the situation was such that making a move would be kind of coercive, like she couldn’t decide to leave if she wasn’t into it, we’d still be stuck in the car together. So we laid still and slept. Later she told me that for months she thought I was gay because I didn’t make a move that night. Man, I wish _she’d_ made a move. I’d have been all over that. Somewhere in the multiverse we got married and had kids because she at least gave me some indication she wanted me to make a move that night.


Finding other men attractive doesn't mean you're not heterosexual. I've never met a woman who questions her sexuality just for acknowleding the beauty in other women.


Recognising attractive people and being being attracted to them are vastly different things.


Woman here. Do share... what are those "masculine" traits?


I don't know if it's a fetish, but as a man who likes women with certain masculine characters, I don't call it gay. Because I like those characters on _women_ and not men. Women with mascular body, deep voice, tall, broad shoulders, strong af personality are super attractive to me. Not saying I'm not attracted to other types of women though. I think I belong to r/RoleReversal haha


Man here, wide shoulder are sexy asf.


As a broad-shouldered woman, you just made my day a lot better:)




They got a big ol' boner


Not OP,. But I have yet to see a woman who doesn't look devastating in a tux.


8ish, I think. I’ve only pursued women, I’ve only slept with women, I don’t watch gay porn or fantasize about men, but I can at least imagine circumstances where I’d be persuadable




Any port in a storm?


Any hole's a goal.


I mean I would say like an 8, but I have sucked a dick, so that probably drops me to like a 6.


Did you say no homo? If so, you should be fine


I think he has his socks on.


nothing wrong with a brojob


Homiesexuality is normal.


Was it your own? Because I’ve tried that. I couldn’t reach but if I could I would definitely let myself dry fire


My cousin Walter broke his neck trying to suck his own dick. Aunt found him. It was a mess. He was on his bed, with his legs doubled over himself. My aunt freaked out. Dick in his mouth. Balls resting on his lips.


That post nut shame must of really sucked


One time my cousin Walter got this cat stuck in his ass. True story. He bought it at the local mall, so the whole fiasco wound up on the news. It was embarrassing for my relatives and all. But the next week, he did it again. Different cat, same results, complete with a trip to the emergency room. Then, last week, I saw him in the pet store. He was buying another cat. I said, "Walt, what the hell are you doing, you know you're just gonna get this cat stuck up your ass too, why don't you knock it off?" And he says to me, "Brodie, how the hell else am I supposed to get the gerbil out?" My cousin was a weird guy.


I mean yes, I can suck my own actually, but I don't think that makes me more gay. I was actually referring to someone else's in this case.


In order to adjust the rating, we’ll need to know why you did this.


Which, why I sucked my own or someone else's? Mine: because I can. Other's: I have always been curious, and he was as well. We had already couple swapped with our ladies.


Haha that just means past you was a 6. But quick question. Was it weird?


As a guy who tried : tastes weird (and I don't mean the cum, the D itself). Like I genuinely enjoy the taste of a woman, dick not so much. It's also A LOT more work than eating pussy. Like... 5min into it and I was ready for it to end and I wasn't even with a particularly endowed dude, whereas I would enjoy going down on a girl for as long as she wants, assuming I'm in a position that doesn't cause neck pain. Note that how I experienced it is probably heavily influenced by my attraction towards both genders : I like women, whereas guys Ive never attracted to one, but the idea of a bj was intriguing (I have a bit of an oral fixation, and it also feels like the ultimate submission act, which is a turn on for me). So beyond the fantasy I wasn't into the guy, whereas with women I'm a lot more into it. Chances are I would've enjoyed it better with a Transwoman, as then I would be into her as well.


What did you do with the 20 Dollars?


Probably a 5. Some days it might be closer to 4 and sometimes 6. Definitely Bi. It took me a while to realize and accept it. But thanks to my loving, also Bi wife I’ve come a long way towards excepting my true & authentic self.


You got that bi wife energy man! Same here, she has unknowingly helped me be more comfortable with who I am, and helped me see the world in ways I never would have before.


7 I know I’ve got some bi urges, and I’ve got a very supportive wife, but I just don’t want to call myself bi yet.


I understand and I respect that you can honestly rate yourself that. what was that moment that made you go, ahh I may not be all that straight?


2001 - The movie Van Wilder. The moment I saw Ryan Reynolds ass, I got turned on. Since then, I’ve realized things that still turn me on such as seeing a guy in boxer briefs.


Ryan Reinolds ass doesn’t count. I guess even trees get turned on by it.


Honestly this answer is iconic. Best of luck on your journey :)


I'm more of a negative 9


Happy PRIDE!


I know a good looking man when I see one, but there's no attraction. I'll rate myself a 10 on this scale.


Exactly, it's only "Damn, I wish I looked like that. I gotta lift some more". No other thought except for this. Just pure motivation. So, 10.


10, much to my chagrin since I went to an 80% male college.


9.99. Based on the fact I have zero chance of actually meeting Eminem and the chances of him letting me watch him in the studio for a day in exchange for a blowie are slim and shady. Edit: chill out with the upvotes you pricks, let my comment descend into the abyss before I end up in a fucking Eminem lyric getting called gay.


I’ve never admitted this to anyone, but I’m probably about a 7-8. Like, kind of bi-curious. I’m not really attracted to men sexually but I sometimes wonder what it would like to do sexual things with a man, especially one who knew what he was doing and could show me how to both please him and be pleased. I suppose some of the curiosity would be just because I’ve only been with one woman and my pleasure (or foreplay for that matter) has never been a priority in our marriage.


I bet a dude can suck a mean dick, but I can’t get hard thinking about it. Even if I REAALLLY fucking tried hard.


We’ll, let me come over and we’ll do some research. I’ll let you slap my cheeks a bit.


Appreciate the offer. I’m married happily, and have no interest in your man ass. ;) now get back to the friend zone where you belong!




Popping in here to say, that some of the honesty and self-reflection in this thread has been refreshing. Thank you all! Please keep 'em coming.


I'm like, a 7, I'm straight, but horny me with a splash of alcohol certainly is not occasionally. Me and my gf are both bi I guess. Just sexually. Partnership wise were both straight as fuck. Edit; based off how other people treated the 1-10 scale. I'm lowering myself to a 5 or 6. I've been with men and can openly say they often give better head than women lol. But I feel off being emotionally intimate with someone of the same gender. I love big spooning my GF so much lol.


bisexual, heteroromantic. not too uncommon.


Like an 8.5 I guess. I've been somewhat romantically attracted to a couple of guys based on personality, but I want absolutely nothing to do with another man's penis. Keep that away from me. I could kiss the right guy but would be disposed against anything more than that


Lol, I'm the opposite of you. If I wrote your comment it would be: I've been somewhat sexually attracted to a couple of guys based on body type, but I want absolutely nothing to do with another man's romantic affection. Keep that away from me. I could do anything sexual with the right guy but would be disposed against anything more than that


I feel that a lot of guys in this thread mistake effeminate qualities as being gay and masculine qualities as being straight when it actually has nothing to do with bedroom preferences.


I'd say about a 7. I wouldn't have sex with another man but given the right one, I'd date the fuck out of them.


out of curiosity, what constitutes dating a fuck out them? Like what would this dating look like?


Yeah, I'm closer to 7 or 8 too. Probably wouldn't bang another man solo, but in a MFM threesome I'd be down to fool around. I have one super hot good friend whose husband is both damn good looking and extremely nice. If they asked, my reply would be "is now good?"




Right? Legitimately no interest in men. I can recognize that other men are attractive but no desire to even kiss one.


Im STRAIGHT but...one time this really SEXY young blonde chick i’d been wanting to fuck for a while took me back to a gay friends place late one night after we left an after hours spot. The 3 of us were in the hot tub together and well In order to bang her I basically had to let the guy feel up on me etc.. I wasn’t turned on by him at all and he was pretty chill. At one point she was sitting on my face and he was (POORLY) sucking my dick. After the whole thing it really didnt seem like that big of a deal honestly. 1-10 I would say im so straight that a guy could suck my DICK and I really could care less and in retrospect don’t feel insecure about it or worry it would “turn me gay” so id say im a 10 straight.


I'd say as close to 10 as reasonably possible. Obviously, I acknowledge when men are handsome, but that's a pretty objective, textbook thing. But I've never felt any attraction or interest sexually in other men. I've kissed a couple guys as part of a dare, drinking game, etc... and thoroughly didn't enjoy the experience. I've seen plenty of trans women who could easily pass and be called beautiful, but if we were to start having sex, the moment the penis entered the picture, it'd be a hard pass for me. Perhaps if they were post-op top and bottom, I'd probably be okay with it. I just prefer women. They're generally nice and soft and squishy and relatively hairless. Kissing a dude with beard stubble and muscles is not my jam.


3ish. I identify as gay because butt sex feels great, but I like women too. I don't want to be a closeted guy, so I normally identify as gay, but I wish I could date women more openly without the stigma of liking gay sex.


Isn't that just being bisexual tho?


It’s okay to be bi?


The gay community is actually extremely homophobic to bisexual people. Straight people just consider you gay but not wanting to admit it. Gay people consider you as not one of them because you have the option of “just being straight.” Bi erasure is unfortunately a huge problem. They don’t have a lot of acceptance in either community.


Thankfully some women are *really* into that too. Just have to find the right one. I have enough friends who wish their husbands would consider a MFM threesome to know it's far from uncommon.




I'm so straight I'm allergic to nuts.


5, I'm bi and about equally attracted to all genders :)