What is your most physically painful experience?

What is your most physically painful experience?


Having a cyst on my ass, 4 of them actually. I’ve gone through worse and never shed a tear, but that mf hurt


Got my tonsils removed by surgery. The pain was almost unbearable at times after it. Literally couldn’t eat anything but ice cream for 2 weeks after it.


This. Feels like someone scalded the back of your throat with a hot poker. And jist keeps doing it. (Which is not terribly far off from how they take them out anyway) What was funny is it doesnt hurt that bad the first couple days. But thats cause the nerves are all dead. But I think it was about day 3 when they started growing back into the burned tissue. Damn was that hell. But I gotta say, Percaset (sp?) is AMAZZZZING!


But hey at least I could actually eat after it, I literally couldn’t eat before it because I’d choke on any food because my tonsils were way too big.


Oh man you had it bad. Your snoring must have sounded like strip mining a mountain.


Yuppp. I was living on soup for a month before the surgery and My tonsils kept getting infected so I couldn’t swallow pills. I had to crush them up and dissolve it in water and then drink it. It was super disgusting.


I broke my right elbow...three times


Getting hit in the balls with a football thats probably going a 1000 mph (metaphorically). That shit made me cry like a baby


2nd degree petrol burns


Got impetigo on my face once, had to remove the scab before applying the antibiotic ointment. Single most painful experience I’ve ever gone through, lot of blood and screaming.


Short term - experiencing acute pancreatitis while waiting like 8 hours for assessment in Emerg. No drugs, no water, nothing to help. I was given a script for dilaudid on my way out after I said I was feeling better, and was told I probably passed a gallstone. Thanks, I guess? Long term - I've had fibromyalgia most of my life, so I can't remember a day I *haven't* been in pain.


I spent 5 days in the hospital enjoying morphine while i had pancreatitis... Lol. I think when they asked my pain level, i said about 6 of 10 because i was kinda numb to it after dealing with it for 4 days before going to the hospital. Obviously something is wrong with my pain scale, since i was vomiting from the pain the whole time and I'm pretty tough... Lol.


Trying to get an IUD inserted. It was so blindingly painful I tapped out and couldn't finish the procedure


Domestic abuse relationship


When I had a heart attack. I have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted now. Within the last 5 years, I've died twice and my implant brought me back.