To LGBTQ+ people of reddit, how do you deal with people that guilt trip you using religion?

To LGBTQ+ people of reddit, how do you deal with people that guilt trip you using religion?


ignore them cuz they’re fucking idiots who don’t deserve my time.


Not to mention that a lot of religious people are happy to ignore parts of their text that is inconvenient to them. Look at how common phrases like "oh my god", "good lord" and "jesus christ" are. Using those phrases carries the same punishment in Christianity and Judaism as homosexuality .


simply disregard their opinions, because I'm not religious.


Just ignore it. Everyone has their own beliefs and if they believe in a vengeful, malevolent god, they’re probably more stressed than I am lol


A loving creator deserving of worship would not create a homosexual just to punish it for the way it was created


But then you get the "bUt BeInG gAy Is A cHoIcE"


I just shrug and tell them I'm pagan.


Idiots. I you want to believe in god: fine. But don't force your religion on me. What is it about religious people that they want to impose their lifestyle on everyone? Just leave eveyone alone!


I am religious myself and guilt trip myself enough. Honestly though, I don’t care what they tell me, it’s nothing I haven’t heard already.


I've been so much happier since I gave up belief in god. No more guilt, no more "waiting for heaven." No more begging for forgiveness.


Don’t really care, I haven’t run into that issue. My homosexuality isn’t dependent on someone else’s approval other then my mom because she means the world to me, and thankfully she loves me and so does my family.


It really makes me annoyed, because it wont change anything so they’re basically an annoying obstacle in my way.


I couldn’t care less, really. I just brush it off and move on.


I don’t because its not worth my time


Idk you’ll have to ask them how they feel about my rejection


I laugh it off. Honestly I am happy with my partner and nothing they will say could ever convince me that this love I found is wrong.


Ignore them. They aren’t worth my time


I laugh at them, and return the guilt


not very well. i came out somewhat recently and my parents have been slowly taking me to church again it really sucks to be honest. so when i see other people just randomly being like "you cant mutilate your body! god makes no mistakes!" or "you'll be comfortable with your female body soon!!" its just ... eugh. i really just cant get a break lol


If you're still under your parents' roof/control, I'm sorry for you. On the other hand, I'm happy that you've realized your true self at a fairly young age. Took me until my 30's to acknowledge my bisexuality.


yeah, still in secondary school, unfortunately. probably gonna be stuck with this for a while but same!! im very thankful it took me only this long - and im glad to hear u discovered urself too!!! :)


Feel free to message me any time you get frustrated. <3


thanks dude !! :-)


My pleasure. FOR THE CAUSE!


I explain that I tried their religion and god failed me, so no thanks.


I don't they're the fucking idiots who believe in some imaginary person in the sky, fuck em.


Never had that happen. I also love religion, I'm very spiritual.