What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?

What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten?


If you can do something in two minutes, do it now.




“Your WinRar free trial period has ended!”




Has it really though?


This advice was given to me when I was working at an ISP in complaints. I believe it may be one of the single largest reasons that barely anything important got done.


If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you


applies to lifting weights


Never lend money you aren’t prepared to lose.


The saying I read quite a few years ago was "don't lend money to friends or family unless you can afford to lose both" this has helped me in making mostly good decisions on who I ever lend money to.


If someone offers you a breath mint, take it.


That's a really good advice. I usually hand out chewing gums, when I myself take some, to feel generous. It's good nobody offered me one while not taking one themselves yet.


i believe this don’t apply to strangers at a party


And then floss when you get home.


Unless you're a girl on a date. Pretty sure it implies a make out session


I was once made out with a girl in high school whose breath smelled like death. I invited she eat some popcorn, have a soda, that I make something for her to eat, etc., but she refused multiple times. Eventually, I convinced her to try some sort of season-specialty pastry my mom had made. It was the worst 20 minutes of making out, followed by the worst 45 seconds of trying to hit second base that I have ever experienced. I probably should have tested the waters before thinking “breath not smell like death anymore? Better make hay while the sun is shining.” It didn’t last long after and it never deserved to.


I had this experience with a girl at the drive in who took adderall pretty consistently. Terrible terrible breath. Think it was from such a dry mouth from the adderall


Unless you're allergic... :P which makes life interesting, finding adult toothpaste that isn't minty is a nightmare


I hate minty things so I use the arm and hammer brand. It’s worked really nicely for me and it’s held up as a good option. I’ve tried others that weren’t such a great quality.


Use kids toothpaste! It's just as good, only more flavor variety


Arm and hammer brand the baking soda type.


From my friend's late father, a wise old man from Trinidad: Any man can get your goat, if you let him know where your goat is tied.


I love this


Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from


Well that rules out like 98% of the people I interact with.


find new people then


Sorry bud, you're part of the 98%. No offense.


None taken, that's fair.


Yes. Exactly.


Study to the point where the tests seem like they're insulting your intelligence. Best calc professor Ive had


That's a really good way of putting it. I'll have to remember that. Something I've read in the past, that's sort of similar: "Don't just study until you \*can\* get the questions \*right\*. Study until you \*can't\* get the questions \*wrong\*."




When I procrastinate and get distracted I think...if a crackhead needs money to get his fix, he isn't going to say "ya know, I think I'm just not going to work for it today". No, he's going to hustle until he's got his fix. The idea that crackheads are on the streets out-hustling me, it makes it harder to procrastinate.


God I wish someone would get me hooked on crack, giving me my fix every time I study or clean my house or learn a skill.


When I was taking calculus I tell myself to study to the point where I can teach someone else.


Take care of yourself, even if that means realizing that you can't do it on your own. That's why I started going to therapy. Hardest but best decision of my life.


I was hesitant about going to therapy for year. I didn't feel I was "quite that bad", and that it seemed like extreme measures. Then a councilor essentially told me that doing nothing about it was also a choice I was making. That really made me stop and think. Deciding not get help, when it would be beneficial, just sounded so foolish. It really helped me shake some of the pride I had about it.


"You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. If words can control you, that means everyone can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass". it's easier said than done, but it's 100% true.


All my life I have struggled with taking criticism. I am never mad or upset I just start crying. I am getting much better at it now but sometimes I just can't help it. I am a people pleaser so usually when someone is giving criticism I feel like I failed them I have learned to control my emotions


Wow I have the exact same problem!! We sound like the same person! I wanna please everyone but it's so hard because it's impossible. Do you have tips for controlling this? I still haven't figured out how to stop being so sad after critisism.


I do really well when. I know the criticism is coming for example the other day at 10 am while I was at work my boss texted me from a different job saying she needed to talk to me. So when I got home at 3 she was there 30 min later I knew what was coming and it turned out ok. If I don't know it is coming I don't make I contact and just repeat to my self " you can't please everyone". I noticed big progress when the lady I work for that needed to talk to me but picks at every little thing so it was like practice. My biggest tip is it just takes time.


Thank you so much :) repeating "you can't please everyone" will most likely help me already! Thanks and good luck!


Pay your savings account FIRST. Don't wait until the day before you get paid to move the left overs into an account.


I've setup an auto transfer to move a set amount to my savings every payday. It's not a lot but it's not noticeable and I'm slowly building up a rainy day fund


Spend time with your loved ones before they die./


My brother just died very suddenly. I would give anything to have spent more time with him. You might not get as much time as you think you will, so make the best of what you’ve got.


If you want to have friends, you must first *be* one.


**laughs in introvert**


You can still be a good friend while being an introvert. Dont use it as an excuse not to put in effort.


Back2Bach hello again.


“When you’re in a new area, never pass up an opportunity to pee.” -My Dad


I'm just realizing that on all of the road trips I've taken the last few years I can't remember the whole drive, but I can definitely remember the random areas in the woods I pulled over to pee lol.


never be the first to arrive, the last to leave or the drunkest in the room


I've been first to arrive a couple of times. I don't see the problem. Made myself useful, helped get the tables setup, and got to pick the playlist. Plus your choice to leave in the middle is totally legitimized - you've been there longer than anyone!


Unless your friend is throwing a party and the turn out is bad.


Don't be mad when people act exactly like you expected them too.


You can be disappointed without being surprised


Point, counterpoint.


As I heard someone say regarding a certain 2016 presidential candidate his party nominated to his displeasure “when someone tells you who they are you should believe them”


This is the hardest one. It's even more infuriating when they act how you expected them to for some reason.


Don't care more than enough about someone else live or you will miss yours, And I have to say I'm really greatful for that advise, I avoided so many problems with people thanks to that advise, I don't remember who said it to me but I'm really greatful for those words


We are all just stories in the end, so make it a good one.


Tough times don't last. Tough people do. Sure it's cliche but there's loads of people that are tougher than anyone would've thought, themselves included.


when reading this I cant think of anything else than this video lol https://youtu.be/1puR8jGK03A


Soon as I saw this question all I could think of was Demi Demi


"When it's her moment stand behind her. When she's nervous stand beside her. When she's scared stand in front of her. The rest you'll figure out." - My Grandmother on women


What about the other, like, 95% of the time?


you'll figure it out


What if I'm scared? Grandma?


Stand in front of yourself


Stand on her roof and howl


Damn, that's profound.


My Dad’s advice when I went into military basic training almost 30 years ago was: “Don’t stand out, be average. The screw-up gets everyone pissed at them. The exceptional guy everyone wants to pull down or make an example of." He also said, that years later you will only remember the highlights and especially the funny stuff. He was spot on. I miss my dad.


Your dad sounds like a good guy


This is absolutely still true today. The leadership or additional duty positions that you hold in BMT mean nothing outside of BMT, where you will encounter people that don't care about these silly things because they're actually executing the mission. There's one guy in my BMT flight that I can barely barely remember, almost as though he was never there. I only remember him at all because he had a Budweiser crown tattoo. In retrospect I realize that that guy was some kind of subtle genius, the training instructors hardly knew he was there either.


We had two people seek leadership in BMT when it was offered by the TI (I was in the Air Force). One was pompous and liked being in charge, the other guy was well liked and a natural leader. Both regretted it. It’s absolutely thankless. Try hard, cooperate, don’t fuck up, don’t stand out, and you’ll coast though. One would almost think it was this way **by design**. Once we realized how much of it was a mind game, it suddenly got a lot easier. This was almost 40 years ago for me, but I doubt the lessons have changed.


My dad put it more tersely: “Keep a low profile.”


*Basic was just like papaw says:* *"Keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine"* *Just another enlisted egg* *In the bowl for Uncle Sam's beater* *When you get to Dam Neck* *Hear a voice in your head* *Saying, "my life's no longer mine"* *Have you running with some SAD SOG* *BMF sandeaters*


No one who is great at something was always great at it.


If you can’t change something, don’t complain about it. You’ll just feel worse than when you started.


Never rush growing up, enjoy being young while you are, it goes so fast


People treat you the way you teach them to.


still learning how to teach


"You have to ask for what you want from people, make your position clear." Don't just assume people know what your problem is, communication is key. It is great for relationships, work, friendships, school and even playing team sports or video games.


Boots first, THEN corset.


The first parking spot you find is the best parking spot! Meaning to not waste your time searching for a better one. The extra time spent driving around the parking lot negates time saved being closer to the door (provided you don’t have mobility problems).


I always find this behavior totally mystifying in the parking lot at the gym. Aren't they there for exercise?


God damnit if this isn't the most frustrating thing being in a vehicle with somebody searching for a spot. I'll never understand it.


I love seeing this behaviour at huge dog park near us. It's a 40-45min walk to do the loop, and you've circled 3 times now to park 2 car lengths closer to the entrance


You can do everything right and still be wrong. Basically, for me that's a reminder to enjoy the moments in life and enjoy the journey. It means for me to try hard for what I want, but to not think that doing everything right means that I will get what I want.




huh, interesting


Not as interesting as the mitochondria. They are the powerhouse of the cell.


Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. Under Siege 2 teaching life lessons


Be careful who you surround yourself with because eventually you’ll start to be like them


It doesn't matter what you know. All that matters is how quick you can find the answer. (More true in the IT field as things as constantly changing, what you knew to be true 6 months ago may no longer be true) One of my computer science professors told me this and I took it to heart. I may not know a lot but I can typically find the answer in a matter of minutes.


"Train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. Having self-control will get you further than constantly reacting to everything that’s trying to test your patience. Center yourself and remain calm in difficult or challenging situations."


Every human being is a soul who wants to live in a better world. They want a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, friends, and family to love and be loved by. Every person has hopes and dreams, can be sad, happy, laugh, and cry. Every horror in the world is the result of someone thinking differently of their enemy -- that their interpretation of what a better world means is different, but the basic goals are always the same, and we all experience the world the same way.


It’s largely a consequence of people wanting more of that good stuff for themselves and less for the other guy (or rather being indifferent to the other guy). We could feed the world many times over. Cure blindness caused by eye-worms with ease. Pay people a decent wage. It’s not because we hate those people, but rather because we are too selfish to let them share a bit more of the pie, and too stupid to understand that if you share pie with people, they will help you make more pies! Same with nature. People don’t hate it, they’re just too self-absorbed to help save it, and too ignorant to see the consequences of failing to do so.


Anyone can replace you in the job you do. It's not your job to boast about how irreplaceable you are, but to prove to them that they don't WANT to replace you. There's a difference.


It’s far better to feel lonely because you’re alone than to feel lonely because you’re with the wrong person


socks THEN shoes


what the hell have you been doing then


Shoes then socks, duh


f that I need to keep my shoes warm


If you live in Seattle, and don't go outside because it's raining, you will literally never get anything done. Works for dominant weather characteristics everywhere else I have lived.


I also feel like this is a metaphor. Not sure you intended it that way. Often people think “when I’m x, I’ll be happy, and so then I’ll do y.” There will always be another x in the way, so just do y now. I’m still learning how to do this.


The only thing you get from being on the fence is ass fucked by a fence post- My dad


"Don't be an idiot" Changed my life.


Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, "Would an idiot do that?" And if they would, I do not do that thing.


If you get into a physical fight, let them hit you first so that you can claim self defense.


When a drunkard at the bar tries to start a fight, politely say, loud enough for others to hear, "I appreciate the offer but, no thank you, I'm not gay". Then immediately but calmly walk away. The macho type of drunk that likes to start fights is almost always a homophobe. Leaves them confused just long enough to walk away. They usually won't approach again because they don't want to appear any gayer.


That usually didnt work at schools with zero tomerance policys but luckily I had one time where it did.


highschool deans taught me this lol


I get the logic but it's awful we have to think this way. Self defense can be preemptive; unfortunately the law might not agree


The black sheep of the family (office, school, any group) is always the most sensitive person People who show their feelings are the favorite targets of bullies.


I'd agree with you, the outlier in any group is often the most insightful, not conforming into group dynamics gives a person unique perspectives into group behaviour. But I'd also say that some black sheep are impulsive troublemakers. But it takes all kinds.


What you learn stays with you forever and no one can take it away


except dementia


Measure twice. Cut once.


For chemists - Label clearly. Measure twice. Eat elsewhere


Never play chess with a pigeon. They’ll knock over all the pieces, shit on the board and strut around like they won.


"Never change yourself for a woman. Because when she leaves you, you won't even have yourself left." This was said during a summer vacation in Wildwood. We went to the McDonalds right by the rental with my friends dad's buddy who was wasted 24/7 for the trip. I didn't really think much if it, mostly just a funny memory until my girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me. Then it made sense why he was drinking at all the time.


Choose your battles. Win the ones YOU need to win. Let the rest go and ignore the drama.


Dismiss whatever insults your own soul.


If it won’t matter in 2 months try not let it ruin your day


Is this really the hill you want to die on?


If it's a tiny, insignificant hill, hell yeah I will


Wait what hill?


This one wasn’t directed at me but it really stuck with me “your mental disability explains your behavior, it does not excuse it”


A fool doesn’t learn from their mistakes A smart person does learn from their mistakes A wise person learns from other peoples mistakes


Make money doing what you're good at so you can finance what you love.


Don’t be afraid to show gratitude. I don’t know why, but for most of my life I was embarrassed to reach out and thank people for a variety of things. I’d say “thanks” to stuff like everyone does. But feeling comfortable giving specific and thoughtful expressions of gratitude has been a journey well worth taking.


Relax your shoulders.


If you cant buy it twice, dont buy it


Apart from like houses


Sry, I don't understand this one. Can someone explain? Is it trying to say you must really like what you are buying? Or that you need excess money in the bank for a rainy day?


If you can't afford the cost of buying two of something, then you should consider yourself unable to afford the cost of one.


when shooting, aim with both eyes


learned that one from John Smith in Pocahontas


Don't care what other people think. Not everyone is going to like you.


Sometimes it's better to do the right thing than to be right.


"The first step to being good at something is sucking at it."


bad memories eventually turn into good ones doesnt apply to everthing in life but definitley applicable


Be your own credit card. Instead of having a 10,000 limit card that you use, save up that 10,000 1 time that you can never touch. Now when you use your card, pay it off immediately (that day). Then instead of making payments to the CC company to free up your limit. You repay yourself in this other account. If you have 8,000 in that account, then you have an 8000 credit limit. If you have 0, then you're out of credit and can't use the card. Literally will save some folks at least 10's of thousands of dollars in their lifetime.


don't eat yellow snow


Everyone is nervous. & Never label yourself or anyone with anything. (i.e. identity is stupid)


You just labelled everyone as nervous.....


but it is safe and it is often true rather than risk your mental health to deal with the people you should avoid


Don't argue with an idiot, they'll bring down to their level and beat you with experience


If you are presented with a task that only takes a few minutes to complete, do it right now. Don't put it off and let some insignificant task haunt you. As a procrastinator, I felt like this was condescending advice. If I could just DO the things, I wouldn't have a problem with procrastinating. But I found myself keeping this idea in mind, and realizing "oh, this will only take like 30 seconds, I guess I should just do it!"


Fortune favors the bold. A friend of mine told me this when I was scared to tell another friend that I liked him. Here I am, 12 years later, married to that guy.


Trust your gut. It’s correct, even if you don’t know why.


"It doesn't matter if someone has it worse then you, you're still having a hard time and that makes your problems valid and gives you the right for help"


Leaving Air Force basic training, and asked an old Master Sergeant for advice. He told me to always make sure there is at least one state between you and your family. Gave me a chance to grow up and make it on my own.


Never underestimate your ability to have a positive impact.


An old boss once told me everyone you come in contact with can teach you something you didn't know. I miss that fucker...


Find a balance between living in the moment and working for the future. Too much of one thing will likely lead you down an unhappy path.


Ask for what you want. Be ok with “no” for an answer.


lying might give you a short moment of relief, but it's gonna make you pay tenfold


Get a casual/part time job as soon as you can when in high school.


If they ain’t payin your bills pay them bitches no mind


If you keep doing what you're doing, then you'll keep getting what you're getting.


That respect is key, I didn’t really take it into consideration untill I came across someone with a different political view as me and actually had a respectful conversation, there is so much disrespect is politics and noone cares what the other side has to say and therefore lots of fights happen because of it. it wasn’t until i actually sat down and let the other person talk and actually took into acknowledgement what they were saying and was respectful that there was then room for a friendship to be created. This happened 6 years ago and I’m still friends with that person today, and asthough we disagree on a lot of stuff we were able to look past that and have respect for one another. I might not explain it well but there’s a YouTube video called why i as a black man attend kk k rallies who explains it a lot better and gives a more detailed view of where I’m coming from.


Not exactly advice but mr Rogers “ I like you just the way you are” is the best thing I’ve ever heard. He’s truly an inspiring man and I wish I could’ve met him and given him a hug


Time is going to pass whether you do it or not. You can either do it now or wish you had later in life. Obviously context is key on this, but I went back to school for an engineering degree after feeling like it was too late to do. I graduate in May


Don't be silly with your *willy*


Imagine everyone like ducks on the water. They may appear to be swimming effortlessly on the surface, but if you look below you’ll see they’re all kicking furiously to stay afloat. Life is struggle, and you aren’t less than for finding it hard


I mean its a nice sentiment but ducks do literally float on the water, and so u could see their feet arent moving lol.


If you want to do it then just do it


Be smart, not right


You gotta love yourself. Not in a "im so pretty" kinda way but in a "i care for myself and listen to my own needs"


Always try to put some money away as a habit. Over time it can amount to something you never had.


Work with your strengths and stop spending your life trying to fix all of your weaknesses.


Don't be sorry. Be better. Yes I know it's from GOW but it stuck with me. Zero point in saying sorry if you aren't going to use it a lesson tomorrow and be better


Don't compare yourself to others - that way lies madness.


In Bangkok first time, old British dude at a bar tells me to always shake the masseuse's hand so you know what kind of massage you're going to get while there. Scenario 1: her hand is hard as rock and crushes yours. You're getting a legit massage Scenario 2: her hand is soft and delicate. You're likely not getting a massage, extra "services" will be offered instead Scenario 3: "her" hand is much bigger than yours. You're likely getting more than you bargained for


Never. ever. try. heroin.


Trust your instincts


You can make as many mistakes as you want at a job, so long as you don't make the same one twice.


don't get angry, just pretend to be angry.


do not use a fork to get toast out of toaster.


It’s better to be be alone than wishing you were.


To tell yourself that you want to do things not that you have to do them. I found myself saying I had to do things that I really wanted and it turned them into a chore instead of something I could enjoy.


When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


Don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your dick


How am I supposed to make this sandwich then?


Well I guess I'm about to get a lot more stingy with my handshakes...


Guess I better buy some dick mittens then.


Condoms, my dude. The word you’re thinking of is condoms. Unless there’s a thumb involved....you know what, it’s fine. Let’s leave it at condoms.


Invest in the stockmarket


Time in the market >>>>>> timing the market


Don't hold in your crap


Leave your friends when they turn bad, whoever dear they are you to