What should society stop forcing on us?

What should society stop forcing on us?


Junk mail


It's just a waste of paper and the post office's time at this point, it should be illegal. EDIT: According to several other commenters, junk mail is what is keeping the post office running at the moment. It's a shame that the post office isn't just **funded** as a public service like it should be, but I guess it's a good thing that something is keeping it afloat.


I saved it all up and weighed it in 2019. Eighty fucking pounds of paper. Which I read none of ......


then utilize the pyromaniac inside you.


as someone with a backyard fire pit, I love junk mail. It makes great tinder to get things started.


I haven't received junk mail in at least 4 years.. maybe more.. I have a little sign in my mailbox that says "no unaddressed ad mail". In Canada, they have to abide by it. Nothing since I put that there except the odd political junkmail which they have to deliver by law. Everything I get has my name and address on it. Same with paper advertising rolls they throw on your doorstep. I emailed some email address I found online and I haven't received a thrown flyer in probably 2 years. They just skip my house now. Can't seem to stop the religious and other door-to-door people who jamb info cards into the door though.


The problem in the US is that the junk mail is addressed to us. 90% is credit card applications. I'm not lying when I say I get at least one a day. The application also has my name typed on it, so I have to take it out of the envelope, separate the application, shred the application, then recycle the envelope and disclosure pages.


You can opt out of getting those. I used this process posted on the Federal Trade Commission Government Site, and I haven't gotten one in years. I used to get dozens. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/prescreened-credit-and-insurance-offers#opt


The need to create an account for EVERY website or software. Wtf, I just want to install my graphics drivers! There's no reason for you to know who I am, you already have many thousands of my monies.


This! It's so out of control.


Either that, or you're supposed to download their app. Yeah, I'm gonna fill up my phone with crap, just so I can find stuff in your disorganized store. The crazy thing is, a lot of people will mindlessly do this, then complain that they "need" a better & more expensive phone.


The idea of hobbies becoming "side hustles". Why cant a hobby just be a hobby


Like my father always said: Don't turn your hobby into your work, because you'll have to find a new hobby.


I kind of agree, but I made my hobby my work and it makes me love doing my work. Did find another hobby though...


Yes this is so frustrating! I think the pandemic has made it worse in a way. A friend of mine keeps saying "if you're good at it and enjoy it wouldn't you want to make a business out of it?" Like no. This is for me and I enjoy it but I wouldn't want to do it every day, or for other people and have to listen to their wants and needs. It's a hobby, not a potential product or service.


I've been hit up by people online about painting miniatures on commission and a few got really shirty when I told them that it's just a hobby for me and that I wasn't really interested in painting for pay. Not least because I barely have time for my own stuff and finishing something to the quality that caught their eye can take 1 - 2 months worth of the free time I have for that activity.


Ads The ad bombardment is reaching a truly infuriating level. To the point where I purposefully do everything possible to ignore them.


A few years ago, the NYC subways started installing big electronic message boards in all the train stations. I was super excited because I assumed they would be used for train updates, or maybe even a touch function to find your way. Nope. All advertising. What a fucking waste.


To be fair the ad agencies paid to put those up on the agreement that the MTA would get a slide for their own messages. That being said it’s so annoying that you never know how long it’s going to take for the arrival times to come up, so I always end up just walking the length of the platform to find the overhead ones.


And suddenly, New York subways find all their live ad displays on their subways are smashed beyond use. Witnesses say they have no idea who did it, and insisted that they always looked like that. One subway passenger suggested someone should have just installed the program u-block as 'it would have been cheaper'. More at 11.


In Sweden it's at least mostly government ads like "let's recycle!", "stop putting this shit in your sink, jesus christ" and "don't undercook your own hamburgers this summer. The restaurants you're trying to copy use specific meat, not just any old frozen hamburger". There's also news articles, which I think works well since it's usually non-political like Covid information (back when I still went there in Feb 2020) or that someone's in the hospital because they undercooked their hamburger.




It's at least a medium rare phenomenon. (No, it's just something I remember well)


I was trying to enjoy some classical music on YouTube earlier today. One long continuous piece, about 13-14 minutes. And yet there were three ad breaks embedded in the video. Imagine if you were trying to enjoy a night out, listening to a live symphony orchestra and every 5 minutes the music just abruptly stopped so a 15 second ad could play. Fucking. Enraging.


Granted this only works on actual computers, but: UBlock Origin. I installed it in a fit of ad-induced rage one day and from that point on *will not* internet without it.


Youtube Vanced works on Android phones


I've have adblocking software on all of my computers (work and personal) for years but hadn't done it for youtube on my phone out of laziness. I also recently went into an ad-induced fit of rage after a video I was listening to to fall asleep had double unskippable ads in the beginning, another couple ads sprinkled in the middle, and two more at the end of like a 21 minute video. It may not sound like much but like 10-15% of that video runtime was just ads. I ended up installing Vanced. It feels so great not to have ads anymore. It seriously makes the internet and YouTube so much nicer


I've lived with so few ads online due to my aggressive ad blocking (uBlock on Firefox and Pi-Hole for everything else) that when I use someone else's machine or phone with no blocking, it's *so fucking jarring* to see all this blinky pop up shit all over my screen getting my attention. And then unskippable ads on every video. Fuck my LIFE the modern web experience is terrible.


I became aggressive about adblocking during the age of malicious ads. Companies these days are like 'but we fixed that problem, there aren't any drive-by viruses', yeah, but you also tend to put a dog down after they've bitten a few people. I try my hardest to avoid ads of any sort, even to the point that it unfairly punishes good websites that I would want to support via ads. I just can't bring myself to allow that risk again.


Every time I go to a website that blocks content and asks me to turn my ad-blocker off: "well, I guess this site will forever remain a mystery. Buh-bye..."


I’ve started to use ads as ways to limit where I’ll shop. I listen to the radio on my drive to work and it’s often more ads than news or music. I constantly hear these annoying adds of mattress stores, law firms, too good to be true weight loss, and every time I make a mental note not to do business with those places


My breaking point was, when Samsung decided to show me an ad in the menu of a TV I already payed hundreds of dollars for. I ALREADY PAYED FOR IT, LEAVE ME ALONE.






Subscription based services. Everybody out here wants your money now on a monthly schedule.


I'm ok with that for certain services - stuff like Netflix I really don't mind paying a monthly fee, for monthly content. But if what you're selling is basically software, but on a rental basis? Nah. Do Not Want.


Some iPhone app wants like $30/year for the app subscription. Fucking stupid.


Dude, there are mobileidle games and shit that charge a monthly subscription for the "premium" A fucking IDLE MOBILE GAME


Nothing stops me from giving a company money like that. This app is nice, I wouldn't mind paying 5-10 bucks for it. Subscription. Nooooope.


A big thing with it though is the additional services. Like storage or stuff like that. Thing is, not everyone wants or needs that. Why should I be forced to pay for things I am never going to use when I just want the software?? \*looks at Adobe\*


Fucking Adobe is the worst. Just let me pay for this year's version of the applications with one year of updates and lifetime security updates. Is that too much to ask for?


Subscription based home fitness services are the wildest to me. You mean people *want to* buy a $3000 spin bike and still pay $30-40 a month to have someone yell at you to pedal faster? That one's not even as crazy as the fitness mirror, which are also $1500-$3000, have a subscription fee, and are just some dude yelling at you to do pushups. You can get that for free by joining the army. I'm just sitting here with my squat rack and barbell in my basement that I only had to pay for once in awe of these companies' business models and the direction the market is going.


It makes sense for some things, especially things that need to maintain infrastructure. But far too many things try to get far too much money monthy for single-instance products.


Donating your vacation time to coworkers because the company you work for is shitty. There was a natural disaster and one of the stores in the chain I worked for got flooded. Instead of just giving people time off because they literally couldn't work they asked everyone to give up the few paid days off we got a year. Most of us got less than a week off a year.


During the winter storm this past February in Texas, my company lost power for three days, so it was impossible to work. They forced everyone to use PTO for those days. And our PTO expires at the end of each calendar year.


How do they force you to take PTO? Expiration is one thing but the work place not functioning is their problem.


If gets worse. From my experience, senior employees that are typically paid more have more vacation time to donate. The company gets to save money by allowing higher paid employees to give paid leave to lower paid employees.


In my experience with my past company it was a dollar for dollar conversion. I gave my BIL a week of my vacation for a wedding gift. It actually came out to 2 weeks for him. Which he was then allowed to sell or use.


This is some /r/LateStageCapitalism shit right here


I had a coworker who had a life threatening sickness that kept them out of work for a few months. We got multiple emails asking if we wanted to donate our sick/vacation time to this person so they could get paid while dealing WITH A LIFE THREATENING MEDICAL CONDITION. It made me absolutely sick the company, that was making record profits, couldn’t just pay this person out of kindness while they were fighting for their life


> couldn’t just pay this person out of **kindness** while they were fighting for their life The rest of the civilized world call that "the law".


Having to constantly be busy and only have 2 days to recover from it.


Most of the time it only feels like one day to recover. Friday your tired from work, Saturday you recover, and Sunday all you can do is think about Monday.


For me Saturday is the "Do everything you had no time for during the week" day. And it can be just as draining as another day of work.


I have a 4 day work week. Everyone should have a 4 day work week. Edit: Some of you need to know that I don't work a 32 or 35 hr work week. I work a 40 hour work week at 10 hrs a day and am perfectly fine with the arrangement.


In college I had a 4 day school week. Everyone should have a 4 day school week.


I usually spend Saturday taking care of errands that piled up during the week in hopes that I'd get at least Sunday to rest.


Not even true. Friday you are tired. Saturday you run errands do things that need to be done, then Sunday you recover while having the stress of thinking about Monday


This. The mentality of "grind till you die" is so so so annoying that I have no words how much I hate this. I hate when people ask you what do you do for a living so that they can decide how much respect to give you.


The people who brag about how they're constantly on their grind as though it's a mark of moral superiority don't realise that they're the wheat and not the miller.


I find the whole 5 days a week on, 2 off thing pretty infuriating. I work a 9-5 and would easily be done everything in way less time but I am required to drag it out for no reason.


The people who have established this norm are the sort that are busy 7 days a week & *still* feel like they're lazy for not working fast enough. I've actually known one or two people like that.


I mean close, but the actual people who established it were rich business owners who wanted people working in their factories as much as possible to maximise production for them (often while they enjoyed the wealth generated via the labour of their employees). It's only thanks to unionisation that it even went down to five days, prior to this it was a six day week, and the seventh was only a day off so people could attend church. Of course five day weeks only made sense when it was only men working, as women were expected to do household chores during the week. This division of labour allowed for less things needed to be done on the weekend, you wouldn't spend your weekend getting all your chores done ready for Monday. This was also a time when jobs paid people enough for a family to survive on one person, rather than the stagnation levels seen today where working multiple jobs is the only way many people can make ends meet.


>rather than the stagnation levels seen today Where wages stay the same but the prices still go up


Workaholics are a different breed.


Beauty standards for men and women that’s pushed onto 7-15 year olds


This. Before the pandemic, my classmates didn't really look like they were trying to look "good." But now, I saw so many girls wearing makeup, heavily styling their hair, getting rid of their glasses, and probably a lot more stuff I'm missing out on. The guys were fine, the only thing they really changed was their hair.


i feel like gymculture is the equivalent for boys rn


I knew I was probably missing something! But yes, you're right. My male classmates from my old school apparently have muscles from working out a lot.


That we have to be available at all times because of our phones. I get it if you’re late for something, or have plans with someone; but you always are pushed to be available. I miss the days of the landline and answering machines or that texts weren’t instant. For example, I put Do Not Disturb on for sleep each night as I value my private time. I’ll wake up to 20 texts, updates, at least two if not three phone calls and voicemails. It’s insane! Also on that note you don’t get to leave your work at work, they own you at home because they can text you. I’ve had bosses harass me when I’m off or just got home because non-consequential BS is more important. The texts are: Why aren’t you answering? Why aren’t you this or that? If you don’t answer you’re fired! Mind this isn’t life or death stuff or accounts this is whether or not so and so drained the water cooler, or who’s bringing coffee next week or can you bring something for potluck. It’s not “Hey let’s hammer out these accounts” or “Our RM is flying in please have these ready.” Or “Double checking everything is done, have a good night.” The other pettiness is absolute BS. You want to hit back with: Brittany I’m at home because, I’m off and all is done at work please leave me alone. Or “Kim, I’m asleep it’s 11:30 at night and I’m exhausted from running your store all da?!$ day because, you took a 5 hour smoke break.” Then if you don’t answer it’s WWIII when you get there and you’re public enemy number 1. Then what follows the harassment on a nightly basis is they push you to come in on your days off. Then it could be the only day off you’ve had in a month and you need serious mental decompression. They say things like “You’re not a good communicator at all” or “You lied on your resume that you’re reliable” it’s no honey no, I didn’t sign up to be your personal slave and you owning me because we have text messages.


I just turn my work laptop and work phone off completely outside of office hours. If I'm not being paid to be on-call or it isn't part of my contract, then I shouldn't be doing it.


Fuck yea, define your boundaries. If they don't like it find somewhere else to wor and make you expectation clear from the start.


Agreed. I do the same. My company is actually really good about having no problems with this. Only management is expected to be able to be reached outside of work hours. I’m not management, so I’m off the grid for them.


Auto reply: I will be happy to address your concerns during work hours.


This does not apply to work only. Sometimes friends and family can be just as bad. I travel around the world for work and get texts and calls and “why aren’t you picking up/responding?” messages constantly. Often I eventually reply “well I know for you it was 730 at night but it was 3am to me after a 20 hour day and I wanted to sleep”. Ugh! I hate feeling like I’m reachable at all times to everyone.


I had a friend get really upset with me a couple weeks ago when he got in trouble with the police at 4 am and tried calling me 6 times. I keep my phone on silent when I'm asleep because I value my sleep. Apparently that makes me a "bad friend".


It's one thing if you're having some form of personal issues and just needed to talk to someone, sure I'd feel bad I missed that. If you're out and about at 4am and doing shit that makes the police warrant attention, that's your own damn problem and absolutely no need for me to be bothered.


My old boss tried this crap with me exactly once. He text me directly at 9pm on a Saturday. I didn’t reply, I didn’t read it, I just blocked his number. Came in on Monday and he took me aside to ask if he’d offended me. I told him no, why? He said he’d noticed I’d blocked his number (so obviously he kept trying to text me). I told him Saturday is my time. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Never got another text from him.


>Never got another text from him. Well yeah, you blocked his number.


I am very thankful I work in a career that is physically impossible for me to take home with me. I have no ongoing projects because I can't. It doesn't work that way. I have no deadlines. I go in, I put in my 8, I go home.


The idea that social media is the only way for people to know you.


My husband isn't on social media and his coworker asked him what he does after work. He said "You're not on facebook, snapchat or tiktok, so what do you do??" Such a weird question.


In my kids yearbook this year the freshman class voted for their “most fun outside of school activity,” it was being on their phones...I died a little inside with that one.


Pretty good example of a lack of detailed data. You don't know if "being on their phones" means "bullying their classmates on tiktok" or "listening to a Thus Spoke Zarathustra audiobook".


If it’s any consolation, in the 2000s if you asked high schoolers that same question the response would have definitely been chatting on instant messenger on the computer. Other things on the list included playing video games, texting with friends and downloading music. Don’t be too disheartened, technology has been dominant for teens for twenty years.


Also the amount of thought put into the answer was probably almost nothing. Source; I've voted on yearbook questions and just wanted it out of my face.


That's also true lol.


Yep. Also a lot of parents tend to stick phones and tablets in front of their toddlers’ faces to keep them busy nowadays, so it shouldn’t really be that surprising either.


>in the 2000s if you asked high schoolers that same question the response would have definitely been chatting on instant messenger on the computer This would have been my answer at the time. I didn't get along super well with the people in my immediate area and I mostly socialised on the internet. In my early teens I spent almost all of my free time talking to my online friends, pirating albums and movies, reading stuff online, etc, and I actually think it was a net positive for my life.


When somebody asks me for my non existent Facebook information, I take that as they want to connect with me. So I give them my phone number with an open invitation to text or share memes with me anytime.




The amount of people that have bugged me to download Snapchat just really confuses me. I'm like YOU HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. WHY CAN'T YOU TEXT ME LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING?!? I refuse to download it.


Us vs Them mentality


That working more means that you’re a better person. Shorten working hours.




Micro transactions. It was annoying when it began with video games but now it's starting to makes its way into everything. Just earlier I was looking at the Google play store and they have the new points system. Basically you spend IRL money on in app purchases and they give you a certain amount of points for it. Get 100 points and you get $1 to spend on the play store. I'm afraid to see where this business model will go. The scariest part is now effective I feel it will be.


Micro transactions are the worst. The idea that I constantly have to pay a little bit extra to get the rest of the product I already payed for drives me crazy.


The idea a person can never constructively criticize a social/political movement for its inherent flaws, even if it is "good" in nature.


But it's your team. You never bash your political team. We have to stay united behind our team, otherwise the enemy team wins the politicsball. /s


George washington is rolling in his grave


George Washington has been a perpetual cyclone in his grave for a LOT of years now.


just that you cant criticize *anything* without the comeback of "then why are you here then". well, i'm here because i enjoy \_\_\_\_\_. but \_\_\_\_\_\_ is not working for me and i felt the need to vent and to see if i am not alone in these feelings.


This this this. I have SO many problems with movements I would just about die for! I want those movements to be the best they could be, and I can't improve them without looking their flaws in the eye!


The idea that your salary is equivalent to your worth as a person.


Toxic corporate culture. CEO worship. LinkedIn is pure cancer


I HATE the toxic positivity that is forced on you in a corporate environment. The idea that you HAVE to love and be excited for every new thing happening in the company, and if you try to share any critical feedback or disproval, you're "ruining the company's culture".


"I'm sorry, boss, but if you want somebody to suck your dick, call your wife like the rest of us do."


It’s Facebook for wankers. Got advised to use it by my mentor at work, and I have no idea what to do with it


Create profile, exclusively add contacts from outside your company, ignore until dissatisfied with job when it will be useful to find contacts at other companies to get a job from.


Our company use LinkedIn it's like a circle jerk for management from different companies to congratulate themselves. Once I made the mistake of putting a controversial comment under one of the company posts. I got called on my day off by someone from the HR department about it and then had a meeting with a site manager, comment was also removed since it went against the company whitewash.


Well no one is forcing anyone, but everyone assumes you want from have kids. And if you don’t everyone has a lot of questions and they start judging and trying to change your mind.


The worst is when people gesture to their own kids and say "Don't they make you want to have your own?" The answer to that is always "No.", but if you say that, it sounds like you're insulting their kids.


Someone said that to me and I laughed. They did not like that response.


Honestly that's the only proper response!! LOL!


I have two kids, and I would definitely not recommend it to anyone who doesn't really want them. It's so hard. I really feel like for me, my kids have brought a lot of fulfillment to my life, but I also get really tired and wish I could just do whatever I want without thinking about anyone else's needs or preferences sometimes, and (unless you're a shitty parent) you just can't do that when you have young kids. I find it nuts that people try to talk folks into having kids knowing how difficult it is.


"I'm not taking your kids, Debbie."


The moment it comes up and I say I don't have any kids or want any kids, ever, for any reason, I am *bombarded* by reasons I should.


I had this conversation with my parents and a family friend once, several years ago. I said I wasn't interesting in having kids, ever. My dad pounces on me and asks "What's wrong with having kids?" I swear, not having kids is like a criminal offence to the world.


It’s especially hard now that my wife’s cousins all have babies. All we hear from either side of the family is, when are you gonna have kids? I’m ready to be a grandma! Your office would be perfect for a nursery! Blah blah blah. Like I used to not care either way if we had kids but now I’m definitely leaning towards not having kids. And it stresses my wife out to the point she gets Fomo about having a baby.


>Your office would be perfect for a nursery! It's also perfect for an office!


Kids are incredibly expensive. Healthcare in the USA is expensive. Daycare is about $20 per hour per child. Having a baby doesn't always work out picture perfect. My neighbors baby spent months in NICU, and the bills probably amassed over 1 million. Diapers for my kids 30 years ago were about $30 to $40 per month. I'm sure it's more now. Pregnancy is a tremendous stress on a relationship, and on a womans body of course. It takes a long time to recover. Often people pressuring others to have kids are nowhere to be seen when it comes to helping out and supporting once the kids are there.


Dude, when I told my office I was engaged, one of my coworkers literally tried to talk me into having kids. "They make your life better!" He says. No, they make your life broke and stressful.


Oh my god, all the fucking time. My and my gf are 25, and all the time we hear shit like "so when are the kids coming?" When we say absolutely never people look at you like you just spit on their grandma. Then the "well what if...?" questions and its just like no, there is literally no situation where we will have children. End of story. Why is it so hard for people to grasp?


\-When are you two having kids? How was your morning bowel movement? \-that's a bit too persona... NO SHIT!


>How was your morning bowel movement? quite productive actually


> there is literally no situation where we will have children. End of story. Why is it so hard for people to grasp? Here's your answer:misery loves company. Those who have children can't stand the idea that someone else isn't going to go through the hardships they had to endure raising children-"You've got it way too easy/you're lazy/you're irresponsible."I'm in my 60s,never had kids and I've heard all kinds of shit from others who wanted me to believe I'm not normal.Yes,I am-get over it.


Start talking about it in ways that make the other person uncomfortable. "The thought of my ejaculate reaching her eggs makes me pretty uncomfortable." "Why are you so invested in if we want semen to hook up with the egg and multiply?' "Sex is really fun and we don't want kids to cock block us in the future." "We have a stock pile of plan b and a buy 2 get one free coupon for abortions, just in case the need comes up."


And they’re fucking everywhere too. I went off on a woman on freaking youtube that replied to a comment I posted, telling me I was silly for not wanting kids and how wonderful they are, then saying how my life is a shithole for flipping her off.


I never get questions because I preemptively answer the questions. "No kids for me. I like having time, money, unbroken things and silence."


If you don't have kids your 30s are just your 20s but with money. Also all my friends who have kids say there dream day is a day away from the kids where they can just sleep in and relax. That's every fucking day without kids


Came here for this. And I wouldn't agree that no one is being forced, because [this data exists](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_the_United_States_by_state) because "the pregnant person said she no longer wants to be pregnant anymore" isn't always enough to grant her the termination she desires for her own body.


Celebrities and "influencers".


Political parties. What did the first US president say? Don't have parties.


Founding fathers: "Don't divide yourself into two parties." Also the founding fathers: "Here's a system which naturally forms two parties LMAO."


I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly, it was George Washington who said in his final address to America to NOT form political parties, but then some of the other founding fathers such as Jefferson and Hamilton did exactly that


He said this as he was firmly entrenched in the federalist party. So take it with a grain of salt. It was a platitude not a proclamation.


> What did the first US president say? Don't have parties. Screw you, Washington! I'll have my friends over for food and booze whenever I damn well please!


Food and booze is basically how the United States started.


But how else would politicians create tension and division between demographics to hate monger their way into office?


Working from an office 5 days a week


This one I'm feeling a lot of animosity towards. During the pandemic I have proven that I'm completely capable of doing my job remotely with the occasional office visit and we're due back to do 50% attendance in a few weeks and I'm sure shortly after it'll be 100% attendance. My morale is going to be so far in the gutter once that happens. No matter how busy or not I am I'll be forced to sit in my cubicle because "that's how it's always been done". Fuck that.


This is something I’ve been having a hard time with. I work in a factory where we put in 40 hours Mon-Thurs and then another 9 on Friday. On top of that, we’re always pressured to come in Saturday too. I know this is a first world problem but work weeks should max out at 40 hours and everything besides that is optional overtime.


Depending on where you live, it is optional. I do 10hrs a day and will get asked for Saturday. I say no when I don't want to and that's that. Company doesn't have a leg to stand on and so they can't force us. We work it because we want to money.


It is optional, but they use scummy tactics like guilt tripping to get us to come in. Ive had hard time saying no to anyone in my life, especially my boss, but recently I’ve been telling them that I just want to enjoy my weekends. They treat me like a completely different person now.


Advertisements. They are everywhere. I love streaming with no ads, it’s just so much more relaxing not having some loud douchebag yell at me about something I don’t want every 7 minutes.


40 hour work weeks.


I seriously hope the idea of a 4 day working week takes off soon.


My school had 4 day week Tuesday- Friday


Where was this?


The fact that everyone on the internet is either a pedophile, kidnapper, etc. Like nana, this online person I'm talking to and have literally been in a call with is not trying to kill me!


I feel like this is a very "Growing up in the 90s/2000s" sort of issue, and I don't see it as much with younger generations. Growing up, my parents were incredibly inquisitive when I was playing on my Xbox, for example. They'd always demand to know who I was talking to when playing, and no matter how many times I tried to explain that this was someone my age or that I was just talking to people in a random lobby, they'd be convinced that I was about to become a victim of some heinous crime. No mom, it's just a Halo 3 lobby! Even as I grew older it persisted with the whole "Online friends aren't real people, get off the computer and mow the lawn this very instant, not in half an hour!" sort of stuff, despite the fact that some of the best friends I've had I met over the internet. With everyone I was friends with at the time when I was young, their parents pretty much all had the same mindset. On a positive note that I briefly mentioned above, it seems to me that the younger generation of parents raising kids now are much more understanding of the internet and don't seem to demean it as much. Probably a consequence of folks who had internet access in their teens and twenties who are now raising kids.


The idea that one elected official can somehow magically fix everything wrong with a country.


Cancel culture, particularly as it relates to something someone did or said when they were young and stupid.


Caring about what other people think. Sometimes it's also wise not listen to what people say. Pretend you're deaf.


Ads, just fuck off with these people


The Kardashians and others like them. The need to have the perfect body, face, makeup, etc. It's ridiculous, unattainable, and unnecessary.




You gotta sit down and be humble


The "if you're not 100% with us then you're against us" attitude. Also, the concept that people who disagree with you are the enemy. Wish everyone was a bit more live and let live.


Work. Not saying that work is inherently bad and no one should do it, but our mentality that everyone should always be either in school or having a job or retired *no matter what* is toxic. It allows companies to abuse their workers because they can't survive without a job. When we invent automation that makes less work necessary we don't celebrate that we can work less, instead we do everything we can to invent more shit jobs and penalize people who can't find jobs because we can't imagine that working less could actually be a good thing.


The expectation for men to hold back their feelings for the sake of image.


Holding back feelings in general. I'm female but growing up I was yelled at whenever I cried. It's caused a lot of mental anguish. As an adult I'm so bad at regulating my emotions and it's really hard for me to open up to people. My relationships (platonic and romantic) suffered and I have a terrible handle on my anger because I just let it pent up till I explode. It's exhausting. I've grown to recognized that I have anger issues and emotional barriers so I like to believe that I've come a long way. I'm not where I want to be and it's a lot of work but the fact men especially suffer from this is terrible and it is a mindset that needs to go.


That a university degree is the only way to be "successful"


Good thing is, it looks like this is starting to go away, if slowly.


Liberal arts degree holder here--College is great if you're getting licensed for something specific that pays well, but if you just go for a general type of degree, the debt just isn't worth it.


Narcissism, Materialism, Over-competitiveness


Twitter That shit can fuck straight off


Ikr, it's the most toxic hate filled cesspool on the entire internet.


Twitter: people bullying each other over little jokes.




But we are living in a material world!


And I am a material girl


The myth that humans need to murder animals and eat flesh to survive.


The concept that you aren’t valid or normal for not enjoying/liking sex or romance at all or as much as other people.


Pretty sure that my older brother is aromantic, and possibly asexual. He just never has had an interest in romantic relationships after the first one he tried didn't work out. More power to him, I say: he figured out it didn't work for him instead of trying to pursue further relationships just to appease societal expectations.


I have this but with alcoholic beverages. everyone says that I should get a beer, drink some wine or bacardi, but I DO NOT WANT TO because I think it's disgusting and I have told them many times. however, they repeatedly tell me to do so.


The belief that you HAVE to date, have sex, and get married. Some of us don't want to do any of that and there's nothing wrong with it. I'm sick of the social pressure to date.


Me too. I've known people that have been in relationships since they were 13 or 14 and then married, but maybe not to the same person. In my cousin's case, he married his wife when she was 18 and they had been together since she was 14. Same with my brother-in-law, he met his wife when she was 14 or 15. It makes me think people enjoy some of your youth without being part of a couple.. I always hated the boyfriend/daring questions like it was the only thing to do. But divorces skyrocketed in the late 70 and early 80s. As if they finally figured you didn't have to get married to be valuable. I wonder how many who married from 16-20 would actually do it if they could go back. Though I was always embarrassed about not having boyfriends in my early 20s looking back it was probably more of a good thing.


Divorces skyrocketed back then because of the adoption of no-fault divorce. Prior to it getting a divorce was fault based and you had to prove your reason. Just being unhappy with some (you probably married at 18) wasn’t a justifiable reason.


For every problem you have you either need to call a lawyer or take a pill. Turn on any US TV channel, half the commercials are call a lawyer or take this drug. I'm not saying that they're never needed, they are, but as a society, at least as an American, we are seemingly too quick to sue or take a pill vs. face reality first and maybe work it out without it. Like I said, it's not always possible, but the way we're doing it is also way overkill.


Preferably take a pill, suffer a side effect, and then call a lawyer.


>Turn to any US TV channel, half the commercials are call a lawyer or take this drug I find that it’s actually 1/3 lawyer commercials, 1/3 drugs, and 1/3 insurance


"Respect your elders" just because you are old doesn't give you the right to talk shit constantly


Everyone deserves a base modicum of respect. UNTIL they do/say something. From that moment on, only those people who merit respect deserve it.


There should be laws about how heavily photoshopped pictures are meant to be to sell anything beauty related. Being constantly surrounded by images of perfection is seriously damaging to people's mental health, and the implication that a product will make you look Like This is simply false advertising when the model doesn't actually look Like This and has been heavily airbrushed at the very least.


I've thought for a long time that any product that appears in an ad must have passed through the standard distribution methods. If McDs wants to make a hamburger ad, they have to order a real hamburger at an actual McDs. All game ads must contain a majority of in-game footage on target systems. Makeup must be that product on real humans accompanied by only similar cost products. I've noticed that some places are stricter than others. Car ads usually have that car (the suped up model, but close) except when the car is entirely CGI. Supermarket flyers have basically only actual pictures of products as they appear on shelves. Insurance is pretty hard to photoshop up.


The idea that people should have their sh*t together and their life planned out at the age of 20. I'm 19 and still wanna play my pokemon games and the future scares me :')


Don't worry. I never had my life figured out. Changed careers a couple times, finished my degree at 30, fixed my mental health. Now I'm 32, wife and son, awesome life. I'm a district manager and I really enjoy my job. My 5 yo son and I are playing through the entire Kingdom Hearts series together, and I still love Pokemon. Become responsible and successful, but never "grow up".


My dude, I am 27 and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. Personal growth varies for everyone. Take your time, enjoy your twenties and don't feel the need to put too much pressure on yourself.


The idea that your life circumstances are entirely the result of how much effort you put in.


I put in absolutely no effort into being born into an upper middle class family. But that sure did affect my opportunities.


Politics. Its everywhere. I miss not knowing every mother fuckers political view.


Many people portray over working and not caring about yourself is Motivational. No, working 12+ hours a day is not Motivational or Hard Work, it’s Toxic


Too much school to the point we start hating our lives


This game of "who is superior?" It just leads to bullshit like sexism, racism, and elitism. We're all garbage people.


Specifically the US - restaurants that don’t pay servers a livable wage, and therefore customers have to tip to ensure their servers get paid.


Tik-Tok trends.


That because they're family tou have to love them. Yes she gave birth to me, doesn't mean she isn't a toxic bitch and I dont want her in my life.