Who is a fictional character that wasn’t the lead, but they stole the show?

Who is a fictional character that wasn’t the lead, but they stole the show?


Boyd Crowder in Justified.


Walton goggins can fucking act, his acting in the last few seasons of the shield is unbelievable.


There is only one reason that this isn't the number one answer and that is that not enough people have seen Justified. Raylan is definitely the lead, but Boyd is one of my top 5 favorite characters in any fictional genre. His dialogue is otherworldly. He was accused of bein' a lot of things, but inarticulate ain't one of them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns0CmFnQxmM).


Niles in *Frasier*. They didn't originally have any plans for Frasier to have a brother when they were developing the show, but when they were reviewing headshots for actors they saw David Hyde Pierce and noticed his resemblance, so called him in on a whim. The show's whole dynamic changed now that Frasier had someone just like him to bounce off of.


There's an episode where the opening sequence is Niles getting ready for a date, and it's 100% physical comedy, no dialogue, and it's all him (plus the dog?). It's absolutely brilliant, maybe one of the best scenes of the show, and I hurt myself laughing every time I watch it.


Ironing his clothes. It’s bloody brilliant. He is brilliant.


It also makes you wonder what the heck their mom was like because dad was a blue collar salt of the earth former cop type with none of their shared interests.


I'm pretty sure it's established throughout the show that their love of plays, opera etc. came from her influence. She was someone who liked the finer things in life but was nowhere near as pretentious as Frasier and Niles were.


They showed his mom in Cheers but she was boring and awful and they basically de-canonized her and replaced her with the scholastic, charming, and loving character in *Frasier* we hear about.


The Penguins of Madagascar


Private, smack anyone who disagrees with me!


They even got their own show and movies. Back then I thought it's just another marketing rip-off but it was hilariously good.


Sales executive. Rico? Rico:kaboom? Sales executive. Yes Rico, kaboom *Releases penguins


Smile and wave boys, smile and wave


Doc Holliday in tombstone. He’s a real character but Val Kilmer stole that movie


Hell yeah. “I’m your Huckleberry.”


“The hell are you doing this for anyways?” “Wyatt Earp is my friend.” “… hell, I got lots of friends.” “I don’t.” Doc Holliday is cold as fuck. What a great character.


Niles from The Nanny.


Niles and C.C were my faves.


Steve Urkel. He was supposed to appear in only one episode but was such a hit that he eventually became the focal point of the series and even had a toy line. He also started appearing in other shows to boost ratings. The actor went on to voice Sonic the Hedgehog in two different series.


didnt the same thing happen to fonzie in happy days?


Yep. Two biggest examples of a one-off character being so popular that they center the whole show on them.


And has a marijuana line called purple urkel


Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya in *Princess Bride*. He absolutely should have, at the very least, received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, and rightly deserved to win.


I watched this movie last week, and I absolutely agree. As beautiful as Wesley and Buttercup's story is, Inigo's tragedy and his fight with that evil guy whose name I forgot were some of the best parts in the movie.


Absolutely! And he plays it perfectly, from the point of almost giving up, the frustration when Count Rugen is just out of reach, the near surrender, and then the triumphant success. He was just brilliant. Granted, Inigo is a great character and a great role, but when given the opportunity to play such a great character Patinkin just flat out nailed it.


My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die ...Ahh I love that movie!


Left shark


Went to all the festivities they had in San Francisco before Super Bowl 50. The line to see the Lombardi Trophy—forever long. The line to see the original left shark costume? Non-existent. I really question some people’s priorities.


Inigo Montoya, from The Princess Bride Inspector Uhl, from The Illusionist Donkey, from Shrek




Alan Rickman as either the Sheriff of Nottingham, or as Hans Gruber.


also as Dr. Lazarus in Galaxy Quest > "**SCENE STEALING HACK?!**" and the ever popular > "By Grabthar's hammer... what a savings."


NoHo Hank


“50/50 with Cristobal”


The way he says Barry lives rent free in my mind


You mean "NoHo Hank,the King of Suck-Balls Mountain?" I almost choked to death laughing at that line.


Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad


stole the show so much they gave him his own show


Speaking of Breaking Bad, how about Jesse? Goes from being the comic relief that was slated to die at the end of the first season to Establish The Stakes for Walter to absolutely essential deuteragonist with one of best character arcs in television, all because the writers liked Aaron Paul/the character so much. I can't even *imagine* what the show would have been like if they had actually killed him off.


Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


Let's be honest, Alan Rickman stole the show in pretty much everything he had ever been in.


Hans Gruber > everyone else in Die Hard. I love John McClane, but Gruber/Rickman steals the show entirely.


LOCKSLEY! I'LL CUT YOUR HEART OUT WITH A SPOOON. But, why a spoon cousin? Why not an Axe? BECAUSE ITS DULL. *YOU TWIT*, It will hurt more!


Metatron in Dogma also cracks me up every time. Great casting to put Alan in that role. Bethany : Look, just take whatever you want, but don't kill or rape me. Metatron : Oh, get over it, will you? I couldn't rape you if I wanted to. Angels are ill-equipped. [he drops his pants to show blank skin where his genitals should be] Metatron : See? I'm as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll. Now make yourself useful and gimme that towel, will you? [Bethany tosses it to him and he starts wiping his clothes dry] Metatron : Honestly, you bottom feeders and your arrogance, you think everybody's just trying to get in your knickers. Bethany : What are you? Metatron : I'm pissed off, is what I am! Do you go around drenching everybody that comes into your room with flame-retardant chemicals? No wonder you're single.


Bethany : we're in Mexico? Metatron : No, we're at the franchised Mexican family eatery down the road from your apartment but ... impressive none the less.


He cancelled Christmas


Karen and Jack in Will & Grace


Ian Malcolm from *Jurassic Park*. So much so that the movie producers had Michael Crichton, the author of the book, write him out of the dead in a sequel that wasn't originally planned, all so that Malcolm could be the protagonist in it.


I pretty much imagine that he doesn’t die when reading Jurassic Park so that the transition to The Lost World is smoother.


TBF it's easy since you never see him die. They get away in two choppers and when Grant asks if Malcom (on the other choper) made it, the guy just shakes his head. All the other deaths are explicit, Malcom's death is... easy to retcon.


GIR from Invader ZIM.


I'm gonna sing the doom song now.


But I NEEEEEEEEEEEED TACOS! I need them or I will EXPLODE! That happens sometimes. I miss the cupcake...


Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs


Less than 20 minutes of screentime, still won Hopkins the Oscar for best actor.


Are you serious? Less than 20 minutes?


24min 52sec according to Google.


The Janitor from scrubs was supposed to be a figment of JD’s imagination. That’s why he does not interact with other characters in the first season. But fans liked him so much they made him real.


He was supposed to be, but they changed it first season. He has interactions with Carla, Kelso, Elliot at the least during the season.


JJJ from the older Spiderman trilogy


"But that's slander!" "No, it's not. I resent that! Slander is spoken - in print, it's libel." EDIT: getting the quote right


JK Simmons was literally born to play him, they brought him back to play him in the MCU


Can you imagine trying to live up to being JJJ after JK Simmons? Every other actor probably just passed the script to JK because they knew it couldn't be done.


J. Jonah Jameson : What are we gonna call this guy? Hoffman : 'Doctor Octopus'? J. Jonah Jameson : That's crap. Hoffman : 'Science Squid'? J. Jonah Jameson : Crap. Hoffman : 'Doctor Strange'. J. Jonah Jameson : That's pretty good. \[Hoffman looks proud\] J. Jonah Jameson : But it's taken! Wait, wait! I got it! 'Doctor Octopus'. Hoffman : But... uh... \[gives up\] Hoffman : I like it. J. Jonah Jameson : Of course you do. 'Doctor Octopus'. New villain in town: 'Doc Ock'. Hoffman : Genius. J. Jonah Jameson : What, are you looking for a raise? Get out!


"Hahahaha! .... HAHAHAHAHA! What you're serious?" JJJ when asked to be paid in advance.




Hal in malcolm in the middle


Last time I was watching mitm I said how crazy it was how great of an actor he was known for being after the show. Then Hal killed it with some great physical comedy and I was like no, it makes perfect sense he was the breakout star of this series.


The episode where he's teaching Malcolm to be a better roller blader by doing interpretive dance on the playground just kills me every time. And the episode where he gets into speed walking and becomes competitive with the neighbor.


the fact that he can be both that and Walter White just shows he has just crazy range as an actor... there is no role he couldn't pull off


I feel that so many of the side characters stole that show. Hal was amazing. Francis was amazing. Reece was amazing. Stevie was amazing. The Commandant was amazing. Etc etc.


Lois is the bomb. Reece, dewie... Its a truly amazing cast.


151 episodes and commandant Spangler was in 16 of them. Still one of the most memorable characters from that show. RIP Daniel von Bargen


Stiles from Teen Wolf


"What are you?" "Um for a while I was possessed by an evil spirit." "What are you now?" "......... Better?"


Krunk in "The Emperor's New Groove."


I think Patrick Warburton steals the spotlight in everything he’s in. His voice is iconic!!


Y'all ever watched the Venture Bros? Insane show, pretty funny. I only started watching after I saw episode with the Groovy Gang, and I was hooked. "Patty. Being out of the box is a privilege! Not a right! You don't wanna go back in your box, do you?" "No!"


"Go ahead. *Take it from me.*"


"Oh............the poison for Cuzco, the poison chosen specifically to kill Cuzco, Cuzco's poison...that poison?"




Hes doing this own theme music. I am so glad I was unconscious for this.




For me Yzma is one of the greatest voice performances ever. Eartha Kitt was phenomenal


Frankly we should have gotten an entire movie about those 2


*GASP* The peasant! At the diner... He didn't pay his cheque...


"Oh yeah, it's all coming together."


Jack Sparrow stole the show in Curse of the Black Pearl so much that they ended up making him the main character. *Captain* Jack Sparrow


The original plan was to focus everything on the couple, and Jack was supposed to be a minor comic relief. His appearance wasn’t supposed to be so outrageous. Just a red bandana and an earring. But Depp demanded more creative freedom and they let him run with it. The movie got so popular they retroactively made the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland like the movie. FYI, the ride inspired both the original movie and the Monkey Island games


It gets even weirder: Monkey Island was inspired by both the ride and a book called "On Stranger Tides." Then Disney loosely adapted that into the fourth PotC movie. (The coffin rowing scene in the third film is also a clear reference to the Monkey Island games.) Now Disney owns LucasArts, and with it the Monkey Island franchise.


I just realized now that he really wasn’t the main character in the first film. Crazy.


That’s why the first film is such a masterpiece! Captain Jack Sparrow is an amazing support character, but they forced him into the main protagonist role for the rest of the movies :(


Yep. I read in another thread that it's like gradually making Han Solo the main character of the OT after the first film, and that's probably the most accurate depiction. I'd say that Black Pearl and World's End do work, but On Stranger Tides show that he's not that compelling in a leading role.


For sure, the next two sequels worked well still (IMO) because they kept Will and Elizabeth as main characters. Stranger Tides was like a flip of the first movie. It had its love story between the mermaid and pirate, but it mainly focused on Jack instead. Then Dead men tell no tales… I kinda just wanna forget about it.


I liked On Stranger Tides because of Barbossa honestly. It feels like it's just as much his film as Jack's, especially since he seems to be going through a similar arc Jack did in the first film. In Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack is on a revenge quest that he's been on for years; pursuing the treacherous first mate of his who stole his ship and forced his crew to mutiny him. Jack eventually gets revenge on Barbossa, takes back his ship, and gets his crew and title back. On Stranger Tides has an older, bitter Barbossa having already lost the Black Pearl and his crew after Blackbeard attacked it without any sort of following "codes of piracy" at all. Barbossa follows Blackbeard to get revenge on him stealing the Pearl, possibly killing and capturing Barbossa's crew, and forcing Barbossa to escape by cutting off his leg. Barbossa then gets vengeance by killing Blackbeard, stealing his ship, and taking his crew (and his hat too). I liked how we see more of Barbossa. In all honesty, I prefer Barbossa's character over Jack because he felt more believable as a pirate, and he's really cunning. No matter which side he's on, Barbossa definitely must have the devil's tongue if he can convince Jack's crew to mutiny him *twice* and eve to inspire the Royal English Navymen who served as his crew when he was working under the crown. He's a captain who can inspire with words, but also with fear. In spite of his shortcomings, he definitely makes up for it when he acts as a free-spirited pirate captain since it seems like he definitely does what he does with his crew in mind.


Gonna' say the same thing... Jack Sparrow was a good foil for everyone else, but a pretty dull character on his own. The protagonist of *Curse of the Black Pearl* was Elizabeth Swann. Everyone else is part of her story.


>but a pretty dull character on his own. He's a great character on his own. When he's not written as a parody of himself. A drunk, bambling goon is not the same as the cunning, also drunk, tactful, bizarre and quirky character he was in the first three films. Being quirky is not a whole character's personality, and after Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio left with Verbinski they took the drama and pathos of Jack Sparrow with them. Johnny Depp can only read the material he was given. That being said by the 5th film he had completely given up on the character.


Why's the rum gone?


*staggers* oh, that's why.


Robin Williams Genie in Aladdin


I will never look at the scene where Genie and Aladdin say goodbye to each other again after Williams died. “Genie, I’m going to miss you.” “You too, Al.”


Disney cast Robin Williams specifically for him to steal the show. They used him in their advertising for the film, moreso than whoever the fuck played aladdin or jasmine


The Janitor in Scrubs


Dr. Jan Itor


Why is your Lake Titicaca not filled with boobs and poop?


Fork? Me can't eat soup!


Kniiifffeeee WREEENNCCCHH! For kids!


Index finger and thumb pinky


I love the scene where the Janitor and Dr. Cox break into J.D.'s apartment and just drink beer and talk about him while watching him sleep. Also, the time where JD discovers the Janitor was in the movie The Fugitive, which kind of breaks the fourth wall.




It's even wilder when you learn that the majority of his dialogue was totally improvised - both earning him cart Blanche with the writing & directing teams & increasing his time on screen. Neil Flynn goes alright in my books


IIRC, a lot of the episode scripts don't have lines for the Janitor. They just say, "Neil Flynn says something funny."


Creed, The Office! “The Talibans The Worst, Great Heroin Though”


You're paying way too much for worms. Who's your worm guy?


Dwight: “Creed, what is this?” Creed: “That is Northern Lights, cannabis indica” Dwight: “No, it’s marijuana”


Man, the thing about the office is my favorite character rotates every couple of episodes. Man creed is the best. Then Kevin is the best. Then, holy shit it’s Stanley.


"Yes I have a dream. And no it's not some MLK dream for equality. I want to live in an abandoned lighthouse. And I want to live up at the top of it. And no one knows I live there. And there's a button, that I can press, and launch that lighthouse into space"


Early and mid run Kevin is hilarious, he was like a real character in your office who was a little dim and made for funny situations. Late in the series though, he got Flanderized into a completely brain damaged moron that was unrealistic and not as funny, at least to me.


A little dim but could fleece you at poker, a little pervy and immature but still sweet around the woman he finds attractive, seems like he doesn't have any talents but can (allegedly) make a great chili. Later seasons he's a drooling moron and it is kind of upsetting.


He literally played a fictional version of himself then wrote an original song to end the series on. He was the best.


"If I can't scuba, then what's this all been about?"


Dr Cox from Scrubs, has some of the most heart felt moments in the show too. The Episode My Lunch was made a really impactful episode thanks to the performance by John C. McGinley


Dr Kelso was another who also had that ability to steal every scene he was in. "I hate to interrupt you but I'm still woozy from being shot into my wall like a lawn dart"


“You went to four years of college, and four years of medical school, so I can safely presume that you are at least eight.”


One of my favorite lines.


> Dr Kelso "I will call all the males Daves and all the females Debbies" "debbie's my name!" "Then you will be Slagathor!"


*orders muffin* *throws muffin directly into the trash* "Because I can" *walks away*


What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?


And their interactions with each other are legendary. Kelso - That’s absurd. People are bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling. Cox - Exactly!


I'm sorry for what I'm about to put you through but the Episode My Screw up is on par showing McGinleys range.


"Where do you think we are?" Fucking kills me every time


Hell, the janitor too


Dr. Ján Ĩtor


Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.


Take a step back. And literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE


"No more bitch miles for the Pecker"......welcome to the Goodie Room




Captain Jack Harkness.


"The Face of Boe, they used to call me!"




The David Tennant run was the golden age of the new Who.


Torchwood the only show that somehow managed to be totally serious but also a porno parody of itself some episodes.


Well spongebob was the lead, but Patrick was the star.


The real answer is the "MY LEG" fish


The MY LEG fish has a name actually, it's Fred iirc


Saul on Breaking Bad


In the same vein, Kim on Better Call Saul. Tho she’s also a main character thinking about it. Or Mike on Breaking Bad then


Schmidt from New Girl


When Winston starts getting less and less serious as the episodes go on, and becomes plain wacky and absurd in the later episodes he is easily one of my favorites. "In our bed Nick? Where we SHAVE each other?!"


Winston was the breakout star for me


Stiles Stilinski




Elim Garak in Star Trek Deep Space Nine


Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead, he literally stole the show and is the protagonist in the later seasons.


This is what I was going to say. I heard about the show but never watched it until after season 6 aired. The only thing I "knew" was it was about zombies and Daryl was the main character. I was actually surprised when we decided to binge 1-6 and found out that not only was he not the main character, he was a "right hand man" and that only really happened 3 seasons in.




"well yeah, I'm sad, but at the same time, I'm really happy something can even make me feel this sad. Cause if I'm feeling this sad, that means something made me even happier" Or my other personal favorite. "You know, you can call a shovel an ice-cream machine, but it's still a shovel, Mom and Dad. Ah, and you can call a lie whatever you want, but it's still a no-good stinking lie!" Butters is a solid MVP of southpark. Honorable mention goes to Randy Marsh. (the guy is knee slap hilarious)


Bitch you wanna make some motherfucking money?


Butters is one of the only main-ish cast who's actually an innocent little kid no matter what. The rest will have their maturity and intelligence kind of fluctuate based on what a plot or joke needs but Butters is always a dumb little kid. Hell they do such a good job with him that I actually felt sad in the ninja star episode when he's hurt and crying.


Randy is great but I feel he's gotten used wayyyyy too much in the past few seasons


Lu lu lu I've got some apples Lu lu lu You've got some too


Butters Mum: “Wait a minute. What was the movie called?” Butters: "Fisting Firemen 9. I've never seen 1 through 8.”


And it must have been a sad movie too! Dad came out with a bunch of tissue paper 15 minutes later. Poor ol' dad. Movie really got to him.


Then he went to the gym and did some wrestling with a black man. Dad can't be a very good wrestler though, that man spent nearly the whole time on top of him!


Professor Chaos


Luis from Antman


I really wanted endgame to start with him giving a recap of the MCU so far


He tells stories like an excited four year old and I love it.


When u hear those bongos start just sit back and listen


The best part of Antman & the Wasp is Luis combating truth serum by doing his random bs tangent story babbling.


Then the russian guy "he is like monkey toy, wind him up and just ride it out"


You put a dime in him, you gotta let the song play


He said "Yes..............." *Blinks awkwardly*


The fact that Kevin Feige has confirmed the existence of a filmed scene of Luis recounting the entire MCU plot to date, but which has never been released, is a an absolute crime against cinema.


That's definitely in a locked safe labeled "Stuff we release when the Marvel Hype starts to die down." It's covered in a very thick layer of dust, but it's there.


I love Pena. He absolutely turns Antman from a solid but generic superhero movie into something a bit more special, not even mentioning how he’s the first Latin character in a mcu movie (smh) His expanded role in the second one also made that movie much better


Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards


That's a Bingo!


Reminds me. Dr Schultz from Django Unchained


Homer Simpson. It was originally envisioned that Bart would be the focal point of the show. Homer was such a strong character that he has become by far the leading character of the show. So much in fact that Homer has had more than twice as many words spoken over the course of the show than the next most high profile character, Marge. (Yes, someone actually calculated this).


Tahani Al-Jamil. And Janet


Although I agree both were awesome, they were also both leads.


Yeah. I'd love one about Mindy St Claire. Better call saul style 80s courtroom show.


Red foreman. Boomhauer.


Ahsoka Tano


The genie in Aladdin


Loki in Thor


The original film gives Loki *way* more dynamic scenes where Tom Hiddleston can go through emotional ranges and display a bunch of subtle acting. Thor has always been played as kind of a flat personality with a boorish attitude and the original film tries to give him more dynamism and range but even though Thor is the one instigating events it's obvious Loki has more at stake from basically every angle.


His Disney+ miniseries is the best out of the Marvel Studios shows that are currently on the streaming service. The show is kinda what I thought WandaVision was going to be, to an extent.


I subscribed to Disney + and waited years just for 6 episodes of Loki. It's been worth it, and I feel so lucky to be in this time. Sortof. Covid could go piss off lol


The first thing I thought as soon as I saw this post




[at a retirement home] Loki : [in a dark suit] I left him right here. Thor : [in casual wear] You mean on the pavement outside, or actually in the building currently being demolished? Loki : How was I supposed to know? I can't see into the future, I'm not a witch! Thor : Well, you're dressed like one.


Old Gregg.


You playing your love games with me?


Could you learn to love me?




Barney Stinson


Agent Phillip J. "Phil" Coulson. Brought on for a couple of scenes in the original *Iron Man*, appeared in five movies and a seven season TV show.