What is the biggest legal “scam” you know of?

What is the biggest legal “scam” you know of?

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Multilevel marketing


I second this one.


I see you're already part of his network.


I worked in one for about a month when I was in my 20’s. It was a legitimate product, but everything else about the company made it clear that the product was only there so that it couldn’t *technically* be called a Ponzi scheme.




Life insurance/financial planning/investments. I only sold enough to qualify for a big bonus for new recruits, then I left. The guy running our branch constantly harassed us all, even when we were working our main jobs - and it was always about trying to bring everybody we know into the office to be recruited themselves. The product was legit, but the rest of the company and its dealings were a scam.


My uncles did primerica for bit. One told me he was going to buy a brand new Dodge Viper soon. He didn’t.


Yep, it was Primerica. My fiancée’s uncle was a regional Vice President in my town. He was also a real asshole. The last straw for me was when he started cursing at me for stepping out and taking a work call during one of the weekly meetings - which was literally just a presentation for all the suckers we brought in for recruitment, and it was identical to every other meeting. Not like I was missing anything. I told him when I signed on originally that my career takes priority, and when I’m on call, I *have* to answer the phone. A couple of years ago he just up and left his wife and three kids and moved to Florida to open up an office there. None of them have even heard from him since. It really takes a certain kind of person to be successful there. The kind who doesn’t mind pestering and alienating everyone they know and cold calling people to try and set up meetings. That’s just not for me.


If not, I have a great business investment for you to sink 10k into!


Like Amway. It's technically not really a scam though. It is possible to actually make money if you get enough people to buy Amway products, such as convince all the people on your street to buy all their cleaning supplies and make-up etc from Amway instead of buying it at the shops, but chances are slim that they'll get onboard because their stuff is extremely expensive. The commission profit you make from signing someone up to buy Amway products might be less than the money you would have saved by not buying expensive stuff from Amway. However, even if you don't make a profit you at least still buy a legit product that you can actually use, like detergent, dish washing soap, shampoo, etc. So it's not like you just blew your money on nothing. There are a few people who end up getting lots of people to buy Amway products and then they make good commission. For the average person itsjust highly unlikely to build a profitable chain.


You're leaving out the part where it is now statistically impossible to make a profit, because it would require getting more people in their "downstream" than actually exist on earth.


I was almost involved in this, I went to all of the cult like meetings, even saw people from my high school there, and then decided to do more investigating and I seen the truth. I quickly cut ties with the guy who invited me and he got all upset and guilt shamed me.


Publishers clearing house I never realized how much of a scam it is until my grandmother passed away a few months ago and I was the only one left to clean her property. I found years worth of saved PCH envelopes along with stacks and stacks and stacks of cheap piece of shit knickknacks they send her every month in place for her sending them $20 monthly for a chance to win their sweepstakes. When I say cheap crap I mean like I just opened a box yesterday that came in the mail that just had some flat plastic birds on a stick to stick in your flower garden. Then there’s a bunch of flimsy flash lights. A pill bug remover that never worked. All these multi tool things like scissors/nail clippers/screwdriver and other insane bullshit that’s worth no more than a few bucks.


My bedridden mom gets letters from them pretty much once a week or so. She promises me she doesn't give them any money, but they still send all these weird kinds of warnings that they're going to send more mail in a few days, and that she's assuredly still on their potential winners list.


This is way sadder than kid me's belief they just showed up one day to a random house with a check. I always worried when we were out they'd been there and we missed them


Wtf is a pill bug remover. I binged it and idk...


Wait. People still use Bing?


Mostly for porn.


I couldn't figure out what binged means in this context until I saw your comment. Thanks.


For some reason I assumed they were referring to one of those fabric shavers that removes the pills/fuzz/lint that build up on fabric. I had one once and it never worked either.


Davidsmachete is the right answer. I was referring to a fabric shaver that removes the balls of fabric that show up on fleece or wool over time. Pill bug is just something the olden generation called them and what my grandmother always called them


Payday loans


They skirt the line in legality, didn't the ceo of wonga get arrested and everything repossessed, the slimey fuck.


Especially the ones that don't do credit checks.


Payday loans are often a bad deal for the borrower, but they're not a scam. Payday lenders offer you a contract, then follow the contract to the letter. (They have to, or the courts would shut them down in short order.) A scam means fraud or dishonesty. If payday lenders promised a 9% annual interest rate and actually charged 600%, then yes, that would be a scam.


It is dishonesty from the time you walk in the door. Generally targets the poor and under educated. High pressure to sign as fast possible once you start talking to someone. While sure you can read the contract there’s a high pressure by their employees to suggest you don’t. They again target and market to people who are poor and often have low educational skills in reading and math. Particularly the way they present their contracts packed with as much legalese as possible making them difficult to understand on purpose. It’s designed as pressure sign marketed as “convenience” that’s actually designed from a sales perspective to speed you into signing without reading after the door. Purposely to take advantage of people who don’t understand how deep they can get in. If you want use your argument that legal things can’t be scams by being deceptive then MLMs and everything else that falls on that side aren’t scams either. Even though they use similar psychological tricks to lure people in and pressure them to sign before they actually have a grasp of what exactly they are agreeing too, it’s con man style stuff.


I mean these places fill a void a lot of these people's only other alternative could be loan sharks. At the same time it's no surprise a lot of UK based loan companies have collapsed under the weight of claims against them for not doing proper affordability checks or giving out a new loan every 4 weeks which clearly isn't sustainable.


Legal doesn't mean it's not a scam.


Payday loans are a scam. But for lower income people, they are often the only way they can get quick money on credit if they need it. People who get them generally know it's a bad deal, but sometimes that bad deal is better than whatever the situation is that they need that money to fix.


The College bookstore


Took an economics course one time. The text was a workbook written by the professor. We had to tear out 10-12 pages and turn them in as an assignment. No photocopies allowed since it was copyrighted. Can't sell it back because pages were missing. I learned a lot oabout economics and scams that quarter.


> No photocopies allowed since it was copyrighted. This would stop absolutely no one I know


The original was perforated in a way that left a notch left edge. Would be hard to reproduce, and risky since professor was looking for it.


This warrants reporting of the professor. What an absolute ass


This. Copyright is about managing the right for you to *publish* other people's work. Besides, there are explicit carve outs for academia. In one of my college courses, the professors liked the previous edition of the book, but it was out of print. So they told us how to go in to the library for an evening and literally copy the entire textbook... For our personal, academic use.


Option 1 - photocopy it anyway. It's academic use, and only a small section of the book so probably considered fair use. If he wants to sue for copyright infringement, he's entitled to try, but the fair use defence is reasonable, and I can't see the courts looking too kindly on this since it's really abusing copyright law. Option 2 - submit the whole book. Insert a piece of paper saying "this book is the property of . Any damage will be charged for at the full replacement value"


I think fair use is 10 pages. The professor probably knew that when he required 12 pages.


That sort of thing is usually a guideline rather than the law. Fair use is kept pretty vague on purpose. For some publications, 10 pages would be a substantial chunk of the work - something like a comic book with several stories in; 10 pages might be the the story on the cover. Honestly though, I think a better choice would be to make a complaint about the professor. Seems highly unethical


Had an architecture professor who wrote his own book, but intentionally made it as cheap and useful as possible so we didn't spend a fortune on it. It was like $30 spiral-bound, full of beautiful photos he had taken himself of various buildings around the world, and contained all of the notes/handouts for the entire course. Good Guy Professor, I loved that class.


In many cases, college itself.


I took a philosophy class once and the textbook was just a collection of assorted philosophical writings. When we covered various topics the professor would have us read one so we could discuss in class. There was no original content whatsoever, just stuff that was mostly literally hundreds of years old. The college had a print run done specifically to put in the bookstore and was selling it in paperback for $90. The professor actually told us not to buy it from the bookstore and just find a copy on Amazon because it was a book that had been in print for a long time. I got a hardback copy for $12.


at the local university where I live the college bookstore was selling a set of 4 caulk sticks for 12$. Walmart was 99 cents


I once had a prof who put together a bunch of readings, printed it out on paper had them bound and then sold at the book store for $40 instead of just putting them on our online system…


Many of the paid diet plans.


\* all of the paid diet plans. The best advice I've heard WRT to diet: Eat food. not too much. mostly plants.


Debt collection agencies. No third party should have the right to buy a debt and attempt to collect on it with illegal tactics. It's the same as if they hired the Mob to extort money from someone. These agents might not sink someone in a river, but they lie, charge interest they shouldn't have the right to, steal money from people's bank accounts, threaten to throw people in jail or sue them, try to collect debts from people who do not owe them, and verbally abuse who they call, all of which is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(which itself needs a major overhaul as it is painfully outdated and has not adjusted its penalties for inflation). Why are these places still allows to run when virtually *none* of them operate within the law? Look up *any* of them and read reviews and reports. Scum of the earth "companies".


I agree 100%. Now I'm curious about how to get involved in getting Congress to update/overhaul the FDCPA. I'm sure there are consumer advocacy groups working toward this.


>No third party should have the right to buy a debt and attempt to collect on it with illegal tactics Not a legal expert, but doesn't *illegal tactics* imply it's already illegal?


sort of, the collection (and/or buying and selling) of debt is legal, the things they do to make people pay can be illegal. Like a person (A) owes someone (B) a candy bar, the they never give it. The person owed says "you, C, can have the candy if you can get it". it's perfectly legal if C gives B the written "I-O-U" and receives the candy. The problem is C will sometimes jump B in an alley trying to get something A should have, the collection was legal, beating B up in an alley because they knew B might not have the candy wasn't. I mostly just wanted to wright out a candy analogy...


This is such BS. How about the original debt? We should just forget about that? So people should just get free money and walk away? Pay your fucken debts and you won't have this issue at all.


Everyone at all times is not in a financial situation to repay debts. Immoral and illegal practices are immoral and illegal, doesn't matter whom they're used on. If I murdered a murderer, I would still most likely go to prison for murder. You want me to repay debt, come and ask yourself. Someone's not repaying? Sue them. Why hire an extortion company?


Your fucked up mentality - "come and ask yourself" How about you taking your own responsibility and paying your debt yourself without being asked to? Isn't this my main point? People who owe feel like it should be forgotten about....how about not taking the loan in the first place. You are excusing shitty behaviour of the debtors...


I never said the debt should be forgotten about. People should pay their debts. But when a junk debt buyer buys old debts for pennies on the dollar then tries to extort people to pay those debts, the money is not going to the original creditor. The original creditor has at this point already written off the debt on their taxes, not expecting to be paid. Any payment is now going to someone the debtor has never heard of nor never did business with nor opened a contract with. If I owe a debt I should be allowed to pay the original creditor, *not* some abusive company who's hounding me to pay them when they never provided me with goods or services. Even debt collectors who are in business because they've been hired by the original creditor do not follow the laws in place meant to keep them from being unfair. So why are they allowed to operate? Perhaps if they'd follow the laws and work with people, they might actually be able to recoup more of those debts. Instead, they use tactics an illegal loan shark would be proud of. I'm not telling people not to pay their debts. I'm asking why we allow legal extortion to happen.


School textbooks. Buying them second-hand (or, indeed, third-to-fifteenth-or-so-hand) is considerably more affordable and *some* of the crass drawings are usually pretty funny.


Rent a center and things like that payday loans..... just awful and predatory


My finance teacher wants to testify against these guys because their interest rates when annualized is astronomically higher than the allowable charge rate.


Totally, that is different in different states... Most its 24.99 percent Above that is called usurious. But I have to think they have been operating for a long time. They know how to skirt the line. Still would be an interesting class action suit


The claw machine at arcades


My four year old son would constantly ask to play these machines when we would pass by one. Every time I would tell him no and explain how they are scams and no one ever wins. On his 5th birthday we were at an amusement park and we pass by one. Of course he asks to play. I figure it’s his birthday, let him play, he’ll see that you can’t win, maybe he’ll stop asking. That son of a bitch wins a prize on his first try. Now he won’t shut up about how wrong I was. It pisses me off so much.


They are winnable but generally only if you're lucky. It would be illegal to make one that's *totally* unwinnable, but it's not illegal to have a machine that won't pick up a prize 9 times out of 10, that's how most of them work. There's usually an option for owners to set that determines how often prizes can be won. Also, it's good for customers to see someone win once in a while so they feel like they have a shot and will try. If you try to do one on a run where it's set to lose then the claw won't close hard enough to hold anything, or close too late coming up, or something like that essentially guaranteeing a loss. If you're lucky enough to catch one on a winnable run you'll still have to position the claw well, but in reality it isn't really that hard if the claw will actually operate "properly". If you have a bunch of time on your hands and are some place where a machine is being used relatively often you can increase your odds. Keep track when people play and whether they win or lose. Once you see a few wins you'll probably be able to identify what the pattern is. (Every 6th play, or whatever) Then only play the machine when it's a winnable turn.




Heh, reminds me of the time I was hanging out with my nephew and his kid. We caught a movie together and afterwards his kid wanted to play in the arcade. So we played there for a bit and he caught eye of the claw machine in there. My nephew tried to explain that it was a scam, but his kid wouldn't hear it. So he thought the kid would shut up if he played a couple times ($1 a play, he only had 2 Loonies ($1 Canadian coin for those not in the know) on him). He played twice, lost both times, and he was sad, and I thought, eh, and was about to pull out the 4 Loonies I had, when all of a sudden he threw a fucking *MASSIVE* tantrum. Literally kicking and screaming on the ground about he wants to play "THE FUZZY GAME" (IIRC, the prizes were all these weird purple fuzzy balls) again. You bet your ass I put those coins back.


Claw machines in the US suck. But when I lived in South Korea, the claw machines were actually functional


Watch them. The claw has a tighter grip after x amount of fails. X = prize value $$


The claw machines are winnable but only part of the time. They are set to not really grip properly except once every so many plays. It isn't actually very difficult to win IF you catch it on the right play. So winning has basically two strategies. 1. Luck 2. Wait around and watch other people play until you can identify the pattern (every 8th play wins, or whataver) and then only attempt it on a winnable turn.


Being too big to fail.


"Too big to fail" is "too big". Every one of those companies should have been broken up under the anti trust laws.


It always seemed to me if someone's bank or whatever is so large that its survival became critical to the stability of the economy and national security, and then the person in charge ran it into the ground in order to generate slightly more money, then isn't that essentially a deliberate decision to commit *treason*? Like maybe not the kind with the wall and firing squad, but at least a significant prison sentence?


Just to be pedantic treason in the U.S. is specific - Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. But yes - serious prison time should have been prosecuted for.


Herbalife. If you dig deep enough you’ll find all sorts of weird shit about the company.


I worked with a guy who was into Herbalife and he used to pointedly and deliberately eat their bars in meetings. He would say stupid shit like “I’ve just got to sharpen my brain to make sure I get the best out of the next two hours” and would then eat one of their products. We all knew what he was up to, so we just ignored him but he was known for trying to get people on board by saying that his full time job was just top up cash because he and his wife made bucketloads of cash with their “main business”


Deep? It’s surface scam


turbotax- why does this have to be a thing?


because lobbying is also a thing


They're keeping me from viewing past years' returns because I didn't buy the upgrade that would allow me to nor did I file with them the last two years. Those are legal documents and they should have *absolutely no right* to keep me from seeing *my* legal documents without paying for it.


Well, I hate to take the side of the big corporation. But this is entirely on you. They tell you on multiple occasions that they are not going to store it for you if you don't pay. So as a sensible person, you could have downloaded the fucking document and save it. The world is not your babysitter. If you are an adult you have to take care of yourself. You are the one who is filing it with them. They are acting as a lawyer for drafting the legal documents. You gave it to them.


Health insurance in the US.


Pretty much all types of insurance in the US. They dispute most claims.


And cancel if you actually need to use it. Or raise the premiums astronomically.


Surprisingly, I've really never had a bad experience with car insurance. It's mandatory or course, which if anything, you'd think might make them feel they could get away with being awful, but I felt they did a pretty good job of taking care of everything, including the one time it was my fault.


Had to agree. Crashed my car into an apartment building soon after getting my drivers license. 7000 dollar claim (Pretty fair IMHO). I thought insurance premiums would go through the roof. Nope. only 15 dollars per month. After about a year I was out of the country so the insurance expired. Came back and had a ton of junk mail with insurance companies because they may have figured that I am out for new insurance. Called a few and they said that my accident is no longer in the records because of the break or something. Insurance premium was even lower than the previous time. I actually felt bad for leaving the previous insurance company. I felt like I am taking advantage of them.


I like to call insurance "legalized extortion"


Wait until you get hit by a person who does not have insurance.


What's wrong with it? I'm serious I don't live there


I also don't live there but this is what I've gathered from various sources on the internet. The healthcare system overall is very expensive (Because it's all for-profit). Giving birth in a hospital can cost over $10,000 on average. Such high costs mean people can't afford healthcare by themselves. So health insurance is kind-of a necessity. This is taken advantage of and companies cost high premiums, because people are desperate and hospitals sometimes refuse treatment without insurance. The companies will argue over almost very claim, refusing to pay if they deem it non-essential (or any reason they say; you can't really do anything in that). I've seen cases where they refuse to pay for prosthetic limbs because "it's not a necessity for living". Insurance companies are some of the most immoral organizations out there. Edit: Also, many times even if the company pays, there's some money that you have to pay out of pocket.


All the hospitals I see are new, have the latest tech, and the patients are always paying for it. I'm surprised the US isn't marching and rioting over the healthcare bills many have.




Idk I liked the film honestly, 71% on rotten tomatoes


Dropshipping. And it’s all over Reddit. One account posts some cheap gimmicky toy gif something, another account posts a product link to a dropshipping site. It starts from trickery, then anyone who buys it way overpays for a product that is much cheaper and crappier than they thought and often isn’t exactly what they thought they were getting. The scammer doesn’t actually have any products, they just order the thing from Amazon or AliExpress and gets it shipped directly to “customer” in their scheme. Now that person can’t even return it once they find out it’s garbage because they didn’t order it from AliExpress, the *scammer* did. Then it’s a matter of whether the victim goes through the effort of fighting it with the credit card company, which almost no one will do for $30. And all of this is, as far as I know, legal or at least in a gray area… assuming they use PayPal or some other system that protects your credit card info, because if not, overpaying for something is the least of your problems. And Reddit does nothing about it - the scammers reuse the same gifs and titles and don’t even bother hiding the names of the sites they link to, because Reddit doesn’t even have basic protections in place. Why? Because *Reddit* isn’t the victim, *you are*. And that doesn’t matter to them. Pro-tip: if you ever see a gif or photo on Reddit that is showing off a supposedly great toy or shirt or whatever, honestly, there’s probably a 95% chance it’s a scammer. Don’t ever trust a link that goes to a website you’ve never heard of.


Oh yeah, not just reddit but so common in facebook groups too. Somebody posts a shirt and someone (or the same person) posts in response "How do I get one!?" and then they post the dropship link and it's off to the races...


Civil forfeiture




This. They call themselves the alternative to Big Pharma but they are the Big Pharma themselves. Boiron (biggest Homeopathy company) has an yearly revenue of \~$700 Million. The ones which they claim are the most potent are nothing but water, with almost literally zero atoms of the actual thing they started with.


It’s been proven to have no effect beyond placebo


Whatever Peter Thiel did to get $5 billion in his Roth IRA.


Get some money in the Roth, use it to buy shares from some company you own or invest in at super deflated prices. Boom! PROFIT. Even better, wait till you're 59.5 yrs to take all that money out absolutely tax free.




IDK. There was some big article about it in the past few weeks, but I haven't yet been able to set aside an hour to disgust myself.


Student loans


So who is scamming who here? How does it work? Who benefits?


Students are scammed. Colleges benefit. Tax payers are scammed to some extent too I guess.


Banks borrow the money from the government at 0-3% interest, then loan it out to students at 7+% interest. 7% interest doesn't sound like a lot but it will double the principal in 10 years. Student debt can't be gotten out of by declaring bankruptcy either, it's with you for life. It's important to note that the system hasn't always worked this way. Student debt is a relatively new experiment which is clearly not working for society overall. edit to add: 7% is a high interest rate. The scam is that lenders say lending to students is extremely risky because they have no real credit yet. That's also why the debt can't be discharged, because otherwise people could graduate, declare bankruptcy, and have it off their record by the time they're 30. However because the debt can't be discharged, it's among the safest kind of loans to make.


The JD power and associates awards.... All of them are just dumb but the worst ones are the dependability awards.... It's an award for not being likely to break down in the first 3 years...yup..... I got a 34 year old Chevy that's still gonna be running long after these new model piles of absolute trash Chevy's been making have broken down and been recycled into more JD power and associates awards that Chevy uses to try to sell their piece of shit cars.


Scientology, Televangelists, and all other religious cults.


Pyramid Scams which are now Branded as "multi-level-marketing". Student Loans - enough said. Health Insurance - pay hundreds out of your paycheck and still have to pay a few hundred dollars deductible after your doctor's appointment. Overdraft Fees - Why let broke people overspend & charge them for it? Just decline their transactions. Churches - They need to pay taxes if they want to be involved with politics.


The carnival


[Super PACs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_action_committee#Super_PACs), (Super Political Action Committees).


Bank Bailouts




Student loans


Insurance. Well most of them




I don't know if it's a scam but the way they talk about them on those subs sure makes it feel like it's a scam.


There's definitely a lot of scams. Look for coins with projects being built on them.


This is unfortunately no longer legal, but was for a long time: -Sign up for credit card with “points” for frequent flyer miles -Buy plane ticket, get points -Use points to buy $1 coins from the US Mint -Use mint coins to purchase more plane tickets, get even more points -Use points to purchase even MORE coins -Repeat ad Infinitum -Profit


For a while you could just buy coins from the mint on a CC, rack up points, then deposit the coins and repeat. And they’d send you the coins free shipping too. It was just free points


i mean just for the Uk but a TV licence edit: im a dumbass its in other countrys


Please don’t tell me you have to have a license to own a TV…. Edit: Okay so in the USA you buy a TV and buy a satellite to get free local stations like local news. Or you buy cable. My Smart TV I think has free channels as well but maybe that’s internet based?


I don't know if it's the same case in the UK, but we have something similar. Where I live you don't have to have a license to own a TV, however, it is mandatory to pay into the national TV programming if you own a TV. It's kind of like needing a license.


Yeah, same deal. That they call it a license kind makes it funnier though. As far as I'm aware you can't lose your TV license for bad viewing habits or anything, TV tax might be a better name.


You need a licence to watch broadcast TV. The money funds the advertisement free BBC. If it's used as a monitor for games, DVDs and streaming (other than BBC's iPlayer service) you don't. Since a lot of younger people simply aren't interested in broadcast TV, this has effectively become as subscription for iPlayer, which a lot of people aren't interested in.


You do. Because national television like BBC is free. It is more like a tax.


Kinda? You don't HAVE to pay for it, but if you want to watch television, you do. The license pays for the BBC to keep broadcasting, which you can freely access at any time.


South African here. You need a TV license to purchase a TV. Since a lot of people stream on their phones/PCs, the government is trying to make Netflix (and other streaming platforms) include a TV license fee in their subscription. At the same time they want Netflix to meet a quota of 30% locally produced content. Instead of incentivizing locally produced content, they're effectively trying to force Netflix to cut down on foreign content.


If you've ever watched TV in the US you will know that this license is a thousand percent worth it.


We have it in Poland as well but for keeping the national media funded. Most younger people aren't interested in watching TV anymore, so it's de facto a tax for nothing of value to most people as you need to pay it if you have any device capable of watching TV or receiving radio signals.


Chiropractic care. Your spine isn't being 'realigned', but your wallet is.


**Strongly disagree**. The spinal stuff my be over hyped and some of them are useless or incompetent. If you find a good one, it is basically physical therapy. They use a number of techniques (acupuncture sometimes and other types of treatments) and can really help with severe aches and pains. reddit is a young crowd, but the choices for various aches and pains as you age are NOT good. Medications can get you addicted, surgeons just want to slice you up and charge big bucks and should only be used as a last resort. A good chiropractor can make the difference between being really stuck and in agony and being able to keep moving and heal. Plus, if you become immobilized you get weaker and it further destroys your health.


Agree! I think that the best benefits arise from soft tissue work and getting blood flow back into stagnant or immobile regions.


I completely recognize that chiropractic is based in pseudoscience and has limited, if any, documented benefits. However, it also feels really good and occasionally had alleviated my neck pain.


But that's part of the rub...just last week my neck hurt. I simply woke up with this pain, sleeping weirdly I guess? Three uncomfortable days later and the pain is completely gone. Had I seen a chiropractor, or faith healer, or a Chinese medicine expert, I'd claim it worked.


Since we don't know what caused your neck pain, we can't know what would have cured it. I'm not one who regularly sees a chiropractor, but I believe that occasionally they can make people feel better, even if I don't understand how.


I went to this one chiropractor who advertised that he could fix any issue you had. Examples being IBS, neuropathy or learning disorders. The list goes on and on. So you go in for a "meeting." You are sat down and told about the care you would receive at their office. They you are led into a room where they give you a cost break down and how they don't accept your insurance and you will have to pay out of pocket. I was suckered into this and I will never recommend that office nor go back. I was stuck in a damn room for almost two hours and them hounding me how I should pay them $8k. I am like I'm sorry but I don't have that kind of money, oh but don't you care about your health etc etc. Oh and to top it all off they wanted to speak with my husband to which I replied no way. Worst experience ever.


US healthcare system


The whole interlock breathalyzer business




Student loans


Tax exemption for religions.


Or just religion


I can see the benefit for places of worship IF they are strictly non-profit, that can give them the charitable status and it would mean they are a public service so it should be fair game. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the tax exemption in it's current state is heavily abused.


Unaccredited educational institutions. You pay to earn a literally useless degree instead of a figuratively useless degree like a regular college Oh, and pay to win video games


Mobile Game Ads


Paying for health insurance when the provider can reject claims on the whim.


Pay to live Pay to die


Social security. I will never get back what I paid in.




I'd pay for access to clean water piped into my home.


Obligatory Fuck Nestle


Collect, clean, contain and transport your own and you won't have to.


You can always set up your own well if you don’t feel like paying the city to do it for you


What? Do you think someone is supposed to provide you free water? Tap water uses devices engineered, designed, produced, installed, needs infrastructure and maintenance. It also uses substantial amount of electricity. Bottled water factories have hundreds of workers and transportation. Then you have the cashier selling you the bottle at the store and his salary and profit of the grocery store.. not to mention tax of the government for selling a product. Chemical components used and tests made so you don't get explosive diarrhea after drinking it... you know there are people working to test the water you drink. Water is free as long as you walk to the stream fill it yourself. Assuming you are going to walk though.. if not you still have transportation cost. Most idiotic sentence that keeps being repeated by people who have no idea what's going on in our world. You are not paying for the water source. The company pays for that. You are paying for the water being delivered to you in such a convenient way because we live in the modern world and you can get liters of water by lifting a small metal stick.


This is what taxes are for.


Here have this site and calculate if you have ever payed enough tax for the pumping infrastructure teachers your house. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.engineeringtoolbox.com/amp/water-pumping-costs-d_1527.html then calculate sewer systems and the wages workers have received who installed the system. You need to pay at least 80% tax and earn a quite a lot too if you want the government to go around install infrastructure and then not expect any kind of payment for the work the infrastructure is doing. Think about this your taxes are paying for the grocery store being opened. You still have to pay for the products inside.


My taxes are paying for like, a couple trillion dollars a year worth of senselessly killing people overseas. I don't need any nonsense about how our taxes couldn't cover the infrastructure here. If we can support military bases in every country on the planet, we can support free water and other necessities for people here.


Shit, even a pretty small tax on billionaires would about cover it. The resources are out there; scarcity is artificial.


Liberal arts degrees


Oh my god, humans made it all up. ITS ALL MADE UP


The current administration in Australia.






A 7 year car loan.


Student Loans




The lottery.


I dont remember what its called, but that thing banks do where they loan out the money thats stored in them multiple times over the original amount being held. and we wonder why the economy is constantly overinflated. because of that kinda shit


Any dumb mom shit: Astrology, MLMs, essential oils, chakras, tarot cards, psychics, homeopathy, etc. All bullshit.


Any kind of insurance except whole life.


Whole life is the biggest scam there is.


Roman Catholic church


I was hoping someone would mention religion.


Yep, it is also a cult if sorts (and its tough in Lithuanian schools (optional))


For profit education systems




Having to pay to use A.T.Ms, being charged for each transaction using credit cards, businesses paying fees for customers using cc, all the dumb extra charges you get charged on electric, water, phone bills. In my town (not sure if its still done) if you went in to pay your electric, water bill, which was in our city hall office, you had to pay an extra dollar to pay your bill there, first time I was told this I ask the lady behind counter if this was her only job at city hall, receiving payments and nothing else, she said yes, I ask if she got paid an hourly wage, she says yes, the why am I having to pay her to do her job, at the time I worked in a grocery store deli slicing cheese and sandwich meat, I said that would be like you coming and getting a pound of ham sliced and me charging an extra dollar for me to do it!!! Paid by mail from then on!


The government controlling the money supply


Who else would control it?


The legal justification for not doing anything about wealth inequality...or for actively increasing it.


Explain to me why a 26 year old crack whore and 70 year old neurosurgeon shoud be equally wealthy


Federal income tax....The federal reserve act is the biggest scam this country ever experienced next to the 2020 presidential election.




Shorting stocks just seems like the scuzziest thing from my limited understanding. Borrowing a stock of a company and selling it, hoping said company takes a dive, then buying back said stock at a much lower rate to give it back to the person(s) you borrowed from. I'm glad it backfired via Gamestop and others though.


Social security




Dental insurance. Pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for insurance. Only covers cleanings.


I pay $7/w for Cigna and they cover half of all my dental procedures a year up to $2000. Plus free checkups and yearly cleaning


TAXES. How are my fucking taxes not helping pay for medical care of my own people? Why is it being used tokill people. Fuck that.


Life insurance, Health Insurance, Income tax, Hunting and fishing Licenses.


Insurance, you pay a couple hunded a month for 12 years for medical, thats over 25 grand and when you need a 2k operation, they are like "we can only pay for 800 dollars of it" all I can think is what the hell have I been paying you for ? But what pissis me off more, is that as a car guy i have 4 cars, why the hell should i have to pay for insurance on all 4, you should insure drivers not cars. And then whoever was driving the vehicles insurance pays for it and my friend could drive my car and crash it and me not have to worry because his inurance will cover it. I may sound like some far left communist(im not) but Insurance is all a huge scam.


IDK, I pay $5k a year (including premiums and my deductible) and my insurance paid over $300k on my medical bills last year so it seems like a good deal to me 🤷‍♀️




Well, that depends on which ones and where.


Roads. Firemen. Post office. You don’t like these things?


Mm, I do. I just don’t like being over-taxed. Why don’t politicians tax the rich instead of the working class? To me, that’s a scam.


Those are fine. Dropping bombs and occupying countries in the ME, not fine. Lot of money I could be using elsewhere. The post office kinda sucks tho


What don’t you like about the post office?


If something got shipped the 12th, is due the 17th, gets lost until the 26th, and shows up the 3rd, it kinda sucks. It's happened twice this year so far.


the Earned Income Tax Credit


How so?


Tesla selling "Full Self Driving" to customers.