Does anyone look at random business accounts on companies house?

Does anyone look at random business accounts on companies house?


Yep. The previous tenant in my flat gets lots of brown envelopes from HMRC (I don't open them of course) so I looked her up on Companies House. Some...Interesting reading.


I need to know more


Yes, more please!


Can't believe we've heard nothing since. Have you been murdered?


I know someone who owned a business that folded so I looked them up. They’re listed about 15 times with various businesses, all selling the same thing. Some dissolved. Some inactive. Then a couple of them in liquidation. It’s mental. Bear in mind this person is an arsehole who treats their employees like shit, I’m like what the fuck does it take for this person to fuck off opening and closing businesses to fiddle their cash.


I have been checking out a certain Youtubers accounts and businesses after he stiffed a designer mate for 15k. The Youtuber is making it interesting by regularly stiffing talent then Phoenixing the ltd company to avoid paying them.


I've just done that for a guy I watch. Worth £1.6 million. Not a bad gig, if you can make it work.


Did the same for someone that claimed they only made £500 a month on YouTube. Turns out they made 800K last year


Top tip: if you making loads of moola then don't be telling people.


The lack of enforcement for failing to submit accounts is ridiculous. Constant phoenixing without repercussions.


I think Rate my Takeaway is DANNY MALIN HOLDINGS LTD but it doesn't seem to give any financial info, maybe it's too new


Yes, especially when execs email support staff that there’s no money for a pay rise and then report their huge bonus because it’s a public funded organisation.


This exact thing


Yes, was encouraged to do it when training to be an accountant and now do it all the time. Love how easy it is to search companies up and browse their accounts.


Spend most of my working day on there, it's a handy little tool. I know it's utilised by many others too as I'm forever getting cold letters through the post to my registered company for all types of services. We have no online presence and don't sell currently, so the only way they can be pulling our dets is from the gov website/company check website.


Look up your local taxi firms and see how many are owned by the same person / family


Same with estate agents that operate in the same area. Particularly student estate agents! You’ll find everyone is a cousin or an uncle.


Fairly often as part of the job, plus being a nosey bastard and looking up stuff like rugby players limited companies etc


Used to work for Companies House lol. Didn’t realise there was such a vast array of info about companies for free before joining


Fun fact, if you search for an address on google, such as your neighbouring houses, you can sometimes find a great deal of information, such as if they are owned by a limited company or a landlord. Both houses either side of me are HMOs, which I only found out about after searching the address on google and finding the companies house result.


Just done this and found a house down the road that's owned by someone I knows daughter!


I look up my employers so I can get angry about how much the directors are paying themselves.


Same. I always have a look whenever I get an interview/start a new job.


Self employed so I spend a lot of time vetting clients.


I do this on an almost daily basis, I’m not an accountant or anything related but just interested in finance and 💰. Pretty much look up any business I come across, celebs, dragons den people etc. I once found a person with about over 20 director roles


Just done it yesterday actually. We’re hiring a sales manager and one of the applicants said she was director of the company she was leaving. No record of her at all on their companies house which led me to the ‘meet the team’ section of the website where I found her listed as an account manager. Decided to get a reference just for fun and her current boss said “she’s not our sales manager or a director, she’s been here around 6 months in an entry level position and didn’t ask my permission for a reference so i’m afraid i’m unable to give you one”. She won’t be getting a second interview but i’m really looking forward to calling her out in her rejection email.


Why tho, just decline and move on?


Because it’s good to call people out when they lie about stuff like that. She wasted my time and literally spent an hour long video interview lying to me so she could get a job offer. It’s misrepresentation and fraudulent.


What’s ridiculous here is of course something like this stands out more and it’s more likely someone will check on it or inquire further.


Exactly! I mean, we always check references so we would have found out either way. But most places never do and if she wasn’t so outlandish in her lie she would get away with it with them. I mean, a 23 year old whose only formal eduction was a beauty course at the local college who’s own CV had her as unemployed until 21 would not be having her first appointment in her first ever job as a director. To be fair the only reason we interviewed her is because we thought she was either an exceptional person or full of shit.


I guess at that age I would have thought, probably ran their own company maybe some online sales.. etc and I’d understand, and to be fair it can show a lot of grit & maturity to do. Not as ridiculous as to claim they were a director of a company they weren’t even at a year and lied about it too. I’d really enjoy following that up


Should have clarified the company she works for is a local business that’s been trading since the 1800’s and its still in the original family’s hands. That was our first tip off. But yes totally agree, i left college at 17 and set up my own valeting business, went legit with it about 12 months in and did it for close to 6 years which to be fair made me a 23 year old business owner who was leaving it all for a career change.


Yep. Found our properties are a business with my landlord and to check a few come and go shops round here. We've one unit that has been abandoned for nearly three years on my street and nobody has bothered to buy it. The business is still trading under different names.


Can someone do one for educlean ltd


Not randomly, but if something has prompted me to, I will - Usually people/companies I have come into contact with through work, and want to check out a bit.