How often do you see your GP?

How often do you see your GP?


Generally as and when needed, maybe once a year. Then other times I feel like I must be falling apart as I have to make appointments for random ailments in a short space of time. Then back to almost never again.


Exactly what’s happened to me! Glad I’m not the only one!


You start to feel like a hypochondriac!


I think the last time I went to the see my GP must have been about close to 20 years ago now.


If your young to middle aged and fairly healthy, with no conditions, you'll rarely see them. The visits will become more frequent as you get older. Most of their daily visits will be from 60+ year olds.


Rarely if ever.


like once a week, and then a separate standing appointment with a nurse every couple weeks. the joys of being chronically ill, mentally ill and on enough medication to take out a horse.


I've dated enough horses to know that you have to be high as a kite to do so.


I've pretty much given up with my current GP practise. Because getting an appointment is nigh on impossible in Northern Ireland and when I've seen GPs they just put my issue into the computer and tell me what Google told me. And I've had a string of issues with them and I'm not the only person, I know several other people who've had issues with this practise but you can't move...there aren't enough practises. In fact I've had more helpful advice from people online than I've ever had from my GPs. Of course most advice online is trash so you do have to be super careful and I don't recommend it.


Called my GP about three years ago when I was really quite ill and they didn’t have any appointments for 10+ days. Staggered down to my local pharmacy for some specialist advice and was promptly shoved into a chair, had a thermometer poked into my mouth and after the pharmacist made a brief phone call was told I had a GP appointment in ten minutes and did I need an ambulance or could I walk? I walked, and was sitting in front of my GP eleven minutes later. I just go to the pharmacy for relatively minor things now - I’ve had psoriasis most of my life and the most my GP has done is prescribe me steroids which just made it worse. Pharmacist has me on special creams and coal tar shampoo, although it doesn’t sound like much it’s actually keeping it very well under control (psoriasis is incurable). I am currently using their smoking cessation service which is absolutely leagues above what the GP has ever done, which was basically just give me a box of nicotine patches (I didn’t go to the GP for smoking itself but for chest infections and asked for smoking cessation advice then). The pharmacist measures the carbon monoxide in your breath and you go back for regular meetings with them, they work with you to see which of the nicotine replacement things work for you (spray, gum, inhaler, patches etc), and it’s free in Scotland and still substantially cheaper than smoking in the rest of the UK. Maybe I’m lucky to have a phenomenal local pharmacist or maybe so few people know how useful they can be that they’ve got plenty of time on their hands, dunno! ❤️ pharmacists


Pharmacist are a brilliant underused resource! Great that you have a good one


Pharmacists are so underrated, I used to work in a pharmacy, and their depth and breadth of knowledge is astounding. I go to them a lot more than I used to because I now know what they can do.


I have been trying to book a doctors appointment for ages yet receptionist won’t let me see them


try 111 instead, alot of gp's are getting lazy and just won't book apppointments unless you have called 111 first


Thanks 🙏


Rarely. I think last time was probably over 5 years ago.


Mostly just to register after moving


Hardly until age 20, then every couple months for a couple years, then maybe 6-monthly until age 30, monthly for a year, a lot after child 1 was born, every couple days when pregnant with child 2, then back to a couple times a year with a few times of multiple times a month, over the last 15 years. Add taking the kids there (say a dozen times per child over 12 years) If you add nurses, then there will be blood pressure checks 6-monthly for women on contraceptive pills, and smear tests and routine pregnancy checkups.


I never saw my GP until I was around 35- then my body started on its downward trajectory and now I’m a bit more of a regular. Or I was until Covid, and now they just occasionally stop my repeat prescription which forces me to call them so they send me for a blood test.


I think this differs depending on your gender. Women have to go at least once every 3-5 years for a smear test. If you're on the pill you might have to get your blood pressure checked fairly frequently. Some contraception has to be injected or checked every 6 months to every year etc. I have asthma so I have to have reviews every 6 months or so. Plus an annual flu jab. I'm also much more likely to go for minor issues that are concerning me, whereas my boyfriend would probably ignore it and hope for the best. In my experience there is a bit of male stoicism when it comes to going to the doctor, but that may not be other people's experiences.


In my 30s and I have a chronic autoimmune illness, so I see my GP for medication reviews every few months, the nurse for blood tests every couple of months, and the consultant at the hospital every 6 months. Less than I used to go since getting my diagnosis, am now being pretty much in remission.


When required. I've recently had to visit a private GP as I've had issues contacting the Surgery.


Once every 6 to 9 months usually, but I usually have a nurse appointment every October or so because I have an asthma checkup and usually get a flu jab at that.


I think… 2003? It’s always the on duty nurse practitioner - or some random locum who’ll literally prescribe almost anything I ask for, to get me out the door quicker.


I last saw a GP in summer 2018, before that it was probably around 2013.


Once a blue moon for a smear and that's it 🤞


Whenever I can get through to make an appointment. So never.


Almost never, been at least six years, as I've never seen one in the UK. I see practice nurses every so often for asthma reviews and cervical screening and I saw a nurse practitioner a couple of years ago about a chest infection that turned out to be pneumonia. Everything else is manageable at home, or needs physio, or goes away.


When I'm ill, which is never


Annually for my asthma review and flu jabs. However, I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS so I did have to contact them 4 times a week for 3 weeks concerning blood results, new blood tests, and ultrasound scan results. My treatment is also now going to be reviewed annually. My husband recently got diagnosed with diabetes so he contacts them every 6 months for review which will change to annually as well. He now gets to have the flu jab at the GP too.


Not nearly as often as I should for the medication I'm on, but that's because blood test logistics (specifically needing to book 2 sets of blood tests at specific intervals and timed around my injections) are a nightmare. I am hopeful that I might be able to get Saturday appointments in the future, which would help a lot. I also now work in GP practices (healthcare assistant). Without having looked up any stats about it, I'd guess that something like 20% of the practice population are 80% of the appointments I have, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar for nurses and doctors. People who need one appointment for one thing one time are comparatively rare in my schedule.


I hadn’t seen my GP in about 5 years and then I saw them 4’times from Oct- Feb this year. Honestly, it’s like once they get you they never want you to leave! :-D Think it’s pretty normal to have a massive period of no contact and the small periods of contact. Usually as you age you aren’t going for chest/ear/eye infections or whatever. You’re going with chronic issues that take a few appointments to sort out.


Not sure I remember the name of my current GP


Maybe 3 times a year? Often with similar things. I get skin complaints occasionally that I'll need to get checked out to get the right cream, and my back goes into horrific spasm periodically so I go for painkillers. I'm in my late 20s.


idk like once every 2 years?


I'm in my late 50s and have a couple of medical conditions which are well managed. I think I've seen my GP maybe three times in the last year, two of which were video consultations.


Basically never, until very recently. I speak to a nurse regularly for contraceptive reasons, and have done my whole adulthood. I speak to a GP when something is wrong. Recently I was diagnosed with a condition that I will have forever, so I will need to do regular check-ins. But before that I hadn't seen a GP for at least five years.


Not as often as I should but I can never get an appointment….


Before covid19 I was down at the GP nearly every week, I suffer from anxiety, I think every symptom I get is serious like cancer etc I did find something usually one time, so I was referred under the 2 week rule, my GP was unsure whether it was a lump or a cyst in the testicle, thankfully it was a couple of cysts, I have had two further testicle exams to make sure my cysts have not chance. I have had some CBT help in the past.


Im 28 and I can probably count on one hand the amount of time ive seen a GP. Definitely not been in the last 15 years.