Is Coventry a nice place to live?

Is Coventry a nice place to live?


In general... No. There are much nicer places around it like Leamington or Warwick.


Erm… nah. It’s not to say you couldn’t have a good year there, but it’s not nice. It’s not the worst place in the world, but it’s probs in the bottom 3 or 4 english cities I’d want to live in. That said, it’s close to Birmingham, has nice countryside around it, is very easy to get to London from, is in the centre of the country so you can travel round the U.K. easily, and is great for Birmingham international for really easy travel round Europe (when things open up again). There are lovely places round Coventry (leaning ton; Warwick etc) but you’d be best advised to live near other students for social reasons, and they’re no doubt in cov itself.


> There are lovely places round Coventry (leaning ton; Warwick etc) but you’d be best advised to live near other students for social reasons, and they’re no doubt in cov itself. Plenty of students live in Leamington. There's probably more in Coventry, but there is student life to be had in Leamington.


Is that cov students in lem? I know Warwick seems to split 50/50 between the two places, but was always under the impression the large majority of cov students lived in cov. Could be wrong, and if I am that could be a game changer for OP


I think they are mostly Warwick students. But there's some Coventry students too. OP could be referring to either university as they are both located in Coventry.


OP says the only school that’s an option is cov. Tbh I wouldn’t advise an international student with no / few ties to the country spending their year here in a different city from their classmates for the sake of better architecture, shopping and pubs (that they don’t have anyone to visit with). I’d suggest the best way to have a great time is to meet people and spend time with them (even if it’s in a shit hole!). I’d say being near classmates should be priority 1. But it’s up to them.


They said its *in* Coventry. So they probably mean Coventry uni, but Warwick uni is also pretty much in Coventry. But yeah, in general I'd agree with you. Probably best to be where your classmates are. But at least there are other options if they don't like the idea of living in Coventry.


Just watch out for the ring road, it’s like Mad Max driving round that.


It’s easy once you know how. Stay in the right hand lane unless you are going off at the next exit, and then when you are leaving it, just shut your eyes, pray, and swerve.


I live there; I honestly think it's fine. I wouldn't say it's particularly nice - it's not a tourist attraction. I suppose the question is: what are you hoping for when coming to the UK? I'll try and tell you if you'll get that in Coventry


I used to live there, it’s not as bad as everyone else seems to think, there’s a big student population and plenty of bars and pubs. There’s an ice rink and a decent ice hockey team to satisfy your Canadian needs. You can get into London on the train in 1.5 hours I think?


Less than that. 50 minutes Coventry to Euston


It would be absolutely fine. Coventry gets a lot of banter and jokes, because it was especiaally badly bombed in the war and the rebuilt bits are unattractive. Also, we tend to banter with our neighbours, and the W Midlands is in the mdidle of Englands and so has the most neighbours and the most jokey insults. But it's surrounded by nice countryside and loads of interesting places to visit. Students tend to live in a bit of a bubble too, soI'm sure you'd have a great time. Don't worry!


It’s not that it’s diabolically bad or unacceptably dangerous...but as English cities go it is a bit shit.


Definitely a lot of places to avoid in Cov. Not going to lie, if Coventry is the only option, I'd probably not do it. There are nicer places nearby like Warwick, but they're not exactly student-y.


Nope. There's about half a square mile of old cobbled streets in the centre - the rest is absolutely grim. There also isn't a lot going on there.


Cov got bombed to pieces in WWII and the city centre is a perfect example of 60s brutalism. The city itself is a generic UK city, with nice bits and bad bits. As a student, it'll be fine as it's relatively cheap to live in.


COV - City of villains.


I lived there for a decade or so. It's not beautiful, but there is a lot to do and see. Many events run each week or weekend, so you don't need to be bored. The vast majority of Coventry is very safe. The city has definitely improved in the past 3 years. It's also very easy to travel to local beautiful places from Coventry. So if you want to see nice things, you can hop on a short bus or train cheaply.


I did the reverse Warwick University (confusingly this is in Coventry) to university of toronto for a year. As others have said, Cov is a bit rough, but there are lovely places that you can live and take public transport from. Leamington is a spa town an hours bus ride away, really beautiful


I moved to Coventry almost six years ago for my partners work, and at first I thought it was a complete shithole. I now think it’s nowhere near as bad as I first thought it was. It has its areas that you should stay out of it, and it definitely has a bit of a rough edge, but then so do lots of other places. First things first, there are two universities in Coventry. The University of Coventry is in the city centre, and as far as I know has been climbing the league tables over the past few years. The University of Warwick is more prestigious, and is a campus university on the outskirts of Coventry (weirdly not in Warwick). Coming from North America, you’ll probably love to see the ruins of the cathedral that was bombed in the blitz, and the few very old streets around that area. You can also easily reach Kenilworth and warwick within half an hour, both of which have very impressive castles. Royal Leamington Spa is another town a similar distance away with great regency-period architecture. Some have said you can live in these places, and if you’re talking about Warwick university I would consider it, although I assume if just here for a year abroad you’ll probably be better off trying to stay on campus accommodation. Even just in the time I’ve been here, the city has undergone a fair bit of regeneration. The restaurant scene has improved, pretty much all of the big British chain restaurants are now here, but also many independent restaurants and some nice bars. FarGo village is near Coventry University and has some cool independent shops and an amazing micro-brewery. The city centre is currently undergoing a huge development project. Opinion is a little split on this because some people feel it’s ripping the identity out of a city that has only just starting to regain one since it was flattened in the blitz, but generally I think it will be an improvement, to me the streets of the city centre already feel like a more cohesive and easy to navigate place than they did previously. Finally, depending on when you would be coming, until May 2022 Coventry is currently UK City of Culture, meaning there is a programme of events going on across the city, things like gigs, art shows (the Turner prize is coming to Cov), theatre etc.


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I have grandparents that live there they think it’s the best place on earth but as the previous person said it’s a uni city so there will be lots of stuff to do as a student but it is quite rough in places


I lived there before I went to uni, and it was fine for me. Really it depends what you're comparing it to. I don't get all these comments saying 'No, I'd never want to live there' when they haven't even visited or given a reason. The city centre is OK, its got a decent selection of restaurants and there's alot more planned.


Went there once. I promised myself never to return. Fuck that ring road man. Still have nightmares.


Live in Leamington spa instead, trust me.


No! I lived there for 8 months maybe 30 years ago and I have never felt the need to return.


Shit hole


Its like crompton Depends on you as a person.


Places in the UK to avoid; Telford, Stevenage, Milton Keynes, Coventry and Dartford. From my experience at least. . I grew up in one of these towns and visited the rest, found them pretty dire.


I lived in Telford for a bit. It wasn't *terrible*, but after a while I did find the place pretty soul-destroying. Surrounding areas are pretty good though. It's just the centre of the town...


I know Telford very well, Shropshire and surrounding countryside, places like Ironbridge are lovely but the town is chav central and some of the council estates like Malinslee and Woodside are just depressing. My experience is from 2005 - 2014 and for young people it seemed the only thing to do with your time was do drugs or get in trouble with police.


I don't disagree, bits of it are like that. Fortunately I lived in a nice and peaceful area so it wasn't too bad. Like I say though, utterly soul-destroying after a while - the place has no character.


You forgot Slough, Luton, Grimsby and Aldershot.


I don't report heresay lol I've heard they're pretty dreadful but never been myself, if OP sees this, there are lots of lovely places in the UK we promise


No. It is not. It has some nice parts here and there, but a lot of the town is a crime-infested poverty hole. Leamington Spa and Rugby are both very close to Coventry (~30 minutes on the train) and much, much nicer. Birmingham (about ~40 minutes on the train) is also a better option.


It's like every area of the UK, each town/city has good and bad parts. I would try to visit the area you want to live in before you move, but most student areas in the country are a little rough unless you're going to hogwarts (Oxford or Cambridge)