The charity work I volunteer at has a chart detailing every volunteer’s tea/coffee preferences

The charity work I volunteer at has a chart detailing every volunteer’s tea/coffee preferences


I bet there are people on that list who want five or six sugars but too embarrassed to put it in writing, probably have their own little sugar jar under the desk.


"Milk and two *tablespoons* of sugar, please"


That's definitely the penultimate person on the list, who just wants unspecified sugar


Personally I want tea with milk in a Mars Bar stuck in it


I was just thinking the other day what's really the problem with just sucking on a sugar cube if I put a sugar cube less in my coffee?


This was me at my last workplace - except I wore it proudly. However the sense of shame I have at Starbucks when I ask for more syrup is ridiculous, even though I'm paying extra.


Significantly, "No Sugar" is in red as if that's the outlier.


At my last workplace, when you joined you had a custom mug made with your name or nickname on it with your tea or coffee preference. It was a great icebreaker and also it helped you remember people's names.


That is genius!


Totally implementing this at my place


Whoever came up with that should get the Nobel Peace Prize.


In lieu of a payrise no doubt.


Most people don't get pay rises when they join.


Depends if it's your first job or were unemployed before.


Hmmm anyone with a tea AND a coffee entry? - I switch it up depending on feels


If that's the way you "feel" you can hand in your resignation. We don't need wreckers like you.


>Hmmm anyone with a tea AND a coffee entry? - I switch it up depending on feels Me! Coffee in the morning (black 2 sugars), tea in the afternoon (milk n sugar).


I drink coffee at work because it's drinkable in whatever state it's presented. I can't stand shit tea though, so I save that for home when I can let it brew properly and enjoy it


I'm the opposite. I can't stand shit coffee. Instant can go die in a hole. If there's any chance the coffee will be shite I just order tea.




Aeropress. Get yourself an aeropress I'm serious it'll change your fucking life


Nah, shit coffee is really obvious after you’ve had decent coffee tbh.


Oh I agree shit coffee is noticable. I can just put up with it


Yeah but that's like saying it's obvious you're eating beef space raiders once you've had fillet steak. Yeah they're miles apart and the steak is well better, but the space raiders are ready available so I'll happily have them if there's nothing else.


But when it’s your turn to make drinks, you have a tea and brew it properly, for maximum break time?


What the blimmin hell is a "drip" of milk? Does matey mean drop? Im all for having tea made the way you like it but a drip seems to be taking the piss


So that's the kettle, teabags, coffee, usual stuff. And that's the kitten pipette for Tony's tea. Have you met Tony? Quiet sort of bloke. Keeps himself to himself. I think he collects war memorabilia.


Underrated comment. Take an upvote and some imaginary coin.


it's drip-drop so half a drop That's a man who wants his tea black but doesn't want the whole damn office starting a goddam conversation on how he is heathen for not taking milk with his tea so he concedes to taking the smallest amount of milk possible just avoid being ostracised


This is crazy variety; most places where I get a round of teas I'd say 90% of people are milk no sugar.


I've found that this becomes the norm over time. In our office we had variety in the requests to start with but after a while it slowly became simply 'milk, no sugar'!


My last place I said I like coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, same milk and sugar in whichever, and still got the look like I’d just lifted one arsecheek and drilled out a window-rattler. Sorry my overly complicated hot drink preference ruined your whole work life Dave. EDIT: Saying that, [this is the only correct response](https://youtu.be/8QMeAIRfnLE?t=6m50s) for those Green Tea people.


Drilled out a window-rattler haha.


A connoisseur of excellent comedy I see.


Ooh-ho-hooo-ho-hoooooo! Ooh my connoisseur! Ooh j’etaime moi connoisseur! Ooh I don’t just like it I am a connoisseeeuuurrrr!


Haha yes!




We make our own too, and I'm shocked how normal this chart seems to be. Making a coffee is a 5 minute break away from my desk, like fuck am I surrendering that so someone can make me a shit drink.


I did one for work, complete with a colour chart so we could actually make the tea / coffee the way the person likes it.


Once saw a mug design with colour swatches around the rim so you could match it to the preference!


Jesus, that's beyond accommodating... don't think I could be arsed making things that precise 😕 Like it or lump it.


I had a lot of time on my hands when I first started!


All fine as long as you can remember everyone's name


My team has it printed on the tea tray - we share a kitchen with about a hundred other people.


We had one at the charity shop I worked at as well. Good for when you just ask who wants a drink and you dont have to try to remember all the orders


We used to do this, then when someone leaves cross them out and write \`Dead\`


Team Tea with milk (no sugar) represent 🤙


This is actually a great idea. It might also solve my little problem when the office reopens. One of the guys at work, lovely chap, always happy to make the tea round, always makes mine without sugar (I take mine white with one). He's been doing this for five years now. I'd feel a bit awkward now if I told him to his face.


Could be made better with a table


Probably best on the wall so you don't have to lean over to read it. I'm disappointed there's no "Coffee with milk but no sugar" so I don't think I'll be applying to work there.


Oh you :)


That's normal isn't it? A tech place I worked at years ago had a small PC with a screen which displayed a webpage, the staff had access to modify their own order (internally developed, not commercially available)


To my mind that's a non-trivial use of technology, proper refreshment is important. It's no accident that the first webcam (which actually predates the Web) was to monitor the status of a coffee machine - https://petapixel.com/2013/04/03/the-first-webcam-was-invented-to-check-coffee-levels-without-getting-up/


I would be the token weirdo who had to put Pepsi Max on mine. Maybe a Bovril on the coldest of winter days.


Second to last. Why not specify how many sugars as per the rest of the list?


I don't think formatting was on their mind so much. There are spaces between the brackets on some and no spaces on others, and the tab indentation is different throughout.


Yet another reason to end the tyranny of the tea round. I don't know what I want until I am presented with the mug and kettle. I don't want to drink the same drink all day, every day. Sometimes with milk/sugar, sometimes without.


Don't worry about me, I'll just stick to making my own.


dats cute .. hm is that procedure gdpr compliant ? ;)


How would you remember which is which for that many? You'd need named mugs or something. Or make the brews and everyone can add their own milk and sugar.


Or everyone has their own mug


We had this in a place I used to work in so that anyone new starting didn’t have to walk round the office and awkwardly ask people. Actually a great idea


Still better than the Texas Panhandle. At least yall have some trees around your fields.


Sorry, *how* many sugars?


This is literally 1 hour in any direction of st.louis.


Even the green tea?


I like 2 spoons of coffee, milk no sugar. I'm glad I work alone 😂


A place I used to work we all had personalise mugs with it on


I wonder if “either with milk and two sugars” would be acceptable.


"It said 'either', you fool. Call an ambulance then try to wake him up. Hells bells."


Let's detail it more. Who are the savages that don't drink Yorkshire tea?


Tea with one sugar (no milk) is taking the piss honestly


That's how I drink black tea on the rare occasion I have it lol. More of a green tea person though.


We have that at my local gym. It’s great!


My dad made an excel spreadsheet for this same thing! Good to see that everyone’s tea/coffee needs are being met elsewhere lmao


I love this! At my first after school/Saturday job the first To Do was to make hot drinks for everyone. We had a handwritten list exactly like this, plus a description of everyone's preferred mug. It was only after I started training new young starters that I realised how wonderful it is as a concept: young teens are likely to be both very worried about messing up, and too shy to interrupt someone working to double check what it was they wanted. Also helps so much in remembering names!


So, of the 13 people who took part, only 3 gave the right answer?


When I did work experience in a bank they had one, and there were 3 tea breaks a day. Most people had something different for each of the breaks, and one time I was looking at the wrong list for the break and made the wrong drinks. You'd think I'd killed their children or something, it wasn't like they were drinks they didn't like, it was just at the wrong time.


We have a colour chart with people's NES next to the shade they like, with sugars listed too. Sadly, after a round of redundancies, it's a bit of a memorial to fallen comrades...


Well, at least one of them knows how to drink coffee - BNS


tea, nato.


Who is the complete animal that has tea without milk, black coffee just makes sense but tea? Eurgh


Earl gray though? Or rooibos? Both better black IMO.


Agreed but it specified green tea so it figured unspecified meant English breakfast


Ooo where do you volunteer? (Don't say if it'll dox you) I'm looking for more volunteering to do


We have a list like this at our work and also which mug belongs to each person.


I've seen lists like this before, personally people seem to hate it when i want tea as i'm fine with or without milk and up to 2 sugars. Surely that's easy? Just make some tea and i'll drink it but nope it devolves into questions about specifics.


You're all having black tea. Add milk and sugar if you want it. I've got no issue making a bunch of tea but i'm not doing 20 different cups.


I feel like this should be in the form of a chart.


If I started work here, asked if anyone wanted a tea or coffee, they all said yes then I saw this. I think I’d quit. My stress levels are too high for this.


No sugar; that's just to get children to apreciate it quicker. I like it strong. I want to see that spoon stand up!


Coffee 2 brown, but not too brown