Dominoes in Japan have created a Fish & Chips Pizza

Dominoes in Japan have created a Fish & Chips Pizza


With lemon wedges on the pizza.....


How the world hasn't kicked off about this yet but had the cheek to be angry about pineapple


if you think this is bad. check out brazilian pizza. which is: undercooked pizza ketchup cold cheese mayo and sweetcorn


I threw up just imagining that


swedens pizza is worse. bananas burnaise sauce peanuts and black currants


No, no, not Bernaise. It's curry. Sweden makes banana curry pizza.


I suddenly hold the Pizza we get in the UK to a very high standard after learning this...


A curry pizza might not be that bad, but it's the addition of the fruit and nuts that disturb me.


Exactly. A curry pizza is basically just curry flat bread, and that's fine. The Banana is what throws me for a loop. Edit: this won't be a curry sauce made specifically to go with fruit. It'll be generic, European "curry sauce".


My mate who looks like he's about to die from a heart attack has the local takeaway make him a large meat feast,with a large donner/shwarma mix then garlic and chilli sauce.Im surprised he hasn't been found dead in his kitchen seeing as this is twice a week!


Coronation chicken has raisins in it. Doesn’t get more British than coronation chicken


Slices of banana and also raisins are great on top of yellow curry.


>banana Raw plantain bananas are practically a vegetable. We eat that in curries where I am from (Kerala). There are curries with ripe fruits in them too.


I've had currys with bananas in, like a korma style was very nice, had another with strawberries in called chom chom balti, fruit and savoury is great sometimes. Dont get this weird dislike of fruit in savoury meals we have in the UK, cheese and grapes are such a good combo. Edit: around here any curry style pizza would be from an Indian takeaway


"Punjabi Pizza" is very popular in certain areas of Canada (west coast). It's pizza with heavy Indian influences, including pizza with curry sauces. It's pretty good and often quite cheap.


Indian curry pizzas are unreal tbf. Few indian takeaways do that around me.


Yeah an Indian curry pizza is delicious. But there’s no weird shit on it, just cheese and then things you’d get in a curry so it all works together. Curry plus banana makes me sick


There's a place near me in Bath that does Indian style pizzas and they are sublime. Obviously it's slightly different to just slapping a curry on a pizza, but it's the same principle.


Youve never had a fry up pizza then It sounded fucking fantastic until I got to the beans 🤢


Just had a flashback to 1990s heinz beans pizza. They were amazing. Don't know what they did but they were amazing. Never been able to replicate it.


Have you tried paneer tandoori pizza from an Indian pizza shop - its delicious!


Ah mate domino's does McDonald's cheeseburger pizza now its fuckin lit


My wife loves these, I got a bit bored after the first few




When I visited I found they had a thing called Pizzasallad which comes free with every pizza. Like a little pot of coleslaw but less mayonnaisey.


I would eat this pizza.


It is banana with curry powder, not curry sauce.


That sounds amazing to be fair


As a Swede, you're not all that wrong, but banana on pizza is controversial even in Sweden. (I personally hate it.) I've never seen black currants but it might be a regional thing. Bearnaise is definitely a thing along with a ton of other sauces, they're added to the pizza after it comes out of the oven and it's actually pretty good though bearnaise wouldn't be my pick. The most popular pizza in Sweden is one with döner kebab meat on it. It's actually really good


So what you're telling me is that pizza is a cultural marker showing the level of decadence in a society?


If that was like some sort of dessert sauce then I could get behind that. a pizza dough could be sweet I suppose. Its not like other desserts dont use a similar dough.


nobody serves blackcurrants on pizza in Sweden. Banana and peanuts are served though. Don't order it.


[Look at it, LOOK AT IT!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e5gTx1fVU4)


WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WITNESS?!? Wait…I know….my fucking nightmares!


Fuck oil, this is what we should be invading countries over


Lucky for them that the Italians don't have nukes


The 3 olives at the end, mwah! Perfecto.


I think we have to nuke Brazil


Let’s not pretend that’s food, let alone pizza. That’s a hate crime.


I like that the top comment is 'This is how EA make their games'


Um, no thanks. I’ll have the throw up.


I spent 2 and a half years living in Brazil just trying to find an edible pizza.


What is it specifically about Brazilians and Germans that make them eat such objectively rancid food? Growing up in London I know a lot of Brazilians and they really eat strange shit. A lot of good cultural cuisine, for sure, but a lot of weird shit too that doesn’t belong on Earth. And I’ll never get over how much Germans generally love Coca Cola+orange juice.


In my experience Germany has excellent pizza to be fair. Better quality kebab on average too. To be honest average German everyday food is probably better than the UK - nothing flashy but lots of good bread and fresh meat/fish and vegetables while we're eating tinned beans off pub coasters.


Doesn't Germany have a much larger Turklish population than the UK? Makes sense their kebab game would be on point.


mezzo mix (fanta and coke, an official coca cola product) is pretty amazing tbf


It's not orange juice, it's German Fanta, which does have a stronger orange flavour and less sugar than US/UK Fanta. Spezi (Cola & Fanta mix) does taste really nice though. But have you had Bananenweizen (wheat beer with banana juice) or Cola Weizen (dark wheat beer with Cola)?


I don't think you know much German food my dude


Brazilians are really into mayo and corn. Dont eat their lasagna either


I thought the Brazilian one was just the base with no toppings!!


We gave up on Japanese pizza years ago.


I know, right? People get upset about pineapple on a pizza yet we have fucking fish and chips being slapped on a large thin and crispy 😏 Dont tell me its a tartare sauce stuffed crust! 🤮 (I love pineapple on pizzas, and I love fish and chips in paper - sometimes worlds shouldn't collide!)


I'm reading this the same evening Spotify decided to recommend the Japanse version of the wizard of Oz soundtrack to me. At some point the world just went bloody strange.


Fun fact: the reason a lot of the world hate pineapple on pizza is because they try to use fresh pineapple, rather than canned. It’s the exception to the rule “always use fresh ingredients” because fresh pineapple is incredibly sweet and juicy, whereas canned (as we know and love) is tart and dry. When I went to the Caribbean, I thought “I bet the Hawaiian pizza here is amazing!” Nope. Made about as much sense as putting orange segments on there.


I've only had fresh pineapple on pizza once, and that was the time I went "oh, I get it" because it was *great*. (With chicken, chorizo, and a heap of rucola.)


>whereas canned (as we know and love) is tart and dry. I don't know what kind of shitty canned pineapple you've had the misfortune of trying, but I've never had canned pineapple that wasn't sweet and juicy.


Why anyone would ever give a fuck what other people like on their pizza is baffling to me. So what if I like 2 pounds of black olives, pineapple chunks, and anchovies on my pizza? I wasn’t going to give any to you anyway.


Still with the peel on just to add insult to injury


There's a slice between the 9 and 10 o'clock positions that appears to be just peel.


there is actually a tiny nugget of probably all batter just near the crust


The majority of them look like they’re just peel


Obviously lemon wedges is crazy, but what you should try is very finely chopping a load of coriander, adding some finely grated lemon zest, one very finely chopped small garlic clove and, again, very finely chopped half a chilli, then a splash of olive oil. Mix it all together and put on a freshly cooked Margherita.


I think this might be one of the most appetising things I’ve read lately. This also works well on a Caprese salad. It requires a bit more oil though. Actual olive too, not frankenoil mixtures we typically see on shop shelves.


It's called a Gremolata and I agree it is wonderful. Adds a brightness to pizza https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gremolata


I’m betting there’s Mayo in there somewhere too.


tartar sauce?


Thin slices of lemon on top, stone oven cooked so they caramelise and get a little crispy, would actually be really nice imo, but they've just stuck whole wedges on it lol


Am I the only one who can only see slices not wedges? So many people have said it so I've looked really hard but they all look slices to me.


Tbh I think you're right, just the closest one looks like a wedge


Yo, we have lemon on pizza in Italy. Always amazes me to see what Americans think is normal on a pizza. Best selling pizza in Italy has no tomato and no cheese, just oil, rosemary and salt. Sometimes olives too. Thin lemon slices, or slices of preserved lemons with salt, fish or cured meats is very normal on pizza.


Pull em off and maybe squeeze a bit on your slice before you eat it


just thinking of people in Japan eating whole lemon wedges with their fish and chips thinking it's authentic


I once witnessed a group of tourists in a hotel eating porridge with black pudding, bacon and sausage in it. Personally, I am not brave enough to try it.


They must be used to eating congee, a savoury rice porridge often served for breakfast with meat and vegetables. I quite fancy trying it with our oat porridge!


Well lots of Asian countries eat Congee which is almost this, except the porridge is made of rice and they probably use different pork products.


Never in my life would I ever consider black pudding, bacon, or sausage in congee. some adventurous people might have some innards, but vast majority is just chicken, minced meats, and mushrooms. it's supposed to be a light tasting meal, lightly salted, possibly for the sick, not one with fats.


As a Chinese man born and bred in London, i would absolutely smash some jook with all that English breakfast madness. I think its a fantastic idea. Have you ever had congee with kfc? That is living. I tell thee.


Congee with KFC? Like you dip a mini fillet in it? Might raise some eye brows next time I go for dim sum and bring a bargain bucket with me.


I'm not sure how common joek is at dim sum, but loads of people dip potato slices fried into their jook like some version of "oil stick".


Only time I ever order congee anymore! Its not like Hong Kong where I can pop down for some fried noodles and congee anywhere I want.


There's also chagayu, which is tea poured over porridge. Change green for breakfast tea, throw the rest on top with a tomato garnish and you've almost got full English porridge.


This would probably taste pretty good if the porridge was made traditionally with water and salt.


>I once witnessed a group of tourists in a hotel eating porridge with black pudding, bacon and sausage in it. Personally, I am not brave enough to try it. It's like a congee coddle. I could get behind it.


That actually sounds really nice to me in a weird way haha


Isn’t black pudding just oats and blood? Haven’t they just watered down black pudding


Nah, there's pork in there too, it is an actual sausage


I got into savoury porridge this year and it's actually pretty great! Make it with chicken stock then top with what you like plus a fried egg 👍🏻


I'd eat the hell out of that. I've already had savoury porridge with bacon... I don't see why the rest of this wouldn't fit.


Sounds like perfect bulking food!


So... I found a recipe once... And made it... And it was good. Bacon & Cheese Oatmeal Porridge. Basically, chop and fry bacon bits then remove them but leave the fat in the pan. Add oats to the fat, stir it round so they absorbs the fat. Add milk (cows, oat, soy, whatevs) and bring to simmer, as normal for making oat porridge. Slowly stir in grated cheddar, to your personal taste of cheesiness (ie, all the cheese) Serve in a bowl and sprinkle with lots of bacon bits. For added goodness, stir an egg yolk into it. I like a few cracks of black pepper as well.


In Lawsons (a Japanese convenience store) they have panini with spaghetti and tomato sauce —it looks hideous. If only they knew the correct Italian way is Heinz spaghetti in toast.


I’m finally offended by someone else’s cultural appropriation


It's no surprise many people around the world think our food sucks, when they think it's like this!




Was this Off Menu Podcast? Was person in question Phil Wang?


Tbh I was all in on that til I noticed all the lemon wedges


The title of the post made me think "well that sounds like something I'm sure people would like over here as well" And then I looked at the picture. And now I wish I hadn't found out that someone put lemon wedges on pizza.


Nice flair man, Rene LaVice is the king


I have always wondered… Chinese immigrants came over here and made a good living opening Chinese take aways. If I as an Englishman moved to China or Japan to open an authentic British chippy, would I be as successful? I’m talking pukka pies, fresh battered fish, chunky chips fried in beef fat. Maybe even a deep fried Mars bar.


Call it a Mars Bar Tempura and you might be on to something.


The Hub pub chain in Japan does fish and chips. Even comes with fake newspaper and newspaper wrapped chopsticks as well as Sarson's malt vinegar.


Now that's attention to detail. Course to be 100% authentic it also needs to sell dripping in oil kebabs with the spicy sauce and the salad out of tescos rubbish bins.


Except it's just chunks of battered fish and instead of chips you get potato wedges...


Frustratingly the menu often only lists it as "Potato", so you've no idea it's wedges until it makes its way to your table.


Depends. You have to adjust to the flavor preferences around here. It'll be too much fat and sugar for them to wanna eat there. Also, must be in Central Districts or big cities. Spouse and I are from these two places. For example, look at the menu of this American style cafe in Yokohama Station that I often go to when I have a dayoff and have breakfast around her workplace when we lived there a few years ago. The portion is much smaller and from my experience taste is milder: [https://www.nick-stock.com/menu](https://www.nick-stock.com/menu) So you can't really clone a Wetherspoons or GBK and blossom in Japan or HK, but it sure has a market for authentic foreign food if you change the portion and salt/sugar content a bit. Maybe I was a bit too serious for a little joke this but yeah.


Malaysian here, we often get expats starting pubs. One of my favourite places was called sids pub in Taman tun


The trick is to not actually do what you do back home but do a bastardised version that works for local taste buds eg: British national dish the chicken tikka masla is not an actual Indian dish You look at the average restaurant in China, it ain't serving the same stuff we know and love. The super authentic ones with the chicken feet and century egg, don't tend to be as popular with non asians.


The deep fried mars bar is a thing of beauty!


I'm an American living in the UK. During a conversation with a Btitish coworker I mentioned that I missed the local fish and chips shop in the town I used to live in, as the owners were lovely and they had deep fried Mars bars. My coworker was incredulous and said that deep fried Mars bars were only really meant as a joke. I was devastated, as I think they're absolutely heavenly. :(


I feel like the more north you go, the less of a joke they become.


How to offend both England and Italy after the Euro’s in one picture


Let both teams play frisbee with it and the losers are the first to drop it.


Loser eats it.


I am both British and Italian and I am doubly offended.




How to offend ~~two~~ three nations with the same picture


I’m Italian and I’d eat that, lemon wedges included. Thank you UK for fish and chips


Congratulations, you've been exiled.


Pastaporto ritirato. Prego recarsi in questura per espulsione dal territorio italiano.


When I was in Italy many years ago they had Pizza Americana which was French fries on pizza. Is that a common thing?


Anybody near Manchester, there’s a place called Crazy Pedros in the northern quarter which do a chippy tea pizza. Also has gravy, sausage and mushy peas iirc.


Also one in Liverpool. Reminds me of edgy 14 year olds


The staff remind me of edgy 14 year olds tbh. Good spot for cheap cocktails and pizza, but the staff are miserable and rude.


Yea but the music is always way too loud


Misread this as Crazy Paedos. Need another coffee.


Do they have a washing machine in their restaurant?


They do. I went years ago, back when it was called Man Feelings. Cos they’re men, and they have feelings.


Was it once called curse these metal hands??


Nah, that's Danny Dyer's Chocolate Humunculus.


I believe sir you are thinking of mommas cumquat......


Run by a group of people who go by the name of The Hair Blair Bunch


I knew them as coming up for Blair


A washing machine in a pub? Christ I need a drink.


What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a restaurant!? I need a drink.


Those crazy paedos! What are they like?


You might be on to something… What are pizzas made from? Pizza Dough If you shorten Pizza Dough you get Pi-do Those Qanons are on to something.


Good job Pete Doherty didn't get a SuBo style nickname.


The Liverpool one got vandalised last year and someone stole a letter but it wasn't even the R which is somehow even funnier


No, that one's in Leeds.


Ugh noooo, fucking disgusting… when can we order that over here?


... With the lemons?


Dont knock it til youve tried it 50 times and developed a taste for it


WITh THE LEMONS -Cave Johnson


Maybe you can eat the wedges? Like I’ve seen lemon wedges soaked in honey to make them more palatable. I’d eat that




Dominoes in Japan need to mind their own fucking business and stop embarking such horrors unto the world. Nah, in all seriousness I'd eat that.


Japan has some of the best food in the world but they really take a "throw shit at the wall and see what sticks" approach. For every amazing bowl of ramen or sushi you have sea urchin ice cream, wasabi kit kats and chicken sashimi.


Wasabi Kit Kats you say….intriguing


They're really nothing like full-on wasabi, more a suggestion of wasabi. They are pretty much the same colour, though. Side note - I recall sitting in a local Japanese restaurant at lunch one day several years ago, and watching in horror as a fellow diner innocently picked up the entire 'thumb' of wasabi and popped it into her mouth. The aftermath was NOT pretty.


I did that once because someone bet me a tenner I couldn't, although it wasn't actual wasabi, but the stuff you get from cheap sushi places. My airways proceeded to close and I had to down a pint before I could breathe again. Luckily, the tenner bought more than a pint so I think it was worth it since I didn't actually suffocate.


My grandma smoked almost all her life, and if she wasn't drinking tea, she was drinking whisky. One of her last meals she did the same and there was zero reaction. Meanwhile, i put a hair too much and my eyes start pouring like I'm cutting onions.


Did she think it was a single mushy pea?


Play a record


Little bald headed manc twat.


They are bloody delicious! I did dislike the red bean and potato pudding Kit Kats I got in 2018, though. I just wish Haagen Dazs would release their green tea ice cream in the UK. That stuff is gorgeous.


You can usually find green tea ice cream in your local East Asian supermarket.


You can get them online. They're spot on; as are the green tea ones!


Wasabi Kit Kats are alright, but the Green Tea ones I could not deal with. There's so many Kit Kat flavours out there.


You just reminded me of a deep fried fish sticking out of a 99 Ice cream I saw at a service station in Japan. I'm not even exaggerating. I'll try and find the picture.


Would you buy for £30, cos that's how much it costs lol.


Japan Domino’s is the most expensive in the world, followed by the UK.


Tbf I’ve had a lot of dominos in my life and never paid full price for a pizza. You’re a fool if you do, there’s always some kind of deal that will at least save you some money.


I live in Japan and that’s exactly how it is here too. I’ve never paid more than the equivalent of £15 for a Dominoe’s here.


Yes. And Weds and Sunday. Should be getting three large for about 10 quid each! Then you can’t look at yourself for a few days.


Both things can be true


I had a Teriyaki pizza at a Dominoes in downtown Nagasaki once and it was the bo-... it was pretty good.


Don't know about the lemon wedges but the rest looks too tasty not to try.


Swap the lemon for mushy peas and it’s a winner


I wonder if there's a Japanese yodelling Domino's ad where one of them orders this.


That... fucking... advert...


Marketers should be sentenced to watching their blasted adverts continually for a year


England and Italy set aside their differences and invade Japan


where's the chips?


I, as a half Italian, half British person am HORRIFIED. My forebears on both sides are spinning in their graves! We could light both nations on the electricity they would create as dynamos. For the love of all things Holy and Good: why so much lemon…AND WHY LEAVE THE RIND ON?!?!?!


Yeah this is mental. Pizzas in Australia with seafood toppings come with a lemon wedge served in the middle to squeeze, but not cooked into the actual pizza. I'm just gonna put this down to more Japanese weirdness.


Would definitely try it (without the lemon), nowhere near as cursed as the banana and curry powder pizzas they eat in Sweden


You've mamma'd your last a-mia, Japan




Isn't this just a elaborate chip butty?


PH: Hello Pizza Hut how can I help you? Me: I would like to order for delivery Do you have any specials? PH: We have a special for a large 2 topping Me: I’ll take that Ph: What’s your toppings? Me: I would like pineapple and lemon wedges please Ph: Oh fk off with that *hangs up*


I was all for it until I saw the lemon.


Japan and war crimes, name a more iconic duo


This is pay back for the Greggs Kasu Curry Bake


I just don’t know. There is a place in Manchester that did English breakfast pizza and it was actually very popular.


Manchester has chip naans I fucking love those!


Idk...my experience with Dominos in Japan is that Japan makes really, really shit pizza. It was like eating cardboard with no flavor. Maybe it was a one off thing but I'm skeptical about this.




Nice idea but what's with the vast number of lemon slices?


Is this some kind of revenge?


Imma show this to drive my point when I explain to my friends that turtle bay is nothing like authentic Jamaican food


Yeah I'm gunna have to buy this and report back. There's also a butter chicken one ill give a go


Actually amazing


Why is there still the fucking rind on the lemons bro


WTF! Oi Dominos No!!


Is the base tartar sauce?


Come to India Pizza Hut has made chole (Chick pea) and Paneer(cheese) based pizza.