Flats built on top of an old garage forecourt (in Acton, West London)

Flats built on top of an old garage forecourt (in Acton, West London)


I think it's more "Garage forecourt built as part of block of flats" looking at the age of the flats. I don't think the flats came later.


Maybe! Just looks so odd that it seems like an add-on to me.


Ha! 35 year Actonian resident here. These were indeed built as you see. Petrol station below, flats above, not sure exactly when, probably late sixties. To the left of the building was a ramp up to the first floor where there was a car park for the residents. It wasn't always a petrol station, that closed down late 80's early 90's, been a car showroom, ( I remember Lancia leasing it at one point where they had a fully blown race rally Intelgrale up for sale for about 9 grand), minimart, temporary sub post office, second hand furniture shop.


fun fact: Save Service Stations, who operated the petrol station (the Save logo's just visible on the canopy in the earliest Streetview) was started by an accountant called James Frost who used to travel in to the City from Buckinghamshire every day, got tired of the commute, and decided to look for local clients instead. He became accountant to a small chain of discount petrol stations in Aylesbury, realised they were badly run, and bought them himself. Eventually that turned into Save who were briefly, in the 1990s, the biggest independent petrol station chain, offering Blue Chip stamps with a gift catalogue long after most of the rest had abandoned things like Green Shield stamps and Tiger Tokens. But they overextended themselves and eventually the most valuable bit left was the property value of the sites themselves for development (or not, which is why you see so many crappy hand car washes with a faded Save logo on the canopy). In its last incarnation, what was left of Save had become a pub operator, in some ways a similar business to petrol.


Save, yeah I remember it now!


Good knowledge, thanks!


One of my favourite cars. £9k, wow. If you know, you know. Lovely building, not to everyone's tastes I'm sure but very unique and characterful imo.


Considering the weirdness of the bottom half, I'm disappointed by how boring the to half is. They could have done anything. Also, my eyes really really don't want to accept this isn't a Photoshop.


Came here to say this. Could've looked pretty cool


Even with a clear blue sky, It's still depressing to look at.


I would not feel comfortable knowing the foundation to half my flat was basically two support pillars.




I assume this is the Crown Street tunnel as I thought the Waterloo and Wapping tunnels were being considered for reuse. Which block of flats is it?


I raise you this one on St Mary's Gate in Manchester: https://www.google.com/maps/@53.4833757,-2.2456253,3a,69.2y,341.1h,136.46t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sW41nnT63IxVn1D29acLxoQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192


That at least looks to some degree like it was designed that way though, there's a central base and a number of pillars going ask the way around. This is just some flats built ontop of a garage, and half of it is on the overhang. Although there's no chance I'd live in the building you posted either.


Wow, they should cover the supports in a sculpture of a hand, like the building is balancing on fingerstips.


All it would take is one lorry losing control.


I've heard of flat roof pubs....


Never visit a flat roof pub.


This is one of the most 60s things I have ever seen.


They'll build flats anywhere in london


Would be cool to buy the whole lot and turn it into a house with a swimming pool etc


Saved a fair chunk by not having to clean out the old storage tanks. Still, the cost of the environmental remedials will hit someone sooner or later. Nonetheless, had that been done properly, it would have had Mr McCloud oohing and aahing all over it.


It's like the depressing, post-war equivalent of Pulteney Bridge, or High Bridge in Lincoln, or even the medieval London Bridge.


some councilmen made some nice money on the side granting planning permission for those lol


Is that real or an optical illusion? It looks horrific..


Nope, it’s real! [StreetView](https://goo.gl/maps/CtcGdqLVbmUDFZUg8)


It so completely out of character with the rest of the street as well, amazing work. The [2008 streetview](https://www.google.com/maps/@51.5063017,-0.2780506,3a,75y,87.54h,96.23t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sA58936EPciRf73-Q8rcK6g!2e0!5s20080701T000000!7i13312!8i6656) is quintessential


Holy shit this looks a lot like Ramsgate, haven't been home since I moved to university. Is this the top end of town? or am I mistaken


Live round the corner, kind of gutted the Budgens underneath it closed! Super weird building though.


Is it by the north acton tube stop?


Nah on the walk up from Acton Town Station to Uxbridge Road.


That could've been so cool with some actual design and care. Not just that shite plonked on top.


Hopefully nobody drops a cigarette!


Streetview: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5064392,-0.2778999,3a,75y,140.69h,99.07t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sdwkQdk_XTS41tZ6JcFkTEA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192


Someones been playing too much fallout 4


How did that get planning permission.


What a monstrosity.


In structural engineering terms, that looks pretty daring and innovative. It's a shame the end result is so ugly.


Terrain generation


As unusual as that looks, I'd argue that's actually a really effective use of space. Cosmetically, its no worse than a regular block of flats, and functionally far more useful. My only concern would be the possible damage from a petrol fire/explosion is increased with all those homes above it. And with the whole Grenfell tower issues coming to light I think if this was still a petrol station it wouldn't be long for this world. As a small shopping arcade, tho, it makes perfect sense.


Former petrol stations are notoriously hard to reclaim-reuse e.g. the petrol fume and evil sludge filled large underground tanks, usually heavily polluted ground etc. With the switch to electric there will be almost countless numbers of them and there are already several derelict ones in my area. So any reasonable way to do this would be welcome.