I ordered steak pie and I was served steak. With an empty pie on top.

I ordered steak pie and I was served steak. With an empty pie on top.


My dads first question to the server/waiter/barman is always 'Is it a pie or is it a stew with a lid?'. This, incredibly, is neither.


It's a soup with a bonnet.


This has really made me giggle. Excellent description.


Maybe that’s a sonnet


Because there's pastry onnet?


this is stew with a pastry side


I might be your dad.


Look into your heart, you know it to probably be true!


I almost always order 'the pie', regardless of which sort it is, if I'm eating in pubs of untested or dubious quality, and I have developed the extremely controversial view that the 'stew with lid' is, in fact, usually a much better meal than the 'slice of large pie' or 'small individual pie' options. With 'real pies', I find the meat is often underdone, and there isn't much gravy inside, so they have to resort to just pouring bisto all over everything. Which is fine, but infinitely inferior to a proper stew gravy. With the 'stew with lid', you usually get more meat, cooked better. The gravy is nicer, and you tend to get more of it, and its much more conducive to dipping chips in, which is obviously the best part anyway. Yes, you get less pastry, but its usually freshly cooked puff rather than shortcrust, which can end up dry and chewy when its reheated, as 'real pies' almost always are. There are a few pubs I think fondly of as doing a 'good pie', and they were without fail, stews with lids. Of course, the best option is to make it yourself, decant the stew liquid as side gravy, and put shortcrust on the bottom and puff on top, but then you're not in the pub so...


My general rule of thumb is to never order the pie from somewhere that looks like it microwaves everything from frozen (basically, a chain) because thats just asking for a lidded stew. Gastropub tier and its pie time. All that said, this is absolutely god tier stew with lid. Everyone owes it to themselves to have one of these once in their lives: [https://www.weighbridgeinn.co.uk/2in1pie](https://www.weighbridgeinn.co.uk/2in1pie)


Sorry to commit the reckless act of leaving two different replies to this, but I've been considering the 'chain pub v gastro pub' issue with regards to pies, and my take on it is this. In 'microwave chain' pubs, I actually think you're probably more likely to find a 'real pie', in the sense of one fully enclosed in shortcrust pastry, but also, that real pie will likely be crap. In a gastropub, you're also likely to find a 'real pie', and that real pie will probably be quite nice. In between, you have what I would refer to as 'proper pub food pubs'- independent pubs that cook food from scratch, but have a very simple, limited menu. You know what I mean, the sort of place that only does 3 starters, and one of them is a prawn cocktail. These are the places that you'll get a great 'stew with a lid', usually with very good chips, and some extremely bland boiled veg that is nevertheless quite good for soaking up the excellent gravy. Sadly these kind of pubs seem a lot less common than they were 10-15 years ago when I first started going to pubs, presumably squeezed out by chains on the one hand and gentrified into gastropubs on the other, so perhaps I am just nostalgic for a genre of pub pie that doesn't really exist much anymore.


I just want you to know that I appreciate the amount of effort you put in to those comments. You seem to know your pubs and I would take any advice from you.


Ha honestly it's just too hot to do any real work so I wrote about pies instead, but I'm glad you liked it!


That looks incredible. Only up the road as well, will definitely make a visit.


Only ~~4000 miles~~ 6437.376 kilometers away! What do you guys think, worth the plane tickets??


You were right the first time, we use miles


I'll let you know once I've had one!


Love spotting somewhere local on the subreddit!


~~Haha good lord that's hilarious.~~ ~~Imagine the criminal insanity required to order half creamy fish and half steak and kidney.~~ Edit: I think I may have misunderstood, presumably the other half of the fish one is actually the broccoli mornay? Less hilarious, but actually does sound good.


Yeah, it’s half meat/fish, half veg. My favourite is the roast dinner one. Diced sausage, bacon, turkey in a sage and onion sauce with cauliflower cheese. It’s a powerful pie.


Thanks for the link, that does sound amazing.


Hmm, 40 mins away...


This guy 'pies'


When a man is tired of pies, he is tired of life


I'd agree with making your own Is the best option. It took me a lil while but I feel I've somewhat perfected pie at home since I'm a stupidly fussy eater and had to somehow end up making stuff I enjoy lots as well as the whole family lol Now I can't eat pub or chippy pies anymore. Or bought ones. Only my own. Sad times


Yes. Top crust pies usually cook way better as they need less skill.


I agree. Pies are Normally shortcrust and stews are normally puff pastry. Puff pastry is just superior.


Puff pastry is just layers of brown dust I'm afraid, compared to proper shortcrust


It should be illegal to call a stew with a lid a "pie".


My mum insists that's the only way to make a pie, there's no hope for her.


If you cook the pastry at the same time as the pie filling in the same dish, yes, it's a pie. The pastry here has been clearly cooked separately from the filling hence stew with a lid.


How…..? I know many that just *choose* to do so because of convenience but I’ve never heard anyone try to legitimately claim that’s the actual way to make a pie.


What about shepherd's pie? Don't think I've ever seen one that wasn't just a stew with a lid of mashed potato.


A shepherds pie or cottage pie has the qualifier of ‘shepherds’ or ‘cottage’ which tells the consumer that this is not a pie made with pastry, and can expect the top to be potato.


Also included in this are ‘fisherman’s pie’ (often shortened to ‘fish pie’) and ‘hunter’s pie’.


Fish pie is just as likely to be pastry as mash.


Isn't sherperds pie lamb and cottage pie beef?


Indeed. And I’d happily wrap my face around either.


Put face in, eat way out


I don't like cottage pie - the thatch gets stuck between my teeth.


[oh you :D](https://media1.giphy.com/media/ac7MA7r5IMYda/giphy.gif)


As an expat I’m wondering what is the difference between a stew in pie crust and a pie?


One is a pie and the other is filling wearing a mortarboard cap


Ah, like Americans' chicken pot "pie"


Those have pastry all around it. Not just on top.


This is a steak with a hat.


Stew with a lid is better than a pie. You cant make a sturdy pie with a flaky puff pastry. So "pies" are normally shortcrust. Shortcrust is just an inferior pastry to puff.


Yes, but shortcrust pastry vastly outranks "no pastry" in the pastry standings.


I agree but since stew with a lit has puff pastry its better than a pie Stew w/lid > pie > stew


What about puff pastry lid, but shortcrust casing?




"Pot pie" is specifically the discription for a pie with just a lid and no base. You got exactly what was advertised. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pies,_tarts_and_flans See pot pie.


I once had a steak and ale pie for a work's Christmas lunch. We'd all pre-ordered a week or so earlier. When mine was brought out, it was just a bowl of stew. I asked if it was right as I'd expected a pie to have some kind of pastry and they told me they'd run out of pastry as some people had come in earlier and had it. Bit gobsmacked that they'd a) sell the last of it when they already knew they'd got a prepaid pre-order, and b) they didn't offer me something else instead and c) hoped I wouldn't notice.


That's really trashy of them, i'm suprised they didn't just place an A4 piece of paper on your plate with the word "Pie" written on it.


Only Greg Davies knows the recipe for pie.


A lasagne isn't a pie!


It has pie in it..what you talkin’ about?


Presumably wasn't being served by joe lycett...


The "pie" lid is clearly on the moon, as seen in this photo of the word "MOON".


This happened at the place I worked at once and sometimes mistakes like that happen with pre orders - however, we absolutely would not have dreamt doing that, we offered an alternative and gave the party a round of free drinks to apologise.


They did that because they already received the money, and they think you're unlikely to kick off about it at a work's do. The customer who comes off the street, on the other hand, may refuse to pay the bill in full, if at all, when served stew rather than a pie. The dastardly swine. You should have ordered a pint, paid half, then promised to pay the rest when you get yer pastry. 'Gee's ma pastry.'


Hope you had better luck with the drinks. This 'gin and tonic' tastes suspiciously like 'and tonic'.


A week's a long time to wait for the food to come out.


I hate "pies" like this. Pies should have pastry all the way around with the contents *inside.*


The best pastry is the bit at the bottom that's absorbed all the juices.


As long as the pastry is cooked properly first - uncooked dough is the worst.


Pie club - https://i.imgur.com/uVTGhJZ.jpg https://twitter.com/dochackenbush/status/955870379473588224?s=21


Haha, this made me laugh!


My "unpopular opinion" is that it's better with just the pastry on top.


Controversial indeed. I always thought it was one of those north/south things. Could be wrong, though. Either way, you like what you like.


Yes, like an actual pie. UK seems to have a lot of stew in a ramekin with puff pasty lid pies.


That’s what a pie is. This is a casserole at best.


I used to work with a chef who was a complete arsehole, and this was one of the many issues he used to lose his rag over. He reckoned that this was a legit pie, and that what everyone calls a pie is in fact an English tart. I pointed out he was on a losing battle on this one and just to make pies, then he got all Gordon Ramsay and swore at me all through my fag break.


Did it taste alright?


Pie and chips wouldn't be my first thought when it's 30 degrees, but you do you.


It's always pie weather!


Are you from Wigan? You sound like a Wigan'er


Id nail a Wigan kebab right now. For those that don't know its a pie in a barm.


> in a barm. Argument mode activated. Is it a barm, a roll, a cob, a bap, a bun or one of the other plethora of variants?


The bread is a roll or bun. With a cold filling it is still a roll, with a hot filling its a bap. Exception is chips which make a butty, although a true butty should really be sliced bread.


Londoner living in Wigan. I fight this fight daily. Also, tea is a drink, not a specific time to eat. I do fucking love pies though


Tea is a drink, dinner and also something to punctuate in every word


Teabap roll


What, that sounds like a genre of music


Played on margarine tubs?


Yeah definitely a polarising subject. For me it's a barm - shortened version of barmcake.




Teacake 😀




Teacakes have fruit in them


*Fruit* teacakes have fruit in them (e.g. currant teacakes). Without the fruit, they're just teacakes.


I respect your opinion Even though it's wrong.


Maybe if it was cold I could smash in this heat


I like a steak slice between slices of bread. Is that condoned by the Pie Priesthood?


Definitely not, One of us, One of us.


Wtf is a barm


I think Britain has more words for ‘bread roll’ than the Inuits do for ‘snow’


Barm Bun Batch Cob Small round piece of bread you cut in half to create to thinner round pieces of bread and "sandwich" stuff in the middle such items can include but not limited to Bacon/sausage/egg/combination off Ham Salad Cheese A pie. A burger pattie. A square sausage Black pudding Crisps Egg/egg mayo. Tuna. A piece of battered fish from the chippy


Thank you lad, only ever called it a bun, might start using barm


Oh Barm's a top word. Me Mam makes the best Crusty ham barm's. Mmm nowt better with a hot cuppa.


No worries mate


You missed bread cake. 😉


Ahh good shout.


And bap


Bread roll or bap lol


A batch


of what though?


No, that's the name. It's like a cob.


Ah cool, I'm quite interested in alternative building methods.


Lol. I'm from Oxfordshire, although one of my Grandfather's family were from Scarborough


I’d rather have a lobby than a pie


My man.


Please mum, I know it's hot but don't make me eat ham salad again, I beg you


Every teatime from May to September.


I had no idea this was so common. My mum makes the ham salad every time it's hot out.


This is why the Greeks, Italians and Spaniards deserve no credit for having a healthy diet.


That was my first thought too.


Your first thought wouldn't have been my first thought


It’s like drinking tea, it lowers your core temperature and makes you feel cooler. I imagine.


I had a pie served like this when I was in Scotland recently, although it had pastry on the bottom as well so it kind of resembled a burger rather than a pie Never seen it before in my life, but fair play to the restaurant it tasted absolutely amazing


It's not a pie


What you think you ordered; Steak pie. What you actually ordered; Steak, pie.


No! Money down




Yeah, that's nasty.


I accept any punishment for my abomination that is chips with gravy and mayo on top.


Mayo is the only vaible condiment.




Hmmmm wurst.


I was just thinking he didn't have enough ketchup haha. I wouldn't call that gravy "lovely" though.


Them’s fightin’ words


Looks like you accidentally ordered steak, pie.


Broadfield pub. Abbeydale road, Sheffield. That’s a pub pie worth having.


Have you tried the pies from the Notty house too?!


I haven’t no! As long as they have a good pint too, I’ll add it to my list. Not a Sheffield native, but family are there and I’m a frequent visitor.


It's a lot easier for restaurants to serve steak pie like this, because pastry doesn't reheat well, and heats up quicker than the pie's contents. So it's either this, or a cold slice of pie or soggy/burned pastry. Making small individual pies to order would take too long to cook.


I've worked in numerous kitchens where we sold individual pies to order. They're absolutely doable, and within standard wait times too. Some places have done the bowl of filling with a lid and some have done fully encased pies. What I've never, ever seen is a steak with a load of pastry on top as pictured here. This screams of lack of effort/care to me


That's all well and good, but by definition, this isn't a pie, and shouldn't be referred to as such on a menu.


This is absolute bollocks. A typical pub pie will be defrosted the day before. It's a 5 minute job in a MerryChef. It heats both the pastry and filling perfectly fine. A steak will cost slightly more and take up space and attention on a chargrill, which during peak times is a ball ache.


That makes a lot of sense!


Stew with a lid. Unforgivable calling this a pie.


Who's downvoting this logical truth? It literally is a bit of steak an gravy they've put a puff pastry disc on top off. Never a pie that!


It's quite a Scottish [thing](https://somethingsweetsomethingsavoury.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/img_7314.jpg). The seperate puff pastry is usually done to posh it up a bit


We don't like it here either, it should be done right, in an ashet pan the size of a baby's bath.


In the pic I linked you can see the ashet. We generally use puff pastry instead of shortcrust for steak pies...so only pastry on top Restaurants generally make them in smaller individual servings to reduce waste. OPs steak pie was probably decanted from the individual ashet.. Just saying that OP's pic is normally what you'd get in a Scottish restaurant if you ordered steak pie.


See your's is already better 'cause I can see there'll be some interaction between pastry an steak in the cooking. OP's looks like the lid was oven baked and threw atop microwaved inners. Pub's are letting us down. Everything's cooked in little blue bags now!


It could have been like you say, but generally they shove the steak bit in the oven and halfway through they put the puff pastry on top. You are definitely correct about the interaction. In the Scottish version, the bottom of the pastry is almost gooey like doughballs where it has come into contact with the gravy, while the top is golden and crispy. Much better than shortcrust IMHO


It's not what you'd buy in a butchers though. Far too many pubs and restaurants try to get away with the lazy and misleadingly titled effort of stew and puff pastry. The pic is close, but it's still not right since it doesn't have that soggy bit of pastry under the crust. (It looks like one of those 'leading' Scottish chef's efforts.) 😉


Was just checking if anyone else had said it looked like a Scottish steak pie! I don't know anyone who makes it any other way :-)


I want a steak pie now. Bet OP is in Scotland for the first time


I had one last night (in this weather!!!), someone gifted it to me from a butcher's in St Andrews. Amazing. Will see me through to 1st Jan for my next fix


I'm surprised that it is on a plate and not a bit of wood.


This is a hate crime against Northerners


Ketchup on chips when you have that steak gravy to dip the chips in? And with peas? Heathen!


Went to a Little Chef as a kid, ordered the chicken and mushroom pie, it was an actual pie, but the crust was taller than even the one in your photo. Took one stab at it and the puff pastry exploded in to hundreds of flakes all over the table and chairs. Just why would anyone make it like that??


I always go for fish and chips to save getting the stew with a hat


Shocking that you've got pie and chips and stuck ketchup on your chips that's proper nasty


One of my pet hates is stew with a bit of puff pastry on top falsely advertised as steak pie. For me the best bit is the soggy bit of pastry under the crust, which you don't get with these abominations.


Was this somewhere in Scotland? Cause that is exactly what you'll get, top crust only.


It was near Barnstaple


Set aside the burnt top and the pitiful ketchup situation. I wouldn’t be too annoyed about this. When I’ve ordered steak pies before, I normally only get 3 bits of meat in an empty pie. Ketchup and Gravy though…not too sure


Microwave pub food is shite


Criminal. Especially as it's just a puff pastry top, not even real shortcrust


Bet it's pre made too!


I'm surprised they didn't have peas pie and chips pie too in the menu...


Burnt too


An overdone empty pie at that!


I'm just going to come out and say it; stew with a lid is consistently better than an actual pie. Special exceptions can be made for restaurants and other food vendors who specify in pies, which proves the rule.




Ketchup with gravey?


Criminal cook on that "pie". Surely you can't get away with calling that a pie?


I was tempted to move the pie over the peas and tell the waiter I asked for a steak pie and not a peas pie.


Next time, I would get the server back and tell them that you asked for a PIE not for a LIE. And if they do a dutiful little chuckle at that, remain completely poker faced and make stern eye contact until it becomes awkward.


Why would you put the ketchup *there*?


Don’t see anything wrong with this …


I'm sure it tastes fine but would you really call it a pie?


Yes? What would you call it? It has the stew and pastry top. Some pies have pastry bottom and some dont. It’s really just preference. We call mince and mash tatties pie as well


Ok so after a bit of research (Wikipedia) it would seem you are almost right, a pie can be a stew cooked with a pastry lid. To me this looks like they were cooked separately and combined on the plate. It is not a pie, it is an abomination.


I wouldn’t call it a pie. Pie has pastry on the top, bottom and sides. I’d call this a rip off.


But on a menu what would you call it?


Steak casserole with a pastry lid.


I see nothing wrong here!


Yes, welcome to the UK, where apparently "pie" is stew with a pastry hat.


I don't know of a single place near me that does it that way


But you also got peas and chips for free so JOKES ON THEM!


the mission now is to mop up that gravy somehow using the chips


Best of both eh


Steak Hat


Steak lilo.


This meal depresses me


More interestingly who the f has a pie on the hottest day of the year?


But that chips look nice.


I’m willing to substitute a proper pie for a pie dish with an inch of suet on top. Just how my wife made a surprise steak and ale pie for me.