Is it dangerous to drink slightly frozen beers?

Is it dangerous to drink slightly frozen beers?


The only reason they're dangerous is if they break the bottle or can and you get cut.


Or if you stick them up your vagina.


What if I don’t have a vagina? Do I use someone else’s?


Nope. All good. Drink away


Nope. What is dangerous is to pour a bottle of white wine into a plastic Tupperware type container and leave in the freezer overnight. The next day, you can sort of pour the unfrozen wine out of the ice, it’s really weird as you can see the slightly yellow pour out leaving a box of clear ice crystals in the container. It’s only dangerous in the sense that all of the alcohol in an entire bottle of wine is in a big glass. If you think Special Brew is strong, this stuff is alarmingly potent. Brewdog used this technique to make world’s strongest beer which I think were called ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ and ‘End of Days’ Was also used in Scandinavian counties by putting barrels of cider outside in the winter and removing the ice as it formed at the top to make a pretty potent cider (read about that in a book, so it might not be true).


The cider stuff is called AppleJack, though even if you repeat the process there is a limit to how strong it can be made below what you can get with a still etc.


For some reason I can’t give an upvote. I suspect the Brewdog people were using exotic cooling as the beers were at least 65 ABV (130 proof) and sold in small bottles inside a container made of a dead stoat/weasel. Brewdog are known for media grabbing ideas that don’t need advertising spend to promote the company.


Keep wanting to try applejack when my freezer is emptied of ice lollies. Don’t hold out much hope of there being any kind of frost this side of Christmas at the moment.. I’ve looked at home brew cider into applejack too but that just seems like it would be a very bad idea.


My friend, a safe and reliable history teacher by day, made me drink Tactical Nuclear Penguin one night out in Nottingham. She delighted in watching my lungs involuntarily close up for fear of inhaling the vapour.


I’d love to meet you and your history teacher for a session. I’m down the road in Kegworth but new to area. Session is Southern parlance for an awful lot of Wimpy beer over an afternoon and not a sexual offer.


It's called icewine here. It's something for sure.


Bass used to do a frozen beer called Arc, it was dispensed at about -4 Deg C and then had an ultrasonic pulse applied to make ice crystals. It was dead poncy.


In a bar in Sweden we used to order a "frozen". The beer would be -1 to -3 and the glass was dipped in water and put in the freezer too. A novelty of course, especially in bloody Sweden where it's usually freezing for most of the year anyway. Poncy AF. Cheap bar tho.


Beers are like 95% water, you’ll be fine.


Pro brewer No


I keep doing this. Put them in the freezer. Forget about them. I usually ask Alexa to remind me but on the times I don't i'm like .. shit beer in the freezer. Even woke up at 2 am and remembered to take them out. I have had varying success and lately it seems they've all survived being frozen and are drinkable. My favourite ones are the ones where i'm like woooo -8C beer and still liquid and then when you open it it turns into beer slush puppy.


In the US they sell "ice" beer, which has a higher concentration of alcohol. Its made by freezing the beer to the point the water turns to ice. The ice (water) is then removed from the beer leading a higher alcohol content/


Beer slushy is the superior way to drink beer. It’s like the texture of a hazy beer, and if you drink it too fast you get brain freeze. Source: Am American pigdog.