I'm being ASSAULTED by this child, they shouldn't even be allowed to be here. Yeah and breeders are selfish assholes

I'm being ASSAULTED by this child, they shouldn't even be allowed to be here. Yeah and breeders are selfish assholes


"It was like being stabbed 24 hours a day" Glad to see they're being rational and level headed about this.


"Some people were writing books (me UwU)" OP is a wonderful, perfect, amazing writer. Can't you tell?!


They have adult only resorts. Why not go there and be away from children and not have your vacation ruined by the sounds of someone elses fun.


They rant all the time about how everything should be adult-only, but then they don't want to do the work.


Yep. I have a kid and on vacations I get to be child free I'm definitely avoiding family friendly destinations. It really isnt hard to do.


I, too, would feel like a vacation was ruined if I spent the entire time seething over something so small.


I'm childfree. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and a baby startled me with a high-pitched, loud scream. I jumped. I told the mom it was fine. You know what I didn't do? Lose my shit about it and write a rant about how stupid the mom was.


Sounds like you handled a completely average situation in a completely average way


Sounds like you missed your chance for sweet, sweet reddit karma in the other sub!


Childish reaction to children acting like well CHILDREN , I swear to god they are so entitled.


Why do they always describe it as though the child was screaming flat out for 24 hours of the day. If that was actually true the parents would have taken the child to a doctor, not on vacation. They’re not some sort of machine that can scream for four days straight. They all need to rest for a large amount of time even at a year old they would still (usually) be napping once or twice a day.


Love how she has to add in that she's a writer lol


It's like people on askreddit who are like "Oh yeah, I'm 6'5, shred city, long blonde hair and even I got scared at X" like shut up lmao


> The thing is, I booked the best and most expensive villa in the place. I definitely didn’t wanna move. Eventually they did move them to the back but it was a small compound and everyone could still hear it. Rich enough to book the most expensive villa, but not smart enough to look up a guaranteed childfree resort.


The "also, I do hallucinogens, aren't I cool?" got me. Stopped reading there.


I mean, based on a cursory glance at this woman's profile, she also gets mad about people wearing jeans to the orchestra. As someone who has deliberately dressed down to attend the theatre/ballet/opera/orchestra, because I strongly feel these should be inclusive and diverse spaces...I am fucking delighted that my jeans may have pissed off this loon or someone like her.