If one of Brando's books HAD to be adapted into a musical, which would it be?

If one of Brando's books HAD to be adapted into a musical, which would it be?


Warbreaker, obviously. Loads of people have perfect pitch


Not to mention the COLORS


Siri and the Amazing Technicolor Godking


Shut up and take my upvote


They sing with all the colors of the wind


Nightblood needs a showstopping solo dammit


I imagine someone all in black following the sword to do its voice. Kinda of like the animals in the lion king musical.


Siri would just sing at Susebron then and he'd smile awkwardly back, waiting for it to stop so he can write out responses without seeming rude


But legit you could have a beautiful ballad that takes place in Susebron’s mind. Him singing to her one night when she falls asleep. Could be cool.


Oooh I can picture that I love it


This is the obvious choice. And Susebron breaking into song at the end will really round the whole story out.


I picture Susebron breaking into song as being like the Troy McClure scene in the Simpsons Planet of the Apes, starring Susebron as Troy McClure's character and probably Vasher as Dr Zaius.


I haven’t seen that episode but it sounds amazing lol


Oh man you're missing out. The episode is 'A Fish Called Selma' and it is amazing.


My first thought


Autotune the crap out of it.


Yes. This is the correct answer


It could open with a great split-scene duet type number to introduce the city wity Siri and Vivenna each singing their relative excitement/fear as they experience it for the first time, and the whole city acting as a choral backdrop (think, sort of like "Little Town" from Beauty and the Beast)


Imagine the church scene, imagine that light show!


Okay but image a take of “Prima Dona” with Blushweaver


I second Warbreaker.


Peoppe with the Third Heightening: "And I can see red and green and blue and red......"


“Vasher and the Amazing Techi-color-[draining] death sword”


Came here to say this


I feel that would do better as a movie/tv. with all the colors. it Could be done on a stage, but would look better with more visual media


[It already exists and it is Warbreaker](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFtT605O14w). Full credit to /u/ArtieStroke.


Absolutely boggles my mind that people not only have Seen my art but are also showing it to other people, I'm glad it left such an impact!


First of all. Holy crap that's so good! Second of all. imma need you to go ahead and do the rest of the musical because I need more.


That was really, really good! You joked about "Into the Unknown" and Vin but I *need* this.


I ***assure*** you, it was no joke. However the second half of it has proven to be Daunting and I haven't had the energy for animating something so intense X,D


First off, that was seriously awesome. Second off, “ready as I’ll ever be” sounds like “ready a-zahel-ver be”, and I’m just gonna assume this was an intentional Easter egg.


Oh wow, I can imagine it's a big project. I'm sure it will one worth the wait if you manage to finish it, your Warbreaker animation was brilliant 😊


Thank you for your hard work, definitely don't rush!


Do you have a Kickstarter or anything for making the rest of this? I guess that could be legally weird with regard to the rights.


I started working on a Stormlight parody for the Pokemon Opening theme using Moho. Also burned out, it's quite a large workload to pull off for a meme.


Woah, that is amazing! I need more!!!


So good! Would love to see more!


You are incredible. That was sooo well done!


Pleeeaaaaase! I need more!


There's also a few animatics set to Stormlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OSdgFN4vwQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLQY9ZupwKk (Content warning: Suicide)


Was not expecting a Bo Burnham x Stormlight mashup today but here we are


Thank you for posting these. I hadn't seen these two, and I love these animatics.


This is phenomenal, and makes me want a Warbreaker musical, though im not sure if Brandon would really go for it.


Not to take away from this because it's a great animatic and a clever use of the song. But for full context for those who don't know, the song is from the movie Tangled, not an original Warbreaker-inspired tune. Plz don't downvote, just want to make sure credit is given where it is due as some in the comments below seem to think this is an original and have even summoned Brando for it below


Great point! Good to mention, though I believe it's actually from the Tangled TV adaptation, not the movie. Its funny though how perfect that song works for Warbreaker. Outside of one character name mention I would be convinced it was designed for it.


Has u/mistborn seen this?


I really want a legit warbreaker musical now


That was great thanks for sharing!


What a way to prove a point lol


Knowing Brando if you ask him this question he'll just quickly write a novella on a new planet with a new singing-based magic system just for fun.


Someone did ask him, and now we have RoW. It’s not really a novella, but this is Sanderson we are talking about. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/369/#e11693


100% warbreaker. It has great cast and pacing for it, as well as the opportunity for spectacular visuals.


>opportunity for ~~spectacular~~ **breath-taking** visuals. FTFY


Kal be radiant tonight! Just be radiant tonight. Do it for Lopen while we serve our guests some chouta, uh, do it for Sigzil and Rock.... and all the other bridgemen?


I carry a bridge, I’m fuckin depressed, I find a dead body and pull off their vest Then you find me all broken and call me a knight, But I can’t be a radiant, barely can fight And I think of the chaaaasms wide Kaladin, Kaladin, And I think of my friiiieeends who’ve died Kaladin Kaladin I could honestly cry. So go ahead bond me, bond me, Bond or abscond me. I’ll bond you.


username *entirely* appropriate


I dreamed last night I carried a bridge across the casm... And on the way home, I brought ALL MY BOYS ALOOOONG!! Stand up and carry- Stand up, stand up, stand up and carry the bridge.


"This is a conceptual nightmare"


Wait, does this mean Amaram gets shoved on stage to do the knife dance?


Oh please, please let Susebron have a epic ballad in the middle of the show if we do Warbreaker. Add a giant lifeless tap number and we’re Broadway gold baby!


Susebron and Siri duet, but it's before he can speak.


Like in the little mermaid on Broadway, one of the best songs is "If Only", it's King Triton, Sebastian, Prince Eric, and Ariel singing. It's before she gets her voice back, so like.... it's just her inner monologue or whatever technically. You can bend rules like that in musicals haha


Okay what would be so cool is if in his initial ballad it's just like...an instrument solo with orchestral background and he's dancing around like he IS singing but can't, and then at the end HE SINGS IT.


Rhythm of War...c’mon!


100% ...from a certain point of view the central plot of this book revolves around the music ....and if you really wanted to go there, it could certainly have a Westside story sort of vibe between the singers and the radiants


The Emperors Soul. The whole thing takes place in one room for the most part and the story is short and self contained.


An underrated aspect of creating any play. If not a musical, it would make an incredible stage play.


Just came here to say the same thing, it would make for an incredible play I think.


Wow, it's Sazed's secret reddit account.


Funny I didn't even notice that


I've caught myself ending do many sentences with "I think" since reading Mistborn lol


I could see skyward having a thematic musical… any of sando’s books would lose content when being shrunk to a musical but I could see skyward having nice pacing


Spensa singing along in her cockpit with choreographed air battles going around her, would love to see it.


Call me a snob, but i don't think sci fi and musicals go together. And i don't think Skyward would translate well into a musical. It has all the right themes but the wrong setting


Can you say what exactly about sci-fi doesn’t combine well with musicals? I agree in general, but my opinion is based on sci-fi that goes into a lot more detail on tech, or has tones and ideas that contrast strongly with singing at every opportunity. Skyward doesn’t have these same problems, so I’m wondering aspects of Skyward and other sci-fi novels don’t work well with musicals for you.


I mostly agree with you. But I've always felt that sci fi was about the wonder of the setting. You're supposed to be awed by the surroundings and technology. In musicals, you're supposed to focus on the singing and dancing. It's hard to do both. And stage sci fi effects will always look a bit campy, like a stage like star trek, which can undermine more serious scenes. But I will be the first to admit that is just my opinion.


Note I don’t think sci fi like Skyward with awesome dogfights etc would translate well but near future, some dystopian worlds and other sub genres I feel could easily translate to the stage.


True, but those kind of worlds are more fantastical than sci fi. Which may be a distinction without a difference


Err...I mean that’s a very different debate but no? Like (not that I think it should be a musical) I don’t think 1984 comes close to the fantasy line. Recursion is great sci fi that’s very much grounded on our earth and has no fantasy feel. In fact I feel like I’m saying the opposite. Less “fantastical” sci fi themes like time travel, dystopian cultures, etc would work better than the more fantastical feeling space operas that have multiple planets, spaceships etc. Kind of like how I feel urban fantasy in general likely works better than epic fantasy.


Elantris all day. Different styles of music all over the place, fake out villain song from Hrathen, then a real villain song from dilaf. Montage song in Elantris doing all the community building.


4 words Les Mis Final Empire


The image of Kelsier belting out "can you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry Skaa!"


Spook singing empty chairs at empty tables at the end of the series


Re-write it in High Imperial, and you've got a deal.


If Les Mis wasn’t in some way an inspiration for Final Empire, I’ll eat my hat.


It was, there are WoBs on it. Your hat is safe. Until Wayne sees it, at least.


After how Spider-Man turned out on Broadway I don’t think Mistborn would be such a good idea.


...I enjoyed the spider-man musical. Sure it’s not my favorite but it was lots of fun and the sets were awesome


I was thinking more about the high wire accidents it was plagued by.


Oh yeah, that makes sense. Ooph now I agree with you


100%, seems obvious to me. I also thing Alloy of Law could be great if you mixed Les Mis with a bit of old school western vibes


Warbreaker. Think of the colours!


Warbreaker would be a great musical. Especially Nightblood. But like, all of it is so full of music and kinda theatrical, the colors, the mix of comedy (Lightsong, mercenaries' jokes) and drama (mercenaries etc). Even if none of the books HAD to, I think Warbreaker would make an awesome musical, if made by competent people.




I can’t downvote anyone on this sub, but man some people really dunno the right answer Tbh warbreaker would almost work better as musical than it did as a book


Yeah it’s not even a contest. It sometimes felt like warbreaker was meant to be a musical lol


I've never considered before but it's actually bizarre that Warbreaker is a book instead of a musical in the first place. Warbreaker is extremely visual and musical at its core, it almost seems like it shouldn't even work as a book.


Do you hear the bridgemen sing? Singing the songs of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again When the beating of your heart echoes the lightning of the storm There is an enemy to crush while the chouta's warm Will you join the Kholin army, who will be strong and run with me? Beyond the shattered plains there is a world that knows peace Then take in the light that will give you the right to be free! Do you hear the bridgemen sing? Singing the songs of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again When the beating of your heart echoes the lightning of the storm There is an enemy to crush while the chouta's warm Will you bond a spren today, so that our banner may advance? Become radiant today and stand up to join the march? The brands of the slave will fade beneath the shards! Do you hear the bridgemen sing? Singing the songs of angry men? It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again When the beating of your heart echoes the lightning of the storm There is an enemy to crush while the chouta's warm


There is a tower above the clouds I like to go there, unharried No bridges there to be carried Not in a tower above the clouds


How does a bastard, orphan, child of a whore and a prelan, dropped in the middle of a gang of thieves surrounding Luthadel by providence, impoverished in squalor, grow up to be a hero and an empress? The 10 boxing Hero of Ages at such a young age got a lot further by being a lot smarter by being a self starter by 18 she'd gone and went and trained to be a Mistborn. And every day while skaa were being slaughtered and carted away across the realms she struggled and kept her guard up. Inside she was longing for something to be a part of the brother was ready to beg steal borrow or barter Note: I'd struggle with the "my name is Alexander Hamilton" bit. I can't think of anything long enough.


"My name is Vin and I can't trust no one, no I won't ever trust no one...", maybe?


Only the Lopen POV's throughout all of Stormlight, with zero explanation as to why everyone starts singing.


I pray that if there were ever a cinematic adaptation of The Stormlight Archive, every scene involving the Parshendi/Singers would be a musical. It would be great because the Alethi can't hear the rhythms. Like that episode of Scrubs where that one patient had an illness where everything she heard was a musical, but everyone around her had no idea


If it's not restricted to Cosmere then Legion. Because it would actually make sense why people spontaneously burst into choreographed song and dance routines if they're all hallucinations


Not White Sand, I'd die if that got hit by the weird format stick again


Mistborn: A Hero for All Ages!


Edgedancer could be fun


Edgedancer is surreptitiously meant to be an icescapade, methinks.




Warbreaker i think would b the most cool one


Warbreaker obvs , music color romance. Other than that probably mist born.


Yah dude I wanna see like a full on rock opera version of elantris


Allomancer Jack


For a more serious one, my first thought was Warbreaker. For a kids musical, sort of Disney-style, Alcatraz could work quite well.


I feel like Alcatraz would be really annoyed if his life got turned into a musical.


He would be the only character that refuses to sing, and comments on the musical numbers. His character arc would complete with him begrudgingly singing.


I am Bluefingers, my fingers stained with ink You should watch yourself, the palace isn't what you think Susebron is the godking and you will be his queen Please continue bathing, we must present you clean I promise I'm not looking, I have better things to do (Whispers conspiratorial to the camera) I'm planning a rebellion, I'm gonna stage a coup




I’d watch The Final Empire The Musical!


I’ve got good news! It’s called Les Miserables. (Of course that’s a joke, but if you haven’t seen it you should. I’d be willing to bet Les Mis was a big inspiration for Final Empire)


Emperor’s Soul. I’ve always thought it would make a great play and I tend to think almost every play can make a great musical.


Curtains open on to a set of a feast. Men and women in fancy stiff coats and dresses. Women's hands are covered. Loud drums can be heard on the on the speakers. A man walks from left stage. He is dressed all in white. He turns to the audience: "how does a dark eyed, bridgeman, dumped man son of a surgeon dropped in a forgotten part of the rosharn system by incredible investure from the shard honor. Grow up to be a herioc wind runner?" In walks a muscalr man in shard plate, stylish hair.: "The ten-chit loyal best friend without a girlfriend Got a lot farther by brooding a lot harder By being a lot sadder By being a self-hater By 27, he was bonded to sylphena" A red head women, wait suddenly its black haired, nope red haired again: "And every day while slaves were being branded and carted away Across the unclaimed hills , he struggled and kept his hopes up Inside, he was longing for someone to save Of The brother he failed to rescue from death on the hill and the soldier's abondend" A one armed man: "Then a highstorm hit, every thing went to shit Our man saw his life , slip slipping’ over the pit Put an oath to his to his lip, and with it that was it And he said the his fourht ideal , these words dalinar accepted it" Rock: " then the word got around they said this air sick lowlander is insane for sure, formed an elite guard got them tattooed with Bridge 4. Go get your shard plate, dont forget from whence you came. The world’s gonna know your name! What’s your name, man?" A tall drink of water: " high Marshall kaladin. My name is high marshal kaladin. And there's a million souls I haven't saved. And that's okay. Yeah that's okay"


Mistborn in the style of les Mis


Obviously Warbreaker, not even close, lol


Probably warbreaker honestly. That book has some really funny moments, conflicting themes, would adapt pretty well I think Great question btw!


Warbreaker. You should make this a poll.


Maybe RoW would be the best option. It's literally about music.


It be difficult sure. But any book from mistborn era 2 would be great. I just want a song where Wayne sings to his hats.


So at some point during lockdown I wrote a sypnosis for a musical based on the events of Mistborn Era 1, but with the idea it was being performed in universe during Era 2. I made it as over the top trope filled as possible with several historical liberties taken. I need to dig that out again.


Warbreaker done Bollywood style with lots of bright colors and dance numbers. Seems like a no-brainer.


This might be my favorite post ever


A better question would be: If one of Brando's book HAD to be adapted into a musical, why would it be Wabreaker?


I think Mistborn would be best. You'd have to pare down some of the fight sequences but leaping is very doable for a high value production, a la Peter Pan or the failed Spider-man, and I've often thought the Push and Pull of Vin's inner conflict would make some great theater and a fantastic Act 1 closer. The larger class warfare conflict is reminiscent of Les Mis, of course, and so it could pull in some fantastic imagery all around.


Mistborn on Ice


Warbreaker, a musical adaptation by Bo Burnham (Bo would voice Nightblood).


Final Empire * Kelsier teaching Vin allomancy as a song and dance routine * Vin and Elends relationship developing via music * Shan being a bitch * A bigass dance number when we vist the skaa rebellion army in the caverns


A short novella, maybe Shadows for Silence. I really do not like Musicals.