Covid 2nd Vaccine Question

Covid 2nd Vaccine Question


Try the drop in?


Do check which centres are doing which type of vaccine. Many of the smaller drop ins like the bus or GP surgeries are AZ or Moderna only. Think EICC is one of the ones also doing Pfizer if that’s the one you need, though.


Seems you can just turn up at any: https://www.nhslothian.scot/Coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/Drop-in-Clinics.aspx I'm in basically the same situation as you, 2nd appt at midlothian but nowhere near me. I might give EICC a go if I'm passing - anyone know when trhey are least busy?


I asked the nurse their and she said they are always not-busy.


Does anyone know if EICC does pfizer 2nd doses now? I know earlier they were only doing AZ.


Yes, they've been doing all three for a long time. I got Pfizer there, some of my friends got Moderna. Most people getting vaccinated at the moment are under 40 so they won't even be offered AZ so it would be pretty useless for such a big centre to not do the mrna vaccines.


Well the EICC does walk-in so I would think you could just go there as soon as the 8 weeks are up. You could tell the staff there to cancel your upcoming appointment, maybe they could do that?


That's exactly what I'm doing, my second appointment is out at Ingliston and a few days after my 8 weeks so I'm going to go to the EICC drop in


Thank you, I thought so as well, but wanted some confirmation as I wasn't 100% sure


I think you can go to any of the current drop ins after 8 weeks.


I had my first appt at EICC in May. Finally got my second appt letter through last week for next week out at Ingliston - bad job I don't have a car and live in Leith so thats a half day out there and back. I've also since learned that, as I am donating stem cells to my big sister who's currently being treated for leukaemia, I have to wait until that is out of the way before I can get my second jab. Tried the (frankly useless) website with the same results as the OP. I've tried phoning 0800 030 8013 about a dozen times, finally got through today and the guy on the phone couldn't hear me and hung up!!! Honest to god I one of those people who will defend the NHS to my dying breath, particularly given how brilliant they've been in the current situation, but sometimes they do make it hard.


I had my 1st vaccination appointment that was scheduled for at Ingilston. Luckily I changed it to a closer venue EICC. Otherwise, I would have had to wait in queue for hours that day. Now logged online shows upcoming appointment for the 2nd dose they have given me Haddington. Online https://vacs.nhs.scot choosing EICC no longer shows up as an option. I am going to pop into EICC around 8 weeks after my 1st dose of Oxford AstraZeneca. I think I will cancel my appointment so someone else living closer can use it. Sending people to travel miles away doesn't make sense. When people live locally and quite often walking distance to one of these Centres.