What weapons do you want for elite specs? (And which ones do you actually expect to see?)

What weapons do you want for elite specs? (And which ones do you actually expect to see?)


Interesting that you expect Engi to get bow, I fully expect that they will be getting mace.


I wouldn’t mind torch either with engi condi spec.


I could see Scepter used as a lightning rod or sonic tuning fork, too.


Honestly, that may be the most viable option. Most classes have a support/condi specialization along with a power specialization. With scrapper and their support gyros and holosmith's power, we're just missing a viable condi variant. I'm looking forward to killing my hands with condi engi again.


Torch... Like a Mechanic's blowtorch!


Years ago I theorycrafted a torch engi elite spec with my friends for Cantha. Think battle fireworks.


No class has gotten pistols for their elite spec 😭


It will come


I think elementalist is a good candidate since their conjured weapon skills already cover so many of the other weapons they can't regularly use. Getting bows or hammers is kind of a scam when you can already just conjure one.


They just need to remove those skills like Guardian tomes XD


i think ele has 900 range well covered. it’s a single target damage 1200 range weapon they lack considering staff being utility/support aoe 1200 range.


I want a hammer necromancer so I can be an absolute wall for no reason and cc even more lol. Also desmina is to blame


I thought smashing the ground and summoning skeletons or minions that way would be awesome


Exactly. Hammer necro and minion master based spec is what I was really wanting lol




Sounds like you watched Castlevania, and if you didn't - you should haha. Forgemasters!


I did! If they call it forgemaster and give us hammer, I will login and craft sharur right away


If juggernaut comes with shiny metal skeletons I'm 100% on board.


Joko bone walls


Sharur is calling


Exactly why I want it for necro, Sharur suits them perfectly.


And if you have other leggies to focus on, Desmina's hammer is the way to go. It even has a trail!


All though i know its not likely of an idea to happen. I would also love a sword blood necro lol. Shroud is replaced with a blood well that gains energy from losing health or siphoning health type stuff. Which would change life force to minor life siphon and such. A blood mage tank of sorts lol. But if we actually got a hammer necro id most like build sharur or the new gen 3 if it looks awesome


Zealot's gear with wells for utility and healing and you can't really die unless you want to. Reaper for dps. It's pretty fun...but slow at killing things.


I know there are bunker builds out there but just a different style built around bleeds stealing health and such sounds like a really fun theme built around a tank spec is all


If it comes with the power to summon insta kill moving walls like Desmina, I'm in


Make hammer great again


LOL Guardian: gun 💀 Warhorn does make more sense, though. Guardian could use more offhanded weapons.


Hear me out though: mainhand pistol. What is more badass than a paladin with a shield? A paladin with a shield... *and a gun*


The dragon in black fled across the ocean, and the Gunslinger followed.


That's just old school Captain America.


Is that a problem? I'm not seeing a problem.


Made me think of this [Parry This you Filthy Casual](https://youtu.be/5m_Kk0EERZo)


Damn I was going to post something similar too.


I'm all behind main-hand pistol, with skill / spec based around tracking down and following a single target with power damage. Think *somewhat* similar to Deadeye, but rather than singling out a target for overwhelming DPS, it's singling them out for CC / antistealth. Kinda similar to the Avenger from D&D 4e.


Or, more thematically, like a sheriff hunting down a bounty.


I approve the theme, but we all saw with spellbreaker what happens to a spec designed around something useless in pve (boonstrip/denial with spb, anti-stealth here). I'd work it more into an all-rounder damage as with all dps weaps on guard, with a unique twist: 3 would be a wide buckshot (with blind?), 2 would be a 2-3s range root. 3 shot at a target rooted with 2 turns into single target high damage shot.


Yeah, I was thinking anti-stealth as more of a "bonus" that shouldn't pull too much from the power budget. For an example, I might add skills that mark a target with followup skill that pull them or teleport the guard to them *without* them needing to be targeted. Probably with a talent that would add revealed to those skills. Outside of that utility, it would be a strong single-target power weapon/spec, that has issues when it needs to change targets.


For some reason I thought Guardian could already use it; I think I got it confused with focus for a minute.


"I'm a healer, but"


I personally want engineer get a mainhand AND offhand like spellbreaker did. Being able to mix scepters or maces with 3 out of the 4 core weapons it gets would be nice.


Dual wield rifles, some sort of weird engineering contraption that lets you use two


You don't need turrets when *you're* a turret!


[Guns with legs?](https://youtu.be/VBD3mzy4TGQ)


It's about time Thief gets a new one handed weapon for new dual wield skills. I really, really don't want greasword for that reason. Focus, Mace, Off hand Sword, anything but a two handed weapon!


I'd think Greatsword Thief would be hard to differentiate from Daredevil; instead of jumping places you leap n slice; instead of spinning a staff you swipe a greatsword? I don't want greatsword thief for that reason. I don't care about the dual wield skills xD


If they made it more like a battoujutsu samurai, with swift, precise strikes while unsheating the sword, it could totally work.


I dunno, quickdrawing GW2's giant paddleboards from the hip would look absurd and wouldn't fit the style at all IMO. I can see something like Monster Hunter's Longsword moveset working though, and their "Longswords" are like 9 feet long.


I think mace would be a great choice for Thieves, as a power/CC weapon, themed around being an "enforcer". There's even an obvious stealth skill in blackjacking someone!


Mace main hand *and* offhand. Then add a nunchuk skin in game. It's a win win. People get ninjas *and* they'll make money


Oh pls. Let me relive annoying vanilla wow mace kneecapping rogue (maybe it's still a thing I don't know)


Yes please. Hell, I already have a Eureka that I don't use often enough!


I think thief torch has a lot of potential


I actually like the idea of a torch thief with a focus on blinds and with a special animation in which all torches get their fire replaced with smoke. The idea being that torch thief would be a Smokescale in character form.


We need some mace thiefs Not only can thiefs be some rude brawlers /bandits (mace) they are also usually adept at many skills to kill their targets


I believe they call those blackjacks (source: RuneScape lol)


Mace seems like it could happen, conceptually. Kinda. If you pair it with the notion of using a sap to incapacitate targets. Off-hand sword's also likely. Greatsword just seems out of place, and it's over-used.


Axe main-hand aka the Bandit, but it doesn't fit the Cantha theme.


neither did reaper for HoT, nor Renegade for PoF, don't let that hold you back. also: [Kusarigama](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kusarigama) GW:Factions also had street gangs in it (Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah) so a gang themed 'bandit' could totally work.


Kusarigamas would be nice for a mid range axe thief. In this case, I would prefer both main-hand and off hand axe spec. It would be cool if the animation has axes being linked with a shadow chain and one skill being a pull interrupt (although that would basically be Scorpio wire but initiative base).


I don't think dual wield axes for thieves will happen, but it'd be cool. Could just be that your 2nd weapon is the "other end of the chain" so you can have it tied to the dual wield skill (axe is always the thrown part but the 'second strike' is determined by the other weapon? with a dagger it might be a ~~yoink~~ while with a pistol it's a ~~yeet~~ knockback?


Excuse me, axe gangs are *super* Canthan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F85KoecJotw


How can you not even mention the best axe gang. The one in kung Fu Hustle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kZ4SHVKlRA


Ranged axe thief would be fun, just a bag of axes thrown in a flurry. From the shadows.


I'd hate Axe personally, but it would actually fit the Cantha theme. The Luxons specifically. Now historically Reavers were Warriors but I can see a switch to a Rebel theme, which would fall more in line with the Thief


Aww but with greatsword we can finally be Dante from DMC, we already have dual pistols.




My favorite flavor of Powerthirst.


Have you tried RAWBERRY?!


Manana is better though...


I mainly just want to see the weapons that have almost no meta presence like hammers/ rifles/ shields see more use. Don't really need more classes with gs/staves.


Especially don't need a _third_ melee staff imo. Warrior already has great melee options, it needs a good ranged power option. Rev GS I think is all but actually confirmed, though, IIRC it was what leaked alongside Rev Shortbow leading up to PoF, which means it was at least considered and might still be on their minds.


I want them to give staff to warrior but make it ranged, and have a proper support/healer spec. It’s a no-brainer given how banners and many traits work already.


I want shortbow mesmer...


I'm kind of hoping for pistol on Ele. Give me that spellslinger


One of the only things wildstar did interestingly..


I did enjoy Wildstar for the brief period of time I played it.


I miss wildstar :/


Cant wait to have the rug pulled from under my feet and they reveal rev gets a focus or a warhorn instead


I’m thinking scepter for ritualist vibes.


I really have no idea what a ritualist spec would do that Renegade doesn't already.


Be fanservice


Ashes or spirit weapons go brrrrrrrrr


So, they could disable their weapon skills? Sounds exciting.


Oh! I know it sounds a bit silly, but I also really want gun on guardian, rifle more specifically? I think visually a guardian doing divine blue magic with a rifle would be really cool, but warhorn is probably most likely? I'm surprised guardian didn't come with warhorn to start with, not to mention we've have a mainhand and a two handed so far. I think another ranged necromancer would be cool, (like others have said both specs are close or mid ranged thus far), so a longbow would be really cool, also I feel rifle once again would rule visually? I just like the idea of rifle on classes that wouldn't typically be associated with it, not to mention, besides deadeye I feel rifle isn't the most engaging weapon most of the time, so it'd be cool to see a more magical flavour. I can see sword happening though, and I wouldn't hate it. If it did I'd like it to be a condi damage weapon with bleeds and poisons, and have it be more mobile and evasive (to distinguish itself more from dagger). Scepter engineer is what I want and also I kind of expect it. I can also see mace ended up on engineer? Really I want a very arcane feeling engi, I think that'd be neat! Warrior I'm not sure what I expect, but shortbow I can definitely see, though, despite not expecting it I like the idea of a pistol/pistol warrior? I think it could be a combo of ranged with a few close ranged with some pistol whips and it could be very mobile. I'd like something to fulfill that power ranged vibe but feels more exciting and dynamic to play than rifle. I don't quite know what to expect from ele, I'm thinking shortbow? Which I would really like! Though I'd also like a tanky hammer ele, maybe in conjunction, the traitlines could give the option to gain toughness and vitality, and it could do some good CC.


Honestly, I know people are memeing with it a bit but rifle guardian gives me demon/monster hunter feels. Holy/light magic infused bullets? Sign me up.


See, I feel like pistol hits that archetype better


GS rev or riot


All I really care about is rev GS. As for the others: I was kinda hoping mesmer gets a dagger, and it looks like that’s what it will get (unless maybe it’s a shortbow). I did also want mainhand pistol mesmer but there’s no reason to believe that will happen now. Necro with a sword is more likely, but I like the idea of a hammer necro better. I kind of want a ranger with a shield, but they’ll probably being back the bunnythumper with hammer for fan service which, hey, I don’t mind. Ele is tricky since so many weapons are precluded by conjures. But I’m hoping for a spellslinger with either a rifle or pistols. Hoping for pistols. And I could see it happening, too. Thief is a tough one, no idea what I really want or what they’ll do. An arsonist-themed torch thief could be fun. But so could axes. I think they might sirprise us instead with a support thief with scepter or focus. Engi - not even sure what I want, this is my least played class so I am stepping out of my lane on this one. But I can see them bringing in a mace. Not sure what I want. Cattleprod scepter could be fun though. Warrior - I mean what weapons do Warriors *not* have access to? I guess staff, but that’s really stepping on the toes of both daredevil and revenant. I’d like to see a swashbuckler pistol (maybe even dual pistol) warrior, it could be fun and hopefully won’t be too similar to dual pistol thief. Guardian: Similar to Warrior, it already has so many weapons. I’d like to see offhand sword (and I can still remember people thinking the Almorra Soulkeeper fight in *Steel and Fire* was a teaser/hint). I could see them adding warhorn as well, but ngl I’d be kind of disappointed if they did that tbh. Rev: yeah. I want greatsword. I *need* greatsword. But if not that, then daggers could be interesting - ||after all, that is what the supposed leaks a few weeks ago revealed as the rev spec|| - just have to hope it doesn’t step on thief’s toes too much. Alternatively, a mainhand axe or offhand mace would be cool too. Maybe even go really out there with a warhorn.


>All I really care about is rev GS. Same here. I really don't want anything for revenant other than an elite spec that uses a greatsword as a melee power dps weapon. As a legend for greatsword spec they can easily use Balthazar or Asgeir, but I certainly wouldn't mind if they'll come up with a Tengu legend that we haven't heard about before either.


I'm personally really hoping rev gets a 600-range power focused Greatsword. I dont want Balthazaar legend because lore implications would be horrendous, but using a greatsword like him would be amazing. Barring that, I would actually hope for focus of all things tbh. Partly in truth because the Binding of Ipos exists, but also because focus is another weapon that feels like it should've been a part of core rev as a weapon attributed to the invocation traitline (similar in vein to how hammer w/ jalis & Retribution, Swords w/ Shiro & Devestation, mace/axe w/ Demon & Corruption, and Staff w/ ventari & Salvation)


Fair point. I have Binding of Ipos myself so I’d be ready to go. What legend would we get with this?


rev greatsword is in my dreams


Unpopular but it'll be cool to see a dual-torch spec in EoD. Something like a firedancer.


That's really interesting! I think torch trails could make that look really pretty to watch? What class would you most like to see that on, I hadn't considered that for torch but I've been thinking it'd be cool to see some offhands turned mainhands in general? I also think it'd cool to see focus get that sort of treatment and get a more melee reskin where the focus represents having a weapon but the moveset is more modelled around seeming like hand to hand combat (I feel this would fit thief or warrior).


Considering the amount of "claw" skins this is also something I'd like to see, plus it'd be really funny slapping people with the binding of ipos or the bottle skin, a skull even? It'd fit the fist weapon type that exists in other games but without adding a new weapon type, bypassing any problems that would cause


Incoming scepter with torch skin


That would be neat, could have some really fun animations


Honestly, Thief has the two weapons that made obvious sense up 'til now. I don't _want_ focus, because I find it to be a very boring and generic "just use magic" weapon, but I can't deny it's a possibility. On the flip side, off-hand sword could be quite cool...


You're forgetting that thief has Dual Wield skills, though, so any offhand they add, even focus, is going to be explicitly used in combos with sword, dagger, and pistol.


I don't think focus would typically have to be a magic-y weapon, I think it could be good to use as a more monk-like (in the d&d context, not the gw1 context) martial arts weapon where they're holding the focus but it's more focused on using it as if they don't have anything in that hand and using dexterity to strike. It wouldn't be the first time that a typically arcane weapon gets a more melee moveset on thief.


I always enjoyed the idea of Thief using a Focus like how Rogues get "Use Magic Device" skills in older DnD. The Thief isn't casting magic so much as jerry-rigging magic artifacts through a very limited but practical knowledge of magic, like hot-wiring a car in the movies. Perhaps skills like throwing an unstable magical item like a grenade, smashing the focus on the ground to create a field, or breaking it over your main-hand weapon to apply a buff like venom skills, etc. If done well, I feel that it could come off as very fitting yet distinct aesthetic for thieves - using wit to "cheat" their way to magic in a world rife with magical objects.


Artificer actually would be a pretty cool thief spec, if it came with some group utilities to fill it out.


I'd enjoy that as well! My current d&d character is actually a thief rogue, so I'm surprised that didn't pass my mind and i'd prefer that to a more solidly arcane trickster flavoured spec. And then I think you can integrate the more melee-ish elements as well while giving it a magic flavour.


They could, but it'd be a radical shift in the weapon, and most existing skins just wouldn't work with it.


I mean before hot there was neither rev staff or daredevil staff, so melee staff was also a radical shift. While some do work as such, many staves weren't designed with melee in mind and so lots look silly doing it so I wouldn't consider that a mark against it as a concept. Besides, I don't even think focus will be implemented in this way, I just think it'd be cool, and could yield some cool dual attacks.


yeah sword off-hand was what i was thinking as well, but GS sounds fun


Make thief dual sword top dps spec


yes pls, Staff was a mistake


Honestly I really hope necro gets a longbow. Compared to other classes its ranged options are lacking in pvp/wvw and even pve at times. Necro already got two melee-mid range oriented weapons so I don't think I could care less if necro got another melee weapon.


Unless they go for 1200 range with sword, which would be extremely amusing. However, core necro has good range with Death shroud 1, but since core necro doesn't have power creep it's not really as viable.


I don't really care what weapon he gets as long as a long overdue quick disengage skil like mesmer/ele teleport. No, the worm sucks plus has casting time.


That's the main intended weakness of the necromancer class, though. Necros getting a quick escape skill is as likely as thieves or mesmers getting a second health bar.


I would LOVE rev with a health stealing gs


I’m really hoping ranger gets scepter. I see so many requests for hammer here but the Xiuquatl aesthetic would fit a ranger perfectly.


I want warrior to duel wield focus that act kind of like knuckles, but I don't expect Anet to make offhands into mainhands. I expect warrior to get a heal/support spec, I think it'll get staff and have touch heals or aoe heals.


If elementalist was able to use guns I would buy the expansion instantly


You're going to do that anyway and you know it.


If ele gets longbow that doesn't get turned into trash like staff, then I don't really care what everything else gets. That's my only wish. I'd be content


Hammer for every caster and Ranger gets Bunny Thumper.


Yes please, revive the bunny thumper!


Finaly someone said it! Hoping for it since elite specs came out :D


I'm reasonably confident in all of my predictions unless new terrestrial types are added, because elite specs are meant to fill roles/playstyles a class doesn't already have. Staff Warrior (Support) Greatsword Revenant (Power) Hammer Ranger (Control Tank) Dagger Mesmer (Power) Focus Thief (Support) Scepter Engineer (Condi) Bow Elementalist (Power DPS) Bow Necromancer (Condi DPS) Only question mark is Guardian. It either gets selfish Condi DPS with dual daggers, or it gets Power DPS offhand sword that's meant for PvP.


Warrior has been filling support roles since release. Its most popular group build has "slave" in the name. I main warrior and really want staff, but I'm not convinced to get hyped by this logic.


Wouldn't really call BS a support. It's just a normal Berserker that has two banners equipped and it doesn't feel any different because Warrior has notoriously boring utilities. It doesn't even use different gear. The trouble for them will be designing a Support Warrior that actually gets to use more than 1 new utility, unless they concede that they'll be role compressed in raids to bring banners anyway and just make their non-elite utility skills PvP focused.


>because elite specs are meant to fill roles/playstyles a class doesn't already have. Is that why thief got two power dps specs? And revenant got two support specs?


Deadeye has been the only exception out of 18 Elite Specs. Renegade is high Condi DPS *or* support, similar to Firebrand.


Actually, now that I look at your list, how long have Eles not had a power dps spec and Necros not had a condi dps spec?


Isn't scourge technically a condi support hybrid?


Yeah, almost all elite specs are built to fulfill multiple roles. Trying to cram them into just one is dumb.


Scourge's DPS was awful until they overbuffed Torment classes. It's like how Herald can be called a "Power Spec", but it's not what Revenants are asking for when they're all clamoring for a proper one. If Necros get a Condi Spec in EOD and it does less DPS than Scourge, ANet will nerf Scourge's DPS similar to how Tempest DPS was nerfed when Weaver came out.


Ele and Necro are weird. Base Ele was a power dps spec. When HoT came out Base Ele got nerfed and Tempest became the power dps spec. Then as PoF approached Tempest got nerfed into a support spec and Weaver became the power DPS spec. Now Weaver had been nerfed. Necros were originally a condi spec. Then reaper came out and was a non-meta class outside of high level fractals where it was a good condi spec with high survival and faceroll gameplay which was great for me at the time. Then PoF approached and they announced that reaper was to be there power dps spec while scourge was supposed to be introduced as the condi dps spec. I still miss condi reaper and the bleednado minion master builds.


Reaper was never meant as a condi spec. You can tell because it had literally *one* trait that supported a condition playstyle. ANet was just shitty at balancing. And pre-hot, there were no condi specs, because bleed capped at 25 and everything else capped at 1.


I thinks he is overall somehow right in the core argument but the detail is oversimplified. Tempest is support, melee power and melee condi dps, while weaver is also melee condi and melee power (and other stuff in wvw/pvp) . That's why I think it'll get long ranged capabilities with eod, but I dont think it'll be limited to power.


Deadeye was an answer to thief's lack of long range weapons, something that daredevil doesn't have.


There's one more role (ish) that guardian is not occupying yet - selfish *ranged* dps. Dragonhunters lb is more of a crowd control/dps/supp mess generally fitting dhs mixed design... And that's all the actual range guard has (because let's be honest, the only time scepter gets picked is when there's no better alternative). Id really love rifle to fill that gap, yet somehow i have a feeling we'll get a condi warhorn themed around curses/smiting.


Ranged dps is for pvp/solo play, nothing revolves around it.


Hence the *ish* in there. While it's not a key role, it's still a thing in pve endgame, it's just required only by some encounters. And open world is still a thing. Guard has virtually no disengagements, meaning you're forced to get into the mobs and murder everything in sight before you mount up whenever you go for a kill. Range would finally allow for less commitment in fights.


Ele with a bow is honestly awesome sounding like a arcane archer sorta play style … I guess you can Kinda already pull it off with conjure bow but it ain’t the same man


Nah conjure shortbow is a healing weapon mostly


Oh right! I forgot it’s shortbow, I always get them mixed up


It's not, it's just a generic bow. The skin is shared by both a longbow and a shortbow, they even have identical sizes. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Frost_Bow#Trivia


i want pistols for necromancer... think bloodbourne...


Just think of the cosplay!


Mesmer can use pistols already.


Only offhand though, dual pistols is a different vibe.


Illusion Gun Kata


Thief? Great sword Thief!? Yes, Yes Yes!


I want the guard with the glock


Thief with axe would be nice


I don’t see Ranger getting rifle. I think they’ll end up with either Shield or Hammer.


Don’t care what Rev gets as long as it is a good bursty power spec.


I still just want a pugilist/brawler sort of class for warrior that punches with focuses. The wide range of focus appearances is both the reason I want this and the reason I don't think it'll happen.


I made a list some time ago. I made two guesses per spec, and at least one desired weapon for each. (I) and (II) was just a way for me to remember the prority I had in mind. Guardian I Want : Dagger/ OH Sword Expectations : Warhorn (I), Dagger (II) Warrior I Want : Pistol (Aetherblade type of thing) Expectations : Pistol (I), Staff (II) Revenant I Want : Greatsword Expectations : Greatsword (I), Dagger (II) Ranger I Want : Hammer Expectations : Hammer (I), Rifle (II) Engineer I Want : Mace/Scepter (condi alac type of thing) Expectations : Scepter (I), Mace (II) Thief I Want : Focus/Axe Expectations : Axe (I), Sword (II) Elementalist I Want : Longbow/Rifle Expectations : Longbow (I), Rifle (II) Necromancer I Want : Sword/Hammer Expectations : Mace (I), Sword (II) Mesmer I Wanted : Rifle/Hammer Previous expectations : Shortbow (I), Dagger (II) Expectations after seeing the artwork : Spear (I), Dagger (II) I didn't suspect anymore that they could add underwater weapons on land at that point. It doesn't really change my perspective. I am really confident about the Guardian, Engineer and Revenant ones, a bit less confident for Warrior/Mesmer/Ranger. Necro, Ele and Thief are pure speculation on my side.


dual shield warrior or bust


I want mace for thief. Weapon skills that stun and daze. Like a blackjack!


and with pistol the dual skill would be loading the mace into the pistol and shooting it at enemies


Lol nice. Actually that brings up a point. They may just do another 2h weapon to avoid doing a bunch of skill 3s...


I want the ranger with Hammer (bunny thumper) and also i want it to stay true to the gw1 version Big knockdown and Big condi <3


All i want for ele is a long bow and call it Magick Archer.


I really hope they make rifle for ranger hitscan if they do add it. We have too many projectiles. Any form of block or projectile block stuffs us pretty hard, even with longbow 2. If we're running the wvw minmax damage build, it's pretty difficult for us to keep up the assault in prolonged fights even with GS2 as well, due to us having a lack of bulk if we're going the full "1 hit does an extra 90%" build, and it won't be possible to do that on a hitscan rifle as it stands. Can't do it with staff for druid, either (anet plz buff staff 4 :(... it's super weak. Make it do more damage or something).


Ranger desperately needs something for WvW zerging and has needed something for literally years. Hammer on ranger could potentially put in a Melee DPS slot. It may not be my main but it is a shame to see an entire class be mostly "Kick on sight" in WvW zergs.


I just want dual pistols on Mesmer so I can pretend to be Bayonetta. Mirage is close but I want the guns


I NEED an ele bow, it is not a want


Why would you want a hammer on Ele? It makes no sense thematically and there's already a conjure on top of that.


More maces class please! I think only 3 classes used maces now


I want hammer for ranger for some retro bunny thumper vibes!


What I want? Bows, rifle and pistol for every class.


thief is probably gonna get offhand sword imo


Some kind of arcane archer style spec would be dope for ele. I don't want anything else.


Revenant or Thief with greatsword would be the dream.


I really want pistols for warrior. Idk why but i just think like a commando warrior would look so cool


Focus for thief would be awesome


More classes need to be able to use rifles and short bows, so as long as two specs get those, I’m happy.


What I want for Ranger: Beastmaster elite spec, with a focus/shield. What I expect: A third elite spec that hates the animal companion. With a rifle.


Great sword Revenant 100%


I want a focus for ranger in the form of a whip where i can control 2 pets at the same time..and make people cry and complain 24/7 on reddit


For Engineer, I'd accept a new weapon kit instead of a new weapon.


Been thinking about this a lot lately, and wondering who else has big disparities between expectations and potential realities. [(Template & bonus pic here)](https://imgur.com/a/I9bfUyF) edit: should've specified I meant mainhand pistol for mesmer ;-;


I want a GS for Ele oooorrrr a bow that is as cool as the one from Ranger.


hammer ele or duel pistol ele as a gunslinger/spellslinger


Want: Ele - Longbow, Mesmer - Shortbow Rev - Scepter Warrior - Staff Ranger - Hammer Thief - Mace


I only play 2 classes, so what I want for them both would be- **Necromancer** * Main hand Sword * Off hand Axe * Hammer **Engineer** * Main hand Mace * Focus * Staff


Engi getting anything offhand implies it is stuck with Pistol mainhand.


I can 100% guarantee you that Engineer won't get focus, because that would put them at having three offhand weapons and one mainhand weapon.


I love the idea of Warhorn for Guard (I'm actually surprised it's not already a thing, it fits well) and Greatsword for Rev! and it's maybe an unpopular idea but I think Pistol for Elementalist would be neat :) Powder Mages are a really cool high-fantasy/steampunk concept, basically Magic users that use their magic through firearms. I think it's a neat idea and would fit the GW2 world pretty well, especially in a universe with magitech and the aetherblades etc :)


Ight thief great sword could be sick tbh


If the Elementalist doesn’t get a bow I’m going to scream.


For necromancer a like the idea of pistol on main or off hand, with a pirate/tentacles thingy style Engi a warhorn I dont know why The others I have no idea but anything they will do will be great


Here's mine: * **Elementalist:** Longbow * **Mesmer:** Shortbow or Daggers * **Necromancer:** Pistols * **Engineer:** Maces * **Ranger:** Shield * **Thief:** Greatsword or Axes * **Guardian:** Warhorn * **Revenant:** Greatsword * **Warrior:** Staff or Pistols


Warrior Pistol Revenant Dagger (also Legendary Master Stance, Togo hype) Guardian Pistol Thief Focus Ranger Hammer Engineer Axe Necromancer Hammer Mesmer Dagger Elementalist Greatsword


Who would want a focus thief? That makes absolutely 0 sense.


eles already have a hammer and bow. its prob gonna be a gun.


Pistol pistol elementalist kthx.


I'm hoping for Revenant to get dual pistols (kind of hoping for them to be semi melee, more shotgun than actual pistol). I have no idea what legend would work for it though which is kind of the biggest flaw with the idea. Not a lore expert though, so I'm sure they could find something. Overall, I want something off the wall weapon wise from Revenant. What I'm expecting, though hoping for it not to be, is greatsword. I'm sure they could do something interesting with it, but there's too many people hoping for it so I expect if they go greatsword it will be a greatsword skill set to avoid disappointing those people. Not really expanding into new territory. But my biggest wish is for whatever the Revenant elite spec is, it's power damage focused. I want to be able to look at Snowcrows and see a Power Rev build be brought for damage, not utility.


You all are wrong about ranger, he will get a hammer. Lets the Bunny Thumper reborn!