Petroglyphs in Uintah basin located within Dinosaur National Monument. They definitely look strange. Anyone know if there are any interpretations of them?

Petroglyphs in Uintah basin located within Dinosaur National Monument. They definitely look strange. Anyone know if there are any interpretations of them?


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wow these are interesting thanks for sharing! That spiral thing is veery interesting


That's thought to represent migration of peoples, if I remember correctly. These things are all over the place in Utah, scratched into rocks almost anywhere there was an sheltered face near water.


So it's the same group making the same sign?


Not everywhere, across all time periods. But the Paiute (and others) in southwest Utah are thought to have used spirals to indicate movement. Clockwise/counter might mean something too, I don't remember. Check out this book - https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/2988822-the-rocks-begin-to-speak The guy that wrote it was a friend of my parents when I was growing up. I once watched him turn a chunk of obsidian into an arrowhead in about 30min.


Neat! thanks for that


When I visited Dinosaur National Monument, the likely explanation given was shamans wearing elk antlers, something still done today in some American Indian and First Nations communities. They were markers for where the game could be found, and magic directed at the area to keep the game plentiful in that place.


Ah, you beat me to it. The sympathetic hunting magic explanation is broadly drawn on in rock art that depicts humans with animal characteristics.


I agree with this


So it’s some true detective shit eh? Sp00py


Ah, the real life Forsworn.


3rd one looks like it might be a lizard


anyone ever consider that ancient cave drawings were quite possibly done by children?


I imagine that a fair number are just practice on sites that were considered unimportant so that they'd do a better job on the sites they considered important.


Looking at ancient cave drawings and assuming them to be non-fiction gives me the same energy as someone in the year 4000 finding Star Wars and assuming its non-fiction.


Imagination is a modern invention.


Nah... Imagination predates religion. Or to be more specific, it's a prerequisite.


I was being sarcastic.


Definitely. I also read an article once suggesting that it was common for ancient cultures to isolate those with extreme mental illness (like schizophrenia) in the caves outside their villages, thus explaining the often bizarre nature of many cave paintings.


Also, similar to how we sometimes make up fables and imaginary creatures.. maybe they did too?


Exactly what I came to say, looks like it’s just a well preserved family drawing from an alien 2nd grader.


Considering a much lower life expectancy, they are likely done by toddlers or teenagers.


There is really no reason to believe that life expectancy for pre Columbian natives was as short as say under feudalism. Scholars put em at 50+ at least


most people throughout history have lived to be 50-60. the low life expectancy commonly quoted at 25 or 30 is an average that's brought down by the incredible amount of children that don't make it to adulthood. if you don't count child mortality, most people would live to be past middle aged


Most children and teenagers were smarter than we have today. They knew how to survive, and then some. We MAY know the "and then some." Kids were marrying and being given away in marriage around 13-15 as well.


They weren’t smarter, they just knew other things. “Hurrr durrr the youth of today are so dumb” is a tiring and unoriginal idea and people have been saying that for hundreds of years. Also, being given away in marriage at 14 whether you want it or not is somehow an indicator of intellect..? If you’re referring to yourself when talking about the dumb youth of today, then yeah, I can see how your point of reference may make you think that way.


First one is packin heat.


That's just Zuckerberg


Crew mates from Among Us? Very sus.


Just about a week ago, I saw one just like this at the Cliff Dwellings at the Bandelier National Monument. The Park Volunteer on the trail pointed it out to me. She had no explanation; she just said it was her favorite glyph.


I worked in the Uintah Basin for 2 years as an archaeologist and I can assure you, there are a whole lot of strange petroglyphs in that area.


Ever see anything weird besides petroglyphs?


I found a petroglyph of a 'Bigfoot' out there


That's fascinating. Could you explain more about the general area, or your archeological work there?




this was before smartphones and pocket cameras


Has anybody consulted with any elders or historical/cultural experts from indigenous tribes in the region? Even if they don't have precise knowledge of these glyphs or this location, they could probably offer a good jumping-off point for further research.


Native american tribes widely treat ‘skypeople’ as common knowledge.


‘Sky people’ being extraterrestrials?


I asked a question awhile back in the Utah sub about the Uintah basin and there were some answers indicating people they knew have seen UAPs on the reservation over the years. There's some anomaly in the area that makes it a UAP hotspot


Having grown up in the Uintah Basin, UAPs are a common subject. It's almost like a feature of living here. Many believe the land has been cursed. Others point to Skinwalker Ranch. My parents, roommates, coworkers, and myself have seen very odd things in the desert. It's so common that most don't question people's experiences.


The Craziest story i heard was these 2 Native American Police were out on Patrol one night and while driving down the road , they are out in the middle of Nowhere when they see 2 people Standing on the road maybe a hundred yards ahead of them , As they start to drive by they look over and its 2 dogs, The are Standing on there hind legs , wearing suits and a top hat, and smoking a cigarettes. The police continued by in disbelief and stopped like a quarter mile down the road and after talking briefly about it , they decided to go back, but as always , they were gone., but there was a recently put out cigarette smoldering on the ground..


In my Native American town, people saw two dogs driving a pickup truck at a graveyard. The pickup truck belonged to the local pastor.


Wow heavy bro.


My grandma has a similar story to this except she claims she saw a family of talking rabbits with clothes on. Of course I'm the only person who believes that it could have actually happened though.


What have you and the others seen?


What's a UAP?


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (basically the new fancy way of saying UFO)


Considering they changed the terminology, it seems to allude to the idea that what we are seeing may not be "objects" in the literal sense of the term, phenomena seems to point to less material indications involved in what's happening. Just a theory.. I've not researched into why the term UAP began being used in place of UFO, could also just be for want of distancing from tin foil hat wearing communities?




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Home of Skinwalker ranch being one of them


Yes, archaeologists do this all of the time. There is a huge literature on rock art. One common interpretation of images like this is that they indicate masks, which Native people still use in ceremonies.


That 2nd one looks really strange, alot of things come from the sky


They're known amoung native tribes as the ant people.


They come from the sky and the earth.


Idk for sure, but the short stubby legs, long torso, long arms, broad shoulders, and unusually round head makes me think this is probably one of my relatives. Knowing my genes, chances are they stole someone's fridge and this is their wanted poster.


Weird I literally just saw them in person last week. Cool place to visit, the green river was the perfect temp for swimming.


I happen to know an expert in the petroglyph field, who’s studied in the States and aboriginal Australia, once told me that no one can for sure interpret petroglyphs. They are like a dead language that no one speaks anymore. He did say they were most often placed as a back drop to a natural amphitheater where people would gather and tell stories, their oral traditions. He described them as more of the background to a stage where they would be used in explaining a story kind of like a set design.


This is how I see them too, but some may also be hunting markers showing the type of life in the area.


No offense to your friend in anyway but how can you be an "expert" in a field about something and claim it's just a dead language? I get it being dead and no one understanding it but besides telling maybe where different ones made are located what's the point? It's like becoming an expert in an extinct vocal language saying "we know they spoke it in this area but no clue what they meant".


He worked mostly with aboriginal tribes in Australia. The modern day aborigines don’t know what the ancient aborigines rock art means. Just like modern day native americans can’t precisely translate or retell the stories that their ancestors depicted from their petroglyphs.


He worked mostly with aboriginal tribes in Australia. The modern day aborigines don’t know what the ancient aborigines rock art means. Just like modern day native americans can’t precisely translate or retell the stories that their ancestors depicted from their petroglyphs.


Thats awesome info, thanks!


If you’re ever in the area again, you should head down to Nine Mile Canyon! The same freemont people who lived around the Dinosaur canyons also lived there, and left some pretty crazy petroglyphs there too. Heres some pictures of them I took. https://ibb.co/bFGNqDj https://ibb.co/G0H7fC5 https://ibb.co/2KfzfJJ https://ibb.co/hKmX9Rs https://ibb.co/0KkSv0s https://ibb.co/TRDc8qL


This is my favorite from the area NW Colorado wall art https://imgur.com/gallery/tIuLA1z


That's sooo cool! Do you have anymore pictures? I've always been so interested in these especially the weird ones lol


That's amazing!


That “handprint” is incredible. It must have been very tempting to place your own hand on it. (Even though you might find yourself pulled back in time 😀)


Hey hey, is that area where Skin Walker Ranch is..?? Uintah basin sounds familiar..


Yes, which is why these made me wonder


Some freaky shit goes on ther man, waiting for new series to air in NZ


Also, Skin Walker Ranch, backs on to Blind Frog Ranch, which aired in nz couple of months ago, weird shit happening ther to


This could be just people wearing animal skins and animal head-dresses with antlers doing a ritual dance. (For those who immediately think "ALIENS!", this doesn't have to necessarily mean aliens or cryptids. Nothing against that interpretation when the evidence warrants it, but this is petroglyph is not conclusive toward the more exotic conclusions.)


So many people have a hard time understanding that we have had creative imaginations for milenia. Art is not new.


FYI too a lot of petrogrlyphs are unfortunately recreations or campers from nowadays making them... some of the fakes are from pioneer times but others are clearly like... pop culture icons and stuff.


Could be images from a dream or trip?


Thank you for the lizard labels. I don’t know why, but that pic made me lol


Super cool! Anybody have any articles?


no because its fake


It's not fake, it's just not necessarily out of the ordinary since this is probably just an art style. [https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE\_DOCUMENTS/fsm9\_002305.pdf](https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fsm9_002305.pdf)


Interesting! I skimmed through, but does it address this specific rock art? I could see it being “fake” as I’m not super old like some, hoping it’s legit. Gonna dive into other rock art too


I'm not really sure what would make this "fake" or "not fake"... It's real rock art, the document provided covers the entire area. How old it is, and what is shows exactly is up for debate.


That def. looks like a Grey on the bottom.


I see what could be interpreted as the tree of life in the upper left of the 2nd one. The pot is middle world, the roots to lower world and the branches to the upper world. Or…homie just had his plant grow outgrow its pot and into the ground and he didn’t want it to happen to his grandkids. But I feel like the pot would be broken if it was supposed to be a depiction of a plant outgrowing its pot.


1st one looks very similar to petroglyphs on rocks in the middle of the Susquehanna River in PA


Wow, so I’m on a road trip and stopped at Dinosaur National Monument just a few days ago. However I did not see these petroglyphs. I did however stop in the Valley of Fire about an hour out of Vegas and saw very similar petroglyphs. I have a few pics. They are supposedly Native American. https://imgur.com/gallery/F60ga7u (The rock they were carved in to happens to look like the side profile of a head on one side)


Probably creative interpretations of things. We've had the same kind of brains that we have now for about half a mil years or so haven't we?


I'm sorry, the final pic is so funny. Lizard lizard lizard lizard human


"Lizard lizard lizard lizard human". Clearly a warning about Reptilians!








Wow this is really giving me the same vibes as the [Twin Peaks Owl Cave ](https://welcometotwinpeaks.com/wp-content/uploads/owl-cave-map.jpg) map. Obviously it was inspired by indigenous artwork, but the large and small figures with short legs, swirls, astronomical symbols(?)/arrows, sun, and zigzags all seem specific!


I only know a little about the Cree culture, and Bison that Walks Like Man is a fairly prominent figure, the spirit of the bison in the form of a person. This might be a spirit. As an artist, it's good to think about the material and tools the artists were working with, and how that dictates form. E.g. Sumerian cuneiform (reed pressed in clay) or Viking runes (blade carving straight lines in wood)


I recommend that anyone who wants to try to interpret ancient rock art first familiarize themselves with the concepts of animisn and ecstatic trance/shamanism. A good way "in" to this reading is via the works of Felicitas Goodman, an anthropologist who researched the subject extensively for most of her life. The Reader's Digest version is: there is no good reason to interpret any of this art as "aliens" or anything else supernatural when the human brain has a demonstrated and reproducible ability to enter a trance state where one can see and interact with all these critters. You just have to know the right ways to do it. But in order to understand the decades of research and experimentation behind that claim I just made, you'll need to read Goodman's work. I've done some ecstatic trances via Goodman's methods, and I've seen and interacted with things that look exactly like the figures in your picture, as well as many other figures seen in rock art. Whatever these trance states are, whatever they allow our minds to do (enter other planes of reality, maybe? Or just hallucinate? ... but if "just" hallucination, why are the figures seen so similar and why do certain kinds of trance reliably manifest specific spirits?) this appears to be a psychedelic experience in the true sense of the word. I don't mean psychedelic as in "drugs" (though sometimes plants containing DMT are the best/easiest way to access these beings). I mean psychedelic as in the literal roots of the word: mind-manifesting. tl;dr: ancient people recorded what they saw in their shamanic trances, not because somebody beamed down from a space ship or whatever.


Five fingers. So, either Human or the Wacky Waving Arms Inflatable Tube Guy.


Half had all 5 fingers, the rest had 4 but i can imagine they werent stuck on details


The guy on the right and middle have five, all be it his is a bit swollen. Then the wee guy on the right I can't tell. The one on the background looks like he has a stump. But yea half have five


I live near here. Interesting thing, skinwalker ranch is less than an hour away...


Right! Thats why i think they're cool. The creepiest ones dont show up well on camera, they're too light but there are some metal as hell looking ones out there


and remember according to "experts" ancient people had no imagination and only wrote or drew what they saw, unless we cant explain it then its clearly a myth meant to keep kids in check




I would bet that most of the cave drawings since the beginning of time are a result of accidental or intentional psychedelic substance ingestion.


Has anyone read or study about the Hopi culture in North America? — I think this petroglyphs might possibly have some connection to them It is said that the Hopi first arrived from the sunken land of Lemuria in the Pacific. They seek refuge in places such as Nepal in the East and America in the West. One such interesting part of the story was the Hopi's migratjon wasn't done in only a day or two. But nearly thousands of years where the first wave used some "flying mechanism", compared to the latter by boat I think this unknown flying mechanism is what the natives mentioned about "skypeople". Furthermore, the migration span indicated that some knew about the upcoming disasters and leave early to preserve some knowledge. They migrated from the north, to the south and later become the ancestors of the Aztecs. It sure is interesting


Isn’t the Uintah basin where Skinwalker Ranch is?


Yes. Blind Frog Ranch too.


Loki variants?


This is a good take.


There are a lot of similarities across the world with such art and myths especially on south facing rocks which ties in to massive magnetic and cosmic energy events in the sky. This is one of the best videos by experts in the field. https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA?t=520 I had another one focussing on 'the akimbo man' symbols as well eg the Kanaga symbol of the Dogon tribe similar to the stance of the figures in the first photo. The Dogons also seem to have had detailed cosmological knowledge that defies explanation.


It's pretry crazy they could observe spiral galaxies without a telescope.


Andromeda is easy to see with a completely dark sky


Or its a tornado, hurricane, waterspout, whirlpool or crazy clouds.


Nobody would ever depict a hurricane that way before seeing one from space .


Can still visualise stuff you've never seen.


Some are prob portals


no light pollution at night


I always presumed a galaxy would appear as a 'blob' to the human eye, even without light pollution. Im just surprised.


I believe this is near Skinwalker Ranch too, funnily enough.


It is. About an hr north east


Here's the "squatterman" symbol video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg46K5t710 This one lays it all down as far as I'm concerned. There's a big correlation between global rock-art and symbology, and plasma energy patterns, which suggest major sky events visible around the world in the past.


we will never know. There might be some idiots claming to "scientifically, accurately interpreting these" but the FUCK do they know about what were people thinking aeons ago? It's not possible. You cannot know. Never will you. You can only say: "I think..." and "I believe..." And I believe on the 1 photo, people wearing horns from deer, the second one has a lot of stuff such as the swirl- sky phenomenon or water swirl. We don't know. And the lizards? Well, they were probably sitting ontop of these stones, resting, sun bathing, being beautiful little critters and someone found this so beautiful, they put it onto these stones. OR they depict crocodiles maybe, and this little human there escaping them, like this might be the first depicted epos of a hero beating them all up or something!


Idiots? Of course it is impossible to recover the minds of people who lived thousands of years ago, but there are archaeologists and anthropologists who spend their entire careers studying rock art, either globally or in specific places. They don't just "guess." Cultural approaches to "Art" are very different and you can't interpret prehistoric rock art based on contemporary Euroamerican assumptions. Studies have shown that in rock art "systems" (as in all genres of art) there seem to be certain "rules" for how to draw things, which is separate from actual content, or what is drawn-and both need to be teased out. So one of the obvious methods is consulting with the descendants of the people who created the drawings, to understand their interpretations. In many parts of North America, the images seem to relate to ceremonies. Another method is comparing the images to others, at various scales-same area, bigger area, globally. To do this you have to build a database of known rock art from each area as it also changes over time in any given location.. If Native people have identified similar images from 5 miles away as lizards, then that is one possible interpretation. They also read the huge literature on rock art from all over the world and the various theories, which incorporate things like psychology, linguistics, and even brain structure. In short, it is a very iterative process of relating the unknown to the known.


> Cultural approaches to "Art" are very different and you can't interpret prehistoric rock art based on contemporary These cultures are nothing like we know from today.


I’d ask the Natives.


I draw some pretty strange shit I've never actually seen before.


It's the space brothers


I think the third picture is an ad for new lizard making technology. The top left one is amazingly clear and high def. The others pale in comparison.


Yooooo this is dope


Looks like people with deer headdresses to me.


Looks like ceremonial head dresses!! Very cool. Thanks


Anyone can write this kind of a things even though elementary school students


Could be skinwalker depictions


Some of these are looking pretty fresh and might actually be more recent. I live in the Mojave and we have a bunch of petroglyphs but people have been making scratching more into the rocks lately and you can tell because they’re not as faded as all the other ones.


Looks theranthropic (man-animal combination) to me. c.f. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sorcerer_(cave_art) Anthropologically that's traditionally interpreted as a sign of shamanic practices in the culture, though I believe that theory has been growing less and less popular recently.


I just saw these in person last fall. I think they may be fake personally. Even though I know authorities say they're real.


[Some petroglyphs maybe a record of a solar discharge that caused high energy plasma discharges in the open.](http://theplasmaverse.com/verse/squatterman-plasmadischarges-petroglyphs.html) This may apply to some of the petroglyphs but not all.


Axolotl is what comes to mind when looking at the first picture.


Top one seems similar to the ant people of the hopi, but could be waay off


Looks like the night king and his army.


That first image is Interesting, especially the top-like image on the right


Ninjas in turbans? Nah, I got nothing. They seem very intriguing, and seem to lean towards the ancient aliens column.


A common technique is to use a spray bottle of fresh CLEAN water and lightly mist the painting. This allows the actual picture to contrast better and REALLY see what was drawn.


They kind of look like wendigo's.


Maybe they were tripping


Top right of image 2 strikes me as a Baghdad battery going crazy with power


Its clearly swamp gas, now report to your local re-education office.




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The first picture makes me think of skinwalkers. Basically shamans who can shape-shift into animal-like forms.


Are they definitely ancient? Maybe they have been put there in more recent years by people who want to leave their own mark on the rocks


“Maybe an interpretation of some poor ancient guys wife on her period ?!?!?🤷🏽‍♂️


White men…. Vikings to be more specific (Helmet shaped head with horns protruding from it complete with eye holes, and what looks to me like a very long straight and thick beard as one would see on a European-blooded white man) https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-vikings-a-memorable-visit-to-america-98090935/ Honestly just a wild guess, and I’m prolly completely wrong, but it is food for thought 💯


A lizard with a ninja star. I believe that means there were lizards who knew some type of martial arts.


Some of them appear to be lizards Edit wow was I late for that joke




The headgear certainly depict antlers, so probably a shaman dressed as a deer to facilitate local hunts. 99.9%


My understanding is that the cave paintings of ice age Europe have a lot of guys dressed as animals. In the 70s I rafted down the Yampa/green river and there was a huge face carved into the high canyon walls at Echo Canyon. Pictures don’t do it justice when you see it from the water and hear the weird white noise that sounds like chanting. There were still artifacts like sandles and pots like everyone had left a month ago.


Do you also go to a museum and look at paintings and go “woooaaaahhh, high strangeness, must be aliens!! How did they figure out putting pigment in oils tho! aLiEnZ!!!”? These were made by humans. Have you honestly never heard of rock and cave paintings? Read a book on anthropology ffs, nothing is strange about this. Humans like to draw. We did it then, we do it now, what is strange about this to you?


I never said it wasnt human made. The subject matter and location near skinwalker ranch are of interest. Get over yourself please?


These are fairly common depictions of people. The boxy upside down triangle shape for torsos is prevalent across north and South America, also Europe and Africa as an early style of drawing. Also don’t forget that natives of this land used to frequently imbibe on really great hallucinogens, peyote, ayahuasca, mescaline. It’s not about getting over anyone, it’s about understanding history. There’s a level of fanaticism of the super natural that often rivals with religions in terms of “can’t be explained by people, must be god/aliens”. I think it’s degrading to ancient societies, who in most ways were exactly like us, just without technologies and tools. Even an art history class or book would show the development of artistic styles and why people drew the way they did (often has to do with the tools they used to make the drawing). Education is good.


I think you're on the wrong sub. Yes they were ancient humans like us, I'm just questioning what they may have seen in the night sky over a place known for, you know, high strangeness.


Brodette. Its aliens that are being drawn. The artists were human obviously. Alien hybrids.


Maybe just shitty artists.


Peyote is a hell of a drug


Peyote's a hell of a drug.


It's Loki! I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. :D


Skin walkers