Could this be a humanoid of sorts?

Could this be a humanoid of sorts?

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Reminds me of that scene in Men in Black where the bicyclist rides by covered in Christmas lights.


That's exactly what I thought at first. That camera is a POS so it could easily just be a person wearing something weird.


Copied from the comments of the other post: A better video, with translation: https://youtu.be/yA_M9LG17KQ


Or maybe a poorly lit & badly videoed cluster of like 15 star shaped semi-deflated balloons that have achieved an almost neutral buoyancy [like this](https://youtube.com/shorts/glYbvR5PM5w?feature=share) being moved about by air.


Yes! You can see they look exactly like star shaped balloons in the second video.


That’s exactly what it is.


Ah, yes. I thought it looked like a reflective heat blanket around something, but foil balloons make more sense.


The video JustDabber provided gave much more detail. This "cluster" was looking like a sphere that went up and down with human eyes. Also covered like with christmas lights. The doctor watched it about four minutes and went inside when the "thing?" began to come back towards them. Also the second security camera footage showed it change formation when it landed from sky to the road. Balloon would just be still and go with the wind.


Lmao first thing I thought of.


There's a better video in the other comments.


A weirdly emotional scene from mib




Pretty sure that’s a predator on a unicycle


Needs more bagpipes




Nah, unicycles aren’t that smooth. Two wheels minimum.


The tell tale shimmer gives it away


Could be a crackhead


Got a'hold of the wrong stuff!


This is a possibility in a surprising amount of situations.


Maybe a crackhead alien


I want da gold


To me it looks like a person running around while on fire so idk


Misread the title as, "...hemorrhoid of sorts?". This is bizarre what is going on in the video though.




Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.




The Black Goat With a Thousand Young!


I work with Mylar frequently building visuals for flight simulators. I would not agree that this is balloons. It does not appear to be a group of objects. It resembles a sheet. Mylar is incredibly light weight and fluid. It also appears to be hovering. If this was a prank, I would lean towards someone flying a drone with a string attached to a sheet of Mylar, perhaps a bag. Drones are very noisy though and would probably be heard. Someone did this with a witch.


At first it looks like really shit compression. This is what some kinds of mpeg compression can look like when there's smeary motion across a low light background. But then there's the people watching the whatever it is. Could be someone covered in something, a neutrally buoyant floating object of some sort or a cat with toast, butter side up taped to it's back so it hovers floating along the street.


That’s a bird bro


Last evening went out to check out the moon and for about 2 seconds I saw what looked like a see through craft . When I saw it it was paulsating acceleration and then just gone. I dont know what it was and its my first ever sighting of a UFO.


yes, a humanoid drone


Christmas wheel markets (tianguis navideños) are more than common in this kínd of cities , led light ballon vendors are always there,this markets usual y stay all night between Christmas and january 6,we are seeing a working person returning home and doubting if a man and his daughter are willing to buy a ballon.https://i.imgur.com/cYepsRX.jpg


It’s a dude on a bike for sure


I remember when this video first came online. And the witnesses said that it first came down and floated down the road and then went back up in the air.


100%, with either a poncho reflecting street lights or a lighted costume of some kind.


This is my rational explanation. Guy on a bike. It moves at a speed and fluidity of a man riding a bike. Not sure why it looks like lights on him, though. Also, if those people are indeed watching him, they look kind of disturbed. 🤔 Definitely unusual looking video, though. Could be something super weird, not certain


A better video, with translation: https://youtu.be/yA_M9LG17KQ


10:30 into the video it shows a non zoomed original video which looks much better. Doesn't look like a blurry person on a bike with balloons anymore. Interesting!


They look like helium balloons. You can see a string on the bottom of the one that was in front of the security guard at 4:00


Could you highlight it please because I'm not seeing it.




I know who is. it is Alien ;)


It looks like someone wearing a black body suit with LEDs attached or something reflective.


harry potter got out his invisibility cloak


I have always wondered about this video. Could this be what a fourth dimensional being, or object looks like in a 3 dimensional space?


this looks like the Tandem Bicycle Aliens from MIBII LOL look it up on Youtube! LOL


broo, ive seen a compilation of this where one instance few passer bys saw this orb thing floating down from the sky then morphing to a humanoid. it was caught on cctv, and this stuff alwaysa happens in latin america.


I'm a little spooked,I've seen 3 other videos so similar to this one also in Mexico City


This reminds me of that video where the guy is following the blue thing through the desert and it crosses the highway and gets hit by a semi and then just gets back up and brushes itself off and walks into the desert. I don't know what it was but it was the most beautiful colors


2018 ? More like 2008


Looks like someone walking by with balloons at night.


Looks like a bunch of mylar balloons that are running out of helium. I remember having 5 balloons tied together and they lasted about 3 weeks before they completely went down. The first week they stayed near the ceiling. The second week they floated half way. Some of the balloons seemed to have lost more helium than others, so they would kind of drag it down while the others tried to lift it. With the small fans in the rooms, it helped moved the balloons around. Sometimes they would just appear by the door and just float in. Once I let it out and it floated like this outside before taking it back in. At 1:50 in the video, you can see it looks like a bunch of star mylar balloons.


Lol thanks for lending a realistic point of view. I feel like I’m arguing with a terrier in the other thread.


So very obviously those metallic balloons, why can't people post real shit here


Balloons distort when air pushes against a surface. If they were balloons, the air pushing against it, causing all those significant distortions, would cause it to tumble and move around. This remains upright and maintains a smooth and unwavering trajectory. Not balloons.


I love me some good weird encounter video footage…. This however has been reposted several times and I believe the consensus was always that this is indeed a bunch of Mylar balloons that have lost most of their buoyancy being blown down the road. They definitely look creepy, but in this case I think it’s another mundane cause. Edit: I know we all wanna believe in otherworldly/extradimensional beings (I do!) but if we cry wolf every time something is vaguely odd looking when there’s a reasonable explanation, it’ll make it harder for the legit footage to get peoples attention.. let’s don our collective skeptical tin-foil hats :)


You didn't read my post. If wind is causing distortions, it's because it's pushing the "balloon" in the direction of the distortion. That pushing would cause motion in the direction of the indentations, like if you poked a deflated balloon (just with wind in this example). That would cause the balloon to move in the direction of the "poke". All these indentations would be forces acting on the balloon and would cause it to move erratically if they were all acting on it simultaneously, as the wind explanation implies. But the "balloon" doesn't do that. Because it's not wind acting to distort the surface. Because it's not a balloon. Here is a better video with witness testimony: https://youtu.be/yA_M9LG17KQ The father and daughter are utterly perplexed by what they're seeing. The woman is so scared of this thing she runs inside and instinctively locks the door, leaving her father outside. You really believe anyone would react that way to a bunch of balloons? That's nonsense.


broski, get off your high horse about this 320p footage of some shiny shit


Doesn't change how physics works


You sound upset you just got shit on by a scientist. I’m no scientist and his explanation makes perfect sense. I’m sure you remember old balloons beginning to move closer and closer to the ground after days of being inflated. Well now imagine those balloons....being pushed by Air and recorded on video.


Thank. You. Edit: it could even be some static electricity contributing to it moving around…. The whole “the indentations in the balloons don’t coincide with the direction they’re floating in” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Thanks for the validation that I’m not the only sane one trying to identify ACTUAL weird videos that can’t be explained by more mundane causes. :) cheers


Of course, some people want to believe so badly it changes their perception of reality. Similar to people with mental problems.


You're delusional. She provided no scientific analysis for her argument, just a video of a balloon in a room. I did on the other hand...


Didn’t I? Those videos I shared show a similar phenomenon that is not paranormal. You can even see in one of those videos that the indentation on the balloon isn’t on the side that the air is applying force from. Short of setting up this experiment myself to demonstrate how mundane it is (and c’mon this is so not worth the energy) I think I’ve provided ample evidence of how this could easily be debunked as very probably not an interdimensional alien phase shifting while floating down the urban streets of Mexico or whatever. Why exactly do you seem to be so attached to this being something else? Did you just come out with a cryptid podcast episode about it or something? Sorry I’m just at a loss of why this is the hill you want to die on when it comes to weird stuff you can find on the internet?


The balloons you showed were not deflated, showed no signs of the activity in OP's video, and were largely irrelevant to the discussion. I'm arguing your point because it's simply wrong.


I’m delusional? She’s provided you four now. I’m gunna lay off because your stupid is showing. Never argue with stupid.


Quote them then.


damn bro, need a diaper change?


also, what you are saying is not groundbreaking physics shit. We know what you are saying but that does not disprove the theory of it being a balloon. The changing indentations could very well be the inconsistant streetlight reflecting of the balloon.


Reposting for the kids at the back. Given the size of the object, if it were a "deflated balloon" it would not have enough helium in it to give it neutral buoyancy. The weight of that amount of balloon material would cause it to collapse onto the ground. Deflated balloons of this size don't float at this speed, they fall down to the ground.


And reiterating for the stubborn: “I said a cluster of balloons my dude. And yes, it makes total sense. I think in one of the (terrible quality) clips (one with the 4 camera views at once) I can even see a couple of the balloons look star shaped. We can agree to disagree, as I’m so unconvinced this is anything more.”


Reiterating for the redundant: A cluster of balloons would have even more material, surface area, and weight, further strengthening my point.


Oh I read what you posted, I just disagree. It doesn’t require that much air movement whatsoever to cause balloons to move around like that, far less than you would need to see an indentation in the balloon. Check out [this video](https://youtu.be/-QgqSJA9Vp0) I found just now… the people are saying they believe a ghost is moving these balloons around their hotel room, but I think it’s just the subtle air movement natural to any non-vacuum space. When helium balloons have been inflated for awhile they eventually get to a neutral buoyancy (yes, I understand what that means.. I’m a scientist by career) and if they’re in a big cluster, they can appear to walk around like the above post. Disagree if you like, this is just my take. :) Edit: [another](https://youtu.be/GG4KofQc2gE) and [another one](https://youtu.be/6EWckjdbLuY)… found in about 5 mins of YouTube searches. Granted it’s not exactly what’s seen in the original video, but I think it shows my point ok. Edit 2: very classy of you to revise your post to remove the part where I “don’t understand the science of fluid dynamics”.. I appreciate that :)


Your explanation makes no sense. Given the size of the object, if it were a "deflated balloon" it would not have enough helium in it to give it neutral buoyancy. The weight of that amount of balloon material would cause it to collapse onto the ground. Deflated balloons of this size don't float at this speed.


I said a cluster of balloons my dude. And yes, it makes total sense. I think in one of the (terrible quality) clips (one with the 4 camera views at once) I can even see a couple of the balloons look star shaped. We can agree to disagree, as I’m so unconvinced this is anything more.


A cluster of balloons would have even more material, surface area, and weight, requiring even more helium to keep it aloft thereby lessening the "deflated" argument, further strengthening my point.


Lol that is so very false. Thanks for playing


That's false? What has more surface area, a single balloon, 5'x5', or a cluster of balloons, 5'x5'? You're a "scientist", you should know the right answer but your previous comment shows you don't.


Someone on a bike with lights.


I wish I could watch it in one long unedited cut, with no zooms, pans, or subtitles.


It looks like someone shoving a shopping trolley.


Person on a bike with several phones playing Pokemon go.


‘Looks too good to be true’ bro this literally doesn’t look like anything haha


Ghost Rider




I get bad vibes from this. I’d be gone.


I have to go along w/the too good to be true. All you seem to have on this is that it’s from Mexico in 2018.


Given the lack of info-Mexico, 2018-this is too good to be true. Sorry, it’s a very good clip, but anyone could have done this with their home computer.


I think its someone riding a bike. I cant see the bike. I just mean the movement is like that of someone taking leisurely bike ride. If it is paranormal, i will say it is ghostly cyclist.


Someone laden with pots and pans or something riding a bicycle.


Balloons, and a shadow is also visible


They look like Mylar balloons. But idk..


Yeah sure the thing is a man on a bike, but for no reason other people on the footage look like real persons. We’ve got “it’s a bird” now let’s play with “helium balloons on a cycle”


It’s clear no one here thinks this thing is some exotic morphing creature. Has anyone here ever seen a creature or craft morph? I have. 50’ over my head. It’s unimaginable.


Looks like someone going in reverse in a wheelchair covered in tinfoil and lights lmao


It’s a crackhead covered in deflated, shiny balloons, riding a segway


Looks to me like somebody pushing a grocery cart




Looks like either a bicycle or unicylist going past with torches or reflective balloons or a space blanket wrapped around. Seems unusual but highly terrestrial.


You just know it’s real because of the spooky music.


Strong men in black guys with fairy lights and bike vibes lol


It’s totally a dude riding a bike.


as far as i remember it as e of those metallic helium balloons


Nah.., I’m not convinced., you can see someone holding shiny balloons. I slowed it down enough and did some screenshots of my phone then upload to my LR app, clearly I see someone in shorts holding balloons above their head, probably going to a party,


It’s totally a dude riding a bike.