If I could oversee a balance patch...

If I could oversee a balance patch...


This is heavily fire team biased, throw in a rework for field medic and nerf to 1911.


"I don't like it when the predator runs at me, but I also don't like it when the predator attacks and then runs away." Damn dude what's left. No assaults or stealth allowed with you.


We can all sleep easy knowing you wont oversee a balance patch. Your changes are in all the wrong places... \- No nerfs to disc \- No nerfs to overpowered specializations (Field Medic and Stalker) \- You want to implement tools for the FT to hunt the Predator even more than they already can \- No changes to RNG pigs (either there's none or dozens) \- No changes to the games pacing The major problem with this game at the moment is that it's very snowball in one way or the other. As soon as either team is on the back-foot it's very hard to recover and get back in the game for that round, that's why rounds can be over in seconds or be dragged out slowly to the full 15 minutes.


Your acting like you’re the only fire team member in the game when you forget you have your entire team shooting him too lmao


Lol just no


These predator changes reek of mad at predator players in AvP2.


I only agree with plasma caster costing 2x the cost then energy cell would get used more


lol no, this reeks of bias for the FT


Don't use silencers... They hurt damage. Don't use mini gun it's garbage. Use scar, noob tube guns, if known rush melee Pred use ak.. If using semi don't use abr it's trash use the bolt action... Barret is ok but has nothing on bolt. Lmg is also garbage imo but that's just me... I also tend to dodge most rockets because Its easy to spot the user. Sidearm is 1911, pdw, or ump. Pred needs nerf to plasma. Fm needs a little change... Played the first time in weeks yesterday it was mostly fine. Grenades should be equipment... Its massive damage... Your complaints on playstyle is due to no team fire or bad weapon choices... Ive never not punished a bad claim. As Pred I don't claim... You are now bait... If the fm is up you are bait for him. Pred changes are bad you don't need a tracking item...medkit mimics are a cool idea... And I can't agree with the plasma because the stupid arrows leak through the map disc will leave forever sometimes and miss a combi throw aimed slightly upwards you now lost your combi.