I Love Seeing Signs of Restaurants Not Opening Because They Won't Pay

I Love Seeing Signs of Restaurants Not Opening Because They Won't Pay


Listen, if your business survives on paying the bare minimum to your employees and counting on them to use government supports to survive to work in your organization, you are not a "job creator", you are: #An industrial user of government welfare


The way I’ve been able to break down my right wing friends and family into understanding why a higher minimum wage is necessary is with the sentence “I don’t want my taxes being used to subsidize the wages of billion dollar corporations”


A former boss of mine once gave a girl a 25 cents an hour raise when she asked for a raise. Worked out to about $20 over the period of two weeks before taxes. About a year later there was a situation where he thought he was going to lose 5-6 core workers (ie his sntire staff) and he immediately bumped them all up to $15, proving that there is power in numbers. This was about 3 years ago.


When I quit as AM for Chipotle in 2008 they gave my restaurants a budget of 3 cents per employee for merit raises. You have 25 employees, here's 75 cents to give raises. Use it wisely...




Just wait untill you hear of a time McDonald's hamburger costs 69 cents and there was this ancient concept of a dollar menu, but your parents who worked those jobs had a car and mortgage being a line cook.


hell, they had their weekly deals where a hamburger costed $0.29/each on one day (maybe tuesdays?) and cheeseburgers were $0.39/each a different day.


Hamburgers were Monday, cheeseburgers were Tuesday. That kept me fed in college. That and the Luby’s all you can eat entrees for $1.99.


And that is the reason I haven't eaten at McDonald's in 20 years. My roommate and I decided to get 20 dollars in 39 cent cheeseburgers one night in a drunken haze. It was glorious, so much cheezburgurz. After scarfing our fill, we passed out in a Beer fogged McD's haze. We both woke up at the same time at 3 in the morning with the worst stomach cramps. The problem was the fact that we only had one bathroom, yet we were puking out of both ends....so we had to switch off between the bathroom and outside in the bushes. It was one of the worst nights of my life. Curse you 39 cent poisonburgers. NEVER. AGAIN.


You guys each ate 20 fucking cheeseburgers?


Yeah, it was around 15 each, we had 10 left over which we ceremoniously sacrificed it to the fucking trash can gods the next day. We felt like shit for three days. NEVER AGAIN, McDonald's! Curse You!!


5 comments about this and you still haven't acknowledged your part in the cursed ritual.


I hope the manager didn't drop a quarter that rolled under the oven.


What does a bean mean?!


I worked as a bank as a teller, then got promoted to head teller and got a $2 per hour raise. Later on they were looking for a head teller at a branch a mile away. There were no good candidates, so my boss asked me if I would want to be head teller for both branches. HR would apparently only offer me a $1 raise, when if it were anyone else the raise would have been $2, so I declined. I left a couple months later suddenly for a better job, and my boss desperately asked me, "If I can get them to give you a four or five dollar raise do you think you would stay?"


And that's when you knew you were underpaid for a long time. Pay raises when you're out the door just cements that they were a bad company and you are making the right move leaving.


Exactly. That sealed the deal even more, and I left a nice long note for HR. Felt bad for my boss as she was great, just had a lot of incompetent coworkers. She even lent me her car to go to the interview, not expecting me to get an offer that same day.


Yup. I knew I had to quit an old job as kitchen manager ($12 an hour, I should have known better) because I was denied a raise but when a high school line cook was leaving, the owner, right in front of me, told him if he needed a raise to stay, money wasn't an issue. Fuck that. Dude had three houses, snowmobiles, ATVs, went on multiple vacations a year.


Lol I was working as a bank teller and got a promotion to an entry level job in accounting for $15/hr. The next year I got a 3% raise and all the tellers got bumped up to $15/hr and wouldn't bump up my pay proportionately. They were then shocked when I had a pissed off attitude for the last few months that I worked there while I locked down a new accounting job elsewhere that paid $22/hr.


I'm in an identical situation. I manage a retail store. I make $51k. A manager for a store 40 miles from me (the drive really isn't as bad as it sounds. It's a 40 minute drive) makes $54k. They offered me both stores for $58k. They were surprised when I turned down a promotion. Not sure why they were surprised, but they were.


Just out of curiosity, did you try to counter offer at all? Reason I ask is 50k+ is when you're starting to get into that territory of compound growth. It's a little different than line cooks talking about 50c raises on their 12 an hour pay. Sounds to me like you might have been in a position to counter for 70 and settle for 65 or something like that.


Honestly, none of that is a good deal aside from the initial bump. Being head teller for one branch is tough enough, heading 2 for only $2 extra? GTFO!


If unions don't work, why does every company go apeshit when their employees try to unionize? Edit: Sure are a lot of 2-3 month old accounts that really dislike unions replying to this comment.


I got denied a raise, mind I was basically in charge of the kitchen at this point cause everyone else had almost all left. I was making barely above federal min wage. So I walked at the start of lunch shift. They offered me $0.50 of a raise to come back, told them to go pound sand, polite as I could. Ended up working in FoH/Bar, and as much as I hate playing kiss ass with Karens, I'd rather be able to pay rent.


Gotta love the sexual harassment from a complaint of Karens too. They’ll tip well, but flirt disgustingly, and also awkwardly pressure you to give them your phone number or something in furtherance of getting some. It’s funny though on the times their husband interrupts to come collect them, but downright annoying all the other times having to go along with their bullshit while still servicing the rest of the bar.


Oh god, I can't imagine dealing with flirty Karens. Fortunately I'm a woman so I haven't yet encountered one. I'm also oblivious enough that I miss most attempts at flirting so, I don't think I'd notice even if they did. Think I've only had one guy patron ask me for my number, so I just gave him the restaurant's number where the bar I work at is located, not realizing he wanted *my* number lol.




was working minimum wage restaurant job and got a $0.15/hr raise. My coworker wanted to fight me because he didn’t get one but had been working there like 3 months longer than me. When you keep people down they start infighting over f-ing pennies, instead of demanding a living wage from the owner.


It proves he could always pay the staff more and chose not to.


My old job (as of yesterday) upped base pay to $15 about 6 months ago (when we all went back to work after the shutdown) but now want to run an absolute skeleton crew. They were shocked when I was offered and accepted a position at the hospital for more money, less responsibility, and 3 weeks PTO per year. Love this meme.


I wanted so much to love cooking, but after ten years the shit hours and relatively shit pay with no benefits and covid finally pushed me out. I took a $2/hr pay cut, but now I work in optometry. In air conditioning, with 2 wks PTO, 1 wk payed sick leave, 6 payed holidays, 401k matching, and they offer health, dental, and vision (I'm staying on my wife's, but it's an option). I do still work Saturday (for now; when we get more staff we'll start rotation of Sat+Sun off and Sun+Wk day off). With a few hours OT, last pay period was the most take home pay I've made since before covid when I worked full time kitchen and catering on the side, and after my 401k deduction.


What kind of optometry job, if you don't mind my asking? I've been researching career backup plans for the inevitable day I decide to leave the kitchen...


My hiring title is Patient Coordinator; the person that works the front desk, answers the phone, schedules appointments, pulls insurance information. My real job is that plus Optometric Technician; the person that gives the pre-check before a patient sees the doctor, checks that the lenses we're sent from the lab are the correct prescription in the correct frame, frame adjustments and repairs, etc. I'm still very new, I don't know everything, and had no experience going in, but some Patient Coordinators literally only sit at the front desk, so my Tech work will be coming up in my review.


Thanks for the info! I'm glad you found something that works better for you :)


No problem. What I always tell people, even before I got out, is don't sell yourself short. You are not "just a cook." You work as a team, you train new hires, you handle multiple orders at a time, you problem solve on-the-fly, you manage inventory, you have organizational skills, you have sanitary practices, you can work under stress, in uncomfortable environments, and so many more things.


Definitely! I try to never sell myself short- in fact I've been lucky enough to work in some very supportive kitchens and as a result of that I maaaay have a slight god complex. I am an amazing employee and I know it. Every manager I've ever had has told me so. I know my own skills and what they're worth 🔥


According to the boomers the restaurant must be charging like $700 per meal, has that affected your business?


Our prices haven’t even increased more than maybe 50¢ to $1 on a couple items. We were selling gourmet burgers and fries. Price went up a dollar on the Kobe patty and they did away with tipping in favor of a flat 15% fee on all orders. Which as you can imagine was a hot button issue for a bunch of folks on the internet who were probably not even our customers in the first place. They also opted out of the mask relaxation policies in favor of making them mandatory for service and were met with the same backlash...on the internet.


Just read an article about a guy who owns 8 restaurants but "can't find dishwashers, bus boys etc. Even though he's offering $8". Then it goes on to describe his high flying lifestyle in Miami and swanky lunches where he commiserates with other rich people about how lazy his workers are. Here is the [article](https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/05/08/restaurant-jobs-shortage-workers-miami/) Thanks u/Newsbinger for the link


My first thought after reading your comment. https://youtu.be/IM-3bb-5ocQ Fuck that guy.


"Ah, Papa Don't Preach. Well I got another song for you bitch, it's called Daughter Don't Sing."




Hahaha iv said that a couple times. “ i hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you”


It's my favorite.




We offer wages well above minimum wage! If you work hard, you can eventually work up to $13!


I actually just saw a Wendy's advertising "Hiring! Make *up to* $13/hour!" (emphasis mine) I wonder if they really expect people to miss the "up to" part?


Why would anyone work anywhere where they are *limited* to 13$ an hour?


Right?? Might as well say up to $25 ... $7.25 fits in both of those scenerios


I'll never understand why dishwashers aren't in the upper tier of pay levels. Good dishwashers that stay at a job for a long time like years are worth their weight in gold.


It's way harder to find a reliable dishwasher than a reliable cook


I was able to get a part time job as a dishwasher at a local sports bar. I interviewed with the manager and told him I only wanted to do dishwashing and didn't have any plans to move up to anywhere else in the kitchen since it was just a part time gig. Also dishwashing is a pretty casual and stress free job. A few weeks into the job he asks if I can help with the prep work cause they were short handed. I said sure thinking it was just until he got somebody else hired. Then he says he wants to train me on the line. I told him I didn't want to work the line, this was just supposed to be dishwashing. Next week I notice I'm not on the schedule. Oh well, guess he doesn't need me. A few weeks later he sends me a text asking if I can come in and do dishes cause the other guy quit on him. Sorry bud.


I did that for faaar too long. Was my seocnd job and good mate was head chef. Went through 3 replacements in about 6 months before i was able to quit quit cause the replacement dude turned up for 3rd shift in a row and wasn't drunk or high. The most prep I ever did was peeling onions, potatoes and I put together a dozen chicken parma's once. Only once. Like if it was quiet and someone would say 'let's get started on prep for morning guy' I'd reply with "sounds good, imma clock out then".


It’s because they do a lot of the hardest work with the lowest pay.


And shit on by all the new people until someone that's been there shuts them down.


I personally loved how often servers would accidentally drop glasses into the sink they used to pour out drinks. they'd *never* fucking mention it, and you'd only find out when you had to empty the ice out, and have the pleasure of finding chunks of broken glass throughout the ice.


That's a hostile work environment, and you don't have to tolerate it.


You guys worked with some stank asa bitches. Seriously, *years* behind the bar and I have never once not cleaned out broken glass from the sink. And glass does not go in the trash, for fucks sake.




It's pronounced💯 Learned that from my dishwasher


I would sometimes ask to do dishes when I really really did not want to deal with people at the ticket counter (pizza/arcade in Scottsdale), but good god I could not imagine doing dishes all day every day.


I just hated dealing with customers. I can't handle crybabies and assholes.


I got to see Wayne Gretzky once, so that kinda made all of it worth it once most of the bad memories faded away. I didn't talk to him or anything... Dude clearly wanted to let his kids go play and not be bothered. And this was at the ice rink where the coyotes practiced, so there was a 0% chance of him being completely incognito, really didn't want to bring attention. Oh yeah and the one time a kid found out she was epileptic while playing Deal or No Deal and fell off of the stool. Fun times. Hope she's okay.


I've been a dishwasher for 3 different restaurants in my time. It is singlehandedly the most disrespected job in the kitchen. A lot of the staff will treat you with dignity - especially the veterans. They know how important it is to keep shit flowing. But there is a huge propensity for staffers to mistreat the dishwasher. On top of that, the pay is the bottom of the barrel. I worked for a pretty busy bar once. It was Saturday night and we were slammed. I'm going HAM back on those dishes for at least 4 straight hours - it just keeps coming. At one point, the manager walks over to me and begins berating me in front of the whole staff for not going fast enough. Now, I was fairly new, so I definitely had room to grow and get better. I won't deny that. But, what came next was different. He proceeds to make me get on my hands and knees, scrub the floors and scoop the goo-like grayish material from the drain. I couldn't tell you what the makeup was. Not once did he thank me for anything during my time there. It was always negative. I quit that night. Finished my shift, went over and told the boss I'm done, asked for my check and dipped. The restaurant closed some years back, so I know how I was treated was really a reflection of how the restaurant was doing. The problem wasn't the job - it was a mixture of how I was treated, how hard I worked, and what I was paid.


Well yeah because it’s a badly paid thankless job. The quit rate for dishwashers at a place I used to manage was pretty staggering. And I’m talking walk outs, not giving notice. They were treated well and paid pretty ok (in comparison to the stories I hear on here) but it’s just a rough job.


used to employ 2 Russians, only work, no speak, only work, no speak. Highest paid in the kitchen, cleanest kitchen in the company. They would thank me for an open after a close, man those guys fucked


I’ve done short stints in the 1 restaurant I worked at for 2 years as a host, a server, a prep boy, and a dishy - learning the wages of all of these, and befriending every dishy that came through it was said by all of them and myself included that if the pay was decent they would stay longer than our longest guy (4 months)


Wait you also fucked them? Did they speak while you fucked? "Only fuck, no speak"


best restaurant staff he ever had.


no disrespecting Andre, motherfucker


>> man those guys fucked Say what now?


People love to feel better than other people and see jobs like that as lowly so they can stroke their egos, it's like working as a cleaner, you'll get treated like shit even though if it wasnt for you all those lazy fucks would be swanning about in their own filth.


I worked dish for two years straight including all through covid without a single write up. Got a total of 1.50 in raises to make a grand total of 13.50(for 5 months before i quit) Endless closes endlessly solo on dish for 600-700 customer days and it all came to a head when i finally got tendonitis Managed to get two weeks for it to "heal" and talked to my GM for another week of rest and he said sure Nope just one extra day Two days back and the entire line lied to our closing manager about helping me and every single person left me to finish everything by myself. Got out 3 and a half hours after close. Also learned the whole time i was gone they helped the other dishies while i was on leave. And my tendonitis returned the next day. Quit the day before Mothers day and i have never been happier and i had a good nights sleep for the first time in forever. I bust my ass for that kitchen and not a single soul can find it in themselves to muster a single piece of empathy to help their poor dishies even when their heads are below water and theyre drowning to death fuck them fuck kitchens fuck the current restaurant industry. Know your worth


Dishwashers always ended up being my favorite coworkers. I was a server/bartender when I was working in the restaurant industry, but I always made a point to help my dishwashers out. The other servers couldn't be bothered to stack dishes, dump glasses, etc; so I hung out back in the dish pit in my free time, had hilarious conversations with the dishwasher, and helped organize and clean the pit. It was good times, actually. :)


The industry is based on keeping "margins" low, like food cost and labor, in order to wring every penny out of the rest of the business. That's why they add liquor sales, in LA here most restaurants without liquor will go bust. The entire industry is supported by our cheap labor and willingness to be paid shit for a difficult stressful job. It's absolutely wage abuse, get out while you can. Find a good paying trade like carpentry or robotics maintenance and gtfo of the restaurant industry. The only way it will change is if we stop working for shit wages.


I always liked covering dish back when I was cooking. Could wear earbuds, tune everything out, and just do the job, but at $5.15/hr (~2003-4) there's no way in hell that's my daily.


First job I ever had was in dish at a Frishes Big Boy in Ohio. I would work about 30 hours a week while in High School. Always the last evening guy out every night, the only thanks I ever got was from the night manager, as he knew the days I worked the dish pit was empty. The dish machine was always cleaned, all line vents had been washed, staff & patrons bathrooms had been cleaned, trash taken out, which was usually around 10 to 15 bags, plus I swept & mopped every space including the coolers. Never got a raise for 18 months, $3.35 an hour, last job I ever had in the business.


I’m a cook but I love washing dishes. Honestly if it paid better and I didn’t always instantly get moved to the kitchen I’d love to do it long term. And I end up doing a ton anyway since they’ve never managed to keep one around and then they no call no show and the restaurant is fucked for like a week.


Literally living this struggle rn. My dishie has been around 12 years but damn he won't take baths


I started my dishwashers at $16/hr. They are the back bone of any restaurant.


Restaurants should pay them enough to have them never want to even consider leaving.


$8/hr in Miami? Go fuck yourself. I bet theres no tips at $8/hr too. What scum.


$8 is for tipped employees, which could be OK, depending on the potential for tips. But $14/hr for line cooks? This guy is supposed to be running a high end restaurant, not a fucking Waffle House.


That article in the Washington Post, made me come here today just to bash the rich entitled fuck.


Article is here: [As his restaurants’ customers return, a Miami chef is missing a critical ingredient: Workers: Buoyed by a huge spring break and tourist influx, South Florida restaurants are having a boom, with no hourly workers to service them.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/05/08/restaurant-jobs-shortage-workers-miami/)


On the one hand, damn I could use $8 per hour, cause I earn $5. On the other, I live in Poland.


whats cost of living in poland like? for instance, rent?


350 – 550€ for a single person on average. 500 – 850€ in larger cities.


Now imagine making 8 dollars when rent is ~1000- 1600 ~1800 - 2600 in larger cities. All for a single person.


Ugh I live in a coastal city in Florida. I got LUCKY finding a 300sq ft studio for $750 a month. It's so uncommon to pay so little- even for a studio. But it's the size of a single bedroom and it's in a horrid part of town. I'm still thankful, but it's still really disheartening that I'll ever find something better. And due to the industry I am currently apprenticing in, I don't presently have the option to move to a cheaper area for quite a long time.


Around $600 for me for rent and all that jazz (electricity, water, gas).


I lived in this building in South Miami where rent was $1,600 for a studio while the servers downstairs earned below minimum wage and the kitchen staff earned below $10/hour. How much you would have to work just to afford to live where you work.


There are a few small family-owned/operated Asian restaurants in my city that have apartments upstairs. I'm fairly sure all the workers also all live together. Hopefully they're bigger than a studio...


they sleep in bunkbeds and work 16 hour shifts


Here in Las Vegas, the high paying jobs are on the Las Vegas Strip. Every place outside of that doesn't pay much at all. What's worse is that right now some places are recently bringing in temp workers instead of calling back folks that were furloughed since the pandemic began. Lots of places are ridiculously short staffed.


That shit ain't right


McDonald’s pays more than that tf


What an insufferable asshole. He waffles on about what it can *possibly* be that keeps him from attracting workers. It can't be the slavery wage, shitty hours or shitty working conditions apparently. If people prefer to work for *Amazon* of all places that should be a serious wake up call. If they'd rather work in an Amazon warehouse because *both* the wage *and* the working conditions are better then your place is beyond garbage.


It must be some other article. I skimmed over the link but I couldn’t see where he is offering 8 dollars. His executive chef is quoted as saying why would anyone wanna be line cook when Amazon is paying $17.


Your description of the article is a far cry from what is written.


So many articles about the 'worker shortage' but nothing about the 'non poverty wage employer shortages'


Pfft, I've said this in other posts, but even in my area, they're finally upping the pay. Most are offering $15/hr to start, one place is offering a $500 sign on bonus, AND giving $500 to staff members if they refer someone and that person is hired and stays for 30 days. People who have NEVER worked in the biz have no fucking clue how much we/all bust our asses doing that work, whether it be BOH or FOH.


I’ve been seeing some (non-entry level) job listings pop up in New York, like lead line cook, chef du partie, and jr Sous that are finally offering around $25/hour, but none of them have expressly offered benefits, which all of the $15/hour job postings are. It’s like they think we don’t see what they’re doing, not offering benefits will save them way more than $10/hour per employee and we’re in a worse off position than a minimum wage job with benefits (and I say benefits with a very loose definition here.) these people are deluded. I say we take all of the money we have saved over last 15 months and start a cooperatively owned staffing agency that can stand in as a union, since we’d have to be already employed to start one. We need a way to bring collective bargaining to the table or else we’ll keep dealing with the same problems we had going into the pandemic.


And all that you said, it really comes down to the owners just don't give a shit and they'll work every loophole to make sure they can still live comfortably while everyone else does the *shit* work. And the benefits thing is BS, former HR person here too, when you have, and can offer group insurance, offer to cover a percentage of that to your employees, THEN you're at least doing something, and I know what you're saying. As well, they bump your pay and you have to go get insurance on your own, yeah, you all will be paying out your asses' for it.


so fucking fuucked that the rich owner class can hoard things like health care from you unless you work their slave wages. You all are way over due for a revolution, it wouldnt raise an eyebrow if it was some poor country.. but you have so much wealth its insulting to the rest of us to watch and still your poor are worse off by a lot.


This is why they fight universal heathcare too. They know if everyone has coverage that there will be a huge transition of power to the workers that will feel free to switch between jobs without fear of losing coverage.


I've had that devil's advocate discussion with a lot of my very conservative neighbors. Quite a few of them can see how benefits tied to a job are very anti-capitalistic.


its anti democratic is what it is. Because it means people either out of fear or actual sickness cannot express their political goals. Think how fucked it would be if clean tap water was tied to our employer and when you unionized and they fired your plant, your clean water got shut off too.


It was literally like this in the 1880's where workers were being paid in company script & being forced to live in company towns. This caused the first real labor reforms in the US to take place because workers went into debt working for their employers.


True, fucking story. 😎🍻


seems like the perfect time too. I'll quit my job in solidarity if it happens, mostl because fuck my job and fuck my boss.


From a personal HR standpoint and a decade in industry... I'd rather be handling my own benefits. Turnover is too high in the industry to be relying on employers for anything. And loyalty is nothing. Those benefits will be used as leverage


>We need a way to bring collective bargaining to the table or else we’ll keep dealing with the same problems we had going into the pandemic. I mean the real way to solve this is universal healthcare, then it won't matter as much where you work and what they offer for benefits.


It still matters. Workplace harassment, illegal firings, paying under minimum wage, owners insisting on shift pay, lack of retirement benefits, and de facto discrimination in hiring are all problems that would still be unaddressed without collective bargaining. For all those seeing this **WE NEED TO UNIONIZE. PERIOD.**


It wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen. They literally have no where to go but up as minimum wage earners, and I’ve worked enough kitchens to know a walk-out is only one bad shift away at any given moment.


If I could get $15 an hour working in a warehouse where bitchy customers are not allowed to yell at me and treat me like shit why should I be excited to earn 15 at a restaurant where they are completely allowed to do that.


> one place is offering a $500 sign on bonus, AND giving $500 to staff members $500 like it's a good thing, smh. My ex wife's a software developer and her profit sharing bonus was over $50,000 last year. We all fucked up and picked the wrong industry.


Living in a shore town I often wonder when I see people my age in big ass houses and I always think. What the fuck did I do wrong? Oh right, my career is a joke.


FOH here, I don’t blame the cooks for wanting higher pay a bit. $15/hr is the least they should be making busting ass in the heat. People really don’t appreciate the work that goes into making their night out enjoyable. The time spent before they show up to polish the restaurant, and the time spent cleaning up after them. The hours of prep work done to ensure they can order food and have it in front of them in minutes. It’s not as easy as people like to think, and it takes years to get to the point of being super proficient whether you’re in the kitchen or on the floor. I’m so glad to see all this happening, it’s time for a change.


Ignore any bonus related money. That is gone right away and you’ll never see it again. Not the case here, but other companies will offer things like car stipends or other non-salary rewards that can be dropped without remifications (obviously depends on your jurisdiction).


The sign-on bonus is such bullshit, they are hoping they can get some gullible people who need cash to take that deal when they get screwed in the long run by accepting a lower wage. With 15/hr vs 12/hr you make make that signing bonus every single month, not just one time.


Saw yesterday people are reporting the sign on Bonuses are being paid in company script. One person said it had to be spent at the place within a couple months of hiring.


Hahahahahaha what in the fuck lol these stupid shitty companies...


Schrute Bucks...


I don't think so, this restaurant has been around a long time, they're incredibly popular and no doubt they can afford to do that. If anything it shows that the places that aren't upping the ante is because THEY'RE shitty.


I am a mailman and I saw an article in the epoch times about how welfare is keeping the cooking industry down. I’ve never read so much bullshit in my life. And the guy they were interviewing in the article owns three cocktail restaurants and as I Googled them to look them up the cheapest drink was $20. Iv never wanted to find someone and punch them in the face.


Articles like that I'm convinced are written by people who know the owners or want to be benefited by them.


Well to he fair the epoch times is an all republican news paper so you would be right.


That rag is owned and run by these lovely folks: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falun\_Gong#:\~:text=Falun%20Gong%20combines%20meditation%20and,elements%20drawn%20from%20Taoist%20traditions](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falun_Gong#:~:text=Falun%20Gong%20combines%20meditation%20and,elements%20drawn%20from%20Taoist%20traditions).


Oh it is literally a cult. Wonderful


The [RationalWiki](https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Falun_Gong) article goes into a little more depth about how nutso they are


What the fuck. This is so much bullshit


> epoch times > bullshit Yup.


Eugh, epoc times is trash. Most value you can get out of it is as tinder...


Brah, you never seen their cringe youtube video ads?


The Epoch Times is a propaganda medium for the Falun Gong, a really sketchy cult with a lot of money


I'm recently former FOH, lost a great GM position because the business got absolutely wiped and they could no longer afford to pay me. Instead of trying to get another restaurant job I took a pretty decent pay *cut* to work in a different industry for one reason: I'm so fucking sick of customers. I can deal with shitty owners, lazy and unreliable co-workers, and being overworked because of short staffing, but after 10+ years in restaurants the people that demanded restaurants be open so they could go out in a pandemic just to bitch, moan, and throw tantrums about everything finally broke me. In addition to pay increases and benefits, restaurants in general also need to have their employee's backs and not make us have to put up with the absolute bullshit that people think they can get away with when it comes to how they treat service workers. Unless we can ditch "the customer is always right" I don't think you're going to have any veterans want to come back


Was there a noticeable difference in the quality of customers after the pandemic started? I've heard lots of stories saying the people willing to go out during a pandemic was a lot worse.


I manage a brunch Cafe in a large city. The pandemic customers are like Sunday church customers every day. It's been an entire year of the absolute dogshit of humanity on repeat because anyone with half a brain or an iota of common sense was staying home.


Common sense and/or actually have the compassion to care if they pass on a disease to others.


> The pandemic customers are like Sunday church customers every day. Literally the same people, probably.


Yes. Whereas it used to be during normal times we would get maybe one actually shitty customer once every couple days(which is just part of the business and is relatively easy to deal with), it felt like we were getting them every single hour. Lot's of indescribably rude assholes, low or no tippers, people who would complain that we were wearing masks, people that would just ignore you (at best) when you asked them to wear one, tons of "medical exemptions". And this is in a relatively liberal, "progressive" city. (Which is unfortunately surrounded by some of the deepest red counties in the state lol)


That really sucks. I think this is the story a lot of news outlets are missing. It's not just pay, it's the working conditions have gotten so much worse and they started out shitty.


Yea, this hurts to read. That's been life since last March. Ugh.


I got burnt out on customers 3 years ago, and was really good at customer service for 25 years. I just couldn't deal with the people any longer. I work in an elementary school cafeteria now and just deal with the occasional crying kindergartner.. I don't think I can ever work retail or customer service again. I've seen people written up and fired to appease a shit customer that spent $20. People should be more valuable than one transaction.


>In addition to pay increases and benefits, restaurants in general also need to have their employee's backs and not make us have to put up with the absolute bullshit that people think they can get away with when it comes to how they treat service workers. Unless we can ditch "the customer is always right" I don't think you're going to have any veterans want to come back This is huge


My husband got a call from his old employer offering $20/hr + benefits. This is in an area where the minimum wage is $7.25, and I currently make $12.00/hr in insurance. They got him and me to come work for them since they are paying so well now.


According to people I know from high school on Facebook, its because "nobody wants to contribute to society anymore". ....people sure do hate not feeling like they have rented servants.


Weird how people don't want to "contribute to society" when society just wants to use them and toss them like an old cum rag. Also weird how the only way one can "contribute" is by making someone else money


Yeah, the owners don't want to contribute anymore by paying decent wages.


a king with no followers is just a crazy arrogant fool


Worst part about all do this is the shitty owners fuck over the local good restaurants. I'm a sous for a craft brewery in central california and the owners worked there way up in the industry until they could start there own. They are good people and are always telling us to not short on labor, and always pay well. Once everything opened back up a lot of the cooks did not come back, and now no one is applying because of the well known shit that comes with the industry


Idk who needs to hear this right now but restaurant workers need to UNIONIZE.




Just put my 2 weeks in at the Restaurant I've worked at for 9 years. I busted my ass for that place, and all I got in return was $14hr, short staffed mother's day where we got absolutely killed, and worked every Friday Saturday And Sunday and Holidays of my life.


Fuck 'em.


Got a 5¢ raise recently. Thinking about doing the same lmao


5¢ is just to say they gave you a raise. I don't know about your situation but we have been super busy since reopening. And we have the smallest staff we've ever had. I know my boss is making a killing right now. But we don't see any of the benefits, we are just left on our own to make him his money


Heard !!!


Benefits would go a long ways. 401k, health insurance, paid sick days accrued, vacations. It's makes a world of difference for me after 30+ years in restaurants. Now I cook for k-12 school, and get all those benefits, plus holidays off...


I've worked as the token singular woman on numerous lines. If pay is brought up for any reason, the guys would never talk to me about it and get really weird. My last job, I was kitchen manager for the first time. It was such a conflicting, shit job. They wanted me to take control, yet never wanted to hear when I had an opinion or had questions. A coworker accidentally spilled she made $2 more than me, as a part time line cook. She was an okay cook,, but an absolute shite worker in every other area if that makes sense. When I inquired about it, first thing the owner said to me?- "Who told you about that?" I wasn't even making $11, even though I was told I'd be starting at $11.50 as manager. That place was a shit show. Ran by a 22 year old as general manager that was stretched waaay too thin and was always angry and verbally abusive. The owner did some shady shit, the other manager there also (both male, incidentally). Wouldn't listen to me or the the girls when there was a guy that was hired who was sexually harassing us all until it turned into a physical incident. I could go on. But I'd be wasting time that that place isn't fucking worth wasting on. It can burn and I'd be happy (and not surprised, the place is a mess in all aspects). Rise up, motherfuckers. Fuck these places that treat us like shit while robbing us of literal years of our lives. This industry is creating addicts and alcoholics who are desperately attempting to cope with the abuse. Don't stand for this anymore. It's just like any other abusive relationship- get the fuck out and demand better.


I think businesses need to dump the whole idea that the customer is always right. Who provides more value, Karen and her gaggle of kids who eat there once a week and destroy the staff and dining area, or Becky, who shows up reliably every shift and works there the whole time she’s in college? Nobody wants to be treated like garbage for minimum wage and they shouldn’t have to be.


People- We want better pay! Corporation- If you don't like it then leave, minimum wage jobs are meant for college students. People- \*Leave\* Corporations- (0o0)


I've been out of the biz for a few years, but I've gotten 2 texts in the last week asking me to pick up some shifts over the summer to help out. Fuck that shit I am never going back.


In my area, several of the fast food restaurants cut their hours because they can't get enough help. Taco Bell is only open from 12-8 daily. Starbucks just keeps randomly closing. There is signs in most restaurants saying they are hiring. Rents too high in the area to work for a job that only pays $8 an hour.


Place I work at for the moment is going to be closing Monday/Tuesday as they simply could not get a sous chef. The old chef de partie is now the sous, but even with a commis and commis in-training there’s still a big gap in the kitchen. I cannot help but thinking it would be more profitable to pay a bit more competitively to get someone, and stay open 30% of the week more.


Sure. They also got addicted to investing their resources into an industry with massive operating costs and profit margins averaging less than 10% across the board.


It’s almost like restaurant workers actually want a say in hiring practices, wage negotiations, benefits selection, retirement benefits, sick leave policies, and a range of other issues that unions usually negotiate, if we are to even come back to the table. It’s almost as if crushing any hint of worker unity in the restaurant industry for the entirety of US history doesn’t make workers eager to return if they don’t *absolutely* have to. You restaurant owners and restaurant group execs really clowned yourselves by crushing unions for so long, you’ve made it a fight. And we’re much more powerful than you.


I sell products to the restaurant industry. Recently I've heard some operators tell me "I can't afford to have someone work for me that's not worth $15 an hour anymore". I think that's the mindset to go with. Pay your people more ask more of them make them a real employee and not a trained monkey working for peanuts.


Best quote there: “If this whole industry can deteriorate overnight and leave everyone unemployed, is this really stable enough to go back to?” No it is not. If I was unstable financially I could be fired. I lost a job paying for meds when it was a literal “get gas or die in a seizure”. Boss didnt pay for milage and that was that. Can’t run your business on slave labor? I hope your market collapses man. Give people livable wages or accept that you failed as a business owner.


Pandemic made people realize this is not a line of work they want to pursue. Money plays a role but I think a lot of people are looking to get out completely anyways


I am not in US and we are still not opened fully as country. Hotels will be able to operate from next month and have guests outside of essential people. Now I Hotel I work in is not in same town I live and I have okay wages there, a boss that does not sit on my balls and most of the staff are likable people. So I checked how's the job market in my town... well, I am pretty sure about 1/3 of job adds are in hospitality and all big hotels looking for pretty much full staff, which paints me a nice picture: those hotels just abandoned their staff and did not see them as valuable asset, so with extra time during lockdown they left or changed industry. The funny part is, all of them offer stupidly low wages. Its less then a month to reopening and good luck to them staffing up fully. I am really glad this is happening now in US and I really hope it will catch on in other countries too.


I'd really like for all our BOH to go on strike for one day. Our management hoes the fuck out of them every single day (like, "I know it's your birthday and we scheduled you for AM even though you requested this day off months ago but we're gonna need you to stay and work tonight too") and they only make like $11 an hour. If they all walked out, just for one day, I'm sure our management would start paying them more. No way anyone would get fired because we're so desperate for staff right now. As one FOH employee there's not really anything I can do but be as nice as I fucking can to our heroes in the back


I can't get my GM to take me off the payroll because he needs X amount of employees on the payroll. Cool dude, I can't get disability rn.


Thats likely illegal


We’re having that problem now. They always ask me to stay, but fuck that. Not my problem they fucked over people and can’t find people to work. When you sow bullshit don’t be surprised when it’s all you’re now reaping. The poor millionaire that owns the place can go fuck himself. My me time is way more valuable than a few extra bucks.


Inflation is everywhere. Its about time that Inflation hits our paychecks.


I’m paying entry level $16 an hour. That’s no experience at all, teach you how to hold a knife kind of labor. Also offering bonuses for referrals and bonuses for mile marks. Hired 6 people last week. Zero showed up. Not seeing where this giant disconnect between line cooks and management is coming from.


I think it’s more like, after learning how easily a kitchen job can be lost for a year…..kitchen workers have rethought being part of the biz. $15 an hour is only good if there is work. Other industries found ways to keep their people employed while kitchen’s just weren’t able to do that. I’m not blaming the restaurant business, the government should have done more to support workers, but we had a bunch of circus animals in charge.


I think it goes beyond wages. America is one of the few first world countries that doesn’t have universal employee benefits like PTO, Maternity leave, health benefits etc. Americans have been overworked and under appreciated and i think the whole system needs an overhaul. The restaurant industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to under paying and over working. I think people are realizing that they can work for the same money in a much lower stress environment for the same shit pay.


I think at least part of it is that, frankly a LOT of restaurants are just miserable to work at, this is coming from someone who got out of the industry a few years ago and just started again last week to support a friend who just opened his own. I get paid fair, and he doesn't expect too much from me, I can't say the same for like any of the other restaurants I've ever worked at. A lot of the time it's just not worth it for the shit you put up with, when you can either go work at fucking walmart and make more or get unemployment. I live in a state that the process is horrible to go through, otherwise I'd probably be doing that.


I mean it’s fair to say there are a bunch of shitty spots that got by on gross underpaying for way too long. But I’m here to say that no one new is coming to work right now. Not trying to be hyperbolic here. Of the past few months, I have had 12 interviews, 12 hires, and 1 person show up for their FIRST day.


I mean, I've only not show up after being hired once, and it was 100% because of what the interviewer said and how I was treated after being hired. Immediate, unreasonable demands, lots of being told what a favor I'm being given, etc. If people are agreeing to get hired but now showing up, look at what you/others are doing in between.


I wonder why that could be 🤔


Definitely. Our entry level was already $3-$4 above minimum, and it's only gone up. There's a massive disconnect somewhere, because I'm constantly see posts here about how owners and management are giant money-grubbing dicks not giving raises or paying enough. I'm a GM, and most of my top BOH staff makes pretty close to what I gross yearly, and with far less overtime than I put in. I know what the owners make, and it's not much more than I do, one of them makes me look like a lazy slob by comparison with how much they work. We give raises every year, and have recently changed that to twice per year. I've attempted to hire quite literally every single person that has walked in my door looking for a job in the past four months. Fewer than a quarter responded to calls, half of those that did respond never showed for an interview or orientation, and half of those that did then didn't show up for their first day. As of close yesterday, I've had only two of those hires stick around, and we're paying well above what most people are asking. Over 30 applicants and personal referrals from other staff, and 2 have stuck around. It's not just restaurants though, it's practically all labor markets that don't have college requirements for employment. Drivers, retail, warehousing, secretarial, and even trade labor in my area is having the exact same issue. I know several contractors that are struggling to keep staff for their contracted projects, we're talking skilled carpenters, welders, electricians, and plumbers making well over $25 an hour, and they're just not looking to work. I don't think it's the abundance of unemployment, not completely anyway; it's something deeper and more complex than a simple one or two dimensional decision.


Child care issues are one problem. Dealing with abusive maskless covidiots is another. Many folks are rethinking retail and hospitality jobs because their employers aren't protecting them from the savages out there. Who wants to work where you know you're going to get verbally and possibly physically assaulted by customers? And skilled labor making $25 per hour is shit. There is a deeper issue at hand here, but it's not complex. More people are deciding to work for themselves and forego conveniences to have lives. People aren't willing to bust their asses and be treated like chattel by the parasite class. Actions have consequences. We've also lost a lot of people to covid, and many people have long-term issues from contracting the disease. People who are immunocompromised or who live with medically vulnerable people aren't going to work at companies that don't enforce mask mandates or safe working practices. Play stupid games with people's livelihoods and lives, and win stupid prizes like no one wanting to work for you. It's not rocket science.


Your situation is not the norm unfortunately. I think young workers in general are abandoning food service as a viable employment option altogether.


So how much you pay for 15 years experience and servesafe certified and shows up consistently on time.


Hypothetically, I’ll pay as much as $25 an hour.


are you in swpa? i'd gladly change careers for that amount.


Time to go get 15 years of experience real quick!


You could be in a different profession atm and still have the cooking experience. So many cooks quit the industry at some point for another job.


That's because it's generally a garbage industry with garbage bosses, garbage hours, garbage pay and garbage prospects.


"as much as"


You could make "*up to..."*




*Solidarity Forever playing progressively louder in the background*


Nobody wants to go back without being dragged. I moved in to the care home game and earn the same per hour £12 and antisocial rate of £16 on the weekends with triple time on holidays. If Christmas is on a Saturday for example I get triple x£16. This is quite good for a care home though. A lot of chefs I know walked from the job lately. People are prioritising themselves over slave labour.


If any restaurant wants to bitch about employee pay, put your books online. Let us see how you run your business and find money for your employees. So many businesses are owned and ran by morons who should not be running a business. There is a ton of waste from what is being ordered to what is being expensed to the business. Fix the waste and there is money to pay people or you have a shit business, either way, the issue isn’t wages.