As a server, even I will never say some of these menu names.

As a server, even I will never say some of these menu names.


I'll have the "please, harder Daddy" burger with extra sloppy sauce


"Please, harder Daddy" is actually my safe word.


It's about the get real safe up in here


Worked at a movie theater restaurant as my first job years ago and all the items had movie themed names. I go to drop off a basket of chicken tenders: -You have the chicken tenders? -NO. I HAD THE LOVE ME TENDERS. Yeah no shit, Abe, what did you think you were ordering, my 14 year old self cherishing you sexually?


Was this at Chunky’s or Smitty’s by chance? I remember those Love Me Tenders!


Nailed it!


Our wedge salad is called the wedgie. No way I'm running food out and saying to the guest "okay, so here's your wedgie"...


We have a burger called the Three-Way and another one called The BBC. We're in Spain so most people don't get it, but it's super fun when they do. And I love going to a table and saying "Who's having the three-way tonight?"


For real. There's been several times that I've seen something on a menu that sounds great. But it's got some stupid goofy name that I wouldn't be caught dead saying out loud. So I don't order it. "Chef Fred's Frippy Froppity Cluckin' Fried Chicken Platter!" It's probably good, and I want to try it. But I'll just have a burger, thanks.


One Big Boogie Bacon Burger coming up! 🤣


First job at Wendy's, I cringed so hard when I heard an older man ask for Dave's hot and juicy burger.


I worked in an Italian restaurant where we had a NSFW name for pretty much every item on the menu. I can't remember them all, but one of the most obvious was that Pasta Puttanesca was called 'slut'. We had a few owners, one was the chef, another was the gm and another was the money guy. The money guy was rarely around and was pretty uptight. One day he walked through the kitchen with his kids as expo was barking out a new ticket. "Gimme two sluts...." We had a meeting the next day where we were told in no uncertain terms that menu items were only to be called by their proper menu name from that day forward.


That is more or less what puttanesca means, to be fair.


Yeah, that's why i could remember it. The nicknames definitely went downhill from there though. This was 1988, things are vague :D


I hated IHOP for making me order the Rutti tutti fresh and fruity.


That sounds like hot garbage in my mouth when I say it out loud.


It's awkward going to lunch with upper admins and ordering the avocado bj burger.


Pizzeria I worked at had a pizza called the "Big Daddy" :(


I worked at a trying to be high class steakhouse, and someone ask if we could make her a blue motherfucker.


Is that an AMF?


If that’s a Long Island iced tea with blue curaçao instead of triple sec then yes.


My favorite was captain mike’s in Wisconsin that had fantastic burger names like liquor and whores, the Bible pimp, Swayze express, etc. but my favorite thing about the menu was you could only choose 1 of 2 different burger temps, pink or no pink.


Those are TPB references


Moons over my hammy.


the rare times I have been to a starbucks, i just order small, medium or large.. I refuse to learn their made up language, just give me a small coffee and relax.


I think microbrews are the worst for this. At local place I once had to say I want an Easy Blonde, a Hot Readhead. Oh, and a couple of Tarts. I mean, that would be OK, but still.


There's a hot dog at the place I work at called the Chili Mac Daddy


We have a salad called the glory bowl and on multiple occasions I have “accidentally” said glory hole to see if anyone notices and nope


I will not fuckin say "Horsey Sauce". Eat my ass, Arby's


A bar at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino here in Las Vegas had a drink called "Ass Juice" several years ago.


Are you sure it was MB? Because they still have this but it's at Double Down on Paradise. It even comes in a toilet-like cup.


I've heard it from one of the employees that worked there at the time. I was surprised there was such a thing.


Those places also generally suck


Can confirm that this is done for the amusement of the menu designer. I got a smile every time a customer asked if they could get their balls sauced due to the menu descriptions I wrote.


I once ran a pulled duck sandwich special. i called the pulled darkwing duck sandwich.


Well that’s just adorable.


In Starbucks, I use “Small “, “Medium “, and “Large “. They know WTF I’m talking about. Don’t make me learn your stupid names.


enormous college town independent pizza menu vibes with this one


I went to a Jamaican chicken place called Jerk, way too expensive for what you got but that’s not the point. Every item included “jerk” in the name, some highlights i can remember are the Ragin Hot Jerk and the Warm Jerk Salad. First of my mates orders and we are all trying not to laugh in front of this poor waitress, eventually we’re all pissing ourselves including the waitress.


Jerk is actually a style of food from Jamaica. It's a flavorful spice blend used on chicken or fish most often. It just makes sense that a Jamaican restaurant would have Jerk on the menu with various degrees of heat.


But not all Jamaican food has jerk in it, as a seasoning. If literally *all* the food was "jerk something", I'm betting this place wasn't the greatest representation of Jamaican food


Still pretty funny having to ask the waitress for a ragin hot jerk burger..




Because The Grapist is a copyrighted mascot


I'd buy that


That’s not PC


That’s not pc bro.