Kristoffer Klaesson flying to England for a medical next week [Phil Hay]

Kristoffer Klaesson flying to England for a medical next week [Phil Hay]


Nice to see the keeper situation is being resolved soon as well. Seems to be the midfielder, u23 cb and potential winger left then.


With Gallagher the CM target and another u23, the only hope is the marquee signing rests on the winger... who might not even happen.. Not very ideal but at least we are getting good players in


I think it's time to admit marquee signings aren't Bielsa's cup of tea


I don't really understand why he would want to come here with Meslier around at his age, but looking like a good deal for us


If he comes we have 4 keepers 21 and under thats mad tbh😅


Reasons: money, it's the Premier League, and it's the chance to train under one of the best football managers in the world. As a keeper, at his age, the most important thing is to continue to develop his skills. He may not get many starts with Leeds, but there are few better setups in the world where he can mature and round out his game. And if he's good enough, there's always a chance Leeds might accept an offer they can't refuse for Meslier some time down the road...


Valid points


It must be a nightmare being a keeper. You're either playing all the time or not at all.


If I were a young footballer, I would jump at the chance to be coached by Marcelo Bielsa, even if I never saw a minute on the pitch.


Busy day! Gives me hope the final few signings will tick over quietly before the 14th


Sounds like the winger might be near to the transfer deadline but think we'll have the midfielder wrapped up by the 14th


Good young keepers competing for the jersey, got to be healthy for them and for the team.


Any relation to kris kristofferson the actor and singer? there’s some right miserable sods in here downvoting stuff.


Maybe him and Kenneh Rogers will form a tight bond 😅


Jokes aren't allowed since we got promoted. Too much new blood round here I reckon.