[Alexis Bernard] Liverpool already wanted Houssem Aouar two years ago. The file settled with the arrival of the Covid but there had already been contact at the time

[Alexis Bernard] Liverpool already wanted Houssem Aouar two years ago. The file settled with the arrival of the Covid but there had already been contact at the time


Add this to the Neuhaus, Saul, Tielemans, Otavio & Baumgartner pile.


Pellegrini, Sergej


Barella too


Plus Sanches




McGinn hehe




Seems like the list is complete, for today




Nah, Mbappe is on the forwards list.


We are apparently buying everyone who has ever had a game in midfield.


I’m ready


It's the TSM fan from the league sub!


Didn't think I'd get noticed on a different sub. Supported Liverpool for about 20 years and TSM since \~S2 so I've been through it lol.


Excuse my ignorance but Tsm the e sport team right? I play apex legends and see some players with TSM in their name.


One player I wished we bagged was De Paul, such a gem of player would've been a great addition


Is this "not happening" file or the M O N I T O R I N G file?


His stock has fallen quite a long way over the last year. Could be a good moneyball signing if we think it's just a bit of a blip


Should have joined wallstreetbets then


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Look. He was amazing against City as a LCM. He played like De Bruyne light and if he’s only that much, why not. If he doesn’t work out. We can get the same fee back.


He has 6 games total last season that he managed to finish the full 90 minutes, there's also a weird 'break' for him every 6-7 games, like not even on the bench break. I really wonder how ready is he for the PL, since Ligue 1 is considered the weakest of the top 5 leagues.


The question is how is his attitude and his workrate. If he like ndombele then there no need to do the deal I rather keep Grujic. Ndombele a good player but his workrate at defending is awful and he never fit into our system. Yes he can have a great 5 to 8 games a season but otherwise he too much of an luxury player. Can he playing a high pressing game all the time. Hard to judge him in big CL games. However for 17m it may be worth the risk at the age of 22 if he willing to work hard.


Grujic has nothing to do with anything lol


I just mentioned him as a player who Klopp see does not fit his system but is probably more a Klopp player.


Bad English to French translation of Le10 Sport’s article In the midst of a battle between Arsenal and Tottenham, Houssem Aouar is also on the shelves of two other English clubs who seem to want to join in the battle for his transfer. The Arsenal - Tottenham match has started for Houssem Aouar. As revealed by le10sport.com, the two London clubs are competing right now, behind the scenes, in an attempt to convince the Lyon midfielder and his entourage to come. The Gunners are even ahead of the game as they have already submitted a first transfer offer. Less than 20 million euros, it remains the only one to come close to what OL demand to consider an operation: Between 20 and 25 million euros. Liverpool and Manchester United land Alerted by the growing pressing of Arsenal and Tottenham, two other English clubs are in working order for Houssem Aouar. These are Liverpool and Manchester United. After losing Georginio Wijnaldum (PSG), Liverpool need a creative midfielder. Already positioned on Houssem Aouar two years ago, the Reds are therefore reactivating a case that has fallen asleep since the arrival of the Covid. On the Manchester United side, we are starting to prepare for the possible departure of Paul Pogba. PSG's interest is growing, and Mino Raiola is doing what is necessary to advance transfer talks (with Paris or another club). The Mancunian leaders are therefore working on the possibility of recruitment if the Frenchman packs his bags. And to date, Houssem Aouar is one of the options studied.


I read this like it was a Nat Geo documentary


Currently listening to the Lord of the Rings audiobook and I read it in the narrators voice. Could definitely be something out of a book.


> After losing Georginio Wijnaldum (PSG), Liverpool need a creative midfielder. What? Gini has never been a creative midfielder for us.


It's still true though, we need one and we've lost gini


"Since the arrival of the Covid"


And step right up and join the game of Have...you...been...LIIIINNNKKKKEEEDDDDDD


More like HaaaaaaaaaveYouBeen Linked? Like Barney's catch phrase.




Spoke to a couple of people last night who watch Ligue 1 regularly and they said he is massively inconsistent and completely lacks any defensive work rate His stock seems to have plummeted in the last couple of years


Not that I think we'll sign him but wasn't the exact same thing said about Gini at the time? Maybe we should take it with a grain of salt because the average viewer doesn't see the same things that a recruitment staff does. With that being said, I don't think we'll sign him.


Gini definitely got transformed into a different player than the one who arrived, for sure. I’ve no real opinion on Aouar. Seen him a handful of times live and he looked really good against man city a couple of seasons back but not watched him at all since. Just passing on what I heard from people who would see him play regularly and who’s opinions I value


>Gini definitely got transformed into a different player than the one who arrived, for sure. That was my point, that players can change depending on whats being asked of them, the system, their own ability, the manager, their new teammates. I don't really have an opinion on Aouar one way or the other, but on the off-chance that we sign him. I'm giving him Klopp and the recruitment staff the benefit of the doubt.


Similar things were said about Shaq's attitude at first- now even as a squad player he'll come and put a shift in off the bench with no fuss.


Gini played almost the exact same role for Holland before he signed for us. People were wondering why he was playing a 6/8 for Holland while playing an 8/10 for PSV and Newcastle.


Who knows any more? Genuinely thought the Saul links were concrete & they've fallen away. Seemed we were primed on Neuhaus but that's gone, too. Maybe Aouar is another name that's being thrown out there for clicks, but he does seem like a decent deal at €25M. He has real potential and is only 23.


When good players become available, lots of clubs join the race. Barcelona are frankly offering a much better deal. I still have my doubts whether it will work out in the end.


Aouar is great, but Caqueret is also a gem. He's the one I want.


Yes Caqueret is a far better fit for us


He is world class in the making. Complete CM.


This would be a genius signing imo, real value in the player compared to what he was priced at 3-4 years ago.


https://twitter.com/alexisbernard10/status/1415971017898569728?s=21 Thinks Liverpool will win race to sign him


This is kinda obvious if you believe it's real. Why would anyone look at Arsenal and Tottenham and think "oh yeah, that's where I fit in, not Liverpool"




Supposedly broke Pepe to Arsenal but I’ve seen mixed opinions.


Million dollar question.


Le10 is a very unreliable source, but I have wanted Aouar for a while so… Tier I Want To Hear It?


no thanks.


And I have a girl friend. Don't believe everything on the internet.


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If you knew me, you wouldn't be saying that.


A few years ago, this was **The** french player, linked to every top club with rumours that Zizou wanted to build Real around him. I don't follow French footy enough to know why the sudden drop off. Can anyone elaborate?


He was never that good. He still isn't. He's a good player, but not an elite one. That's why he stayed at Lyon. Think of a Shaqiri level player except with less injury problems.


If we’re going for a Lyon midfielder I’d rather have Caqueret, feels like he would fit the system better. Aouar does offer something different tho.


Oh…good shout


This is just me as a fan talking, I'm not talking about Klopp tactics or anything, just someone that likes the game, but I would love to have a player with some flair in the midfield, someone that can bring some beautiful moments and skills, be it Aouar or not, I just want to see something in our midfield other than the "Hard working defensive" player, we have shit loads of that already. I believe that there's a great player in Aouar and if there is someone who can bring that to light, is Klopp.


I want mbpape




Yeah, he diminished this a little, but he is not much a flair player, of course it's still beautiful to watch him play, I should've said that in my post.


I have to say, I watched grujic play a few times for porto and he was really good. Not quite a wini type but perhaps the plan is just to use him?


Here we go with another transfer we are interested but never getting


I was going to ask on the daily chat, can people help me understand why we wouldn’t go for him when he’s younger and cheaper than the other CMs we’ve been looking at, has an all-round style which tallies with how our midfield has been in recent years, and has looked class in the last few seasons? Seems like an odd one to pass up especially as we have way more clout than Arsenal or Tottenham atm EDIT: thanks very much for all these replies, very helpful! Guess he doesn’t provide the cover we need maybe


Because he's regressed alot past few seasons especially last season. He was in the u21 France euros team and was one of, if not the worst player in the side


the only thing I can point towards is that he seems more an attacking midfielder, in the mould of Ox say, than a stabilising presence in midfield like Gini would have been. Knowing Klopp's current system, he prioritises midfielders who are happy and able to put in strong defensive performances over midfielders who push forward, break the lines with dribbles, and play assists. Not saying the deal wouldn't happen, but knowing how and where he'd fit would be the question - from both sides no doubt.


It is said he have a low work rate and stamina which might be detrimental to our style of play


He doesn't seem like a Gini replacement though, he is much more attacking and aggressive than Gini.


Don't know much about him but he's listed at 5'9", which strikes me as small for a Klopp midfielder. (I realize Thiago is small as well but...he's Thiago.)




Aouar will be a dream signing


In an ideal world we try for Pedri and Bellingham. Both really young and mature beyond their age. Camavinga another young prospect, not the best of years but should be good enough to support Hendo, Fab and Thiago as he settles. Especially as he has a year left on bis contract


Lol Pedri is Iniesta reborn. He is never leaving


We're the new "Arsenal almost bought X"


At this point...we're getting too much gassed from all these transfer names. Cba. FSG only want to stabilise their finances, and Klopp is making the current players exceed.