[La Lazio Siamon Noi] Transfer Lazio, first offer for Shaqiri: the details of the negotiation

[La Lazio Siamon Noi] Transfer Lazio, first offer for Shaqiri: the details of the negotiation


Since this is local media for Lazio this could be reliable or tosh like the echo is currently.


Would make sense to with Luis Alberto trying to weasel his way out.


I hope he does, we have a 20% sell on fee clause in his Lazio Contract. If they get the €50m they want for him that would be about £8m or so we would get, but I doubt that they get that fee for him.


Bloody hell, has he been that good for them has he?


Tbf I haven't watched Lazio games but I see him consistently come up as a massive outlier for chances created in Europe, I'm talking like top ten edge of top five. Dude can pass the ball


Yeah he’s consistently been one of the top players in the league


Top 5 midfielder in the Serie A


Luis Alberto has been absolutely smashing it for Lazio. If he wasn't at Lazio, he'd be going for more than €50m.


Lazio director Igli Tare is Albanian as well.. so theres that.


I'd be surprised if we didn't get around 15m for him, he is coming off a Euro boom so there's bound to be more interest in him this summer than previous ones. Would be a good deal for all parties involved, Lazio get a good player and we get more funds for transfers plus Elliott is pretty much a like for like replacement.


Elliot has excellent playmaking ability and vision, but is missing Shaq's shooting and set piece technique.


It's not like Elliott is lacking in those area's though, scored a couple bangers last season and [his set piece deliveries aren't half bad either](https://twitter.com/lfcbradd/status/1373315719497199617). Although I doubt we need to worry about set pieces when we have Trent.


Regardless of how good Trent is, it’s always nice to have several good set piece takers. Especially to have a left footed one too.


We are absolute dog shit at direct free kicks though


Shooting can be honed. I remember Coutinho being really poor from distance when he first joined the club and look what happened there.


English translation "Lazio are serious for Xherdan Shaqiri". The footballer, one of the protagonists of Switzerland's ride to the last European championship, is an old fan of the biancoceleste club. The rumors would be confirmed and the eagles would have already made a proposal. According to what was learned from our editorial staff, there would have been a first offer of 12 million euros. Igli Tare has always had a weakness for the red-cross winger and yesterday he would have had a series of telephone interviews. The first with Maurizio Sarri to talk about the former Inter and also found the approval of the coach. Immediately afterwards, the sporting director heard from Liverpool, putting forward the first proposal of 10 million plus two of bonuses. The Reds are unwilling to let him leave for less than 15 million. There is room to negotiate between the parties and try to find an agreement. The player likes the diesse and technician and this could push Lazio to make an extra effort to convince the English. Shaqiri is a concrete track that could become something more in the coming days. The player is enjoying the holidays after the fatigue of the continental competition. His future is still to be written and he could still be in Serie A.


Its getting a bit active for outgoings. I think Shaq would be awesome in Italy btw!


I want him at Fiorentina. We are switching to a 433 from a 352. We don't have any depth at either wing and have an untested youngster as our first choice at RW. 15m is easily doable for our finances currently as well. His wage bill would be the biggest hang up.


But i dont want shaq to go 🥺


No more Cub**³**? :(


They just signed Anderson back from West Ham so doubt they will get Shaq.


15 for grujic 12 for wilson and 13 for cube i think all are doable 50 M euros and we are yet to touch origi and other fringe ..75 million can be raised easily even more if some how all deadwood is moved on ..good start


Thank you Shaq for having a stunning Euros so we can pump up the price 🤌🏻