Naby lad looking sharp

Naby lad looking sharp

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Should’ve had about 3 assists already, he looks possessed




If he manages to stay fit I have no doubts that he could be a killer for us, it's just he keeps getting injured :(


Ability has never been his problem, fitness has and that's why he's become an incredibly frustrating player for a lot of people.


I remember his debut v West Ham a few years back he was everywhere. Looked absolute perfect midfielder. But like you say frustrating injuries have held him back.


I remember Gary Neville raving about him early in the season a couple years ago I think when we played arsenal(?) I hope the team medical staff and trainers can help him become more available over the course of the season. It’s frustrating and he hasn’t even had major injuries.


That ball hold was just so good before he released it to Robbo and a Salah tap in


I honestly hope he can manage a full season. He is an extremely exciting player, but those injuries....


That's categorically not true. When fit, he's been bang average. His intensity has been awful, which was never an issue for RBL. In fact, his last season at RBL, there were concerns about him being too aggressive and collecting too many cards (8 yellow, 2 red).


I mean a lack of intensity could easily be due to fitness issues. Building confidence in your body after injury takes time, and he's simply always injured.


Ability has been his problem because the few times he has played, he has been dog shit. The obsession with this lad is strange, he's been here for three years and I can't think of a single good game he has had. We should be getting rid asap.


He’s had plenty of good games, including back to back man of the match performances at one stage. This revisionism that he isn’t a great player because he’s always injured is just silly, his issue has always been fitness for us, nothing more.


lol look at the username, you're not exactly talking to a brain surgeon.


Name one. He's shit and he gets "injured" whenever the pressure is on.


Why have you put injured in quotations, are you suggesting he’s faking injuries? 😂


Yes, he's a fanny who has limped off loads of times when the going got tough.


They named two for you lol. The back to back MOTM


No, he said back to back man of the match performance. Against fuckin who? He's fucking dog shit and his little cult are a bunch of weirdos. Whenever there is a degree of pressure, he buckles and is absolute dog shit. He has been pulled off countless times injury or no injury. If he was English, he'd get no where near the weird praise he gets.


Bournemouth and Salzburg. Saying he's been dog shit throughout is just not true. Has he been disappointing? Absolutely. Has he been the best player on the pitch in games? Definitely. His injuries have hampered his Liverpool career, he's also had some piss poor performances when fully fit, but he has shown what he can be about whilst in a red shirt. Still needs to prove himself but your opinion is WAY overboard.


Hahahahahaha, fucking Bournemouth and Salzburg? Who voted for him? Was it one of those bollocks "fan votes" that Keita weirdos like to brigade?


You’re a very bold boy FSG-Out


I'm willing to bet my record collection that he's a regular poster on Grand Old Team.


Bayern Munich at home. Was an absolutely incredible performance.


He wasn't even close to being our best player that night lol


Please naby im begging you... Stunt on these hoes


Naby truthers assemble


This is our year


We’ve been waiting for Lord Naby’s metamorphosis.


This is the way comrade


Naby laddddd


Yes laddd


We're all Naby truthers. You only need to see him play one game. But you can't rely on the unreliable. I'm all for keeping him on but he cant be paid well cause he can't be relied on. He seems a really kind man and hes magic af though.


He's looking like he knows what he's up against to play the role he was intended to do. Been hoping for him since his name was in ink, and I still think he can happen! Had his name printed on that year's kit probably before he was done posing for photoes with his squad number.


Your defense is terrified, Naby Lad is on fire 🔥


[One of the best chants of all time](https://youtu.be/NZpu7jSjYSI)


Euro 2016 was so much fun.


Remember being in a Celtic supporters pub in Preston when Ireland best Italy. When Ireland scored everyone started singing Shane Longs on Fire. Poor Robbie Brady.


I went to Marseille to watch the Iceland Hungary game with an N. Irish and a Scottish lad. Lots of Will Griggs chanting amongst Icelandic and Hungarian chants. We also had the shit scared out of us when a flash bang was set off by the Hungarians; bear in mind this was not too long after the 2015 Paris incident, and there were heavily armed police squadrons on every other corner.


A very Mané-esque spring he's got there.


Ability has never been the issue for Naby, he has it in spades. I think if he gets a run of 10 consecutive games under his belt and stay fit, he could kick on from there. He could be an absolute monster for us if he could just stay fit. I remember Matip in 2019/2020, he stayed fit for the second half of the season and we had a huge run to the end of the season (97 points, and a Champions League Victory). I think Naby could have a similar impact if he stays fit


This upcoming season is gonna be lit. Mark my words. A rested Manè, a Keita with something to prove, a Firmino with a crowd, a fit Virgil, a fit Joemez, a Salah (period).


And a Ben Fuckin Davies


The correct one as well


And mothafuckin Thiago. Guy's so passionate even without the crowd. Imagine what he could do when there's supporters. That last game showed us glimpses of what he could do with his supporters around him. And the best of all, we're going to be singing his song out loud and through the roof and giving him more love than what he could consume, more than what he saw at Munich. IT IS INDEED GONNA BE LIT BABY.


Are we all forgetting Jota? He's gonna be fucking mint this year, mark my words.


Definitely. My man Diogo getting 20+ goals barring any injuries


Healthy Hendo, Taki after more time learning the language and fitting into the squad.


Omg Healthy Hendo.. this needs to be a thing


I fuckin miss gini whenever there is a player list.


As he himself was in midfield, Gini’s name has been a mainstay in any Liverpool player list. Sad to see him leave, but if we actually buy a player like Saul I’ll support the change.


If keita wasn't injury prone, he would've been one of the best midfielders in the prem


Fingers crossed he stays healthy this season ![gif](giphy|GCSIwtwqAMBTq|downsized)


>game day 1 >plays 30 seconds >shatters 3 of his knees despite only possessing two


We're supporters, believing in him is our fookin' job. I'm so sick of all the arseholes writing him off and saying cunty things online. How is the lad supposed to improve if everyone tells him he's shite? If the coaching staff have faith in him then so do I.


Tbh, I thought Klopp had given up on him when he took him off in the first half, their expressions seemed it was that. Glad if not


Love you forever this <3


Its not about that anymore. There needs to be some reason for our support. How long do you expect us to continue to waiting for him to not be injured and get a few games under his belt. Its been three years and players don't usually become less injury prone as they get older. I'd say its time everyone becomes rational and understands that he won't have a future at this club. I don't hate him, nor do I hold a grudge against him, but it would be in everyones best interest if he tried somewhere else.


"Players don't usually become less injury prone as they get older" He is 26 not 34...that's a ridiculous statement. No injury history before joining us, it's one niggly injury over a couple of year and you write him off... Sit down you mug. Naby is king I will forever have faith


>Sit down you mug. Naby is king I will forever have faith You sound mature.


> There needs to be some reason for our support. There is. The coaching staff have faith in him, that's enough reason for me.


Good on you. I just can't say that I have personally seen enough from him to make me believe that he can be a crucial part of our team in the years to come. He obviously has the footballing ability, but I severely doubt he can stay fit, especially when the games are coming thick and fast. Imo we'd be better of cutting our losses and moving him on. Which in turn might reignite his career, which would be a good thing.


Downvoted for no reason. You can want him gone and still support him when he plays.


Almost as if people can't comprehend that everything isn't black and white. I will support him whenever he plays and hope he performs because he plays for the club. But I'm not getting my hopes up anymore that he can stay fit or be a central part of our first XI.


Klopp and the club will make that call and have earned more than enough of our trust to do so.


Fucking hell the comments here are atrocious. He's a Liverpool player. He's clearly got the talent. It's not like he intentionally injures himself for a laugh. He'll either play for us in the future or he won't, either way, show the guy some support.


There's plenty of examples of players getting healthy and staying healthy after an extended injury spell. Hopefully this is Keita and Oxs year!


He had a good preseason last season too. He’s so talented. Just too fragile.


Anyone have a mirror so I can hype Naby up to all of my non LFC friends as is tradition?


Yes lad


This is Naby's season, get in lads


Yes, laadd


Let's hope he gets away relatively injury free this season so he can show us his true form


Like a new signing. but for real this time.


Lol, the cycle continues. We say this every year. Would love to see him have a good season, but I think we're all extremely skeptical and rightly so.


Third times the charm.


This will be his fourth season here.


Until he plays 1 competitive game and is out for 3 months again


I really hope he revives his career


Me: Naby looks amazing! He's going to be like a new signing this season! Also me: Don't do it to yourself!


I’ve been hurt before. Never again :(


Please don’t get injured.


PLEEEEASE stay fit this season.


Nothing like getting over excited in preseason. He’ll link up well with Voronin and Aspas in the preseason XI.


Fucking hell, that is filthy! If he doesn't get injured, he could be a good bet this season


So does kostas tbf. Couple of decent corners too. He needs to share the workload with robbo this season.


It is essential this season that naby and ox step up and remain fit after gini has left (unless a gini-type playeris brought in)


I'm ready to be hurt again. 21/22 is the season of Naby Lad.


🤬🤕.F*** Me, Naby. Why are you so injury prone, the lad really does have an amazing amount of natural talent.


He already has all the potential in the world. That is why he signed him for 50+mil but unfortunately his Liverpool career as far has been ruined by injuries. Hopefully he can jump start his career again next season with less injuries.


Keep those ankles and claves safe this season please


👨🏿‍🚀 This manoeuvre is gonna cost us 6 weeks injured


Don't do this guys. Don't give me hope


He ended up on the floor and I immediately thought that’s him out for two months


People who said he was not good enough are literally slow. Massively talented had some great appearances last year. He’s going to stay fit this year I know it finally got to rest up


He reminds me of Iago Aspas: great talent but too slow on the ball. Some players never adjust to the EPL and I fear that Keita is in that category, I hope not.


I've no hope he can stay fit. Don't care how good he looks. 52mil later and 3 years and fuck all.


You’ll never walk alone…only if you can stay fit, right?


I don't care if he plays like prime Messi at this point. He's a liability and a massive strain on our wage bill. We need to sell him before he loses all of his value.


Hey everyone, get a load of the guy turning up his nose at even a little bit of prime Messi! 😂


Good, just in time for his monthly injury that will keep him out for an indefinite amount of time. Only for him to return, play two games, and be wanked over by this sub. Before repeating the same trick. Time to sell him and cut our losses, he has no future here.


Time to ban you and cut our losses


Bit of a strange response, but okay


I mean I could also say your response was just a strange


Why do you take it personally? Are you Keita?




Can't argue with that haha


Typical Naby, takes on 3 players skilfully before mindfully giving away the ball and his attack coming to nothing


To be fair to the lad the last geezer kinda got completely in his way after getting megged


Worthless Meg then


Not when it mattered.


Probably got injured when he fell at the end of that move


Can't wait for another shit season from him.


You'd expect that against bloody Mainz...


But you wouldn’t expect it from a lad that never plays anymore


ironic title


He had no right 😂


You had to say it, didn't you? You couldn't just keep your mouth shut... Ffs


Worried about getting my hopes up on Naby lad. I so badly want him to be successful in our midfield. Maybe this is FINALLY the season. (Hopes going up)


To be honest... Naby has shown he can tear apart C tier defences with preseason level organisation and fitness before. He's never once shown the ability to do this against a premier league tier defence. And I don't think he ever will. The quality in the prem doesn't suit him, he should go to a top heavy league where he can dominate against weak sides. He'd look amazing there.


Naby is the Kanye West album release date of footballers


He is a great player and can show great things on the pitch. We need him to be healthy and play games. As a result, I think he will become a very valuable player.


Meh this against mainz. Was literally the weakest link against villa and real.


🤦‍♂️Where to start with your comment. Preseason, injuries etc. ?.


Start where you want I’m not getting hyped up naby has disappointed me enough. If he can play a stretch of like 15 games and he performs i will give him his flowers.