The next step for immersive Battletech experience?

The next step for immersive Battletech experience?


If you want an immersive BT experience set your rig up in a hot metal shed in the heart of summer and play in your undies at high noon.




In the lore most battlemechs have these things already. Infrared, lowlight, MAD, visual sensors in the rear. It's only missing in Mechwarrior and the core rules of classic battletech. Just read a good old battletech novel and you'll see what I mean. Or just look here: [https://www.sarna.net/wiki/Essay:\_BattleMech\_Technology#Major\_Computer\_Systems\_.26\_Sensors](https://www.sarna.net/wiki/Essay:_BattleMech_Technology#Major_Computer_Systems_.26_Sensors) >There are many types of sensor that the BC handles—thermal imaging, light amplification, radar, laser tracking, UV tracking, and magnetic anomaly inputs are generally used as primary sensors, supplemented by seismic sensors, motion detectors, chemical analyzers, microwave, visual tracking, and many others, depending on what equipment a 'Mech mounts. However, because the BC filters, prioritizes, and compresses this information, MechWarriors are not overwhelmed with raw data. Normally this data is displayed on the cockpit HUD displays or on the neurohelmet HUD with all the various selected sensor information synthesized into a single streamlined viewing mode, with important things tagged by the computer with graphic icons onscreen.


I wish it was in the game. This is a thing where the player ought to have the option to review the raw data that the game developer can provide. I feel like it would take one incident where a pilot discovered he could have seen the ambush beforehand *if only*, then back in the mechlab, he pulls a gun on the mechanic and tells him "Turn that feature on and leave it on."


But it was never a part of the Mechwarrior video game franchise. Maybe thermal optics in MWO and earlier titles, but that's it. I'm fine with it, because the essence of 31th century mech combat is displayed really well, from a mechanical and visual standpoint. If I want to have a deeper experience I play the tabletop game. If a tech is doing their job bad, maybe it's time for a different caste... oh, wrong timeline.


Think MW2 had IR if i remember right, would be sweet if beagle added that, maybe it's just clan tech tho


"It just seems like such a terrible anachronism to have interstellar faster-than-light space travel, but your gunnery is limited to LOS." ​ 1940s era RADAR is lostech Ryanna's ability to read a compass is lostech long range missiles have effective range equivalent to a current infantry rifle - nearly everything else has less. The bottom line is that a platoon of infantry with late 20th century anti-tank weapons could reduce a lance of battlemechs to scrap metal before they even got a shot off.


But even within the lore, during the 'golden age' these mechs coexisted with the memory of the 20th century weapons and beyond. What I'm saying is, I feel like there's a *better game* to be built here that does not disrupt the lore.


>What I'm saying is, I feel like there's a *better game* to be built here that does not disrupt the lore. Undoubtedly, there's obviously tons of room for improvement, and your post was a fun read. I would love a MechSim that's like Microsoft FlightSim level of verisimilitude. But you've (rhetorical you) gotta temper your expectations, too


If mechs were made in the modern military you would never see them they would be remote weapons of destruction and the weapons they fired would kill you from miles away


I too have realized that in order for a mech to be viable in real life, it needs to outperform a helicopter gunship.


Or a single man with a mass produced rocket launcher (or equivalent)


Piranha's vision of battlemechs would get wasted by even infantry with real world modern weaponry Mechs are too slow. The speed scale needs to be completely overhauled. They aim like crap. They can't torso twist worth a damn. Basically walking death traps in urban combat Torso twist, pitch, yaw values need to be overhauled. I can't find references for the values they use in mwo and mw5. But I would assume anything running on fusion tech mixed with future high tech helmets and targeting systems gives pilots the ability to make the mech an extension of oneself. Results would be operating at a super responsive speed. making the mech more deadly in the hands of those who have great reflex and reaction times. See SLDF pilots getting their asses handed to them by Combine pilots who used unmodified mechs when they went around dueling SLDF during the hidden wars. Thanks Tex for that bit of info. I built a mod which addresses my own complaints using lore as my references I'm currently testing it in the new dlc and I'm loving it. Light mechs are probably a tad too fast. Fast as fuck boyee. They are a challenge to hit giving them more survivability. love the feel of assaults, heavies, and mediums. They feel balanced Probably needs to have the torso twist, yaw and pitch upped just tiny bit but I'm not fighting the mech anymore so I'll see if it grows on me. Also made a supplemental mod which changes heat sinks from .1 to .125. same with dbl hs. necessary as my own mod which changes the overall pace was burning up my mech because time between engagements is a bit shorter. Also keeps to lore because technicalities. It's still 1 after rounding off and because Fahad knows his stuff.


This is one of the many baffling design decisions Piranha made with the game. There's absolutely no reason sensors can't register a nuclear reactor operating five feet behind a small rock. Requiring LOS in any capacity especially for sensors in this type of game is... we'll it's bad design. Full stop.


From MW3 to MW5 it was always this way. This has nothing to do with Piranha. Don't portray them worse than they are.


MW3 never needed line of sight - if you were within a kilometre, your sensors could track a target.


I seem to recall cheesing this mechanic when there were obstacles between me and my target, lock on, kick up the torso and lob LRMs over whatever was blocking LOS shots, so I'd agree with that. But, I will say timelines are a factor - MW3 is Clan invasion era, MW5 is prior...the helm core was just found, etc. Books in that era describe LRMs not even having lock on - which sort of implied LOS only since you can't hit what you can't see. Obviously, from a game standpoint that'd be horrible, so this may have been a blend of game mechanics and strict lore interpretation.


Except it wasn't. Targets were detected at 1km or 100m if passive. BAP boosted range of your sensors. ECM reduced detectability radius of enemy who carries it. In addition BAP/ECM changed missile lock time accordingly. Only in MW4 LOS was required to lock missiles, but detection on its own disregards any obstacles. And while you was able to see target with your own eyes, it wasn't highlighted if sensors can't see it. Online matches in MW4 and MWLL later created inside joke about how MechWarrior is game about walking and blinking your radar, because hide'n'seek play on big maps was taking much more time than actual fire engagement.


I believe that is an artifact of the OG tabletop game.


Just interpret it as the enemy Mech having some sort of electronic baffle or countermeasure. Even if it’s not the dedicated ECM piece of equipment; I imagine that all mechs would have some sort of signal scrambler or some way of interfering with enemy targeting computers.


There's another mech video game series I love that has sensor systems that can sort of work that way. It's a tbs So you can send your lights to get into the front to annoy equipped with missile and radar extenders maybe you have a heavy in the back with a scrambler so you have to make it to him to do anything. Mostly it's enemy lights with the scrambler that can dodge just about everything until you blow off it's legs.


What game is this if you don't mind the question?


The Front Mission series, mostly 4 and 5 are the ones with the sensors. It's more grounded mecha like battletech where they're just another cog in the war machine. It's mechs are also more modular than battletech. It's really the only thing that's come close to scratching that battletech itch. (Until the HBS game obviously.) Even every part of your mech has it's own hp and stats. And 3 is the only one with a plot that's really anime. The cast of the series is mostly made up of adults who are all military trained. Mostly the plots are geo political with you generally leading some sort of special ops team.


4 is one of my favorite games of all time and I'm finally getting to play FM5 currently. My second favorite Mecha franchise after Battletech. I always name my first Merc company Durandal in the video games too, heh.


It just hurts so much of the series isn't in English.


Playing with buds. Never played a MW game before. Loving it as well as liked Battletech. My complaints are that this game feels so close to being amazing. I want to be more immersed. The UI should be part of the cockpit. The rain should hit my windshield. Zooming in should feel more.. artificial? Like zooming in on a scanner fuzzing up my vision? Further the zoom the crappier the quality. I looked into mods but it seems a DLC or update broke a lot of the visual mods