MCC14 Ace Race Individual Placements

MCC14 Ace Race Individual Placements


So many people got so sadly screwed over here. Tommy would've gotten another top 10 placement as usual if not for map design, Fruit too - seeing players like them in bottom 12 positions, you know something's up. It's just so upsetting how Red got unfairly pushed from 1st to 4th :(


Not to mention the jumpads that let you exit the starting area completely resetting players runs to the beginning if they jumped the wrong way


The thing is, almost everyone got scuffed. I know that at least 3/4 players on Purple (who I watched) got screwed. I think if everyone got screwed, the placements are somewhat fair.


Yeah. Wisp went from 5th to 30th. Sadge


Did Smajor really do the map before?


Apparently he tested an earlier version of the map, no players saw the final version of the map until the day of the competition.


OK, thanks


Yeah, he tested it once


Do you think it's a bit unfair?


It's a bit unfair especially on the people who lost, had glitches or were playing competitively. I'm sure Scott didn't do it maliciously so it's nothing to get hung up over, but it probably shouldn't happen again because it did give him a very real advantage over people.


>’s like knowing the question on an exam before y The fact that 40 tester tested it and the problem never occured before the event then coun't predict it. They actually changed it based on his input to make it better. I don't think we should blame him for trying to make it as playable as possible for all his friends. P.S: Remeinder that they don't win anything but a cheap coin :)


scott won by a minute, yes it's unfair.


Not defending anyone, but aren’t Ace Race coins based on placement, not time?




It’s like knowing the question on an exam before you take it.


It was pretty scuffed so I hope next MCC they can fix this or maybe all the contestants will have a better understanding of the map and do better? I just hope they can add something that will give more visual views of where to go. This was the first MCC back so this is understandable. Love you noxcrew!


Fruit got so screwed sadly, he was in 3rd and fell to last, and his last lap ended up being the 2nd fastest too


This really screwed up a lot of the top standings. H in 27th, fruit in 29, and Tommy in 38th. I wonder where they would have finished if they finished around their averages.


Yellow cracked!!!


Tommy got screwed this MCC


Im not gonna lie I love Scott and I always use my prime sub on him but I feel like Aqua was at an advantage with ace race because Scott had played the map before and he had like a minute lead and without that blue would have played purple in dodgebolt and probably would have won


kara didn't finish?


Yeah unfortunately she was nearly crying because of that glitch because she was doing well until the glitch and she was struggling to keep it together because she felt bad


This was such an interesting example of follow the crowd. One or two people didn't follow the arrows at the last elytra bit, and everyone followed them. Looking at the arrows objectively they seem fairly obvious, but in the chaos of trying to do the first lap on a map you've never seen, I guess it is really easy to just miss them.


The first arrow you see is a really big one pointing left with the one pointing down being kinda hidden, so it sort of makes sense that Phil went left and everyone else followed.


what about fastest laps?


PeteZaHutt, fruitberries, ItsFundy, SB737, and Ph1lzA


All I remember was that Pete was on there


1. pete 2.fruit forgot rest.


Vikk was there I think


I'm not that upset that aqua won but I have a fair reason to say that Smajor had an unfair advantage in ace race. I mean, 1st place by one minute doesn't happen to someone who barely ever gets top 10 in the same game unless they have a clear advantage.


First place is surprising yep surprising


Not at all surprising when you know the course beforehand


scott won by a minute, that's not ok, no shot man


*Pretends to be shocked.*


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