That was a massive burn

That was a massive burn


I'd like to know what country the first comment was referring to. I had assumed it was the US.


Yeah, the first comment was referring to the US.


Are we the baddies?


"Have you noticed that our [caps have got skulls on them?"](https://youtu.be/hn1VxaMEjRU)


Have you noticed that some of your cops put skulls on their cars?


And uniforms and guns and permanently on their skin.


And engrave the words "you're fucked" on the side of their assault rifles.


Before murdering a man in a hallway in front of his wife while he was begging for his life…


Yeah. This guy straight mind fucked that poor guy and his coworker. Then decided to shoot him, on duty, with his personal gun, then get the murder weapon back. Ah, the land of the free am I rite? /s


You didn't mention the part where he was rehired by the same PD just so that he could be medically retired and collect a pension for the rest of his life. I hope he gets eaten by a bear.


That would be unbearably deserved


Poor bear.


And drive around town playing “another one bites the dust” loudly in cop cars after a black man is murdered by police on camera in their city.


And pass out challenge coins when they shoot someone in the balls with a pepper ball. And make up a story about protesters being a part of a gang and sharpening their finger nails to a point so they could charge them with gang crimes.


Yes, yes we are. Every war since ww2 was about money, and control over resources. Today we have immigrant children in cages, and we are killing more innocents every day. We have one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world. You are also more likely to go to jail here than anywhere else. I couldn't be less proud. If I had the means, or if anyone would take me, I'd be out. *To all the people that are clearly upset by this, comparing us to other countries is not the point, we have done all these things, regardless of what others have done. Yes there are other countries that are worse off obviously, but I'm not allowed to look at MY people and say we can do better? Its amazing how offended some of yall got. I'm just saying Americans certainly are not the good guys. Frankly, there are no good guys. Power corrupts, thoroughly.


I think there’s a dating site called Maple Dating or something like that for Americans who want to marry Canadians and vice versa. Comes up in the news every election. Our money is plastic and has spaceships on it.


meanwhile, young professional canadians are looking to move south since some of the most expensive housing in the world is in the gta and the lower mainland. the government won’t do a thing because too much of the economy is tied up in home values. on top of that, we have the most expensive mobile phone and internet bills in the world due to regulatory capture. the crtc is literally headed by an executive from one of the big three providers and just walked back a bill requiring affordable cell phone bills. on provincial levels, a lot of us are being run by tories who have proved themselves vastly incompetent during the pandemic. after all, their only mandate in office was austerity; cutting funding to essential services that are also crown corporations in preparation for selling them off to their wealthy buddies.


[maplematch.com](https://www.maplematch.com/) They haven't updated their splash blurb since before the election: >This election’s getting weird, but we’re on the right side of mapley goodness. >Maple Match makes it easy for American singles to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of the Trump presidency.


I mean...it still fits really.


Well I’m single, American, and lacking any healthcare coverage so…


Currently Canada as going through changes that make it equally shitty. We have let a few large corporations run the whole country and it only hurts our own citizens, all so we can ship our resources off to the US and China and then buy them back a 5x the cost. We have one of the most bountiful countries on the planet and should be overwhelmingly self reliant but instead shill ourselves out to foreign investors for a quick buck. The RCMP is racist against thirst nations people and they get treated horribly by literally everyone else in the country. The had atrocities committed to them and most people see them as nothing but alcoholic freeloaders who are lazy and complain too much. Canada used to be a great place but day by day its going down the shitter and we are all so polite we don't even make a fuss about it.


I think that's even worse, the Canadian establishment has been watching America all this time, and one day decided "yea they got it figured it out over there, let's do that"


But you have milk in bags so there are negatives


You can pretend they are old lady breast implants at the grocery store though :)


I take back my previous comment


Milk bags are only in a small subsection of Canada IIRC. Its pretty much just southern Ontario and Quebec I believe. Though as a southern Ontarian I'll die on the hill of milk bags. They're significantly easier to store and buy in bulk


In the US, the cashier usually asks if you want your milk in a bag. I tell them to leave it in the jug.


Thank you for this dad joke. 10/10 would tell to my kids to make them hate me more again.


We have bagged milk at Kwik Trip in Wisconsin. Then again I suppose we are pretty close to Canada


We used to have [milk in bags](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/83/55/c3/8355c3235fe1bf6a1d4839c53380f54f.jpg) here in Denmark back in the 1960s too; they didn´t last very long because the bags tended to rupture as soon as you looked at them, and in addition you had to use a special container to put the bag in once you opened it.


American put their gas in bags though. Or just loose in the back of their pickup.


Too bad I’m already married! Think my wife would understand if I asked for a divorce for a few years? Lol


mfw redditors talking about breaking the law to get free healthcare




Free healthcare would be a bonus. The main reason to do it would be to get the actual fuck away from all the ridiculous bs.


Looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend. Practicing saying hoose, eh, and spelling words with unnecessary "u"s


Don’t forget to learn the metric system!


Learning metric takes about an hour. 5 minutes to actually learn metric and 55 minutes of staring into space, confused why anyone would choose to use imperial instead.


I never actually "learned" the metric system. Just used it in the military and it clicked pretty much instantly. It didn't really take any thought, it's that simple. The worst is when you understand it, but still need to use freedom units because everyone around you is too stuck in their ways.


Welcome to my high school engineering class


Almost forgot. Good thing super troopers taught me how to order a literacola Edit: But yeah I know it pretty well already from just daily life and traveling all over. The only thing I really suck at is following recipes. 400g of chicken doesn't compute even though I know its about a pound.


But i only wanted a large Farva.


I don’t want a “large Farva”, I want a goddamn LITERACOLA!!!


*Every* war *ever* is about money and resources.


Emu war. Emus dont care about your money. But they sure as fuck want your resources


Are you kidding? Emus want to customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need!


And we fucking lost. Sad, sad day.


Please list one major war in the past 2000 years that wasn’t about money, power, or geopolitical advancement? You think we went to war in ww2, ww1 or the revolution because it was the morally right thing to do?


Those wars had a better coat of paint.




On Reddit democratic world = Western Europe


Yeah, I agree that violent crime is a major issue in the U.S. that needs to be addressed. But I hate vague, subjective claims like this that are ultimately as right/wrong as you want them to be. What does "most dangerous" mean? Murder rate? Violent crime? Poorly maintained infrastructure that can cause deaths? What does "democratic world" mean? Is it enough to be officially democratic, or is there some cutoff based on how well it functions in practice?


> Every war since ww2 was about money, and control over resources. as opposed to every other war *before*? European colonialists were butchering and genociding entire communities out of love? Of course, Europeans have "solved" racism now. As long as they are not fidgeting with another "Economic Anxiety" episode. > We are the most dangerous place to live in the democratic world. > You are also more likely to go to jail here than anywhere else. India, Brazil, any other Asian/South American/African country would like to have a word. For the record, I am neither American nor European. Born and raised in Asia, lived another 11 years abroad in Europe. And if there is any sense of decency or self-awareness among Europeans, it's because America makes them confront their horrifying past. These "totally not racist" shitstains would be back to their "traditional" ways, if America wasn't actively involved since WW2. Doesn't justify all the terrible things USA did and is doing, but let's keep this excessive, self-flagellating mentality in check. You guys have no idea how ugly the situation is developing in other parts of the world. At least Americans acknowledge there's a problem. Europeans get offended if you talk about racism in their society, *rather than the racism*. There is always a justification for that, somehow.


Look, I'm no USA apologist, we've def got our issues. But this common sentiment has such a stunning lack of historical knowledge it. \*All\* wars since the beginning of time have been about money, and control over resources (2 different ways to describe power). USA is better than some in how they've gone about that, worse than others, and mostly similar to every other nation in history. Even our current problems around many wars being instigated for the benefit of our corporate and billionaire overlords isn't new. Hell, in most time periods in history it was even more flagrant than now. Used to be the ultra-wealthy just directly controlled the countries. Now they at least have to bribe politicians first.


I agree with you about the war part, but my country (South Korea) would not exist without US intervention, so I’m incredibly conflicted.


If they don't say what country it is, it's the US.


Is there some clever name for the logical fallacy that there are only x amount of options present? It annoys me so goddamn much when people instantly jump into opposite extreme when I question their stance as if there wasn't anything in between or outside them. Any time you for example to try criticize any aspect of capitalism there's always someone instantly jumping into China, Venezuela or Soviet Russia as if they were only countries in the world besides or as if every other country besides them were just as capitalist as US.


False dichotomy?


Yup. Also called "False Dilemma," "Bifurcation Fallacy, "Black/White Fallacy," "False Binary," and "All or Nothing Thinking."


nope it's false dichotomy or NOTHING


That made me do a spit-take. And I wasn't even drinking anything.


A false drinkotomy


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how meta we've all become. This is the way.


Heh, good one


Is it the same as an “either/or” fallacy?




Bingo. Making everything black vs white.


Just like U.S politics


As only a sith would do…


That's called a false dichotomy, meaning the false assumption that there are only two choices when there are more. Although in this case it's more red herring than anything else.


Appeal to extremes I think


It's a false dichotomy, but you might also refer to the excluded middle - there's a wide range of middle options between the two extremes presented.


This is sort of true, but if we're talking about potential "Global Superpowers" the list is pretty short. Right now, the U.S. is the de-facto global superpower, but China really wants to take up that mantle.


Totally, and they're doing it by building infrastructure in "post-colonial" Africa, Latin America, and Asia (guessing it's "neo-colonial" now that they've shifted reins lol). One authoritarian to another and all that. Soft power is easy to come by when your near-peers (the US+NATO and Russia) openly destabilize regions. Chinese-sponsored roads, wifi, and other infrastructure are understandably welcome at that point. Although it's terrifying to think what level of spying goes on in countries gifted Chinese infrastructure and tech, and the political cost of these investments down the line....


I feel like part of the problem is the idiotic and childish idea of "good guys" and "bad guys" in the context of nation states. Countries do bad things and good things, most of which is a matter of perspective. Obviously human rights abuses and denial of basic rights are objectively wrong. The problem is, almost every country in existence has committed these types of offenses. For example, people praise Scandinavian countries for their high standard of living, but ignore how many of them happily collaborated with the Nazis and currently have extremely restrictive immigration laws. That's not to say they aren't great countries, just to point out that nothing is totally black and white.




This is so true, every country thats in any way advanced is founded almost entirely on the blood and bones of its indigenous people, slaves or the lower class of its own people. ​ My biggest turning point is when I realized that every country is evil and selfish, its just that some countries have the power to actually do something with their evil/selfish motives. I think international relations scholars call it the perogative of the greater power, basically meaning that every country would act the way the US and China do if they had the economic and military might to sustain such behavior. ​ Everyone country sucks and has its own abuses and war crimes, its just that some countries have the power to do it on a much larger scale and be immune from consequences.


Such as Norway and Canada painting themselves as progressists and defenders of the Amazon rainforest, while their companies are there mining, destroying the forest and native populations in order to maintain their welfare states. It's easy to do that when their mess is done overseas...


> while their companies are there mining, destroying the forest and native populations in order to maintain their welfare states I strongly want to object against the idea that Norway's cutting trees to maintain its welfare state. No, it's simply not true. Because Norway does that mostly by selling loads of crude oil... lol


I'm an european that likes to make fun of USA, but let's be honest, they're not as bad as china


This, you literally have to live in a bubble to say "we are just as bad as" x"" Like in thailand disrespecting a royality gets you prison time. Being gay in Saudi Arabia, you aren't gay. Us, westerns have no clue how good we have it here in europe


"Us and China are both bad" is the kind of reductionist conclusion that could only be promoted on the internet


The whole "burn" is very cringe. And the question does make sense (whether China or US would be better). USA definitely is not the worst country in terms of treating their citizens, not the best either. And I'm also from Europe, so I don't have any reason to just praise USA, but US citizens definitely have it good compared to a lot of other places. Again, not saying there's nowhere left to improve. It's also never binary, that some country is "good guys" and the other ones are "bad guys". Such, simplistic world view you could expect from teenagers, maybe. US very much has potential to improve and citizens pushing for it. Do you really think China or its citizens would have possibility to push for such movement or even complain publicly in the first place?


In the US, it wins you edgy points for talking about how bad the US is. Or it earns you fractions of foreign currency in places where talking bad about *them* earns you serious jail time.


I'm an American that likes to make fun of America, and I appreciate your support.


i'm a biracial homosexual American and this place isn't all that bad compared to the shit storms i've seen coming out of African nations. side note, my beautiful ass is never going to China. i've had some fuckers here call me [email protected]@#$ but I can't imagine what they would DO to me over there.


Overall, we aren't really bad at all, at least not the majority. We just have a few very vocal dangerous idiots, and a terrible/corrupt government.


Finally, thank you. I am currently bisexual in the army. Imagine how many countries i would get fucking lynched in


Indeed. While the 2nd commenter in OP are committing the fallacy of Black and White (false dichotomy), the third is committing the Fallacy of Gray: thinking that all shades of gray are equally dark. That just because country x and country y both do some bad things, that they are equally bad.


Yes how do you think Europeans would like having Chinese military bases in their country. I’m sure the Chinese would be totally cool and not try to take over or anything. Oh yeah and act as a bulwark against communism for 45 years.


China is far worse than the US. It's not even close


The Reddit hive mind has gone off the deep end. I can’t believe you can see people here saying the US is “just as bad” as China where you can be locked up for speaking out against the government (which has killed tens of millions of its own citizens over the past century).


lol, social media is just really sad in all. Anonymity makes people spout whatever they think. All acting like CEO of good people. Point out their hypocrisy they all downvote you. Reddit is much much much better than other social media platform tho, but it's still a shithole sometimes.


The responses here are insane. “TRY BEING BLACK OR LATINO IN THE US!” What a bullshit point. Try being a human in China with an independent mind. Try being Muslim. Try being anti-CCP. Try being gay in Russia. Try being black in China. Lmao Unfortunately if all you look at is Reddit, it’s just plastered in ridiculously thinly veiled far left US political propaganda on basically every single sub. You would probably think minorities are being hunted and shot in the street in the thousands a month.


It's really getting tedious, even for people like myself who aren't even right wing.


You'll end up at r/enlightenedcentrism somehow lol


Yeah I thought we all learned from the past 4 years that /r/enlightenedcentrism and "both sides are the same" arguments should, at the very least, be something to avoid.


No country on earth doesn't have blood on it's hands... every country has issues... some less but doesn't take any more off how shit they can be.




No, San Marino is one of the few countries who are absolutely crimes against humanity free.


That's not surprising. They have 33k people, the same size population as public university.


I agree, but there's a massive difference between "can be" and "are", and it's significantly easier to prevent a problem then to solve it. Specially when there's cultural values involved. But yeah... you're right, governments should be judged by the collective actions taken on their behalfs, not by "who" they are, yada yada.


Some have it dried and others still have the knife in their hand.


And some are still trying to convince us they just got messy painting a room with red paint, no bodies in there no way. The door is locked so the paint will dry, don't worry about checking on the groans you can hear that's just the, the uh- hey look a new holiday!


I'm saving this.


"Oh look, Brexit!"


This sub has lowered its bar sooo low


A few months ago the anti US shit really kicked up a notch and never went back down. Now all you have to do is put a "merica bad" badge on anything and watch it soar to the top. Like every major first world country hasn't committed mass acts of extreme shittines.


When a subreddit starts allowing anything remotely political, it is time to leave the subreddit


I left facepalm because of that


Yeah this is the stupidest shit I've read in a while by far. That's like saying that both Nazi Germany in 1939 and the USA were exactly the same and just as bad. Bullshit. There's a clear difference between Nazi Germany and the US. Just as there's a clear difference between communist China and the US that if the only choice available was to make the entire world like one or the other and there was nothing else, people are absolutely being facetious saying the US is equivalent to China. This is armchair children bitching about the US when, as an Eastern European immigrant I can tell you, you've no clue how good you've had it for how long.


The fact that in the US you can go online and say it is the worst country ever but in China you are limited to state operated social media, where saying anything against China can make you disappear, says a lot about the difference between the two.


Seriously, the US has plenty of major fucked up problems, but comparing it to a one party state where political opponents are jailed and dissent is repressed is intellectually dishonest. The US has some severe decades ahead in it's fight to prevent authoritarianism within its borders, and it could end up a rotten cess pit like commie China, but it isn't there yet.




Holy shit. If the BLM protests happened in China they would be killed on sight. We have our issues but we do not commit genocide on our own people.


Yeah this post is pretty cringe.


It's extremely cringe


I'm not even american or an extremely political person in general, but everytime I browse the reddit popular page I see it's choke full of leftist propaganda, like it's not even subtle anymore.


55K upvotes for this sensationalist garbage


A lot of this stuff is state sponsored propaganda. It’s hilarious to me that the same people who were outraged that China and Russia tried to impact the 2016 and 2020 elections just totally fall for this bait.


Yeah, this idea that any negative a country has makes it as bad as the worst is ridiculous. The US is bad. China is worse.


America is completely fucked in a multitude of ways, but China is indisputably much, much worse. Censorship, genocide of Uighurs, less economic freedom, etc. You can't argue with that.


Don’t forget their incoming demographic crisis, which is going to mess them up politically and economically in all sorts of ways. It’s only a question of whether it gets messy when they try to prevent it, gets messy when it hits, or both.


Uninformed. Please elaborate.


Between the former one-child policy and a growing middle class, the birthrate in China is well below replacement, and has been for a long time. At the same time, life expectancy is going up. So their working population is shrinking, their elderly population is growing, and money both families and the government would prefer to be investing is going to have to go into care for the elderly. https://www.reuters.com/world/china/china-2020-census-shows-slowest-population-growth-since-1-child-policy-2021-05-11/ https://fortune.com/2021/06/03/china-population-growth-census-2020-slowdown-birth-rate/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/miltonezrati/2021/03/25/recognize-that-china-has-huge-demographic-problems/?sh=4b48afa239e4


Doesn't this describe most modern nations though? Lower birthrates below replacement rates while life expectancy rises? I know Korea and Japan are common examples, but a quick google shows the US as below replacement since 2007 and birth/fertility rates declining.


The US has mostly filled the gap due to net positive immigration. China has net negative migration.


There’s one key difference, which is that in many ways China is still behind in development. The Forbes article has a quote that sums it up: “China will begin to resemble Japan in crucial ways, except that Japan got rich before it aged, whereas China, still not rich, will age first.”


That's easy to fix, each family is only allowed to have one old person.


China had an aging population that many people seem to think will cripple it soon


Considering most nations are filling the gap with immigration and China has or will not, yes it absolutely will cripple a huge part of their economy if they don't have a plan. Old people need resources (money that could go to other things) and labor (you need people to care for them) to maintain, and if you have neither then you either ship them to somewhere else or let them fend for themselves. Worst case scenario is they are left to fend for themselves so their families have to pick up the tab but that might also lower the birth rate even more because caring for a human, especially someone old and fragile, is expensive and inability to afford stuff is a fairly big reason to why people aren't having kids.




35 million is the number, I believe.




Yeah, these comments are peak “US bad.” Obviously the place has countless problems, but saying it’s on the same level as China is another level of ignorance.


You can always tell when an American hasn’t visited much of the rest of the world


Not that I disagree, but it isn't like we get much vacation time or money to do so.


I am Dutch, but Europeans are often quite prideful in bashing the USA whilst pretending everying on our end is okay. For example, here in the Netherlands we had a scandal concering taxes (citizens got marked as frauds whilst they weren't). People here comitted suïcide due to the repercussions and we elected the same political party which is seen as the root cause of the tax authority fucking up. I am grossly oversimplifying, but I am trying to say that Europeans have, in my opinion, have no right to feel superior to US citizens. Apologies for grammar btw, not fluent in English.


*Writes a concise, eloquent explanation.* >not fluent in English I think we may have different definitions of "fluent."


After living in West Germany (before reunification) and now being on Reddit for so long, I can say that it seems like most Europeans that actually speak English do so better than most "native" speakers.


I think in the same way that an American formally taught Chinese would be "better" at it than native speakers because language is constantly evolving and warping.


As an American living in the EU I find that I cannot speak about any local politics because my EU friends shoot back with "WELL WHAT ABOUT THE USA?!" Like, yes the USA is doing poorly in a lot of areas and I will criticize the USA all day. But right now, we are discussing local politics. Just because the USA is doing poor doesn't mean we in the EU cant be doing better.


Wasn't the witch-hunt against brown people also in the Netherlands i.e. minorities got marked as frauds for no other reason than being brown/black? Was very disappointed when I read about that! As a European, I very quickly became more humble towards US social and racial problems. We aren't much better on this side of the pond. edit: [Oh, yes. The tax scandal u/TREEandMONKEY mentionned and my statement are actually the same story: the gov went after minorities for fraud without any evidence, other than they were black/brown. And ruining many families in the process.](https://www.reuters.com/world/dutch-government-resigns-over-childcare-subsidies-scandal-2021-01-15/)


I think the moral here is no country is heaven on earth, and even if MY country is better in some aspect compared to YOURS, there is gonna be another aspect where YOUR country bests MINE. So, instead of doubling down on "your country sucks, my country is the best", we could all benefit from some nuance. Which, after decades of America-centric propaganda as "the greatest country on earth" "leader of the free world" "their president the most powerful man on the world", it's time for them to move on from that. The rest of the world has, and is bringing a big slice of humble pie ready to serve to the americans on the internet that can't part with that discourse.


Agreed. There’s a lot of Canadian reckoning going on right now, and rightly so.




This is true but I have lived in Europe, in both europoor part and the normal part. I lived in the US and I’m currently living in Canada. You can bash on the US as much as you want but there is something to that country that no one else has. It’s this sort of constant availability of everything at any time that is honestly really hard to find. I’m planning on living a few years in Kyoto or Seoul or both maybe even because I think they can match up that availability.


I think countries should be humble, quickly recognize and accept their weaknesses and simply copy-improve/adapt-and-paste each others' qualities and strength. No shame in that!


It’s absolutely not the same, but Scandinavian countries still rely on the capitalist exploitation of cheap foreign labor to function as “exemplary” democracies. That doesn’t mean their social programs are bad. It means recognizing that we all can do our part.


In contrast. Not every American believes we are #1 in the world. Some of us are shamed by that blind rhetoric.


A quick way to prove your thesis is to bring up the Roma in r/Europe and just… step back.


Whenever I've visited Europe, I've met some very nice people (Germany has much nicer people than they are given credit for). However, you also have some of the most racist people I've seen - and you even give some of them prominent party status in government!


Euros take a five hour train ride and they're in a different land with different cultures and foreign languages. They naturally assume it's the same for Americans.


As a European, I certainly hadn't had a conception of the sheer size of the US until I took a Greyhound from Washington DC to Milwaukee. If you routed yourself properly you could easily have crossed half a dozen European countries in that time. Over there I wasn't even halfway across the country. That said, I think what's more pervasive is that Europeans mostly consume information about the US in the form of entertainment. Entertainment which is primarily produced in liberal areas and which in no way reflects the country as a whole. This arguably lends to a somewhat benign idea of the US. If/when they get confronted by the truth of the matter, I think the reaction is magnified because, wonder of wonders, the aforementioned entertainment doesn't mirror reality. I'd think there's an element of feeling betrayed here but I might be well off the mark.


Very much by design. Never met many people who had actually travelled the world who would be deluded into the xenophobic and progress-phobic nonsense conservatives spew here. The ones I met who did had straight up reality-defying beliefs as core tenets of their ideology.


>The ones I met who did had straight up reality-defying beliefs as core tenets of their ideology. A friend of mines conservative boss traveled to Sweden and came back completely floored at how well everything ran over there compared to the US, especially infrastructure and public spaces, he just thought it was such a great place. Later in the conversation he mentions he could never live there because of the high taxes. He apparently never made the connection between the two comments.




I was curious about the numbers of Americans who have never left the US vs Europeans who've never left Europe because they are similar in size. Best I could get was EU figures before Britain left which makes it 44% of EU citizens haven't left and 64% of Americans haven't. I actually thought the difference would be smaller. No real purpose to this comment, was just interesting to me.


You can always tell when someone hasn't visited america, too. There's this massive disconnect where they assume gigantic diverse america should operate like a tiny homogeneous nation state. We specifically have weak federal government (relatively speaking..) so generalizations are always a bit dicey.


TBH sounds like not only the first comment hasn’t visited much of the world, but the “burn” comment hasn’t either. The “burn” comment is super misinformed. Both are ignorant.


I was gonna say, you can always tell when someone hasn't actually visited America lol


This post is just a massive reddit moment


The U.S. has a lot about it that needs fixing, no doubt, but this is wildly intellectually dishonest.


People in America have no clue how good they have it and this guy commenting clearly doesn't have have any idea either.


"Kills its citizens like dogs" Jesus christ go outside, you're far more likely to get killed by drive by gangsters than a cop. These people are so delusional


I think New Zealand should be allowed to rule the whole world. At least my country would be on right path.


Scandinavian countries are probably second on that list.. but then we don't hear about the bad sides vs how "wonderful" it is there ​ Edit: Grammarly hates Reddit.


Iceland for sure. I love how they dealt with the financial crisis of 2008 :)


Iceland is a wonderful country, low crime, small police presence. Not a very large population though.


Yeah, a lot of people underestimate how much a small population helps in dealing with social problems.


Basically Less shitty People to deal with


Scandinavian countries only have their good reputations because they haven't had to deal with the same issues. That's now changing, and it's evident that they aren't the political golden children that they've made themselves out to be. Check out this article from 2019: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sweden-rise-of-the-right-immigrants-unwelcome-cbsn-originals/


and I think Sweden had massive issues with being very not arsed with dealing with the Pandemic until too late.


Those countries did all their bad shit in the dark ages.


Okay okay hear me out, Germany. We deserve a 1… 2… yeah third chance!


So a third, reich?


That would be a fourth if I remember correctly.




Sweden was a great power for a while. There are definitely opinions as to how that all played out.


Are you only referring to COVID response? NZ is systemically racist against the Maoris....


As a Kiwi (with Māori heritage) living in Australia, I can say with absolute certainty that Aboriginals got the far worse end of the stick. Not to say racism in NZ isn’t an issue, because of course it is, but the general attitude here towards Aboriginals is appalling. NZ isn’t the paradise people think it is though. I’d love to move back, but I’d be on half the salary I am in Australia for doing the same job. Not to mention, it’s near impossible to find housing much less buy property, unless you’re a millionaire (the average income someone needs to buy a house in Auckland is $1.2 million!).


Not to make light of their situation, but it seems like every country treats the native population terribly. Unfortunately.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, if NZ were given that authority, they'd go power mad like anyone else. History says so


Surely history doesn't show countries being given power, it shows countries taking power through force.


100% but seeing as we're talking pipe dreams, why not have governments sensibly hand over power to responsible people?


"people" & "sensibly" = "oil" & "water"


I love your policy on acquiring citizenship.


Wouldn't work. To many different cultures, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to governments


Yeah, no. I really don't like the US, but if I have a choice between China and the US, I would definitely and instantly choose the US (even if I hate your political system). I would always prefer to live in a country where "human rights" is a universally shared concept (but not understood/interpreted in the same way by everyone) than in a country where people don't even understand the concept of unalienable rights. A friend of mine stayed in the Chinese province of Hubei for three years (including one year of pandemic). The tales from her daily life alone is terrifying from my Swiss perspective. We MUST denounce arbitrary policies, be active and mobilized, defend what we believe in our democracies. But just, no. We must STOP saying "China = Any mediocre democracy = Dictatorship/samesame". It's not true and it doesn't serve us. Too late for the comment fest, but I needed to just write that.




That sort of brainless equivalence isn’t a burn. It’s shallow and juvenile. An unserious comment by an unserious person.


Lmao imagine thinking the US and China are equally bad


not a burn considering the guy is missing the entire point. he isn't implying the US is some kind of heaven but that it's the lesser of the two evils


The US definitely isnt the good guy, but its is definitely much better than the country which STILL routinely responds to peaceful protests with brute force and mass arrests, genocides a large portion of its population through concentration camps, censors any and all criticism and forcefully breaks up labour unions whilst still calling itself "socialist" edit: since you guys seem determined to compare the US to a totalitarian state, here is a reply to a comment that was deleted as I was writing it BLM Protests - most protests remained peaceful, and whilst they did have people with guns there, they did not shoot. Latin America - I didn't mention anything about foreign policy. I dont like what they did, but the focus is purely on the US itself Genocides - Indigenous concentration camps closed almost a century ago Prison labour - Horrible prison system which urgently needs reforms. However, the difference is that the US is not working its prisoners literally to death


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Like the us is as bad as china lol


As a Brazilian, I've never known a single person here who wouldn't want to live in the US. Ffs, China literally runs concentration camps.


They hate us because they ain't us 🤷🏾‍♂️


China literally has 1.5 millon million people, mostly Uyghurs but also including Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other ethnic Turkic Muslims in Concentration camps killing people sterilizing women because of religion america has its problems of course but comparing the United States to china makes you fucking stupid lol