Amanda Staveley says Saudi takeover “will” go through in live appearance on talkSPORT – Video

Amanda Staveley says Saudi takeover “will” go through in live appearance on talkSPORT – Video


Bawh gawd, thats the takeover megathread music. Jokes aside not sure if these appearances are a sign of confidence or desperation, but my god am I praying its the former. Would make up for the Euros if this goes through.


I don't think it's a sign of desperation nor confidence. I think it's a sign that Staveley, the Rubin Brothers, and PIF are very experienced at business and are very experienced at lobbying both government and regulatory organisations (the PL fits the mold regulatory organisation) to achieve the outcome their business(es) want to achieve. To me, all of the press work, calls for supporter action, etc. is about applying a highly aggressive lobbying game. This is being done to show & convince the Premier League that the buying consortium and seller is not giving up on this deal and that it would be less painful for those who run the PL to permit the transaction to complete, than if they continue to stand in its way.


Good point mate, didn’t think of it like that. Are you confident? Obviously hard to say from the outside but I’m still not very hopeful tbh


This got me good 🤣


*\*Silly Song from Snow White plays\**


You can tell Staveley is completely sick of SJ and his condescending, supercilious tone and rightly so, the man is a massive cunt


Don’t understand what his problem is tbh, idk if it’s an anti-Newcastle beef or whatever but he was extremely unprofessional during the interview.


I saw a rumour that he asked her to sell Crystal Palace for him and she was like "nah mate you've spaffed this up the wall entirely, i could sell slippers to snakes but this isn't happening" and he holds a grudge to this day. It's not about us, it's about somebody in a position to comment telling him he did a shit job. It's not about us, but it's why he feels entitled to negatively comment endlessly about us. I have not researched this further so no idea if its total bs or legit. Maybe it was just some daft craic on the internet but I've chosen to believe it full heartedly. He seems like the kind of petty, insecure egotist who'd do this kind of thing.


"BuT wHy HaVeN't YoU aSkEd ThEm To ChAnGe iT>?>??" Well shit, Simon, let me have a quick think. Ah yes, now I remember: **she doesn't own a Premier League Club**. More to the point, this entire saga (which is following the proper process of arbitration as offered by the Premier League) would likely be used as evidence toward a vote. Is he actually this obnoxious or just well practiced?


He is actually that obnoxious and well practiced at it. Horrible bloke.


Had to get a dig in and call the fans "gullible" as well. Couldn't help himself the nob.


We're terribly gullible, in fairness. It isn't like she's helped sell a football club, or attempted to purchase us twice or anything. I mean we *really* believe that Ashley has hired Nick De Marco, and taken on an anti-competitive lawsuit against the English Premier League? Right bunch of numpties us lot. But in all seriousness, it was a cynical line for clicks and rage tweets. That's all he's good for,


I'm feeling good about this summer lads. Absolute scenes when Mbappe is about to put pen to paper for Real Madrid just before his best mate Allan Saint-Maximin bursts through the door holding a bottle of Broon in one hand and 200M euros cash in the other.


Is that Angelos Epithemu or whatever his name is, from Shooting Stars?


What’s in your bag, Angelos, tell us what’s in your bag, you bastard.


Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking he looked like someone but hadn't processed it in my mind.


That guy is a top class cunt. Deserves zero air time from anyone.


This has been the first and only on the record quote since the takeover fell through that the Saudi's are still at the table. Unless Staveley just lied to us all, then we can safely assume that there is a route to getting this takeover across the line. But if it was going to be smooth sailing from here then I doubt she would be appearing on Talksport.


Is there anyone in the periphery of football media more obnoxious than Simon fucking Jordon, my god.


Richard Keys.


Talk sports answer to Katie Hopkins


Surely that’s not his real hair


[Simon Jordan calling NUFC fans "a gullible fanbase"](https://talksport.com/football/913039/amanda-staveley-newcastle-takeover-fans-protest-simon-jordan/)


What a disingenuous, smarmy, gob-for-hire prick he is.


Couldn't have said it better myself!


Why can I all think about is if these two had a child - it would look like brick top from snatch


Unwatchable - he's an insufferable so and so, so I had to turn it off


I hate him more than any other sports personality. I apologize for the US inventing that sort of media.


What else is she going to say? "To be honest lads, we've got no chance. Nowt. This takeover is stone-cold dead. Arbitration is literally just us flushing money down the toilet on pricey lawyers." Of course she's going to claim they're confident the takeover will happen. They've been saying that for more than a year. Yet here we are, Mike Ashley is still the owner and we've got a transfer budget under than fucking Brentford. I'll bet the same will be true in another year.






Desperation, but enjoyable desperation. Exactly what a proper relegation battle should feel like. Also, the pictures here are perfect.


I actually think Staveley came off worse here. Yea it was a pathetic shot by SJ at the fans but he Is correct in saying that it’s on the premier league and it’s clubs to sort this out and the government has expressed its opinion and passed it back to the premier league. What more can people realistically expect the government to do? The problem is Staveley is not able to take this to the PL herself as she is out of the loop with not being a club owner. So she’s just trying to make noise to keep focus on the case and the takeover. Really she should be putting pressure on Mike Ashley or whichever lackey he’s placed in charge to arrange this with the other clubs outside out the top 6. I hope all goes well though and the takeover goes through but SJ is correct, she’s barking at the moon.


I agree with you. And I thought the obvious answer to his questions was something along the lines of: "While the arbitration process is generally not public, it is within the current Premier League rules for it to be public. Both the buying and selling parties want the process to be public, the only party that don't is the Premier League themselves. Being as the PL is supposed to be a neutral in regards to the Owners & Directors Test (or whatever it's actually called), the fact that they refuse to allow the arbitration to be public suggests they have something to hide. This alone should worry every Premier League club, and considering the derisory Solidarity Payments in the pre-Super League restructuring proposal, it should also worry every Football League club too." Imply that the Premier League is corrupt without actually saying it.


It worries me it appears the Saudi’s have left. Definitely a politicians answer to that question. A large consortium of people who can’t really afford a football club worries me. I’m all for the Saudi’s or some big money Americans taking a large majority share and can actually invest, but just different owners doesn’t necessarily mean better owners. I don’t know anything about the business side of football, but it seems having large board and trying to get multiple people to say agree on points and to invest equal amounts seems like a shit show. The grass isn’t always greener.


She literally said the entire consortium is there.


She dodged the actual question. I hope you’re right, but she’s media trained and that sounds like she’s avoiding a headline ‘Saudi’s still in’ for legal reasons


Screenshot is hilarious


It looks like one of those “curb your feminist sjw cringe” thumbnails.


Can't help but worry that this'll end up being a bit of a Keegan moment. She's risen to Jordan's taunts. I hope I'm wrong.


la la la whatever la la la it doesnt matter


Hopefully not. She’s an evil looking cunt and those Saudi lads are absolute scumbags.