Moving to Newcastle from the US. Need input. Details in comments.

Moving to Newcastle from the US. Need input. Details in comments.


I will say, if you plan on getting a car (which feasibly you’re probably going to need to at some point I’d guess), you really don’t need to be *that* close to things, if it’s stretching your budget and whatnot. Some places more inland can be a bit cheaper and closer to other amenities, but be a 15 minute drive from the beach (or 20 minute metro ride - the metro has great connections to the coast). Tynemouth is of course an absolutely lovely area (with a really great school, since you mention having a kid), but as you say can be very expensive. North Shields can vary from quite nice to pretty sketchy depending on where it is, but by and large most of it is fairly nice, although perhaps overall one of the sketchier parts in that area, it’s a fairly high bar to start with. Not too sure about the specific spot you’ve posted there, a bit hard for me to place exactly where it is from just that, but given it’s proximity to Tynemouth it’s probably a pretty nice place. Can’t say for sure though haha


Take a look at the Whitley Lodge area of Whitley Bay. Good schools, good amenities and - if you’re prepared to search a little - you should be able find something affordable. Ditto the Cullercoats region and Links Road.


I grew up in North Shields and my parents and a lot of family are still there. What’s your budget?


£275k is about the top of the budget. We'd prefer a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a garden and parking space.


Marden… https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75475419#/ Monkseaton… https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/80480733#/ Others https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION%5E25277&minBedrooms=3&maxPrice=270000&radius=3.0&propertyTypes=&includeSSTC=false&mustHave=&dontShow=&furnishTypes=&keywords=


Two bathrooms might make it tougher.


Whitley Bay has undergone a lot of regeneration recently and is definitely an up and coming place to be - lots of new bars restaurants cafes etc. and it’s only getting more and more money spent on the area. Houses are appreciating quickly in this area


My partner and I will be moving in the coming months. We lived in Whitley Bay for a few months a few years ago and enjoyed it well enough. This time, we will be moving with a newborn. We are looking for a place that is close to public transport, a good daycare center/schools, close to a decent grocery store, and is also near the sea and parks. I've narrowed our search to Whitley Bay, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, and North Shields. Tynemouth is mostly out of our budget. I did find an affordable place in North Shields indicated on the map. My questions are: Is this a decent area for a young family to plant their roots? Are there any other specific areas in these 4 towns that we should be considering or avoiding? Thanks in advance!


> . I did find an affordable place in North Shields indicated on the map. The streets next to the park (which it looks like that is) are nice and well sought after because of the proximity to tynemouth, hell I’ve even heard that called west tynemouth before 😂 Parking in those streets is a dick though, all on street parking and they get absolutely chocka (full).


I'm sure you know that area is a bit 50/50, but it's gentrifying, so it may well pay off really well. Council are trying to improve North Shields, including buying up and restoring a lot of the period property and kicking out the scumbags.


Monkseaton is a great location which is relatively affordable. House prices aren't hugely different to the location you've chosen and it's close to whitley bay and Tynemouth. There is quite a clamour at the moment though so house prices are rising


Tynemouth is mega for families beach. Cafes market, North Shields not so much. Cullercoats is a decent and there are some new developments on North Shields fish quay which might be affordable. Monskeaton seems To be a decent compromise. Good luck


Id be avoiding north shields like the plague personally. Throw a stone and you are in really rough territory.


Out of curiosity, what prompted the move from the US? I've noticed loads of Americans about the place lately, it's like there's been some secret geordie marketing campaign or something. Maybe it's cause Americans are the only ones who don't uniformly and actively hate us lol


I spent 15 years in the US bigging up NCL, my work maybe paying off :)


Does look like you're pretty much in tynemouth there. That side of north Shields is nice. The dodgy part is more towards meadow well, though the centre bizzarely still has its shacks.


Good luck on the move over. I was born and bred in NCL but moved back here recently after many years in the US. Even for someone who knew the area well, it's a tough one to know where to settle. I had zero credit when I moved back, despite 30 years here previously. Good luck on transferring any funds between the USA and the UK.


Whitley/monkseaton area I would recommend