I know they say it’s never too late to turn your life around, but I am 22 years old, is there still a chance for me to actually be successful and live a comfortable life? I regret not going to college now and I want to go back but feel too old.

I know they say it’s never too late to turn your life around, but I am 22 years old, is there still a chance for me to actually be successful and live a comfortable life? I regret not going to college now and I want to go back but feel too old.




*hugs 58 year old guy back* thank you, you’re right!


You're 4 years older than a freshman, in the long run that's nothing. If you want to go to college and know what you'll do with the degree go ahead. Plenty of people do college post military and they'd be your age too.


I was you. I was around your age when I decided I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t have the correct classes best grades in high school. I went to nightschool for chemistry and physics and got into a program for chemical engineering and now I have a full time job in my field :) I was one of the oldest in my classes and it felt weird starting college after most of my age group finished… but hey better late than never! You can do it if you want!


How did you afford night school?


A full time job during the day probably or parents or both


Yes! I went back to college at 22 and graduated at 25. Many of my peers were in their 30s and 40s. It's never too late, OP


I sat next to a guy in one of my freshman classes who had this vintage looking camo backpack. I commented on how it looked pretty cool and he thanked me and said he got it during his tour in Vietnam. At 22 no one would even think OP looks out of place


Had a ~35 year old navy vet in one of my freshman engineering classes. He was enlisted and did some kind of technical job on a ship. Dude crushed it consistently, was super helpful in the project group and was just a cool guy overall. Delaying going directly to college can be very valuable imo


Agreed, honestly, I think if the majority of kids took a few years to get some life experience between HS and University their experience would be much more rewarding. Most just do it because that's the roadmap they've always had for life, including me.


Degrees might be worth more too without having a bunch of people getting ones just because they were told they had to


I wish I could’ve done that but most of my scholarships required me to go straight after HS and that pays for like half of it so I kinda had to :(


That’s not a bad thing. The sooner you start a well paid job, the more secure your future will be. Facing poverty at retirement is a scary proposition.


I really wish that was more normalized. I went to college right after high school, and I was NOT mature enough at all to do well. I dropped out after 4.5 years, and still needed at LEAST 4 full semesters to graduate with a general studies degree since I had changed majors so many times. Now I'm stuck paying off debt for something that hasn't every benefitted me. I found my own way, got a job as a programmer, and now make a very comfortable living without a degree. However, I think I would have actually graduated had I taken some time to either figure out what I wanted to do with my life or potentially just not gone at all since what I really wanted to do after high school was work on cars and I got told by my dad that I was "too smart for that".


I was 30 when I got out of the Army and went to college, it was a walk in the park. No way would I have found it as easy had I gone at 18.


Almost all of the best students I knew in college were older students. One friend (who was the president of our Engineers without borders club) had gotten a sociology degree the first time around, and then came back when she was 28 to get her environmental engineering degree, because she realized it's what she wanted to do. Another buddy had done some college when he was younger, and got pretty hard into the party scene and dropped out. He recouped by doing some community college, and then coming to university. He was super rad and was involved with the campus gardens. Both of those people were so much more organized and motivated than my dumb 18 year old ass. You'll be a much better student just because most people figure out how to "adult" better in the years you're doing stuff other than school, and you'll have true motivation vs just doing college because it's what comes next. Good luck!


Upvote for Environmental Engineering! I had a 38 year old classmate in my graduate ENVE class.


I second this as well, I was fortunate enough to have a support system that allowed me to go to college straight out of high school. There were plenty of older people in my program from all walks of life, military vet, teenage pregnancy, and simply just not deciding to go to college at first and then coming back. Don’t feel like you’re racing to get your life sorted out yet, you have plenty of time.


Yea just to second this, went back to university at 25, graduate with a masters degree in STEM right away, making really respectable money. You have tons of time. Go do whatever you want and try hard!


Hell, I'm going back to college at 28 to learn how to make video games of all things. This will be my second degree after a BA in writing. I'll be in my 30s by the time I'm done. It is never too late to restart.


Yep, I went back at 28, then started an entirely new career. Never too late!


Just to give you some perspective.. my dad had a crisis in his life when he was in his 50s. This caused him to literally start his life over. He had to find a new place to live, a new vehicle, a new job. It was hard but he was able to start over and make a good life for himself with a good job and a good paycheck etc. So if he can do it in his 50s, we aren't too old in our 20s or 30s.


Yeah I’ve learned that I have a passion for real estate and don’t know what steps to take but I will start looking into it. Thank you


Tech and community colleges usually have classes to get your realtor license. I had some classmates taking real state and business class in the tech college when I was taking my prerequisites. Community and technical colleges are usually free if you are having some financial trouble (if you're from the USA).


This is the route I took. Dropped out of college, took a job to pay the bills. Then recently I have become a real estate agent. Licensing realistically takes a couple months and I would plan to spend like maybe 3k or so on licensing and fees your first year. Dont go to college if you wanna be a real estate agent, it would be a waste of time and money. You learn by doing. Although Ill warn you its definitely a hard career if youre not super self motivated. Ivr honestly had trouble with that and am currently looking to move to a brokerage that gives me more direction and structure. Check out /r/realtors .


Probably just piling on but if you want to go into real estate, a college degree would not be worth it in my opinion. I have plenty of realtor friends who skipped college and got their realtors license. I don’t know the steps involved in getting in with an agency but college is not needed to be a realtor.


You have time. My mom became a realtor in her early 40s.


Hey man im 23 in november and just starting college. Age is just a number so long as you have drive and also everyone goes at a different pace.


Hmmm I don't think that requires a degree, just a license. As for the interior design that goes with it I suggest just playing around with room editors or videogames, I don't think a degree in it is worth it.


Interior design is actually a profession that requires a degree and licensure. You're probably thinking of an interior decorator, who decorates with furniture and rugs and paint. Interior design is basically architecture focusing on the interior rather than an entire building, and there's a lot that goes into it. Source: girlfriend is an interior designer, I'm studying architecture


I dropped out of college, then went back at 23. One of the prime advantages was that I was not too old to relate to the younger classmates, but I was WAAAAAY more mature than a lot of them because I had already been in the work force, saw the restrictions that a lack of education present, and was there for a purpose. Most of them just didn't know what else to do after high school and were coasting, partying, etc.


You know what, You’re absolutely right. Thank you and congratulations on going back as well


I tried several studies right after highschool but wasn't motivated nor disciplined and failed three. Went back 10 years later and was best of my class. I had purpose and wasn't distracted by partying etc. I will absolutely not push my children to go straight to college or university if they are not yet ready for it, all my failures did a serious number on my selfesteem and looking back, that would not have been necessary at all. Just go back if and when you're ready for it. Especially if you're American and basically have to bankrupt yourself..


I feel more ready and motivated than I was 4 years ago. I feel like I will really take it seriously and exceed so that is definitely a plus for not going earlier. I will do the same with my kids.


Most of the time people who have some real world experience are way way better at college. Knowing why you’re there and what you want beyond just a passion makes such a huge difference.


I was a TA for entry level Statistics classes for two years. Some of my best students were non traditional students *because they knew exactly why they were there*. They weren’t going along with the status quo. They *wanted* that education and had life experience. Plus, non traditional students can get some neat discounts/scholarships at some schools.


Forsure. I failed out. Went to community College, then went back to a 4 year and kicked ass. Op will prolly kick ass too as he/she will be focused on graduating rather then figuring out other things that come w being an 18 yr old at school lol


Bro, I feel like it’s way better to do it at your age then at 18. I would have had zero motivation or idea in what to do then. And no real world perspectives. If I had to choose a new path now (25), I would be able to do so with so much more clarity. I know you may feel “behind” with some of your peers, but you’ll be ahead in the long run. Many of them will choose the wrong paths and wrack your big debt in a degree they don’t really care about or can’t use.


OP, my spouse is pursuing his BA at 38 years old. You got this! 🥳


Literally the same story as the first guy. Went to college after high school, dropped out because dumb. Worked for a couple years, went back when I was 23, met my now wife, and finished when I was 27. I’m 30 and I am very happy with my life’s trajectory now. You got it buddy. You can do it.


Same story here, just started internship, even though I’m more mature, had working experience, but my concern is I’m more slow than other young interns, not confident, concerned about my age and my working ability. I used to think it was a good thing, now I’m questioning myself🥺


22 years old is average college age. Not sure where you get the too old idea.


My EXACT sentiments. I did the same thing and there were actually several people in my program who did the same… they wanted to change fields/they wanted more money/they went to school for something and halfway through realized it wasn’t what they wanted, etc. I actually took some evening and summer classes, applied for bursaries and grants and ended up getting a minor, then doing my masters. Do want you need to do. You have time! I’m so happy I went back.


22 is still plenty young for college. One of my classmates is 78 years old!


Yeah, if anything I feel like 22 is the age you're *supposed* to start your life at. Also, I just got my degree at 31, and easily the best decision I made.


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How do you get the money for college?


I got my associate degree at 40 and am working on a bachelors now, from 20-30 did roadwork, 30-35 transitioned to office work from labor, 35+ getting degrees and certificates to qualify for better jobs. Never to late to make changes in your life just have to leave behind the friends that won’t accept a new you.


Wow, you definitely encouraged me. Thank you and congratulations!


As soon as you decide to make a change in your life and start doing something about it, you're already making progress you've already changed your life.


I second this! It is never to late to go in a new direction. I’m from Sweden where you have to pick a specific program in high school, wether it be economics, science, art etc. I’m from a big city where the possibilities are endless. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was that age. I bounced between schools and programs before finally dropping out. Just last month I graduated high school at 24 years old and I couldn’t be happier, because thanks to the extra time I took I know which direction I want to go in now. But if that changes later on, that won’t be a problem either. Because it’s never too late to change. ❤️🎓


Whenever I think I might be too old to do something great I remember that a lot of incredibly successful people didn't hit their biggest achievements until they were older: Robert Downing Jr, Carroll Shelby, Elon Musk, Enzo Ferrari, Ansel Adams... It really is a misconception that your 20s are your prime. Physically, maybe but certainly not for anything else.


22 is barely an adult lmao. It's never too late


I am turning 30 this year and it's so funny hearing 22 year olds describe themselves as old and I know I did the same thing. Plus I'm sure I'll be laughing at myself when I'm 49 about how old I feel now 😂 I wish I had understood at 22 how much life I had left.


This, my friend, is so very fucking true. As someone just a few years from 60, I’ve learned the hard truth that we need to stop looking back and KNOW THAT NOW IS THE YOUNGEST YOU’LL EVER BE. There are so many chances to start again in life. Be happy. Be kind.


I'm turning forty this year. I made a decision that I will not be working in kitchens/service industry past 45. I'm hoping to get back up to speed by then and go to college for mechanical engineering. We'll see how that goes.


I only graduated with my BSc degree in my late 20s even though i startet at 19 (not for lack of trying or interest, i just had a tough time). I'm still on the path to get my PhD in three years. I always felt kind of self conscious about it but the other day I saw a post about a lady graduating from studying to be a doctor at 62. It's never too late to start and studying can be a really positive time in your life, we need to stop seeing it as years just spent. So whenever I hit the burnout point of my research career (in like 20 years time) I think I'll study psychology.. or become a gym teacher.. whatever. I'm looking forward to the fact that I'm not assigning myself to a single career/destiny.


My dude is barely out of diapers, haha.


Never too old to start something new. Consider a trade as well; some of the happiest and most comfortable persons I know do construction, hvac, electrical work, put in building foundations. I had a desk job for 40 years and they are happier than I was working outside and in some cases being their own boss. Best wishes to you!


I’m in the water utility trade, didn’t start my current career until I way 34. Took a few night classes at the local trade school and now I’m making six figures. We will always need water and it’s a job that can’t be outsourced.


This. I got a degree in biology and was making $24,000 with no health insurance as my first job out of college about ten years ago. Switched to carpentry and my first job was $54,000/year. Now a general contractor making more. Trades are awesome, just be ready for having arthritic hands.


Indeed. Construction guy, half my working life was Union Operators, never had to look for work or vet an employer, made excellent money, gold standard health care, sweet pension, ready-made activist cohort.


Bruh I'm 22 and still shit my pants


I shit my pants yesterday lmao But I’m in college and this question made me feel like I am behind as I started at 19-20 but one has to remember that there is no set time for things. That you can go at your own pace. That’s really what this pandemic has taught me tbh


It gets worse as you get older. Don’t let them lie to you.


It gets worse?! You mean I won't shit my pants when I get older?!


Never too old to keep shitting your pants... Yeah?


Can confirm, sharted last week and I’m early 30s


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Even 32 ain't bad. I know people who didn't get successful or stable until their mid-late 30s and are doing great. wtf. 22? Jesus, it's like a 19 year old going on and on about being Forever Alone. Dude wtf, most people are still virgins at 19.


Honestly. For anyone who is a similar age to op thats reading this, imagine a 13 year old asking you if their life is ruined because they got a C in their 7th grade math class. That's how ridiculous this reads to people in their 30s and 40s


Thank you for putting this in perspective. Turing 22 next week and felt like my time to be successful was running low. I still don't know what I want to be or my purpose in life, but reading this and other comments roasting us young adults about feeling old and a failure actually makes me feel better lol.


The human brain isn't done forming until 25.


Disagree. Source: Am 25 and still retarded.


College professor here; at least half of my students are adults returning to school after having worked for a while, parented, or otherwise occupied themselves. College professors tend to love mature students precisely because they have some real-world experience, and they act as a mature influence on the kids straight outta high school.


Oh wow, really? That is definitely encouraging to hear, thank you!


Believe everyone here, 22 is NOT old. I'd argue that's the age you should reach before you make the informed decision to get a degree. I'm 27 now and am going back to school, and many people I know regret their degree (in a field they hate) because it was expected of them to go to college right out of high school. Society is pretty backwards sometimes


You're welcome. Education will always help you, no matter which discipline or trade you choose.


In highschool I had an 89 year old doing exams in Biology with us as he had decided he wanted to be a doctor


I'm 32, lost my job, my home, my animals, everything, nothing but labor work to reference and a body not suitable for labor anymore due to past trauma and abuse to my body. I'm starting over from square one, 22 certainly isn't too late.


Good luck! I wish you the best


I’m 21, been working labour since I was 13. Landed my first white collar job and it’s laughable how little I do for such a good pay.


How did you get into the white collar job?


Everyone hypes the trades and no one mentions the toll. Sure, we get paid more now but we end up paying more later in recurring medical expenses.


You gotta be able to take care of yourself :-/ idk, my union is big on, "if you're not feeling 100%, take the day off," and, "you're allowed to do this task so many times in a day," but there are a lot of guys that completely ignore those suggestions. I've worked with a couple people that needed pretty major surgeries, knee replacements, elbows from pulling cable overhead, hernias, etc. I also hear stories all the time about people passing away right after retirement. Idk, they want me to work until 60 to collect my whole pension, I'm probably going to put my card on hold at 45 and start a buisness with my wife.


Knowing when to take a break is important. I also work with a lot of people who ignore their bodies telling them to stop. If my knees aren’t feeling up to the task on any given day, you can bet I’m not going to be doing a lot of knee bending motions that day, I’m going to have whoever I’m working with do that stuff, and they completely understand too. If you talk to a lot of the older guys who are still going with no signs of slowing down, they often recommend fitness outside of work, and knowing when to take a break.


I’ve also noticed that there’s this mentality in trades that doing things like stretching, keeping proper form, doing mobility exercises, etc. are for wimps. Like no sir, it’s so you don’t feel geriatric at 40 or 50 and cut your lifespan down. My dad is part of that group and it’s so annoying cause he claims all that bs, yet has had multiple knee/foot/hand surgeries and is now drinking himself to death to keep the pain away.


Still have a pulse? Then not too late.


The real right answer. Don’t let the common or typical (or worse, expected) roadmap of life dictate yours. Are you alive? Then live!




Thanks for this:)


how is 22 too old? lol. one day you are going to look back on this comment and laugh out loud, promise you. Shit take anther year or three off. live life, travel, get nuts, then at 25 go back to school. you'll be aight.


To put it into perspective, 22 years old is the typical age of a college senior. You won’t look an ounce out of place on a college campus. If you don’t tell anyone, I’m sure no one will ever realize you’re a couple years old! (Not that it even matter though, college is full of people going back to school)


You’re right. Thank you!


Shit, don’t make me go back to college to get another, easier degree! Right now my life is directionless and I miss college


In 4 years, you'll be 26, with or without a college degree. Might as well get one. I got mine at 28.


Congratulations on your degree! I’m going to get mine too!!


It’s never too late! I went back at 29 and graduated at 33. Was working full time with two kids as well… it’s all about motivation. Also, there were maybe three classes total that I was the oldest student in class. At 22 I was still in the beginning of my first career and now I’m 37 and going strong into my new one. Pro tip: get whatever coursework you can done at community colleges before transferring over to a four-year. You’ll save SO much money for the same outcome.


Went back at 28. Hadn’t done Math in almost ten years. Graduated with an electrical engineering degree. Couldn’t be happier. 22 is definitely still a good age to enjoy college!


Similar, except accounting for me. I was definitely apprehensive about the dumbed-down business Calc I had to take! Refresher Algebra class went a long way there.


I went back to school at 43. While taking classes I started a new business. I graduated with a useful degree and a business of my own. Life was fucking great. Go chase your goals and dreams, and don’t let anything get in your way.


I got mine at 34. Age is just a number. Spend your working time doing something you can stand and let's you live the way you want to.


I got mine right before my 33rd birthday. Never too late. Honestly, you're probably better equipped mentally and emotionally now than if you were still fresh from HS. I tackled my second go at my bachelor's and ended up with a 3.95 GPA on graduation. That would never have been the case if I'd stuck it out straight from HS. Edit: added info


Was looking for a reply with this type of sentiment, I can't agree more with you!! That's what started me on my masters path


I moved countries when I was 28. It was a complete start over on everything. I'm very happy now! You are much younger than you think you are!


Glad to hear you’re happy! It must’ve been scary.


Dude you’re not too old. I started college at 22 and turned 23 my first semester. You won’t be the only person your age in your classes. Go do what you want don’t regret not doing it later


I'm having a crisis at 31. If you want to do college, go do it. Don't let fear of being too old stop you, because you'll only get older. Start now.


I'm having a crisis at 51. I hate my profession and truly wish I had picked anything else. Hope that makes you feel better. 31 is very young.


Pick something else. Say it takes 4 years. You'll still be 55 in 4 years. Might as well be 55 doing something you enjoy. If you're going to retire from that job in a short amount of time, consider riding it until then and starting something new.


Please tell me 38 is young. I am struggling.


It's young. I'm 39 and just graduated with a first, my 50 year old uni friend did also. It is never too late to make big changes, the hard bit is the funding and logistics once you're older.


>Please tell me 38 is young. I am struggling. I'm 43 and doing a degree. If I start work at 45, I still have 20 years for a career, which is plenty. The main thing is, you want to keep yourself healthy, then there is no problem.


I'm 38 and want to go to a trade school or something but I'm already feeling arthritic.


My partner's dad was homeless at 30, drifting between jobs until his mid 40s, went back to school, and is now working at a prestigious research lab. He did that while he was a father. You're still young.


As someone who is 30 and essentially starting life over at square one, this helps a lot.


38 *is* young. I'm 38 and I feel so young. I mean, I have two teenagers and my knee plays up a bit but other than that.. I'm in college now and I'm losing weight (thank you intermittent fasting) and honestly? I can't wait for my forties. I'll be working with a good wage, have my freedom back after being a stay at home mum for 15 years and I feel like I'm getting a dó over of my 20s. If I ever feel old, I do a little thought experiment to make me feel better. It helped my when I was having a crisis about being a single mum and feeling like my life was passing me by. I close my eyes and imagine being 80. I imagine what it feels like physically and mentally. I imagine what it would have been like if I never left my abusive partner and how my life has been wasted. I wish that I could go back and change things. Then I open my eyes. I'm young again. I'm only 38. I have a whole another lifetime to live. My prayers have been answered.


You’re gonna live your ENTIRE life’s worth of years again. That’s seems pretty young to me .


My mom went back to school in her mid-30s, had me at 38, and became a doctor around 40. You're definitely still young!


Isn't it funny, the 22 year old thinking it's too late to do anything about it, and the 31 year old telling them it's not too late at all, all the while having the same dilemma as the 22 year old, and now here you are, at 51, telling the 31 year old the same thing they were telling the 22 year old. Life's funny like that some times. I'm sure there's a 75 year old out there who would tell you it's not too late, and that he wishes he made different choices.


31? Pfft you’re still just a baby too!


I know I'm not OP, but thank you. Joke or not, it was still reassuring. xD


I don't even think it's just a joke. I was having a crisis at 27 about going back and I went back and now I'll be done next year when I turn 30. It's not too late at all. If I was to start at 30/31, I'd still choose to go back over being stuck in the same boring job I hate


22 lol. Dis dude barely even born last millennium


Lmao, I was sure this thread was answered to hell, just came here to gloat at this guy thinking 22 is old. 22 is still in the "barely legal" category on PornHub... There's a reason for that


Well, you can either go to college and in 4 years you’ll be 26 with a degree. Or, don’t go and in 4 years you’ll still be 26 but…no degree. 22 is so young, I guarantee you won’t be the oldest person there.


Youre still young, go if you need it


22 is still very very young. Your frontal lobe doesn't even finish growing until you're 25. I'm about to be 30 here and used to fret about that but now I look back and wonder why I was ever worried. No worries, you've barely even gotten started.


My aunt great decided she wants to be a doctor. She is almost done with her certifications. She grew up in a 1 bedroom house with 5 siblings and a terrible father. She’s 77. I’m proud she found her calling. Even if she waited that long!


Me and your aunt have a lot in common hahaha congratulations to your aunt!


Honey, you are going to live many different lives while you're here. You will feel like this again - maybe at 30, maybe at 50. And every time, the answer is the same: It's never too late to pursue success and happiness, whatever it means for you at the time. The time is going to pass either way. Do the thing. This is the earliest you'll ever be able to do it.


I will now be saving this for when I’m 30 and 50. Thank you!!


My study group in engineering school had a couple of 40+ year old folks in it. Never too late.


You're only 4 years older than the age when high schoolers enter. That's nothing. There's people who DATE other people with wider age gaps than that. Whether college is right for you depends on a number of personal goals and individual circumstances that you know and I don't. But your age should not be a limiting factor to you.


Going back later, in my opinion, is the way to go. You get more financial aid, you have more life experience and have a better idea of what you'd like to do, and honestly, I think going back to school is important for people as they get older. We should always be learning more and career changes happen to everyone at any age. I just graduated and I'm 30. There were people 10+years older than me in my classes who were doing dope shit. The way I look at it, as a leftist, is if someone as unqualified as Donald Trump could become president, I could sure as shit go back to college and change my career. As you get older, you learn that you will never be the least qualified person at your job if you even care a little bit about it.


Lol the Donald Trump comment really sealed the motivation for me. Thank you you’re absolutely right


I started to study engineerong when I was 26... I got a trade when I was 23, I certified as a welder. Until that I was just an unemployed loser doing nothing. I'm 28. I study with people who are on average +10 years older than I am. When I turned 21 my mom said that I was barely out of nappies. You are at the age when you are still supposed to do stupid shit, mistakes, and realise yourself. Fuck I understood who I am as a person and what I am when I was 27.


So I’m on track then lol because I am currently doing everything you listed for my age. Thank you and congratulations on your journey!


I didn’t even stop drugs until 28/29… worked and went to college 30-37. Doing great now. Homeowner, married, kid, pets. Never too late— you can do it & it IS worth it


Congratulations on literally everything!! And thank you.


Yesss my g, giving us all motivation here!!! (I'm in a similar boat to OP but am 26)


Dude I had a 21yo in my freshman class last fall. It's not too late to do what you gotta do. A) hardly anyone's even gonna realize unless you tell them, and B) seriously no one's gonna judge. That guy was one of my favorite classmates


It’s better you didn’t waste your money on some stupid classes that you weren’t actually interested in due to social pressure. I know many who have done this and regret it. You have more life experience now to make an accurate decision on what you are interested in, lots of time to figure it out.


I skipped college in my early 20’s because I drank too much and partied and knew I’d waste the student loans and have nothing to show for it. I started college at the ripe age of 27 and I’m 32 now and I’ll have my Bachelors after this fall semester. There really are no stupid questions but asking if 22 is too old to go to college is creeping up there… with peace and love of course!


>22 ... old Me: Oh god...


I am 41 and just started turning my life around last year. I would also recommend a trade like electrician or plumber or carpenter or welder....or you get what I mean.


Congratulations on turning your life around! I’ve heard about trade school I will definitely look into it. Thank you


The cost is minimal too. Not 70k for a bachelors from a college. Some companies will pay for your trade school.


If you do a bachelors, go to community college and transfer! The main benefit of doing all 4 years at a degree-granting institution is living in the dorms, which doesn’t seem very helpful for you and costs a ton extra


I second this! Not to mention, I wayyyy preferred experience at community college, especially the professors. University has largely been a massively overpriced disappointment.


How do you even get started into a trade?


You are a baby. You have like 7 do- overs left.


I’m stealing this from somewhere but think of it this way. You’re gonna be 26 someday anyways so might as well be 26 with a degree.


I knew people who were over *twice* your age in college trying to turn their life around. Go to college, it's not too late.


Samuel L. Jackson started his film career at 46. You still have loads of time to be a bad motherfucker. Just don't do heroin.


Lol no, never that.


The human brain isn't even fully developed until age 25-26. You are not too old, for anything.


I went back to college at 40. You got this.


Average person lives until about 74 years old. Could you imagine how hopeless life would be if we passed our last opportunity by the time we hit 22? 52 years of helplessness? Not even this reality is that messed up. You have more than two more life-until-nows to do whatever you want.


22 is not too old. I know people who went to college in their 30s.


Oh thank the gods I'm not stuck as the person I was at 22. Yes, you can honestly and truly change your life drastically at 22. You're not even that old for college. I went back at 25 and most people just assumed I was a transfer. College is way less serious than media would have you believe. Also, college isn't necessary for a comfortable and successful life. If college doesn't suit you, take up an art or a trade, go to a technical school or get an internship, write or draw or open an only fans or a twitch channel. Do whatever you need to do to make the money you need to survive and pursue your passions. Money can't buy happiness but financial stability goes a long way towards being comfortable.


Bruh, I’m 35, and I’m thinking about going back. It’s not too late. I had classmates in college that were in their 60’s. Live your life. You got this.


Bahahaha, 22 years old... Yes. One thing that will change is that you’ll gain perspective, look back on this question, and laugh and laugh.


Let me just say this is the only sub where that isn’t a troll question. 22 is literally a baby.


Bro I finished my degree at 41, 14 years after I started. Never too late.


22? TWENTY-TWO? You are a baby, my friend. A fetus! You still have your whole life ahead of you. Go to college! I’m sure you won’t even be the only 22yo in your graduating class.


I went back to college at 28! You can do it.


22 is super early. The tip to successfulness is not not give a shit what other people think. Going to college at age 22? Sure that’s awesome that you want to learn new things, fuck people who judge you. I’m doing my PhD, and let me tell you there are literally people in their 40s and 50s doing PhD. It’s never too late to learn things, and just know that for a lot of the people out there like us, we won’t judge you for being older than other same year colleagues, in fact, we’re really surprised and astounded by how brave you are to try things out. You’re not alone in this world, my friend finished college as a bio student, but didn’t like what she studied, so she took two years preparing for the exam and applied for dentist major. She’s now a certified dentist and happily married. I did my bachelor in mechanical engineering, but midway through for some reason I ended up doing PhD in material science, the subject that I failed in my freshman year. You never know where life takes you, and that’s the beautiful part of life. You can steer and aim for what you think you want, but often the stream might redirect you to another path, and that’s ok, just know that each path has its own unique view and worth enjoying. My mentor always said, if a person graduated top tier, got to a great college, Masters, PhD, applied for a great and easy job, made a lot of money, and retired with a wife and kids, he has the worst life possible, because there’s no story to his life. Just know that the more stories you can tell others about your life, the more flavorful your life is. It’s not about success, often times the journey, and sometimes even suffering throughout your life can make great memories in the future.


My aunt went back to school at 50 and got her masters. You're not old. Just don't waste more time thinking about it. Go do it.


You’re right. I’ve already wasted a year contemplating if I should go back or not. Thank you!


You haven’t wasted anything! We’re human, we’re constantly evolving to our situations/life/all the billions of things always happening. I failed out at 18, lost my full ride, the whole 9. “Wasted” 2 years working in what I thought would be a career before realizing I missed college. Now I look back on it and those 2 years were exactly what I needed. It’s never wasted, it’s time spent understanding who you are, what you want, and what you need. You’re young af, I graduated college with a BS at 26, my friends all finished at 21-22 but who cares? We all do things differently. You’ll be just fine!


Dude 22 is young. I left college with 2 years left, went back at the ripe age of 24 and got my bachelors at 26. Oh and btw I’m now 38 and realized I wish I had gone to a technical school. So I just started that 3 weeks ago. I’ll be getting married in September and that means I’ll be in school for the first two years of my marriage, and when I’m 40 I can finally get a job in a field that I’ll enjoy. You’re never too old.


And the magic 8 ball said, " Ask Again when you're 30".


My comment will just add to everything everyone else is saying, but I wanted to share my story. 22 is not too old for college. I went right after high school but had zero focus after 3 terms. Dropped out, joined the military for a while, found my focus after a few years, and reenrolled after my enlistment was up. Returned to the classroom when I was 24, took my time getting my bachelor's and graduated 5½ years later. Went back for my teaching certification, and entered the education field, where I have been happy for the last 23 years. Just do it, man!


I don’t know where you from. But my story starts at 22. i entered full adult life. Earning way more money than my then student friends did. And since then I know, you recognize you’re doing well when your old friends do. Do WHATEVER you want to do. Don’t give a flying f about your peers and friends. It’s YOUR life. And believe me: 50% won’t make it career wise. And the rest is old money. Stay the way you are Stop doubting And the world is yours! Edit: Sounds bit weird. I started as an intern in a bank and worked my way up. With some bachelor-ish background


I'm 25 and currently attending college finally to get out of the career I dove into when I was 21. It's never too late, because there's nothing to be "late" for.


I didn’t go to University until I was 29, and was married with a kid. No one’s life is irreversible at 22, hell no ones life is irreversible at 52!


I completely regret going to university. Was a waste of my time and I only went because I thought I had to go. At 22 you have your whole life ahead of you. You're still a baby adult. Just make sure you don't waste you years between 20 - 30. It's a looooong journey and victory is not achieved on any single day but is the result of compounded effort in the right direction over many many days. So if you have a bad day don't stress and don't beat yourself up about it. It's a ratio if you have one bad day make sure you relax, regroup, rethink and then follow it up with a good day or 3. Never give up, just circle back and try again. All success is built on the back of repeated failure. Don't try to achieve too much in a single day, focus on 3 things to accomplish and do them to the best of your ability. Don't get distracted by nice but irrelevant things - in this day and age with social media exposing us to sights, sounds and ideas we'd never have seen organically it can be easy to suddenly want to be a ski instructor even tho you live in Africa or a bee keeper or whatever. I read this somewhere and it applies - make a list of the top 25 things you want to do or be. Then pick the best 5 focus on them and never think about the other 20 again. You can do this exercise yearly to update and validate the results but the important thing is to limit what you put on your plate. Focus on your health - develop and understanding of what is healthy and what works for you. Diet, mentality, spirituality and exercise. Do not let a week pass in your 20s where you don't exercise (at least 3 times). Again it's a long journey and the results may seem to never come but trust in your direction, head down move forward. When you enter your 30s you will be primed and amazed at the condition you are compared to your peers - even if It's just happiness without wealth. Also - try not to compare with your peers. Put money away in a place that will grow. Do this every month. I know it's tempting to spend it, buy the latest toys, go to bars and restaurants but do all of this AFTER you have tucked at least 15% of your income away. A stocks and shares ISA, ETF, Index tracker, pension, company share plan, property, company/business. All are good! Spend after you save not the other way around. Pay day = save day. Do this and forget about success. When a kid looks on the mirror every day wishing he was taller he never sees the growth. Go away, work hard, choose to be happy and trust that universe will reward you with what you deserve and can handle. Work on seeing the good, the sun on your skin, a cuddle with a loved one. I hope that in this moment you are not hungry, in pain or in discomfort. Remind yourself of that when you let the troubles of the past or worries for the future creep in a affect your happiness in this moment. Let the past live in the past and let the future stay in the future. It is important to remember and to plan but try to keep the present just for you. Read the meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Read up about the Stoics. Read Viktor Frankl's Man's search for meaning. Read the subtle art of not giving a fuck. Read Ekhart Tolle's the power of now. Read Tony Robbins - any (I recommend Unshakable). Read David Goggins Can't hurt me. Ask who do I want to be. What do I enjoy. Why am I doing this. What am I good at. What is useful/valuable now. What will be useful/valuable in the future. Above all happiness is not seeking an finding pleasure. Therein lies hedonism and addiction. Being content is a mindset and a discipline that one can work on. It is the key to saving on your time and resources so that you use these more effectively. If you just wake up and do whatever you want or whatever tickles your desire in the moment without asking 'does this take me closer to what is really important' you might look up and you'll be entering your 30s having devoted a vast amount of your prime years to things that were fun but ultimately grew into nothing. This could be staying in the club till 6am instead of leaving at 1am. It could be trying to fuck a tinder date when you already have someone you would like a serious relationship with. It could be smoking weed first thing in the morning, it could be not having a glass of water between beers - to each his own vices and virtues. You are young, life is both longer and shorter then we expect. Relax.


You still have a few years to be a fuckup. Don’t sweat it.


You mean we aren’t supposed to be fuckups when we turn 30? Oh my


It still works for most of us.


I’m 23 & going back this fall to finish pursuing my bachelors at the university after taking a year and a half off. It’s not too late! 💪🏼


You're very young and have lots of time. Don't worry and just start taking steps to where you want to be


I went to trade school and changed careers at 36. Age really is just a number.


You’re not too old just too immature and insecure to take action towards your life goals. You’re in the stage of life where people do what works for them at their own pace. You’ll see people getting married, travelling, going to college, learning trades and taking responsibility for their own health. We’re all just living now and reacting to the cards and wants we have. What other 22 year olds are doing should have weight to what you do.


I just turned 40 and finished my second year in college. The only time that's too late to turn things around is when you're dead.


22 is sooooo young, you’re just a kid. I’m 34 and still am struggling with a good job. I think this is what is called a “this is life?” moment. Trust me, if you’re worried about this at 22 you’ll be fine. Just know life sucks sometimes and real disappointment will come with growing older. Hang in there and “roll with the punches” lol. One huge piece of advice… don’t sell yourself short, know that everyone else is going thru the same, fake it to you make it.


Nope not too old. Switched direction when I was 25. Return to school two years later to advance in my career choice, machining, finished the machine tool technology course just shy of my 30th birthday.


You’re young af lol. I went back to school at 29 and it was fine.


22??? Seriously? You are a lot closer to "too young" than to "too old". Just do whatever you want and go back to school if you think that's right for you.


I'm also 22 and feel this way because our peers who show what they're doing are the ones going about it the cookie cutter way. If you ask people you respect who are older than you, most of the time they can't even remember exactly what they were doing at 22, and most of the time it's not even close to what they're like at their old age. We're babies, we've barely hit adulthood. We got this. Our timeline is our timeline.


Started college at 18, graduated with bachelors at 25. Full time the entire way. You are still on par to be on track with me!


I went back at 31, and I was in the middle in terms of age. Go for it. You don’t know now, but oh my god 22 is YOUNG. You can do literally anything; there is nothing you’re too old for at 22. My god, your brain hasn’t even stopped developing yet.


I believe Tangled said it best: Go. Live your dream.


IMO people are sent off to decide what they’ll do for the rest of their lives, far too young. I went to college because I was supposed to. I skipped classes, paid only enough attention to graduate, and barely remembered a thing at the end of each day. I think when you’ve worked for a few years and had some time to process what adulthood will be for you, it’s easier to pinpoint what you may want to change and how greater education may work in that plan.