Strange but not creepy experience at the Salt Lake City Airport

Strange but not creepy experience at the Salt Lake City Airport


Interesting...I would think if she was waiting for a flight, she would have waited for you to wake up to get back her sweater. Or even taken it before you woke up if she needed to leave? Very strange!


Did it have a scent or smell, like perfume or flowers, detergent maybe?


Trust your intuition👍🏻


I doubt the airport was completely empty and a cardigan floated to you. It was probably just a nice stranger.


I think we've become conditioned to see bad deeds happen then good ones. Sounds like this woman saw you alone and cold and wanted to help.


Wow, she seems to be a gem, whoever she was. Look, the cardigan was there when you woke, so it wasn’t a dream or a ghost. Add her to your list of guardian angels and feel loved.


Still could have been a spirit, as they can move objects at times, though I would presume it must be an especially powerful being to be able to do something like this, so maybe a guardian angel! Even more interesting that she left the cardigan- for all we know it was magical and blessed by the spirit or guardian, and perhaps it mysteriously vanished after she left it on the windowsill. :)


What a sweet lady!


Thats not so weird. People like doing kind things like that. I was in a food court once reading...Just as I finished my book by Herman Hesse called 'Siddartha' (who was Gautama Buddha) I look up and see a waitress on her break meditating with her eyes closed. without thinking I walk up and place the book silently in front of her so when she opens her eyes its there for her. I wonder what she thought!




That gave me goosebumps. I also read that book that’s a perfect thing to do with it. Bless you


Thats amazing! I'm not even very far from salt lake.


You might remind her of her daughter or grand daughter


That's a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.


Yeah or she was making her way to her flight late at night and was worried about you. Maybe you reminded her of her daughter or someone dear to her she lost. Creepy but warming as well. If we weren’t so apprehensive towards things because of human nature and those that act bad. Rarely and sometimes though you get the ones pure of heart that just wants to help and keep peace. Hopefully this was one of those times!


I love this! Maybe she was a spirit, or at least a kindred spirit caring for the younger generation. ❤