How long will I have to carry my baby around???

How long will I have to carry my baby around???


I wore my kid until he was around 2.5. He preferred being worn rather than the stroller, but obviously by 2.5 he walked most of the time and just wanted to be worn if tired. I stopped carrying my kid in arms at around 3 months, then switched to a carrier and never looked back. I had a Boba Air that folded up to nothing and fit in my purse.


My four year old still likes to picked up and carried but it’s way less often than a infant.


My son is also 5 months and can be really clingy. My daughter became way more comfortable with her independence once she could crawl around 6.5 months. Like, why would I want to be held by mom when I could do this instead? My son is already starting to show signs of wanting to be mobile so I’m HOPING it’s similar for him too. However I think part of it has to do with a baby’s personality. He’s a little needier than she was so I imagine it will last a little longer. Either way, you’re not alone!


10 months and just now starting to be more independent and crawl around more. My 2.5 year old sometimes wants “uppy” but honestly I just tell her no most of the time unless we have been walking for a while and don’t have a stroller for her. She is happy holding my hand for the most part.


Some days my 14 month old still needs to be carried most of the day (usually when she's sick or her molars are coming in). But she's also been happy to be off on her own for short periods from about 10 months


2 years, still wants to be picked up after walking for 2-3 minutes. Not sure if he gets tired quickly or just lazy. Trying to build up his stamina.


Pretty much until they were able to crawl or walk and then it became the chase game. Be happy to know that when you carry them, they are within sight and within reach!


I had to hold my son every minute until he was able to walk, around 8 months. He’s almost 10 months now and he’s happy to stomp around for at least a little while!


When I had to switch from breastfeeding to formula, my kid like doubled that week in weigh. This was at 3 months. I played with her on the ground until she was happy and distracted, it didn’t take long for her to be okay not being carried all the time. This is what worked for me.


My 17 month old stills wants to be carried most of the time.


As soon as ours could crawl that was it for carrying, he wanted to crawl to where you were. At 2.5 our child will only agree to being carried if he's about to fall asleep, scared of something or he agrees that a flight of stairs is actually very big (and even then only going down)


I still carry around my 2.5 year old.


Until they walk easily, so maybe 18 months.


I have a 6 and even a 13 year old who loves piggy back rides. Granted her daddy is the only one strong enough to give my 13 year old piggy back rides anymore. Honestly it's one of those moments where you have to remind yourself that there will come a time that they are just too big to carry around anymore so don't throw your back out but do enjoy it while you can.


I carried until 18months because husband and I actually enjoyed it a lot better than the stroller.


Until age 2.5 or so maybe? For starters, even once baby is mobile, they can see SO MUCH MORE when you're carrying them as opposed to when they're at their height on the floor. That automatically makes it more attractive.


When mine started to crawl (around 9 months) he did not like being held one bit. I think once he realized he had some independence and mobility skills to work on he was ready to explore.


My third baby is 7 months old, and I get it, it's tiring. She's still in my arms for a good portion of her awake time. Based on my first two, I'd say it's a gradual transition to more independence up until about 12 months (crawling well and maybe walking). Then it's more like the toddler will come to you to be picked up and comforted, but they play better on their own for a bit. Some people here are saying until 2+ years. That has not been my experience. Maybe they're talking about when they're going somewhere outside the house, or the occasional pick up for comfort? Most toddlers want to move around and play, not spend the day in your arms like an infant, which I think is the behavior you're asking about.


I started lifting weights so I can keep carrying my 6 year old around… I think he’ll be taller than me before he stops wanting me to carry him when he’s tired.


It really just depends on the kiddo. My 3.5 year old still asks me to hold her if we’re in a public space. She’s fine on her own in places we really frequent and will walk beside me at the grocery but if we go in somewhere she hasnt been she wants me to carry her. Try baby wearing so your hands can be free


My oldest is almost 3 and still likes to be picked up and carried. Now I do insist on a stroller or cart at the store as my arms can't take it and there's no letting him down to walk because he's faster than me but even just taking him out to the car or when I want him to leave a room I usually have to carry him.