The Groypers declare war on Jews during a Trump rally

The Groypers declare war on Jews during a Trump rally

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The American history X girl friend haircut.


They played awful pieces of shit in that film and they succeeded in that aim. I hated them. But I won't lie.... That scene with her riding Eddie Norton... Dangit Bobby.... Also if you like the idea of Edward Furlong playing a misguided youth easily led astray by his wayward older brother check out the film "Little Odessa".


She's the first woman I ever noticed. I'm barely interested in women as it is. But her? Hottest woman on Earth. Fairuza Balk.


She gave me huge bisexual panic as a teen lol. Her and Denise Richards. And Pink.


Wild things😳


And later? A Bond girl. Even now the woman is stunning! 10/10, would smash today if she offered...lol.


I'd watch her and my husband if she was down..


🤣 she is very married so probably not your hubs, but word on the street is she had an affair with a woman last year, so there's still hope for you!


Haha oh she is out of my league even if she was just the girl next door


I wasn't a Denise Richards stan until I met her at some media thing in Los Angeles in the 90s. She was like a literal doll. Like somebody made her up to explain what was attractive


I can’t hear “How Soon Is Now” without thinking about The Craft and her. :)


I have a fantasy of fucking in combat boots from that scene. Hnnnnnng


Isn’t that hitlers speech..




In a British accent? Is he British or is he trying to do Shakespearean Hitler?


Aussie. Its Cat Boy Kami. Hes a notorious troll. Baked Alaska is right behind him also.


That’s no troll. That’s a straight up Nazi.


So is he trolling the crowd? Or is he a proper racist, "trolling" ... the world?


He's a white nationalist super far right extremist, yeah he believes every word he's saying.


>He's a white nationalist super far right extremist, yeah he believes every word he's saying. So just a regular Trump supporter then.


No. An entirely different kind of ilk. Not all Trump supporters were far right extremists or white nationalists. That's probably changed a bit after Jan 6, but not every Trump supporter was some actually Hitler speech spewing nut case.


I’d be willing to bet he’s not the only Trumpanzee who has memorized Hitlers speeches


A white Australian foreigner. So much for “bUiLd ThAt WaLl.” If you’re white, it doesn’t matter much if you’re also a foreigner it appears to be.


He is literally a Nazi/White Nationalist. If trolling is being a dick and hateful... then I guess that's what he is doing. You can find videos of him with that name mentioned. Banned on Yt and Twitch.


Just a typical Trump supporter


Troll? In what sense? Just spewing hate and he is a believer in his own bullshit.


Why hasn't he been violently deported yet? Probably a Murdoch asset.


By who? The ICE employees standing behind him?


I thought he was trying to imitate "Sparta" to give his speech more gravitas lol.




And the trumpers were cheering so loudly too, go figure.


Its timeless. Too bad the public schools never tought us it. Other wise some of these people might have caught on.


Don't you think him mentioning that it's the Jews fault would have triggered something for them *not* to cheer?


I'm not surprised at all. Racists gonna racist.


Im not sure half of them heard what he said just how he said it. Mob mentally is a funny thing. Not saying some didnt hear him and cheer which got everyome going.


Exactly. Majority of those people have no idea wtf he is even saying.


bullshit. They cheered like crazy when he said jews. These are trump supporters, thats what they do


Maga = nazis so no lol


That is yes


Groypers sounds like a name for a bunch of boy gropers


There's a video of Nick Fuentes saying that the age of consent is a feminist construct so yes.


It’s a WHAT now??


He says he can do an Ian Watson.




It's Nick Fuentes' group. Nick is friends with Alex Jones and is frequently on his show.


Which knowing this crowd, they probably are or wish they had the balls to act on that fantasy anyways.


Gave you an upvote because though the alt right redditors are too cowardly to comment anymore they do go around downvoting anyone who calls them out for how ugly and fucking pathetic they are.


I hate Illinois' Nazis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTT1qUswYL0


I knew the scene and was expecting a rickroll, I was surprised, thank you


Wait until they find out who Trump's daughter married.


Ivanka also converted to Judaism


Yes, and they hate her for it. Many of them don't even like Trump and consider him a "leftist", or part of a Jewish conspiracy. What they do love though, is capitalizing off all the xenophobia and bigotry Trump has promoted, in order to push their Nazi agenda. Jokes on them, Trump is actually a Nazi.


Like she's an actively practicing jew? If not then I don't really consider it converting. I've seen quite a few people "convert" the X religion for the people they marry and it seems that they basically never actually practice the religion but rather just convert on paper.


She married into it , she and her family have a jewish Temple they go to


I get that she married into it I meant did she actually practice the religion. As in my cousin married a muslim man and "converted" to islam but she did not believe in any of the stuff and did not practice the religion and as soon as they split up she stopped being "muslim" but seeing as she didn't believe it and didn't practice the religion at all I wouldn't call it actually converting but just doing so on paper.


why would anyone pretend to convert to a religion they dont believe in? thats a character flaw, a big one.


Family, usually. It happens all the time where one partners family are very religious and they really care that their child marries someone of their religion.... But neither the child nor their partner care about it. So you just do the things to 'convert' to keep grandma and granddad sweet while making no material changes to your life. The alternative is sometimes breaking up a family and if you don't believe in the religion, there's not much harm in just playing the game to keep everyone happy. Like my grandma on my dad's side was a devout Catholic. She wasn't keen on her kids marrying outside Catholicism at all. 2 of them did in the end (including my dad to my atheist mum) and while my grandma did get over it eventually, I wouldn't have blamed my mum for pretending to go Catholic for an easy life if she decided to. Before my parents got married the priest made my mum take 2 months of wife lessons (lol) then I got baptised and I went to Catholic schools until I was 18 which kept my grandma happy. Sometimes people are so lovely and important to you but they are completely dominated by their religion. If you think it's all hooey anyway I don't see an issue with just humouring them if you can keep them in your life that way. She would have been absolutely distraught if I wasn't baptised for example, but to my mum it's like a day out where I get a bit wet. No big deal. To my grandma it would be my parents cavalierly risking my immortal soul if we didn't. So you do the things and nobody is hurt. I don't think it's indicative of some huge character failing to not relentlessly exercise what you believe. We all play along pretending to laugh at a bosses joke, telling white lies about little things to save a person's feelings, tell grandma you went to mass when you didn't. It's all the same to me really.


Yep- I did, married a non believing Muslim, became a ‘Muslim’ to keep a section of her family quiet. Am an atheist, just wanted a quiet life. Only went to a mosque once, then straight down the pub afterwards.


She does practice the religion FYI. Kushner is orthodox and they keep Kosher and keep Shabbos and holidays. It's well reported. I don't know where you're getting that she doesn't.


I never said that she doesn't. Was asking if she did. It's not unheard of for people to take their spouse's religion when they marry to keep a family member or something happy but not actually practice it. By married into it I assumed they were saying she married someone who was Jewish and converted.


stop with the mental gymnastics dude


Nobody in that family actively practices anything except grifting.


The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.


Didn’t we win a war against this BS?


The war against stupidity and hatred is a never ending battle.


Sort of. If we look at the basic story of the time period, yes. But there were plenty of Nazis in the US at the time. Segregation wouldn't even end until around 20 years after the war. Gay people who were held captive in concentration camps were forced back into prisons after the war, rather than being set free. We were basically bullies who only got dragged into a war because another bully decided to attack us. We just like to pretend like we were good guys.




Ikr LOL wtf




Found Agent Smith




Fucking love your username btw


Here have an award 🥇


You realize that your implying that Jews are responsible for nazis hating them right? Maybe think a little harder before making dumb comments to sound edgy


What are groypers?


Groypers, sometimes called the Groyper Army, are a loose group of white nationalist and far-right activists, provocateurs, and internet trolls who are notable for their attempts to introduce far-right politics into mainstream conservatism in the United States. They are known for targeting other conservative groups and individuals whose agendas they view as too moderate and insufficiently nationalist. More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If something's wrong, please, report it in [my subreddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot).* *Really hope this was useful and relevant :D* *If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!*


Good bot


> who are notable for their attempts to introduce far-right politics into mainstream conservatism in the United States Wow, what a tough job.


Like going to salt lake city to "introduce" them to Mormonism or something What a joke


Oh! Hans, look! Adolf is back!


Shit eating grin at the end lol. What a little bitch


Honestly, I think he might have been trolling them. He's reciting an actual speech Hitler gave and that look at the end seems to me like he's laughing to his buddy that he can't believe those idiots were cheering him on. I could be wrong though.


He’s a known alt-right figure. I commend you for not assuming the worst, but the dude really is the worst.


He's not trolling them, hes as genuinely happy as I am scared that they love to hear him deliver hitler speeches.


He seems nice




But Trump was one of the biggest supporters of Israel. He broke Iran deal to please Netanyahu, he ignored international law and gave Israel Jerusalem and Golan heights, he blessed the normalization between UAE and Israel and many more evidence that Trump truly supported Israel. How can Nazi hate Israel and love Trump when Kushner the son in law of Trump was a Jew ? This shit doesn't make any sense.


It never has to make sense. That’s kind of the point.


🤦🏼‍♂️ This is my country and the whole world sees this. As a child in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s, I had so much more hope for this country. Now Reddit is my only source of news because I’ve turned off the Tv and deleted Facebook because the reality of what has become, it just saddens me for the youth who are going to have to try and grow up in this crumbling nation. One of my most prized possessions is a folded American flag given to my mother after my Grandfather passed for his service in WW2 liberating the Dachau concentration camp. Now people are saying the same people, who suffered and we saved, are our enemies. Even a singled out country is bad but a whole race of people whose crime is simply breathing? We are supposed to progress, not regress. Hell I digress, this is worse than regression. The cheers that followed make me sick, especially hiding under the lies of patriots. A True patriot is someone who would give their lives to build a better nation so ALL can live a better life. It is not just someone waiving a flag around. I never really gave too much thought of the Trump cult. I just assumed it was like adult versions of pop star fans. That shits real. It’s not even really political as much as ideology.




He’s an Australian troll?


As a non Jew I declare war on white nationalism.


What? What!? Nazis at a pro Trump rally? Say it ain't so. I'm shocked.


Ironic how the right go on about alpha males, when to become a young right wing male is to utterly fail in becoming one.


A lot of words but not much was said….


K, Adolph.


So they are declareing war on Jesus. He was a Jew!


Goddamn these people are such nerds.


What in thee hell did I just watch? He’s literally reciting a Hitler speech? What the f—-!


It’s funny how I comment on libs not seeing a literally Nazi right in front of them but these comments are filled with them. “Allegedly”, “supposedly”? No, this is as blatant as we’re going to get to out and about Nazis without them literally goose stepping through Central Park. Open your eyes guys, this is how the Weimar Republic fell.


What kind of accent is that? It sounds like he’s trying and failing to do Australian…


He is Australian. Their name is CatboyKami and he is nothing but human garbage. The other CHUD in the video is Baked Alaska who is another immense piece of shit.


Could have sworn Baked Alaska got arrested for storming the Capitol.


I believe he did cause he's a fucking idiot who streamed his crime live and a brief google search of Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet reveals that he is currently awaiting trial for his actions on the 6th in which there is overwhelming evidence against him.




CatboyKami and… Baked Alaska? Sounds like they both need to come out of the closet already and come to terms with who they really are - closeted homosexuals suppressing their feelings by being overtly racist and bigoted.


There's a really hilarious bit of Baked Alaska lore out there; [IIRC]* There was about a two-month period in 2019 where he went full "progressive, down with toxicity, etc." because he was trying to get into the pants of a Feminist. Shows how much of a tosspot he is. *[If I Recall Correctly]


CatboyKami and Nick Fuentes [definitely went on a date](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4fdpLsyDOo).


Sounds like he watched Gladiator and Braveheart in preparation for this


Ah, so Kiwi and fake scottish 😝


You may take our lives, but you will never take our shitty fake accents!!


You can tell he lost their collective short attention span around the brothers/enemies part and they're all just like "yeah... Whatever racist shit he's got is cool with me!"


Underrated comment right here


Has anybody told the Jews?


I mean Hitler did when he gave this speech


this speech filled my chest with greasy lurking gassy fear only for me to learn seconds later it's hitlers speech, woof


And they aren't wearing masks so we can see exactly whose racist/anti semitic. That's nice of them


Bet you most of the crowd is so dumb they thought it was the Brave Heart speech.


America will always have a place for Hitler Youth...but a Black person protesting systemic racism is somehow a terroristic ritual.


Was that literally a Hitler speech? I haven't studied any of his speeches but that sounds suspiciously exactly like something Hitler would say.


He's clearly been practicing Hitler's gestures too :-O


I am Allergic to bullshit


Man...people really gotta be a part of something, huh. Can't they, like, pick a sports team or something?


Remember this coming weekend celebrates the fact that these fucking morons can show their stupidity in public




"If you don't celebrate this national holiday with me you should leave the country." Hmm... seems like you have more in common with countries like China, NK and Syria than you think.


I mean the people who declared themselves free of Britain still owned people. Some, like Jefferson owned members of their own families, since they raped the women they owned and they had children. What a brilliant day for a select group in America.




The father's of America did tho. The guys who are idolized as bastions of freedom owned slaves and raped them and owned their own children as slaves.


>You might try putting aside what you thought I posted and actually read the post. No where did I say it was stupid to celebrate freedom. I gave 4 years of my life to ensure this right. But sometimes when people exercise that right, they show themselves to be stupid not because they are celebrating freedom, its because they are just idiots in general.




This dude isn’t even American.


Hitler wasn’t german


Is it acceptable to call them nazis yet? I know they’re gonna bitch and moan about “so much for the tolerant left” but that mean….you can’t get more nazi than this without literally going back in time and also to Germany.


This guy gets his accent from Mel Gibson‘s impersonation of William Wallace. Nothing about this is remotely American


This guy has totally earned the nickname Chowderhead.


Education is so very poor in the Americas. Do you think this guy knows America is historically antifascist? Does anyone remember this? America didnt want anything to do with a monarchy either! All of this present day right-wing fascist “i need attention” nonsense seems REALLY anti-American. (Ftr: Im not American)


America firsters having a normal one


What is going on.


Troll uses literal Hitler speech to rile MAGA crowd up


This is the bottom.


Of what? The barrel?




When did this happen? This isn't new new is it? God I hope not.


Its not, it was this troll that used a literal Hitler speech in a MAGA thing.


So he is saying that we gonna kill each other in order to stop killing each other...?


Around a MAGA hat, never relax


Why do all Nazis have such horrible haircuts?


That dude has watched too much Game of Thrones and it shows.


Wait isn’t he from Britain…. What a wanker


Almost right, but literally from the other side of the earth.


MAGATs are the lowest form of scum and deeply suffering serious mental issues . Point in fact , little Hitler here claims Jews are his enemy at a event/rally for Trump who’s daughter converted to Judaism…….


Israel is counting on these morons to derail what's happening in Gaza, couldn't do it without them.


So now Israel is counting on antisemitism to further their politics? That is antisemitic in its own right, you are no better than these people.


> you are no better than these people. I like how you're accusing that guy of being anti-semitic but Israel absolutely uses Nazis as a way to deflect from criticism of the middle east conflict while the US uses the Nazis as propaganda to justify their insane military, and the UK also uses the Nazis to help cover up the fact that their country's history is filled with colonialism, slavery, murder, etc and that Israel is just an extension of that fact. This guy helped Gavin McInnes start the Proud Boys. https://youtu.be/trpa4tEK5ms


You use an antisemitic trope while protecting an antisemite while claiming neither of you are antisemitic. The irony astounds me.


It's not a trope. It's an observable fact that has had books written about the subject. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust_Industry


**[The_Holocaust_Industry](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust_Industry)** >The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering is a 2000 book by Norman Finkelstein, in which the author argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further the interests of Israel. According to Finkelstein, this "Holocaust industry" has corrupted Jewish culture and the authentic memory of the Holocaust. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Oh wow, one Jew out of 15 million agree with you. People like you have very few sources and are predictable. Next you will use Meyers, wont you?




His anti-Jew line got the biggest cheer. This isn't some clever ruse.


They wonder why we call them Nazi’s 😂


They dont wonder. They just know they dont have the power yet to openly wear the label with pride.


Can we get this fuck fired from his job too?


He is a self employed internet personality and his audience is nazis so no


Oh good.


What a sad little man, standing on a pedestal of hate


Little boys trying to be all grown up and ignorant.




If gun ownership reached a true equality - and everyone knew it - everyone might be more careful throwing the word “war” around. I did not suggest it as a possible reality, more like the premise of a futuristic movie… a thought experiment.


The recent boom in gun ownership has been largely driven by minority groups. Pro 2A does not mean you’re a racist any more than it means you’re a communist. The vast majority of gun owners are decent, law-abiding citizens who would never associate with this type of crowd or provoke violence. But I suppose if you don’t get that now you never will. Peace.


Yes, but they're making a good point that gun control has historically been a classist and racist endeavor.


Thank you, I came back to clarify. If gun ownership reached a true equality - and everyone knew it - everyone might be more careful throwing the word “war” around. I did not suggest it as a possible reality, more like the premise of a futuristic movie… a thought experiment.


The thing is, the peaceful gun owners are not the ones most people really encounter. Sure they may be doing a concealed carry, but the key part is concealed, other folks don't know them. The folks most vocal about gun ownership and gun rights are the absolute morons who think Rambo, Red Dawn and the entire filmography of Chuck Norris are instructional videos and they are just as badass as those fictional characters in there movies. It's kinda like before geek culture became mainstream culture. If the vast majority of Star Trek fans you knew were folks who had to constantly talk about Star Trek, were always dressing in Star Trek related merch, and couldn't go a single day without relating something to an episode of Trek, it'd be understandable of you bashed Star Trek fans. Even if most star trek fans just like watching the show and don't bring it up every day.


Ah, more of them "very fine people".


Hitler did the speech better


Damn reddit is now aligning with Neo-Nazis to "Free Palestine"


is this like a wanna be borat?


This was from months ago and he's reciting a speech by Hitler and he's trolling them into cheering for it..




Not all Jews are representative of the state of Israel or the people (plenty aren't even Jewish) supporting Zionism. I.e. Fuck Zionists (regardless of whether they're Jewish or not), not all Jews.


He is just smirking at his political ambush. Bunch of dear caught in the headlights of this Nazi.


Wouldn’t it be wild if there was a movement in Germany where they waved American Flags and were total hillbillies??


Dude is proud of himself, ain’t he?