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This is fucking awful


Couldn’t watch this. Terrible.


I've never had such an urge to bitch slap a kid, let alone three of them and one "adult"


What shoud I do my lord? Destroy the children (the three bullies and the adult)


*Anakin has appeared*




Hello God here, yes.


> Couldn’t watch this. Terrible. I tried to avoid it but fuck this mobile update, if you want to see comments videos immediately start playing. Just terrible


This mobile update is so fucking awful


Worst part is trying to turn off volume


And the button to jump comment threads disappears on videos for me now.




Yes. This is the first comment I’ve seen acknowledging this since the update. Seriously, what the fuck?


Agreed, the new update was complete shit. You also can’t use the arrow to quickly scroll through comments on video posts now which is frustrating


That and showing me posts from subs I don’t sub to. Wtf Reddit, if I wanted to see popular I’d be scrolling popular.


That's what's going on, I've spent more time saying I don't want to see all these different subs than I have looking at the one's I do wanna look at 🤬🤬


Yup. They took something simple that I liked and are trying to turn it into Facebook. I think you can even post gifs now and I think that is the last straw for me.


The whole reason I use Reddit is because I can't stand the other platforms fucking shitbook


This has been really, really fucking annoying me. It’s such an awful addition. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks so. I couldn’t find anywhere the changes were announced to give feedback either.


Shouldn’t this be posted under r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Glad I'm not the only one. I was going to make a no stupid questions post about how to get videos to stop playing on mobile when you are trying to read comments. This sucks balls. I just turn off the sound instead now. Like why can you click the video to pause it, but then you click to go to comments and it starts playing again. Makes no god damn sense.


Fucking HATE it. It's almost made me delete the whole fucking app.


You guys should try Boost. It's a much better Reddit API app.




Those kids need youth detention


Currently am an officer in a Youth detention centre.. I'd say 1 out of 20 kids we get coming through will go on to live good, healthy, normal life's.. the others just don't, they get killed or end up in an adult facility. They all come from broken homes, we help them were we can, counsel them when we can.. then they leave, and just get roped right back into all the shit that got them into jail in the first place. Our centre is a revolving door for a lot of kids. It's quite sad. These kids don't stand a chance, they either have one or no parents, or their parents help facilitate them in how to be an absolutely garbage human. I like my job, it's great when I can help a kid change, but for the most part me and my co workers know we are doing nothing for them. But we try. The adult in this video needs to get his knees kicked in for supporting this shit.


This adult needs more than that. If he can watch, film, and laugh during this and then had now qualms about posting it, just imagine what he does when no one is watching.


The adult is an accomplice to the crime.


Thanks for trying to make a difference man!




They need juvie or whatever the fuck is harshest


Guy recording needs juvie because he's the least mature of all of them.


He needs legit jail time.


He needs his ass kicked and prison time.


I read deletion.


Yeah great, I just woke up and now this is the mood I‘m starting my day with… :(


Almost puked seeing this


Fuck that piece of shit filming especially


For what it's worth, also fuck those pieces of shit that are attacking him.


If karma is a thing, the least it can do is get his dick cut off in a chainsaw accident.


What a bunch of bitch ass losers especially that fuckin loser recoding this


Where is this clip from originally? Were the individuals in the film arrested and prosecuted? It's pretty clear society has failed everyone pictured in the video.


> Police used the Instagram video to track down the group, but are still searching for a fourth suspect who filmed the fight and posted it online. Better than I expected. Hope they find the filmer.


According to what I've been lead to believe the filmer who posted it online should be the easiest to find out of all these people.


That's what I'm confused about, that should be traceable I bet he's not smart enough to even use so much as a VPN or a false account Edit: did some tool really just comment "lol I can tell you're white by this comment" then delete it? Wtf?


Yap. I guess someone bright enough posting evidence on Instagram probably doesn't have the best OPSEC.


Most upload sites strip out the metadata which is what would have made this super easy to trace back to a specific phone that recorded it.


I'm not hackerman savvy at all but, unless there is a geo-stamp, wouldn't it require that the authorities can actually locate the original upload?


If randos on reddit can find it so can authorities


The child-murderer Casey Anthony is walking around a free person in part because authorities didn't know to check any browser on a PC other than Internet Explorer. What they were looking for was searched on Firefox. We know that now, but didn't in time for the trial. I wouldn't trust authorities to find hay in a hay stack.


I saw video that was less than 6 months old now where the police were tracking a predator across state lines with a kidnapped minor. Verbatim the cop said "apparently he was grooming her on a brand new social media platform we've never even heard of called discord." It was at that moment that I realized how goddamned stupid (as far as investigative skills) our police are in this country. Discord has been around for a looooooong time lol.


"We suspect the hacker known as Discord is behind this."


The authorities would end up finding the needle in a haystack and then throw it away thinking it's just a piece of garbage, or shoot 2 mags into it because it looked threatening.


Fight? That's assault.


Any kicks or stomps to the head look like attempted murder if you ask me. I’ve heard of people dying from less.


In most situations kicking someone on the ground with a shod foot is considered assault with a deadly weapon.


"the fight" The poor kid spent the whole time apologising and begging them to stop.


I hate how it's referred to as a "fight".


should say “who filmed the attack and posted it…”


Tbh I hope somebody else find his crooked ass first.


Hope those little pieces of shit are having fun in Juvi.


Oh wow it's so difficult to find these kids it's not like you see them on the video and if the beaten up kid or its parents reported it to the police you already know when it happened and have the victim able to recognize the culprits. Idk maybe I'm wrong but if you can't find criminals that don't even hide, how do you find anyone at all?


Right. Wish you could just take them out of society right now before they get older and worst.


Fuck those punk ass kids.


Fuck the POS recording it. I have a feeling this person will get caught. At least I fucking hope so. Shitty excuses for human beings out there in the world.




No, parents would prevent this by actually raising their kids. These crotch goblins were spawned by assholes who refuse to actually do that.


Support abortion rights.


Up to and including adults.


More importantly fuck the adult letting it happen


Not just letting it happen, but approving the behavior. Most likely the guy recording also grew up this way, misguided by adults or older kids. Pain and suffering is a cycle, pretty sad.


I was jumped like this and the people who did it ended up shooting me in my right eye with a BB gun. I’m now legally blind in my right eye. It sucks and it’s something you never forget…it was 15 years ago and I still remember it like yesterday. I feel for this kid…


Happened to me when I was 9, The scumbag Nick P. and 4 of his friends beat the shit out of me in the woods where me and my best friend with matching "torker" ( a bike brand at the time) doing dirt jumps down a trail. I got it worse than my friend, but I had no lasting physical damage that I know of, sorry to hear you did. The kids doing the beating were 15 at the time, high school. Just one year later Nick P. the main bully of the group died with one of those friends in a one vehicle car accident ~~not even 1/8 of a mile~~ ( about 1100 feet) where he beat me senseless and destroyed my bike. I feel for this kid because the whole point was humiliation and I carried around that feeling for a long time. An inadequacy that seemed to draw other bulllies for at least another 4 years.


Rot in hell Nick P.


It is at these moments when I hope hell exists


Fuck Nick P. All my homies hate Nick P.


NGL, I don't feel bad that Nick died, seems like he deserved it


Strangely at the time thought he kind of had it coming. As if someone had my back. But obviously, he was just a shitty person making bad choices that had consequenced=s of driving stupidly.


Sorry to hear that my dude. I hope your life is in a better place and you remain always a good-hearted peson.


And I’m sure the whole community grieved for the loss of such a wonderful young man, full of life and willing to help anyone who needed it by giving the shirt off his back.


Should have pulled a Westboro Baptist at his funeral.




Glad that motherfucker ded


Yea it does mess with your psyche and leaves you vulnerable…then you develop trust issues …I only recently started actually fully trusting people again now that I’m an adult


I used to get into fights as a kid but this shit of "jumping" someone with a group always pissed me off and I didn't get it even back then. If you have to beat someone up while outnumbering them or while they are already down then you are a coward. There was one case in my highschool where a dozen kids beat up one. A DOZEN!! How weak do you have to be to 12v1 someone?? How can you not feel ashamed from that?


Did you get revenge ?


Sadly no… my girlfriend who was with me at the time called the police but they never found them or even had any solid leads


Unfortunate but I’m sure they got what they deserved. These wannabe thugs with their BB guns , they’ll act tough till they are shot by real guns by real thugs . People who tend to pick fights with strangers will eventually run into someone they shouldn’t have picked on .


We want to believe that, but deep down you know that people can win the douchebag lottery and avoid getting what they deserve their entire life.


I’m not talking about karma, I’m simply talking about their behaviour. People like that attract people like that.


Yea I was 16 at the time but now I carry always. I’ll never let anyone take advantage of me like that again and scar me for life.


Yeah. Stay tough but also stay kind friend .


WTF?!?! My heart is seriously breaking for this little one! How TF is this funny with multiple kids beating up a child smaller than anyone there? Am beside myself rn hearing how much he’s hurting! All involved deserve serious punishment to turn their life around before they end up in prison for life for something that could end up much worse.


Yeah I can't imagine how legitimately traumatising it must be to be beat up like that


Very traumatic. It happened to my husband a lot when he was a child till he was a teenager. I only hope these and those fucks get what they deserve.


Traumatizing enough to make him racist for life.


Yes. I carried bigoted thoughts for a good chunk of my life due to things like this. Growing up as a white hispanic kid, all the bigoted things I heard happened to come from African Americans. Wet back, spic, stupid Mexican. And then, the worst thing, I was playing with my buddy in the front yard, we were probably 9. 2 older guys and girls walked up and one of them grabbed my roll tide ball cap. When I asked for it back, I've of them showed me the pistol he had in his waist band and asked if I wanted to see if it was real. So, he put it to my forehead, I started crying and I remember saying, "please don't kill me". He pulled the trigger and it clicked, then he started laughing and they walked off. One of the girls asked, " what if it had been loaded?" And he just said something like, "I guess he'd be dead." TLDR I carried bigoted views for years due to events like this. Took a long time to get back to a good place, and now I love everyone lol.


Bruh... I can't even imagine how traumatising something like that must be.


This literally is why kids join gangs.


What do you think that was the beat the kid up? Gangs of inner city kids are almost always being lead by some barely functional adult.


Hey now, it’s man-child not adult.


It's an adult if he's on my front porch.


Important to remember that these gang leaders were at some point children themselves brought into the gang by a man-child. This shit is a cycle that we can break by investing in communities and providing potential future gang leaders with a different and better path in life.


Something like this happened to my best friend his step dad went back to the park and beat the hell out of the kids and held one of them down and Drew all over their face with the marker probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation but vengeance is always satisfying


If that happened to my kid... I can not guarantee I would not behave in a similar way.


My bets friend and I were jumped by a massive group of lads. Didn't mug us, just beat the shit out of us for no reason. We managed to break free and run, warned a few other people from stay away from the area whilst we ran home. Anyway, my mum was called, came to my friends house and saw us, asked where it happened and proceeded to jump in her audi tt with with cricket bat and go looking for them. Luckily she didn't find them, neither did the police. Mum's be crazy lol


I was bullies horrendously as a kid. I had a situation where I was going to my friends house just up the road, and I was in my friends porch and from the top window the mom sorta waved down that my friend was out. I turned to leave and I noticed two guys who I called "the bullies" were waiting there. I turned back around and kept ringing the door bell. The mom just didn't get that I needed to be let in. I kept trying but gave up. I left and I forget the coversation that occurred by it ended with them calling my sister a whore, and punching my in the face and solar plexus for a good old winding. Which was their signature move. I walked home and told my dad and he walked over to the guys house. Grabbed the boy who punched me and did his usual threatening. A 19 year old came out (we were 14) and sorta stopped my dad, who turned around and said "you're old enough for a smack in the mouth, he isn't." There was a back and forth for a bit, which I get. The 19 year old wasnt there for me being hit and knew nothing. Well a woman came home and by great coincidence the woman went to school with my dad. He told her what happened and she turned to the guy who hit me who wasn't her son but his friend, slapped him in the face and told him never to come around again. Then turned to her son and slapped him in the face and grounded him for two weeks. I realise reddit doesn't like slapping kids but those slaps were one of the best things that ever happened ever.


I'm so glad you got revenge somehow. Personally I need revenge at least to just restore the image I have for my own self.


I think it was probably the best way.


Yeah they definitely learned something that day


I can’t imagine ever hurting a kid but if this happened to mine it would take everything I had not to cripple these kids


Yeah it was identical to this situation most people would react violently


I'm not a violent man but if this happened to my kid I would screw the doors and windows shut on their house and burn it down.


Username checks out


I don’t know why this cracked me up so much, fucking perfect.


I fear the day _your_ Username checks out.


Let us also hope that u/iCuminsidetrumpsbutt up there will never come to fruition...


Great name, and thank for your service.


Your welcome 😂


Dad of the fucking year.


I feel satisfied just reading this. I FUCKING HATE BULLIES.


No sir that is the way. Stepdad is a bro.


I'm a dad that kinda did that, only without violence at all. 4 girls and 3 boys all around 12 chased and attacked my 10 year old daughter and she has to seek shelter in a strangers house. A strangers house to her felt safer and we all know just how terrible that could have turned out.. I found them, chased them down to a home where the all ran in and wouldn't come to the door. I let them have the decision, in 5 minutes either a parent is on their way or the police are. One of the dads happened to stop by and pick his kid up, I guess it was a normal thing for the dad to pick him up there. That kid bolted out to the car and I went right behind him. Kids sitting in the passenger seat, I introducd myself to the dad and told him exactly what his son was a part of. I swear I could hear the tendons in the dads neck as he slowly turned his head to look at the kid,. It was then handled by the adult parents rather than beating up a child. That's dumb. *Edit Fixed autocorrect errors


In that particular case, it's probable that some of the parents act just as maladjusted and barbaric as their demon spawn.


If this was recent I’m guessing the police already have this video.


I hope so, I just daydreamed about running into this and beating those kids ass bro no kizzy


If this was reversed it would be considered a hate crime. (I don’t want to be that guy but I will be).


Looks like a hate crime to me


That's exactly what it is


Because i hate it.


We all hate it.


And it’s a crime


Man, I wish I skipped this video. I’m so unbelievably angry and disappointed in humanity and this almost brought a tear to my eye. This doesn’t even feel like human actions, it’s more like senseless animalistic behaviour.


I hate this Gargamel shit. Picking on the smallest victim doesn't make you tough.


I wouldnt call this picking on. Those moves and a running kick to the head, they were trying to kill that kid. And with an adult practically giving them the ok to.


Please tell me there is an update to this, where these kids are facing felony charges...


kids won't face shit for this, they won't even be taken away from the parents who raise them to act this way.


Or be saved from the lack of parents. Most kids like these don't exactly have stable, loving parents.


No, but hopefully an “accident” comes their way


be a shame should some karma run them over


I hope so bruh imma look that sh it up Edit: omfg I looked up 3 black kids beat up white kid and SO MANY videos came up holy shit made me sick to my stomach how to people do this to other human beings like what beef is so bad you bound and gag a kid, loco him in a house for 3 days and slice his scalp and shit


I hope that kid is okay, He took quite a beating


Why is no one talking about it? Every comment is about the kids going to jail, but what happened to the boy, is he okay?


They’re all pieces of shit. Including the adult that could have stepped in and done something but nooooo. We live in a world full of d-bags and idiots


This shit make me sick the fact a grown adult films and laughs honest to God this was hard to watch


Why is everybody saying that this guy is a grown adult? You all hear him, right? He's a kid going through puberty. His voice is dropping and cracking and pitching and everything. The way he speaks and everything clearly points to this being another kid filming them. I can't be the only one that hears his voice.


Same thing I thought. Little kids trying to impress the "cool" older kid filming them.


It's clearly just an older kid, you're right.


That is disgusting. The guy filming deserves the same treatment exactly. Handed out by adults. The kids deserve equally what they handed out by kids a grade up. Done.


Fucking bullies and thieves.


This got my blood boiling man fuck those kids and the guy recording.. as a dad I don't know what I'd do id end up beating a kids ass and their parents for raising little shits like that fuck man some kids seriously.. sad to see the boy saying sorry at the end SMH




I think this triggered some PTSD. I experienced something similar as a white kid in a predominantly black school. Hearts racing a little bit, feeling sick.


So many fond memories of childhood. In the movies you beat the bully and they leave you alone. In real life they bring friends next time


I was always taught to punch someone if they bully me so I did, then they brought 4 of their friends and they all had their fun. You don't beat the bully, you get someone bigger to bully the bully. That's all you can do. The movies act like the power of "will and what's right" will make you win a fight no matter the odds. It's wrong.


4 racists creating a 5th....


That's the realest comment i've seen here. Such a fucked up circle.


“Let us teach you why you should hate us forever”


That's fucked up. I hope they catch them and press charges so they could start their criminal records early


Watching this just ruined my morning. This is despicable. This is animalistic. Filing charges will not be enough and to read an adult was filming this? Fuck him.


All those little bastards need a 1980s ass whooping with a belt. And the adult needs to be in jail. He should be ashamed of himself recording that bullshit.


That kid is going to hate black people the rest of his life


WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!! …bad enough those punk ass kids nearly killing that poor boy, the Fucking ADULT films but doesnt help?!!!…WTF???!!!


The fact that this is a child taking that beating makes it very tough to watch. Now I just want to hear they have all been arrested.


I’ve legitimately told my boys if they are ever in a situation like this, fucking bite down, on their face if you can, and don’t stop till you taste blood. It’s awful, I know, but that’s life or death right there


Seriously. Gouge some eyes. There are no rules in a street fight, even for little fuckers like them. They could've easily killed that kid.


Got to prosecute their parents too


Put them all in jail.


Someone update us on this pussies


Please tell me these cunts are in jail.


I’m sure these kids will grow to be good upstanding citizens…of a maximum security prison.


I'm unable to upvote this on principal. Fucking awful.


This is one of the most upsetting things I’ve ever watched.


I'd like to beat the shit out of the guy filming this


Those kids are evil


That's a quick way to get to the grave, when the boy's father sees the video. Sucks if he doesn't have one tho.


Fuck sake, who wants to watch this shit? I didn’t subscribe to this sub to see violence towards children, it’s disgusting.


And that’s when hate grows especially in the kid who is on the ground. When he gets older he starts to realize that it is better to give than to receive, then the path to violence and madness is hard to stop. I hope the little boy is doing well, that he has a good family and that he has and will find great friends.


That's also how you create racists. I was repeatedly bullied and attacked by exclusively migrants / their children and I developed a serious hate for them - And not just them as individuals but them as arabs and turks in my case. I hated them down to my guts. Took a damn long time to realize how stupid that is and sadly I still think like that sometimes kind of automatically when I see something like this. Hate it.


Garbage raising garbage.


So sad. Fucking scum


Fuck these guys.


“Fuck them kids” has never been more relevant


Makes me want to live in a cabin far away from people.


This brings back some shitty memories as a child, I grew up in the swamps of Louisiana and put up with this shit most my life. I had one gang of assholes smash my head in the wall for simply being a little more “feminine” that’s all, they gave me a concussion because of that.


Jail the parents.


Fuck you. You fucking FUUUUUUCK s


fuck the guy filming this


Guys I gotta say, I subbed to this subreddit to see people freaking out in public... not to see children in fights, this shit breaks rule 11 of this sub. I don't think this is a freakout at all. There is plenty of street fight subreddits this can be found in. As a father I'm about to unsub from here as this shit literally turns my stomach.


Half the vids here aren't public freakouts


And the mods couldnt care less


This belongs in r/trashy!


And r/awfuleverything


Same here. This hurts my heart to watch. Im a mom and I can’t imagine how I’d feel if this happened to my kid.


This is heartbreaking


Who the fck raised these animals?!?!


Bro imagine if it were 3 white kids and the victim was black People would be out in the streets jumping with anger before dinner was ready


Thats insane. So much hate in these kids for what??would be interesting to know their brought up