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I was a bit thrown by that too. It's rare for Alaska to actually Voice An Opinion on something she takes issue with. The only other time I can think in recent memory was her uncharacteristically not shying away from calling Alyssa Edwards a cunt, a bully, exhausting, and only gets away with acting rotten cause she talks like Elmer Fudd. Edit: seriously did no one listen to Race Chaser's season 5 reviews?


She doesn’t say it like that tho, she doesn’t hate Alyssa, it was more like katya calling her a diva in hey qween, basically saying Alyssa is annoying and difficult to work with but not in a sense that she’s some kind of abuser lmao


I didn't say abuser, I'm just saying Alaska said the words, and you can tell there's a level of truth in her frustration, even if veiled with humor. As someone who doesn't even speak ill of Mimi on the show, it just kinda implies Alaska might have actual irritation with the gal.


The irritation was pretty visible in All Stars 2.


Wait when did Alaska call out Alyssa?


She said it when they were covering season 5, but she also said it in a funny kinda way, so there is a context.


I mean she and willam covering season 5 on their podcast lol


Season 5 of race chaser yall


Which episode?


Alaska very clearly doesn’t particularly care for Alyssa but tows the line to keep the peace. 😂 it’s so funny. i’m looking forward to the day they do All stars two and they’re adress her opinion on what Phiphi said about her. Because i can imagine Alaska saying she was right.


Alaska having to talk about working with Alyssa on AS2... We will be well fed that day.


What she actually has said is defending her elimination of Alyssa on the AS2 episode where they were teamed up with saying Alyssa was such a mess they barely got through the scene.


I think you are making it sound more than it is. Alaska likes Alyssa, she said so multiple times. She said no matter how annoying or frustrating Alyssa can be, she's so charming and can be sweet that she can just wins you back. She also said that she appreciates that Alyssa takes so long to get ready because it gives all of the queens more time. She did say Alyssa can be a diva and rude, and was rude to Coco during season 5. Even Bob and Peppermint have talked about Alyssa's behaviour, and said if Alyssa was POC and acting they way she did on the show, there's no way she would have been a fan favorite.


>said if Alyssa was POC and acting they way she did on the show, there's no way she would have been a fan favorite. ...that seems like a particularly pointed thing to say? Is it not a bit mad to even take that angle at all.


It was part of a larger discussion about how the fans treat white queens compared to POC queens, and they gave Alyssa as an example of a queen's behavior that was embraced as being a diva in a good way or kind of wacky, and they felt that if she were a queen of color that they either couldn't get away with that or be celebrated by the fanbase for it.


Cool. That's a valuable discussion to have to be sure.


“from calling Alyssa Edwards a cunt, a bully, exhausting, and only gets away with acting rotten because she talks like Elmer Fudd” Fucking based Alaska god damn


This is certainly news to me when’d alaska say that about Alyssa


I’m the sixth tea thirsty gay wanting to know when Alaska said this about Alyssa


Alaska said that?


Race chaser season 5 she had hardly a kind word to say about Alyssa


At this point I'm more surprised that the fans don't know that most queens only have bad things to say about her than anything else, the most complementary thing I have ever heard a drag race girl say about Alyssa was Trixie saying she didn't want drama with her, which always reads as Alyssa knowing she is a few steps lower in the food chain.


It definitely didn’t read to me as Alyssa being lower in the food chain, it came off as “Alyssa may be wacky and a diva but she’s a mature woman” kinda read. But with all the info we have now I think itMs fair your read was more accurate. lol


Wait what is there a post about this what happened?


I thought Trixie talked about it and said that Alyssa called her up and squashed the drama.


Did this happen?? When and where?


/u/oh_its_sam_harbor pls respond


I bet this is in regards to Alaska communicating with WOW after her Ex leaked AS2 details. I could see production responding with a very neutral response as they navigated how to handle their front runner causing a full season leak.


Tbh I wondered if it was more recent- like something related to her trying to keep the door open with WoW presently. But that does make sense too.


I doubt it.


I think the WOW and MOM thing might have upset World of Wonder more than Alaska thought.


What WoW and MoM thing? That they based their name off WoW?


Simon said he reached out to Thairin, not Fenton. Timestamp on Spotify is 46:55. If I had to guess what Alaska emailed about maybe regarding the tantrums she threw? Just a guess. And when Simon says Thairin was lovely after joking that the email bounced back, I'm guessing he said that just to try to stay in WoW's good graces but I could be totally wrong.


Oop, you’re right. I just re-listened to and timestamped Alaska’s reply, but i misremembered the context- it’s definitely Thairin.


Alaska has been shady towards WOW for a few months now on the podcast; never as blatant as Willam, but she NEVER used to approach the levels of disdain she's been at recently.


I agree, I have noticed she's talked about them more and more.


Well, now we know why Alaska wasn’t called for the all-winners season.


Tbh is guess that 1) she’s not gonna sign a contract that says she can’t podcast about Drag Race, and 2) she probably a good amount of notice since she’s booked and blessed. They obv made a special deal with Trixie when she did AS3 while also filming the VICE show, but I doubt they’re as inclined to make a deal to let Alaska podcast about the season as it airs


Wait was there any news regarding the Winners Season?