Scotsmen in a heatwave 😩

Scotsmen in a heatwave 😩


I fucked it on Thursday and haven't been outside since. Am Rid Raw


It’s ten past eleven in the morning and that’s me just got up cos I never slept a bastardin wink through the night. Fuckin stewed aw night.


I had my 2nd jag fever goin on too fucking nightmare lol


Tip from a transplant to Oregon where I survived 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a mobile home made of metal with no AC. Put your feet in a basin if cold water. Change the water every 10 minutes, cold cloth on the back of your neck. Close all blinds and curtains I your house. Keep a fan or fans going for ventilation. Drink churns of water. After that, good luck and keep away from the demon drink! 😟


I'll keep that in mind. I just lay there knowing eventually I would fall asleep, and I did. Still need to change those sheets though and thank fuck I got a matress protector :P


> Fuckin stewed aw night. Protip from a Floridian: get a washcloth and dab yourself down with cold water until you're shivering and then get back in bed. Use only a bedsheet. That's usually enough to get you to sleep. That's the trick we use when hurricanes roll through and we lose power which means losing AirCon. Oh, and cut *way* back on the beer/carbs. Go low carb for the duration of a heatwave, as carbs are thermogenic. They make you warm. Which is why on a really cold day various kinds of potato soup are so fucking amazing.


> carbs are thermogenic. You are forgetting sir, that Scots are 90% carbs.


You're severely understating the importance of grease in the Scottish diet


>Oh, and cut way back on the beer Get the fuck oot ma hoose


Replace it with whisky. There are no carbs in whisky.


I duno aboot Florida but the cell's here don't have air conditioning and I'll no see a judge until Monday now


It's the exact same in florida except you wont see a judge for weeks lol.


Land of the free


Yep. And if you were arrested for something especially embarrassing your story will be splashed across news headlines because Florida police back in the day had a really bad habit of disappearing people, especially if they were political opponents of the ruling elite, so now any time they arrest anyone for anything they have to send the press a press release detailing what they were arrested for, and where they're being held. And that's why Florida Man exists. Other states are allowed to protect people from having their legal embarrassments splashed across tabloid pages.


Am also Floridian in Scotland, can confirm. Thanks for sharing that with the folks here. A lot of people are really suffering right now. All y'all get those bedsheets damp too. It's like air-conditioning while you sleep, especially if you can get a little fan running air over it. Running a dehumidifier in your house will also help it feel cooler. Y'all got to drink that good ass water too, especially when you're drinking booze. You can easily double or triple your fluid loss in this kinda heat and it's gonna take more than a Tennants to put it back. Drinking in the heat pro- tip: Get ya a plastic bag with ice in it and plop it in your beer pitcher. Keeps it from going all hot n manky while you're drinking. Sometimes you can even find mini ice packs like for a lunch box. The whisky stones work great too, you can even use those in a pint glass. Stay cool my friends. Don't want anyone overheating.


Good tips, all of these. That plastic bag full of ice thing is brilliant. And yeah, because y'all are sweating you've got to drink water.


FFS don't pay these people that much money for this pitcher. Just posting so you can see what they look like 🤣 https://www.homeloft.uk/products/polar-ice-pitcher-with-aluminum-polar-ice-chamber-clear?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_8mHBhClARIsABfFgpix0yUM6GAkSiWBurJTJz59vgbZnn-nubEo0AvNoIsmLj9WXt4vPRQaAnWuEALw_wcB Also frozen margaritas are the key to better living in hot climates, well really any climate. You can get full size hand crankable blenders that don't need electricity. Slap that bad boy on ya tailgate and it's 5 o'clock somewhere.


Ah, nostalgia. That moment when you no longer care about the swarming biting flies because you've downed three frozen margaritas and life is *good.*


I visited Florida as a kid back in the early 2000s...Easily the hottest most humid place I've ever been. The people were really friendly though.


Euuwww ass water! :P


Good tips man.


Florida heatwave: 40C Scotland heatwave: 20C


> That's the trick we use when hurricanes roll through and we lose power which means losing AirCon. Future archaeologist: *Incredible as it seems to a modern audience these people don't seem to have realised that leaving their AirCon on 24/7 was what brought the hurricanes.*


Try wearing damp socks.


Trench Foot incoming. :D




Made the mistake of booking my first ever spin class this morning. Honestly. I feel like mozzarella in a bag right now.


haha shit. My condolences.


> spin class I had to Google what that was. :)


I genuinely hoped it would involve office chairs but sadly not.


I think it’s just a type of exercise class where everyone is on an exercise bike but you follow the speeds/inclines that the instructor at the front says and they shout encouragement etc. Pretty good for getting fit I’ve heard


That's a fucking excellent description


Ew. Spin is sweaty at the best of times!


Mozzarella in a bag haha


You have posted this picture of me without my consent. Please take it down.


Going to an outdoor wedding today at the peak of the day. Starting to develop an anger towards the happy couple already...


I wonder if there be fist-fights later on in the evening? :D


Wife and I went swimming this morning. Both of us are from warmer climes so we're ok in this heat. We pass an old woman, swimming along, just her head in a cap visible to us. We pass her and say hi, wife says 'nice day' and this smiling old woman in a cap with a flower decoration on it says ' aye it's, fuckin' murrrr-dhurr'


>Both of us are from warmer climes The midlands?


Taps aff is a bit extreme there


In Dumfries, car said 32 degrees. I'm going to die here


Please check on your local gingers


Been suffocating for the last month, even the shade is a million degrees


Farewell and adieu to you fair Scottish gingers No but seriously I’m the same, having to freeze 2l bottles of water and put them in front of my fan which helps


Certainly doesn’t help being a bartender and having to wear all black in this heat. Might as well rap myself in tinfoil and fuck myself into the microwave.


I am sitting in front of a fan right now raging that it is just blowing hot air at me. You are an absolute genius and I am away to freeze some bottles as soon as I hit post.


It really helps. Mind and open them first and pour a wee bit out, so they don't burst when you freeze them.


In the old days, pre A/C, people in tenements would put bowls, or trays, of ice cubes in front of their fans a few inches, to get the cool breeze.


Am ginger and I work outdoors all day. Somehow I'm actually getting a good colour, but I'd never go taps aff, so the tan lines are out of control. Ginger Panda.


Baw soup.


Swamp arse


I went on a date with an Italian yesterday in Edinburgh and we were constantly moving on the grass to find bits where he could sit in the sun and I was still in the shade


that might be a keeper you’ve got there


He sounds kind of high maintenance tbf, just sit in the shade and stop being awkward ffs.


That's exactly how my husband and I are. I am a shade lover, he loves the sun. I'm Chinese Filipino, he's American. I want to move back to Belgium and spend half my year in darkness. 😭 He wants to move to Italy. Currently in Florida, send help.


I cannae cope 😭


My skin over the last days has mysteriously started changing to a light brown colour. Best see the GP on Monday. :) Thank feck there's a stiff breeze the day otherwise it would be quite uncomfortable.


I’m loving this - I’ve got a tan going and have been getting vitamin D (har har) for the first time in months! Though I’ve not been doing tons of exercise/physical activity so I guess I’m not feeling as overheated as I could be E: oh but night is fucking horrible. I normally shower before bed but atm I have to shower before and after 😟


It's far too hot!


And I’m in England for the weekend 🙃


Stay out of the south west. Its bloody hot


Same, travelling into London today and plan on bar hopping based on where has aircon! 😥


Thanks, I hate it


Aye its toasty, nice breeze here in Ayr today but that just means ye get roasted without noticing 😄 The baldy head is covered with factor 30, I've learned the hard way!!


I've had factor suncap on since march


feelin this lmfao, just getting over a bit of heat exhaustion, luckily no burns! would love this heat more if it was cold at night, sick of sweatin myself awake every night


It's heatwave there?? What part you are talking about..


Edinburgh is like the furnace of the sun for this peely wally gal


Going to reach 25 today!


Cries tears of boiling salty water


Dundee is baking right now, went to Eling(?) beach yesterday and my back is all raw, today is no helping.


Ooft! I know that pain well. Hence I went out yesterday with a long sleeve top on. Was a sweaty mess when I got home, but that's so much better than being burnt to a crisp. I hope your back cools down soon! Until then, happy front sleeping


Thank you! Let’s hope no one else here goes taps aff without their sun cream haha


Had to bring out the desk fan the day all it's doing is acting like the fan in a fucking oven.


You mean Elie near Anstruther?


Yes! Thank you!


Sorry to here tht... unfortunately not from Scotland "YET" but I've started loving the country... It's raining here but humidity is too high today not so great


Hit 29 yesterday, for Scots that might as well be 49 Saw the West Coast wasn't as hot though, possibly pishing it down?


West coast is rocking 25-30 degrees Source: my sweat


Can understand it perfectly mate.. have a friend from London and God as the temperature rises her hands and face starts to feel like bleeding as she starts to get Red... have to blast the AC to fullest and still it's not enough.. does they said how long it will last like this


Ends today, will be more normal 17-20c tomorrow and next week as far as I know with some rain


So one more day and that's it, it's always like this jn these months?? I love Rain but not the some sunny hours of humidity after it ends


Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen + Aberdeenshire within the past 3 days have been very hot. I think Glasgow felt the coolest but then again I had a fan there lol E: and when I passed through Dundee it was very hot there too.


A fuckin love it btw, could live like this easy peasy. Losin weight fae sweatin lit a heffer tae. 😺👍


Me, black, and with SAD: Can it be like this all year round please?


It's nice for a wee while but it gets impossible to get anything done outside, country would go to absolute shit if everyone was wandering about complaining about it being over 25c. We're not built for it :P


It will by 2050


Roll on winter


Get those Gritters, rolling, rolling, rolling, Snaw bides!




I was in a car a while ago and i felt like i was sitting in front of an open oven at full heat


A friend of mine near dundee said it was 27 yesterday, I can't be dealing with that haha


As someone also near Dundee, I can vouch for this


Fake news. Doesn’t have a beer in hand. Can’t be a Scotsman.


Went for a swim at Gullane beach the day, 10 mins in the water nae bother, fresh as fuck likes


It's only low to mid 20s here. I can't really take the heat but it hasn't really been uncomfortable yet. Maybe when it gets high 20s for me. My veg seeds finally germinated due to the heat though.


Overnight temps seem alright, stick fans in the windows at night and seal that bitch up mid morning. Close all your curtains and everything.


thought this was a screenshot from like any tool music video for a solid 15 seconds


I love the heat and can cope with it up until about 30c in Scotland which it very rarely gets to anyway. It’s only been 2 days of about 24-26c and people are already moaning. Would be moaning if it was 12c and raining as well.


Man I am from Southern France and 24c is basically winter lol. In the summer it is usually 33, and can go up to 48 when heatwaves hit


What it is to be scottish, we'll moan if it's too cold and moan when it's too hot. Some may stop complaining on a 15° cloudy day but I doubt it


That's my ideal temp!


18c in Scotland today is it? 😂 I’m only joking, it was 27c in my house down in wales yesterday, I can’t cope. It was cooler to sit outside in the shade. 🤷‍♂️


To be fair, we struggle with 10c


Hi, I sympathise with you. Nevetherless the referential in the Iberian Peninsula are quite higher temperatures. We have had temperatures rising to 40º C plus. Here's some advice:close your windows and leave the house in the dark during the hot part of the day. At night do the opposite, every window you have, leave It open. Get to the floor, sit on the floor, not on sofas; if necessary move your mattress to the floor near a window. Get some showers. Go spanish and get a hand fan. Stay positive, imagine you are on holiday in a southern country! 😆


> 40º C plus That must be similar to the surface of the planet Venus. :)


I feel that, I've been in Greece for the last 4 days and have another 2 weeks left, my balls are never apart from my leg and I feel like I've always just came out a swimming pool then put clothes on without drying properly, but fuck its good to get away


I'm an American from the south-eastern US. Hell I feel like this...why? no air con. I'm dyin'. Send help. Back home I just spend much of the summer strapped to the a/c. Glasgow is fuckin' roastin'.


Slap some suncream on, and when you get home at the end of the day take a shower then put on aloe vera cooling cream, £1 bottle in Tesco So many people complain about not handling the sun but don’t actually do anything the slightest bit pro active in the summer


Agreed, it's like people whining in the winter because they're outside in a t shirt, come on to fuck, adapt.


Loving this heatwave and I'm ginger. Long may it last!! 🌞


A daywalker ginger, very rare.


I can tan too if I use suncream, arms, face and neck. Rest burns but the head looks like a stop light if I don't take care 🤣🤣


PY kyht


Been working on some Alan Davies type hairdoo over this last lock down. It might need to go with this weather


That's just the colour you turn after too many Irn brus


Speak for yourselves, I'm basking in the sunlight at Loch Doon 😎


I'm from Michigan, USA and I feel this in my soul. Side note: I am of Scottish descendance so that may be a contributing factor. Bring back the 55°F overcast autumn please. I'm not made for this


Covert in irn bru to keep cool


What do you think the red stuff is? 😂


Ken that why i said it


Either that or his red cola jubille meltet


Its was 30 bloody degrees in aberdeen yesterday


I've went brown


Tats aff!!!


I just went outside today for the first time in a month and I have heatstroke




A duvet🥵? Throw It away! Sheets are enough if you need anything at all. It helps to have no pyjamas too.


Fan balanced up on some fucking boxes to blow over the bed, on all night. Sorry Koreans


Looks like a hot wing.


Fan's been on all day, all windows were wide open, yet still roasting. If the roads aren't melting, I am.


It's not the temperature alone. What is the humidity level?


50-60% as far as I saw, no bad




It's 11pm and I'm not long back from my walk. Walking at 9-10 at night or in the early morning is delightful. Appreciate that's not much help to people who've had to work on a roof all day but it might help some people.


Same with the English


Irishman here, this has been me for the last few days.


The Higher the humidity, the worse the feeling. 60% is not nothing but I confess I expected more.


My god this is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy!


No, that’s me when I go outside


Buffalo Wings Voldemort.


He looks like he wants your precious.


Somebody get this man a pint and a Mr frosty.


I'm in this photo and I don't know how I feel about it .0


I've been in England and Wales since the start of last week. Today I've been walking about Cambridge all day and it has been 28-31C, and it has been nice.