Post Match Thread: Seattle Sounders 1-3 Sporting Kansas City

Post Match Thread: Seattle Sounders 1-3 Sporting Kansas City


Salloi gonna fuck around and win golden boot isn’t he? 3-1 win at Seattle without Pulido or Busio. Can’t complain about that.


It's pretty crazy how things have been. 1 guy goes down, another guy steps up and kicks ass. Ilie at center back, Hernandez playing well, Duke playing well.


The without Busio part of that may just be the rest of the games of the season, sadly :(


But once that's finalized, we'll have a good amount of money to replace him


Do we need to replace him? Don't get me wrong, he's incredibly important to this team. But we've hardly seen Walter play. I have high hopes for him. And Kinda hasn't seen that much playing time either. Duke and Hernandez have also been super solid so far.


That's what I'm thinking. Spend that money elsewhere. Defender maybe?


Yes. Let's finally find a long term solution at left back. I would also like to see us adding another option at forward.


I actually think Walter has done quite well in his stead. Not the same obviously, but admirable. He's doing the little things right at least.


I like when Cameron Duke scores goals


Man handling that on the first touch was a lot harder than people realize I think.


What a juke too, slides behind the defender, one step back, then moves forward and gets onto the cross. Amazing play.


I have faith that PV will manage Cam Duke’s development much like Busio did incrementally. Get him in the game, get some experience in different situations. Let him have successes and (small) failures. Cam Duke will be molded into a fantastic #10 for us long-term.


Fuckin awesome match. Team looks primed heading into our traditionally terrible month. This one has to feel great and give tons of confidence. Also fuck Seattle


Well that was quite enjoyable


Yep, great game. Much better reffing than last week too


That's the damn truth.


The double pivot that we switched to once Ilie came on was very good.


That’s been what I have been wanting for past few seasons when we need to break some teams down, letting duke be a shadow striker at that point.


Funny part is it’s a perfectly normal way of playing the 4-3-3. Just requires our 8 to be more box to box, but when pulido is out I’m thinking it could be a very good approach for us. You’re not going to high press out of it as effectively but not sure I care.


They absolutely controlled the game from about 70' to 90' (a few shaky moments in stoppage time but that can happen when you're away and the home team is down a couple goals). I can't remember a Sporting team that puts matches away like this.


Definitely needs the right personnel though. They tried it for about 5 minutes with Roger and Zusi against SJ and it was a mess. Ilie and Walter looked good together though for sure. I wonder if Ilie playing CB and having to partner with someone all the time rather than be by his lonesome helped that.


I agree, it seems to suit Ilie and Walter really well. But I do worry that it's an in-game adjustment that Zavagnin prefers, and we won't keep seeing it when PV is back.


You know Vermes though, he doesn't change what's working. We closed out the game against the (albeit shorthanded) best team in the league with that little change so maybe it'll stick.


Next homegrown up


Turns out this team is pretty good


What a statement win to start off the gauntlet that is coming in the next couple of weeks. It is going to get crazy all the football we will be playing, that will be the true test of where this team is at.


Hi guys! Long time, no talk. Nah for real though, I've been watching every game this year and I am incredibly impressed with how these guys have been playing, like BEYOND impressed. I always get scared whenever we go into Seattle but they did the damn job.


Guys I really like Gadi Kinda. He isn't perfect but he has great energy and tons of ideas.


Huge win and a pretty good showing (not you Martins) all around. The Duke for Kinda sub was pretty big for me. For obvious reasons, Duke wasn't as good as he was last week, but that sub really helped us level out the momentum IMO.


Mondays feel so much better when you bag 3 points on the road. Great win by the boys, seems like we are hitting our stride now.


It always feels good to beat Seattle even if they had players out and parts of the second half were kind of shaky.


I love Martins but man did he have a rough one tonight. Didn’t look great midweek either. Hopefully Vermes tries Dia in there against Dallas because he was the only thing I had to complain about tonight. Really solid win from the boys.


We need to spend our Busio money on a LB. is Seth still around?


It’s easily been our weakest position for years. I’d love to see that. Personally I wish Dia got more playing time there but if we could actually get a really good LB I’d be thrilled


Dia's got the skill, he just needs the playing time


What do you love about Martins? He sucks.


Personally I think he makes some strong moves going forward when sporting has possession but his actual defense has always been thoroughly meh. Pretty bad two in a row now from him tho


Does he have any goals or assists? No. He just sends in aimless crosses. Had one assist last year. And his defense is terrible every match. He's just awful.


We need to start a counter for how many times Khiry gets fouled hard and there is no call. I swear every game he is kicked, tripped, elbowed multiple times and nothing. Credit to him for fighting through it and not throwing tantrums, but sometimes I wish other players would protest more for him. This ref on the whole was way better than the San Jose match however. Awesome result from the team!


I found myself asking when duke was going to replace kinda right before the substitution...


I've just come to accept that this team will average a goal a game against, and that at least 51% of those will be on some bullshit. Getting this kind of result against Seattle, however shorthanded they are, still goes a long way to help my anxiety about that though. I do still worry that it'll bite us in the ass come playoff time, but if we keep finding ways to score I'll be a lot less worried.


3pts on the road against the top team in the west. Hell yes.


Seemed a bit more Seattle being bad than anything but that's how you win, exploiting mistakes.


I don’t know about that. A class free kick, wonderful goalkeeping, and two other team oriented goals was what I noticed.


That class free kick was quintessential wise old man versus a boy. He saw that opening and did not delay! Frei would have held the far post and forced Johnny to go near over the wall. Great example of Seattle being bad. But this is how it should be. Our nearly complete team should beat their back ups.


I agree with you but would like to point out that a) this shorthanded Seattle team has still gotten results off every team they faced except Minnesota and Minnesota got their win in much less emphatic fashion and b) part of the reason Seattle looked bad was because SKC made them look bad. SKC played through Seattle's pressure when it came and played through their defensive block when they needed to, SKC dominated the midfield, SKC pressed Seattle into several mistakes one of which lead to a goal, and SKC made Seattle work for everything for 90+ minutes. SKC was as much to do with Seattle playing poorly as Seattle was. Seattle haven't given up 3 at home in a competitive match since October 2019 and they won that 4 - 3. This kind of win is a hell of an accomplishment and I don't think it's fair to SKC to add asterisks to the win.


IMO, We’re saying the same thing. Our two starter missing team should dominate any teams with this many players out. And we did. This makes us better than all of those other teams that have played the same team we just did. Seattle was a wounded animal and we we’re merciless. My point, a veteran like Frei would have played it better, but he wasn’t there and our veteran was alert and nailed the easier shot. For me, this is a massive compliment to Johnny. His intelligence awareness and skill on display.


If Melia isn’t in to make the couple of great saves he had tonight we’re probably in a 3-3 match. He had a great game and was one bad clearance away from keeping a clean sheet in Seattle. Which I’ll always take.


I'm not saying you're doing this but I kinda hate it when people add the "gk had to make several great saves for that to happen" as a caveat after a win. A great goalkeeper making great saves isn't luck. The goalkeeper is part is the team so their accomplishments are part of the team's accomplishments.


Yeah fair point. And maybe a different keeper makes the same saves and doesn't clear the one goal we gave up directly at the unmarked number 10 for seattle. Hard to play that what if game like that.


To be honest I respect the shit out of Khiry Shelton. (At first I really didn’t. Great ability to body and great touch but couldn’t finish like a 9 should). fast forward 4-5 games in and I RESPECT the shit outta him. The dude makes EVEVRY run he should, never gets the ball he deserves (looking at you Daniel) but never drops his head or hesitates to make the same run the next chance. If Salloi would have squared not only last night but against San Jose his goal tally would back that up. He showed it in this build up. He could have taken that himself. (What any 9 would do) he squares it to Kinda who returns the favor to Daniel. Long and the short SKCTID! also I could tell against San Jose that missed square pass at the end of the game mighta pissed off khiry alittle, they were talking after the game and you could see Daniel trying to apologize and give love. After the second goal against Seattle you see Daniel waving them over but I don’t know if he ever ran over. I’m sure all is good.


Ya was thinking the same thing re: Salloi and the goal celebration. Hopefully more fans start to see what Khiry brings to the team. We all know his weaknesses, but it’s like Busio and the national team debate. Everyone is so obsessed with what they don’t do well that they ignore the obvious qualities right in front of them


How much of that was Seattle's best personnel? We're obviously down some significant players...we're they equally or more plagued by injuries and international duty?


We beat them the appropriate amount, especially considering not having Busio or Pulido in the mix. Our amazing depth this year though is paying dividends at a time of the year where we normally have a ton of people out or gassed like they do right now.


If the injury situation was new to Seattle or if they were a middle-tier team I'd be with you but they've been short-handed (footed?) all year and still got results off Austin, Houston, Colorado, Vancouver, RSL, LAG, LAFC, Atlanta, SJ, Portland, and Minnesota (once) this season both home and away (all but once) and most of those are wins. That's every other playoff team in the west for those keeping track. Even shorthanded, Seattle have been the best team in the league with only NE and now SKC as competitors for that crown.


They're probably the most plagued team in the league at the moment. Not trying to take away from Sporting's performance, but Seattle was nowhere near full strength. Will still gladly take 3 points away at Seattle though


Ight be true, but we are missing our highest paid player(by far) and the players that's about to be our highest transfer fee received. Sounders may be missing more depth, but still have their highest paid players


They're much more injured/down players. But they made it really tough on minnesota and beat austin, we were a lot better than those two teams this week.