"I kept pinching myself going, 'How did I end up here?' and, my character has a lightsaber!" Sung Kang on heading to a galaxy far, far away in the upcoming #ObiWan series.

"I kept pinching myself going, 'How did I end up here?' and, my character has a lightsaber!" Sung Kang on heading to a galaxy far, far away in the upcoming #ObiWan series.


Inquisitor rumour confirmed?


I see 4 possibilities 1.) Inquisitor 2.) Jedi during a flashback 3.) Jedi that survived the purge 4.) Someone who found a lightsaber from a fallen Jedi


I actually kinda like option 4. It won't happen but it's kinda like that one Rebels comic about that dude named Yeleb that just found a lightsaber one day and began defending his town pretending to be a jedi. Kind of a neat idea imo. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Yeleb


So like Cobb Vanth, but with a lightsaber instead of Boba Fett's armor.


Basically. Tho I think it adds something that a guy is pretending to be a Jedi to help people when the entire galaxy is being combed through by the empire in order to find and kill all Jedi


5) he's a Gray Jedi


6) Grey Jedi (spelled differently)


7) Toddler Luke or Mace Windu


All but confirmed at this point. What other sort of character would make sense?


A Jedi that survived order 66.


I couldn’t see them just pulling a random Jedi out of nowhere saying they survived, it would have to be someone we know. I’m totally in belief that it’s gonna be an inquisitor but it’s Star Wars and anything could happen so what Jedi do you think it would be?


> I couldn’t see them just pulling a random Jedi out of nowhere saying they survived, it would have to be someone we know. There are god knows how many Jedi still alive. Of course they can make a new random one. In fact it would be even worse to just use someone we know. That just constantly makes the galaxy feel small.


I mean, Star Wars has never had a problem with introducing Jedi that survived order 66. He’ll most likely die to an inquisitor or Vader, but maybe that’s the catalyst. Obi wan hears of a Jedi being hunted down and he’s stuck between protecting Luke or protecting one of his own.


There was a decently accredited rumour that 10 hear old Leia getting into some shit was the catalyst for Obi-Wan going on his adventure, though.


>I couldn’t see them just pulling a random Jedi out of nowhere saying they survived, it would have to be someone we know. Quinlan Vos?


I mean I would really love to see Vos, and would be more than ecstatic if they brought him back. His survival of order 66 was basically confirmed by a recent or past Vader comic run


I don't know if they'd use an Asian actor since Quinlan is usually depicted as being closer to black, but crazier shit's happened


They casted black actor for Sabine who people are saying is asian in animated show?


She's mixed - black & Korean


Why can’t you see that?


Because it would clog up the show.




A lot of people have decided that they want the show to be quiet, and tell a very small scale introspective story. I do HOPE we get that kind of story, but it's equally likely that we get an action packed LIGHTSABERS GO BRRR story that needs multiple saber wielding characters.


I don't get it. Jedi survivor is unbelievable? At least a couple hundred survived, enough to justify creating the Inquisitors.


Well *technically* he’d be that as well if he were an Inquisitor.


Inquisitors are technically Jedi who survived Order 66 ;)


Me splitting hairs here for the sake of argument (I also think he'll be an Inquisitor), but if the rumours of there being Clone Wars/prequel flashbacks are true, could he play a Jedi? Like I dunno, Obi-Wan has a flashback to his war days, him and Anakin team up with Jedi Master Kung Sang who dies horribly, Obi-Wan adds it to his laundry list of traumas. But yeah, he's probably an Inquisitor.


There could be both flash backs to him as a Jedi + him being an inquisitor later hunting Obi Wan or others


True. I’m so hyped regardless.


Oh my.


He talks about seeing Vader, but that might just be him on set.


What Inquisitor could he be playing? I think I heard a rumor about the Fifth Brother showing up, but I doubt that, because it would mean he survives the show and any Inquisitor surviving an encounter with Obi-Wan means his survival would be known by multiple high-ranking members of the Empire.


A new one?


I was gonna mention that. We still don’t know how many members the Inquisitorious had at maximum, and there are two completely unidentified Inquisitors who are only known because some other character has their lightsaber. He could be one of them.


This was my first thought, and would take away from a New Hope when Vader says something along the lines of “I haven’t felt that presence in a long time”


" i sense something. A presence i haven't felt since... Since specifically 10 years ago exactly... From the finale of "Kenobi" S01, and *definitely* not since 20 years ago from the end of" Star Wars the Revenge of the Sith"... "


Most likely! He says that he shares scene with Darth Vader!


A'Sharrad motherfucking Hett. Mark my words


Genuinely I don’t care who he plays. I’m just really excited to see him in Star Wars


Same. Is there any new news as ti when this premieres? Is it gonna happen before Andor?


Props to Jordan Maison, LRM Online, and Bespin Bulletin for the early scoops about this


Hello there Fifth Brother


What's then "fifth brother"? Could you explain for someone who isn't familiar with canon besides TV shows and movies?


He’s an inquisitor from Rebels


Oh woopsi. Guess that got lost in translation. Thank you.


Is it just me or can anyone else just not see him as the Fifth Brother?


Him playing the Eighth brother would've made more sense




What about Fifth Room Mate?


What about Second Breakfast?


What about Fourth Meal?


Matches Rumor about him Being an Inquisitor (The bulky but boring one from Rebels)


So he’ll just be voice and mo cap? Probably an unpopular opinion but I prefer lightsaber duels between two people, not one real one CGI.


Even if the character is mapped to a real person’s movement and facial expressions and the CGI is top of the line?


True... maybe I’m just a stickler for anything new really, to put it in perspective my favourite Star Wars duel is the ROTJ one.


Fifth Brother? I hope they do him justice. Only remember one thing from him in Rebels. Ahsoka and Maul mercilessly whooping his ass every chance they got. Poor guy lmao


\*Cough\* Zeb freaking destroyed him and Tenth Sister. And i say Eight Brother would be Better, as he was much leaner and we didn't saw his face as Fifth Brother is really swole and imposing so it's quite hard for me to see Sung Kang as him.


Is eighth brother the one Ahsoka fights in the novel? The one whose kyber crystals she takes?


That's Sixth. Eight was the one Tasked with searching for Maul.


Oh I see. The one Chopper fights on Malachor.


He could always be a new character, a Jedi that survived order 66 ever never heard of before


Sharad Hett?


I was going to make a joke about it being his character from Fast and the Furious, but that character's name is already a reference to Star Wars.




I never thought we'd get to revisit these actors playing these roles again and it just makes me so happy as someone who grew up adoring the prequels.


Took me a second to realize you meant Ewan and Christian, etc. I was very confused for a moment wondering when the hell Sung Kang was already in star wars lol.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and wager he was not supposed to say that.


Because he mentioned Vader and lightsaber? Thats not a big deal.


More so the part that his character has a lightsaber.


Still this is not a big deal in term of Star Wars and especially Obi Wan series.


I’m not saying I disagree. I’m just saying that with how secretive they’ve tried to be in regards to what will actually be happening in the show, which I totally get, I can imagine them not being thrilled that he mentioned that his character, who isn’t Obi Wan or Vader, will be using a lightsaber since this will send fans spinning with theories on who this character is and then someone will inevitably figure it out.


He can be anyone from inquisitor to a jedi or non force user with a weapon like that. Hope we will find out soon. Somehow im more excited about Andor series than Obi Wan series, dunno why.


I’m on the opposite boat. I love Rogue One but without K2, I’m not super excited for the Cassian show and am super hyped for Obi Wan. I hope the Cassian show delivers for you though and it ends up being everything you hope it will.


Props to my guy Jordon Maison for scooping this


Multiple people scooped it.


Maison did in his Obi Wan article first I think but I could be wrong


While I'm fine with the idea of him and Moses Ingram playing Inquisitors, I *really* hope the rumors of them playing the Rebels Inquisitors aren't true. I can't really understand why they'd cast them as those two specific Inquisitors instead of just making them new characters in their own right. Like, were people *really* clamoring for the Fifth Brother to show up here? Would anyone have complained if it had just been the Twelfth Brother or some other new Inquisitor character? I'll admit to being a pessimist but I'm just envisioning a situation when this show comes out where he ends up looking practically nothing like the Fifth Brother in Rebels and there'll be another fandom furor about canon this and story group that and it's already exhausting me. *If* these rumors are true (plus the one about Rupert Friend as Kallus, which is equal levels of *why?*) it really feels like Lucasfilm is getting kinda cameo-drunk after the success of The Mandalorian season 2.


I agree. It feel almost limiting to use them instead of new characters.


Totally agree. They should set up some kind of team or group that is well-versed on Star Wars lore to work with producers, directors, and writers to keep canon consistent. Maybe a 'Canon Team' or 'Lore Squad'. 'Story Group'? I don't know. But they'd definitely benefit from setting one up since there's been lots of instances in the last few years where they really could have used one.


Cameo drunk lol


I know people want a Luke Jedi Academy show, but i want some Darth Vader Inquisitor academy even more


Could be the same show.


I just hope it would be better than the comics. Watching Kylo Ren accidentally kill all the other students and fall to the dark side "by mistake" was lame as fuck, those comics sucked


the comics delve into that quite a bit


Maybe as an Inquisitor?


It's an out of the box, inspiring casting but I still think Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje would've been the perfect Fifth Brother


Sooo excited for this. Could be any number of things. Obviously hoping for an Inquisitor, but could be a new Jedi that survive the purge. Or he could be in a flashback to Clone Wars. Or it could be a nice combo. It would be cool to see a clone wars flashback with Obi-Wan, Anakin and whoever this Jedi is and then we also see him hiding out/escaping during Order 66 and then see him become an inquisitor. Sorta like Trilla. That would be awesome to see in Live Action. It would open that up for a ton of people who haven’t played it. Or it could be a random person with who stumbled upon a lightsaber. But as I said, I personally hope it’s an inquisitor but with that added flashback of him before and then the transformation into an inquisitor. Soooooo amped.


Shared Hett???


It's spelled Jabba the Hutt


Two downvotes for the character who actually has a lightsaber who resides on tattooine?


Haha I just like to troll on here. People take this subreddit too seriously sometimes. I know you're talking about the Tusken Raider. I'm sure those who downvoted you are too lazy to research


I figured you were goofing ha.


Uh. Ohhhhh… Disney aint gonna like that. Unless they orchestrated it. They probably orchestrated it.


Probably didn’t orchestrate it per say, but also probably aren’t too upset when minor details leak, especially when they get fans excited.


It makes sense for them to start press for the show, if it is the spring show as many people suspect.


What about Older Quinlan Vos?


Quinlan is modeled after either a dark Latino or Polynesian man i'm pretty sure not east Asian.


Please don't say man until Quinlan tells us her/their/his preferred pronouns


What if they brought back Ferus Olin lmao




He’s probably playing the Third Brother. In a reference book that came out this Summer they mentioned two new Inquisitors. The Third Brother and The Third Sister. Before Fallen Order came out the Second Sister was mentioned in another reference book so I imagine it’s the same for the characters appearing in Kenobi.


I wonder if Obi Wan tries to take a padawan and the inquisitors kill him.




Quinlan Vos?


Quinlan is Native American or Latinx not East Asian


Please stop using the term ''Latinx'' the VAST majority of Hispanic person do not use it. It's a made up North American term, that doesn't even make sense in Spanish. Hispanic, Latin American, Latino and Latina are what is used.


Somebody tell Samuel “Nick Fury” Jackson.


Lol, big oof there man. >The original Nick Fury, i.e. the one from the main Marvel Comics universe, Earth 616, is a white man, but in the Ultimate universe continuity, which launched in 2000, he's a black man who looks just like Samuel L. Jackson. That wasn't initially the case, but when writer Mark Millar began penning The Ultimates limited series in 2002, he decided to model Fury after Jackson, who was his favorite actor. As Millar told THR, he had no idea that Jackson was a comic book fan, and after seeing his likeness alongside these Marvel heroes, the actor called up his agents, who got in touch with Marvel. The company apologized and promised to include Jackson in future movie adaptations, should they even be made.


Lol his middle name is L